‘I F***ed The S*** Out Of Her:’ Nick Cannon Runs Down The List Of Celebrity Women He’s ‘Smashed’

March 28, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

Nick Cannon has singlehandedly managed to become the king of over sharing, so we’ve kind of grown to expect this sort of behavior from him. However, his recent off-air interview with Big Boy seemed to go a little far—maybe even too far.

“This is LA, that’s the whole purpose: to have sex with actresses, singers, models,” the married actor told Big Boy after being asked how many celebrity women he’s slept with over the years.

After being asked to name five of the women he’s been with, Nick responded:

“Name five? That’s easy,” Nick matter of factly replied before running down the list.

“Alright, Mariah Carey, Christina Milian, Nicole Scherzinger—I’m trying to name people that people already know. Um, Selita Ebanks.”

After naming four women who he publicly dated and most folks assumed that he had more than likely been intimate with anyway, he wrapped up his list.

“Oh! Kim Kardashian! Bow! This is easy.”

Big Boy, who was clearly thrown off by Nick confessing that he’d been with Kim, expressed that he had absolutely no idea. Nick then proceeded to joke that he probably forgot because of Kim’s high sexual number.

“Yes you did [know] Big. You just forget because there’s been a lot of people since me.”

Speaking of his sexual exploits, Nick also revealed that he and Mariah waited until their wedding night to become intimate.

“[The first time was] on our wedding night, honeymoon style in a house in the Bahamas. That’s a wonderful thing. That’s a real woman right there to make you wait until you get married!”

Before you get to ooh’ing and ahh’ing over his admission, you should probably know that he closed the conversation about their honeymoon night by saying, “I f***ed the sh*t out of her!”

Wow, Nick.

Watch his TMI interview on the next page.

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  • Nick Cannon is a very immature fellow. It is true that money can’t buy class.

  • Justice0501

    Money can’t buy class.

  • lowheels

    Lord have mercy who cares about the past where are you today?

  • Ammoguy

    Pitiful,.just shows where his mentality is at,.you don’t kiss and tell, and some of these ladies are now married. How he dosen’t find himself in the mens room with Kanye oe any other husbands. Could get very uncomfortable for him

  • neoarcadezr .

    i wonder how many men hes been with

  • Smh

    Nick Cannon is just not sexually attractive like Tyson Beckford or Jesse L. Williams. He’s a handsome guy but Nick doesn’t have that sex appeal that makes you want to have sex with him like Lenny Kravitz or Morris Chestnut.

  • Run

    Lost all respect for this toobag – not that I had much anyways. He’s one of those guys you look at and wonder how he snags the women he snags. Of course, he’s not an ugly dude, but still…

    The women he named are mostly thirst-buckets with questionable reputations and bad dating histories. Maybe that explains it.

  • suavebrotha

    they’re boys fellas don’t just brag to strangers I smashed these females in the past and it was supposedly off air I don’t believe it was Nick’s intension for this conversation to be leaked ladies stop it w/ the so tacky to kiss and tell cause girlfriends discuss details about their sex life all the time the only difference is your lives are not in the public eye

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  • rainbow

    Nick is hilarious

  • Pointless Peaches

    *yawn* I was done at 3:05. He sounds like a 16yo.

  • Guest

    And aint nobody bragging on him. #losing#

  • Sisi92

    He is married now. This is tacky.

  • Zia Paul

    I didn’t care for this clown, but he completely lost me here. He has
    some nerve talking about Kim’s list as if he is any better himself. And
    why does he feel the need to name names and tell us how he put it down
    on Mariah during the wedding night? Oh, and a “real” woman waits??? My
    God!!! A real woman does whatever she wants. If she wants to wait,
    that’s fine. If she doesn’t that’s fine as well. Someone already
    mentioned that they only dated for like four months before getting
    married. And, correct me if I am wrong, but didn’t Nick cheat on
    Christian Millan because she withheld the cookies? Eventually, she gave it up, but smh. This dude disgusts me.

  • Mel

    Mariah should have stuck with Eminem! He’s not as douchey!

  • Rahimatu

    Ok that was very childish, very very Childish, and really unnecessary. First the white face now this? What is he looking for attention??

  • provokethought

    I’m not sticking up for Kim K….but how dare he talk about her long list of people she slept with when he did the exact same thing. What a double standard.

  • Bat Happy 1

    TMI overload.

