15 Ways To Take The High Road

April 9, 2014  |  
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Ever find yourself going HAM in inappropriate places and regretting it later? Try to take the high road with one of these calming techniques.

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First things first, take a deep breath.

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Know That It’s Not About You

When people go HAM, it’s more about what they’re going through than anything you did.

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Read Them In A Letter

And then burn it. You’ll be surprised at how much better you feel after you get it out.

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Use Your Words

Try “When you do _____, I feel ______.” It’s less likely to escalate the situation.

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Pray On It

And know that Jesus rarely ever recommends a beat down.

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Treat It Like A Game

The one who gets angry first loses.

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Take A Moment To Think About What You Have

When you feel secure, it’s harder for other people to interrupt your peace.

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Just Keep Your Mouth Shut

Pretend it’s super glued. No one ever got fired over a little side eye.

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Rub Your Temples

It really does work…

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Let Karma Handle It

Everyone gets what they deserve eventually.

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Think About The Consequences

Flying off the handle is hardly ever worth the damage you’ll do to the relationship.

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Pull Out A Mirror

It’s an old customer service tip. People with mirrors in their cubicles are less likely to lose their temper if they see how crazy they look when they’re doing it.

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Walk Away

Shut it down with an Olivia Pope stomp.

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Now Go To Your Happy Place

Close your eyes and imagine fluffy bunnies until your blood pressure comes down.

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When All Else Fails

Try the chicken foot curse. It worked for Celie.

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  • Tiffiney Tarbox

    Best advice post I’ve ever seen on here! Ive never been the one to start but Ill finish it was my mindset for years. Luckly Ive never been in TOO much trouble i haven’t legally/gratefully gotten out of but in my 30’s and as a veteran you learn to pick your battles. Ive reluctantly (and yes painfully silent)at times .. sit back and let them act a damn fool. You can get your point across by just watching.. without saying a word (ratchness despises that!) and let Karma do her thing!