Is Shonda Rhimes Threatening To Fire Columbus Short Over Latest String Of Violent Incidents?

March 31, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

Columbus Short has been making headlines quite a bit lately—and not in a good way. In addition to being arrested for allegedly rendering a man unconscious in bloody bar brawl, ugly domestic violence allegations about the “Scandal” actor have also surfaced. In case you missed it, it’s reported that the 33-year-old father of two was also  arrested twice back in February for allegedly attacking his wife, Tanee McCall-Short.

While some say that all publicity is good publicity, Short’s boss over on the set of “Scandal,” Shonda Rhimes, reportedly feels differently. According to HipHollywood, sources close to production say that the 44-year-old television executive has already issued Columbus a verbal warning. The source claims Rhimes doesn’t “tolerate negative press” and that’s exactly what the actor’s personal issues have been bringing to the show. The insider adds that  Shonda “issued him a warning to get his personal issues sorted out” and that if he “continues with his violent behavior,” he may be cut from the show.

Reps for Shonda have yet to address the rumors, but we’ll definitely keep you posted as this story develops. The rumors aren’t all that far-fetched though. Folks have certainly been fired for less.

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  • Chandra

    SHONDA it takes one viewer at a time, to stop watching your wonderful show

  • blackrose

    You never know. Isaiah washington was fired over words.

    • sam66

      But now he’s coming back for a cameo. I bet eventually it will be permanently. Like I said she lost a lot of viewers after firing Washington. I”m one of them.

  • kiki j

    Well I never depend on words from anonymous said “sources” ie people who through rocks then hide their hands. But if it’s true, now that I’ve lost all respect for wife beating Columbus, I hope she reconsiders my boo Lance Gross.

    • AutumnMarissa

      Lance Gross is a known homosexual. 🙁 I think she’ll just stick to her undercover and keep quiet because that’s what she’s been known to do.

      • kiki j

        Why because he tweeted “I’m just super discreet ” which is where that stupid rumor came from. Unless of course unless you can show me a site where he publicly announced he’s heterosexual. And even if he is so what? This is 2014. Gay actors play straight roles ALL THE TIME.

      • sam66

        What? You people are always repeating BS.

  • RemyDelite

    If she does, it be no one else fault but his own. This guy, going around and beating up folks cause they talk bad about you or your wife, so instead of taking the high road, you want it to escalate into fight, and fight instead smh… It just like my dad said with guys like this

    “They haven’t come across the wrong one to put them in there place yet”.

    • sam66

      You sound so stupid.

      • RemyDelite

        You look ugly, and sound retarded. Off yourself troll!

  • Suchalady

    The show had negative press before this incident but hey…

    • Guest

      Talking about the STORIES on the show is one thing. That’s what you’re supposed to do. But we aren’t talking about the show anymore. All the attention is going to Columbus for acting a plum fool. And if anyone has followed Shonda’s career, you know she doesn’t put up with that, on any of her shows, and its served her well the last 10 years. Just ask Isaiah Washington or Katherine Heigl just how much their pockets were affected because they decided to show their a$$.

      • Suchalady

        True, she’s nipped things in the bud before. With that said, I’m not sure I believe this is true.

  • B Cooper

    Was this altercation with someone CS knew, or just some random fight? Maybe someone who knows his temper from previous actions? I need to find the backstory and see what went down! Lawsuits and all! Wow!

  • Gypsy

    Though I don’t know if that’s true, I always take rumors with a ton of salt, I do know that the ABC executives are even more than quick to fire cast members for less, so, you know they are watching what happens now if there is a trial he’s out, so he better have a quiet financial settlement with the victim.

  • KA

    Hopefully, Short won’t get fired. That would be terrible for him to blow an opportunity like “Scandal” because of his temper. I would suggest staying out of the clubs and out of the way of the paparazzi. People are always looking to provoke you into something–like a lawsuit.

    • Gypsy

      nobody is forcing him to hit someone, he has legs he can walk away from from conflicts.
      The victim is going to leave Columbus wallet lighter, from settlement payment and paying victim lawyer and his own lawyer – use you legs and commonsense next time

      • sam66

        If a man disrespects you and your husband just stand there would you respect him? Hell No !!! So what he will get some dollars but I bet he won’t disrespect any one else wife.

  • Val

    Good for Shonda for putting her foot down. No one has time for some petty personal stuff. Get it under control or be out of work. Make lack of a check motivation.

    • sam66

      What? She put her foot down with Isiah Washington and now he’s making a cameo because the show lost a lot of viewer including me. She better think about before she hurt her own show.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Hopefully the reports are accurate. That show is far too popular to take a PR hit. The show’s never been about any one actor. Ask Henry Ian Cusick.

    • Tameka (BloggerPoet)

      I always wondered why he left. I liked him.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Liv’s on her way to losing right-hand man No. 2.
        I have a strong feeling that Harrison’s going to take a dirt nap tonight.

    • sam66

      The show is getting boring if you ask me. I have only watched one episode this season. With him gone I doubt if I would watch at all.

      • Stacy D. Smith

        Boring? The show’s ANYTHING but boring. #justmytwo