  • Kristi

    So much for the “off air” interview. Just a confirmation on why celibacy is important. When you wait to marry, you name and sexual performance won’t be discussed in all the man talk!

  • Gypsy

    He’s too dumb to realize that this also reflects on his wife and it is doing damage to him and his family. Remember Mariah was no virgin when he married her, far far from it..
    I predict it is on his way down, and this is the first sign of failure

  • Stella Dee

    What was Kim occupation before becoming a “seven11”?

  • Tae’lur Alexis

    Ok you fckd Susan Jane and Miranda…AND I STILL DONT LIKE YOU! I never did. You’ve always given me a-hole vibes and now you’ve shown that you’re a disrespectful S.O.B. Mariah must be high off kush and morphine to wake up next to you -_-

  • Shan Frazer

    He could have respectfully declined to answer that question. Some things should be kept private. Damn!! How many people did Kim sleep with?!! Like every day a new male celeb pops saying he smashed…..sheesh. I need to start tallying this up.

  • thedoggonetruth

    He has no class.

  • wasteofrace

    Not a fan of kissing and telling, at all lol but thats jus me. If i can see the signs that my Gfs friends kno about our sex life, or if i eavesdrop and hear about them talkin bout it….good or bad,then i cut the sex down to a fuken bare minimum or rare occasion for the next while and say “go tell ur friends wats goin on” lol. Im fuken different that way.

  • 9Boots

    Reason number one why it is pointless to have sex with these clowns if you are not married to them. Their gigantic EGOS hit everybody upsided the head. They ain’t worthy!

  • sunny

    Why is it when Married people talk about their sexual encounters everyone is Appalled?
    When in fact married people are having sex out of sin.

    When single people talk about sex it is Okay?
    When in fact single people are the ones committing sin.

    BACKWARDS AS HELL if you ask me.

    • Boom Boom Belinda

      He wasn’t married to all those women. I think people are appaled in general when people start listing the folks they have had sex with has nothing to do with being marriedSmh

    • Me

      He wasn’t married to all the women he “smashed”. I personally think people should keep their sex lives between themselves and the person they’re with or was with.

  • Guest

    Uh….isn’t he still married to Mariah? Dude, they’re your exes, they are an ex for a reason, focus on your WIFE and stop airing out the past.

  • ShebaBarb

    The interviewer is riduculous. How dare he talk like this to someone about their wife in this manner to someone else. Pathetic.

    • Huh?

      Who wife? None of the women on his list are married? There is an ex-wife, a baby mama and I think the other 2 are single with no kids. The only married one is his wife.

  • Sumika Rodriguez

    Kim really Nick I would’ve kept that a secret

  • Boom Boom Belinda

    Nick Cannon needs to have ALL the seats. How tacky can you be? Aren’t you married with kids now? Between this interview and his whiteface, Cannon’s thirst level for attention is at an all time high.

  • donna jones


  • Stacy D. Smith

    Something tells me Nick’s gonna be sleeping on the couch for the next few days. You can’t put your wife on a list of women you bagged. Think, McFly!

  • soisaid

    considering the interview was “off-air” it was just two guys talking and nick talking about who he has been with. same as with women when they wanna brag about who they been with to someone they are buddies with. after all he was naming women he was with before he got married. and believe they weren’t with because he was a skinny black dude. he just happend to be a skinny black dude with a fat bank account and trust that guys know when you are just around for the money. Mariah wanted a life partner and he respected her for that and made it happen.

  • sammi

    The only surprise name was Nicole, he dated the others so sleeping together goes without saying. What he should have revealed was other names no one knows about.who didnt know he smashed Christina Milian?

  • Lee

    Is Nick having a life crisis or something? Lately he’s been kind of unfiltered and on edge, with the white face stunt and now this. Considering he’s a father, husband and has a pretty cushy job at NBC, you’d think at 33 he would act more professional and mature. Where did this bad boy shtick come from all of a sudden? And where was it when Eminem was disrespecting his wife?

  • Dreama41

    He coulda saved it.

  • H8tiLady

    Is it bad that I started humming Gigolo….LMAOOOO #OhNick

  • gg

    What is up with Nick Cannon, he should not be discussing this at s##t at all. He is acting like a male Karinne Steffens!

  • Tehara

    He’s disgusting. Notice how attractive, non-corny men never kiss & tell and are classy about it.

  • boredwithitall


  • Kristen

    Wow, totally disrespectful! Ladies, watch who you decide to sleep with, cause it may be a big mouth fool like Nick!

  • newdnewd

    Bow wow has hit it too so what?! People know by now that she is social with her lady parts and her soon to be husband should be prepared to be embarrassed for as long as their 4 (years top) relationship will last.

  • divinnalafeme

    Is this how husbands are supposed to behave??? Anyway happy belated birthday MIMI I’m sorry you married and a$$.

  • MuFuJones

    he’s talking about Kim’s body # but what about Mariah’s??? lol…. and she’s a “real woman” because she made him wait until marriage?? lmfaooooo…. I bet he’s the only one that phckd her that had to wait until marriage.

    • sammi

      I bet Eminem didnt have to wait long

    • Yeah

      Mariah’s isn’t long according to her. She said that she can count on one hand how many people she has been with. Em actually had to wait over 6 months, do that is long compared to most other women..

  • Dee

    Nick Cannon is the type of dude you sleep with and then ask him to keep it a secret. INSTANT regret smh lol

  • Meemo

    Nick dating Kim K is old news but I missed the memo on Nick dating Nicole S. Kim K dated Nick Cannon and Nick Lachey…..seems like she cheated on one of the Nicks for the other but I could be wrong. Also I think her and Nick broke up b/c she lied about the tape with Ray J. If memory serves correctly Nick didn’t care about the tape but he cared that she lied about it. Oh well…..it’s all old news.

  • DeepThinker

    Just I thought he had a little more class that the other famous entertainers he pulls this. SMH

    • CC

      That’s exactly what I was thinking. It’s one thing to spill the beans about past flings and girlfriends and it’s another to do it about his wife and the most intimate night of their relationship. I lost a little respect after this. I seriously think he should’ve told Big Boy (and anybody else that asks) that’s none of his business considering he is married now regardless of the fact that this was off air.

  • Sunny

    Wow. Just when I thought Nick Cannon couldn’t be any more of a tool. So what that he and Mariah waited until their wedding night. Didn’t they elope a three or four months after they met? It’s not like they had to wait a long time.

    • ksmall

      lol yo i forgot about that! great point. they sure enough did get married like right away.

  • louvres

    loooooooooooool why are women so affected when a man talks about the women he had? loooooooooooool just want to know!

  • enlightenment

    For a man that doesn’t look that great, he sure scored a bunch of women way out of his league! He must have impeccable game?

    • louvres

      he has a GREAT body!

      • newdnewd

        Great body! He is actually looking somewhat close to attractive right here.

      • enlightenment

        Eh. To each his own! He looks like a complete goofball standing next to Christina Milian, Kim K, and Selita Ebanks in these pictures.

    • Lala

      he is “funny” and has alot more money than we probably think

    • Let It Be

      His bank account is what’s impeccable.

  • Trisha_B

    He has no room to shade Kim on her number of sexual partners when he just ran down his list smh. Boy, go have a seat. There is nothing appealing about a man that’s been around the block

    • ksmall

      at all! AND it’s kinda taboo and triflin to kiss and tell. how tacky to put those women out there like that. i’d be pissed if i were any of them. he should’ve declined to answer or said something clever without saying any name other than his wife. smh. he’s so whack anyway lol.

      • Trisha_B


        & the responses are so hypocritical on here. It’s so funny how different people respond to men bragging about who they slept with & how they respond when a woman talks about all she slept with. People are making jokes out of his bedroom ways but would slander a woman for doing the same. This is about Nick, but yet they are still slandering Kim K. If Kim is loose, what does that make Nick for sleeping with her?!

        • ksmall

          agree. and from my perspective Kim’s mistake wasn’t the number of dudes she slept with cuz truth be told her number prob isn’t any higher than the average woman. her mistake was sleeping with too many famous dudes who also run in the same circles. that’s a no-no. u can’t sleep with ya ex’s friends or his friends’ friends, especially in hollywood lol.

          • sunny

            Why not? So you miss your blessing because he is a friend of a loser it didn’t work out with? o_O

            • ksmall

              really? no man wants to be with a woman that a bunch of his boys ran through. and most women i know feel the same way. i guess it’s just a personal hangup but i’m sure there are plenty of ppl out there who feel the same way.

          • kelly

            You can if you are a nice looking white girl big butt and the men are black.

            • ksmall

              Lmao. Touché Kelly, touché.

        • louvres

          Oh please! The only people slandering women for their number are OTHER WOMEN! So be angered at women not men! Men won’t marry women like Kim(when they do they get slandered by women) but they won’t slander them! Lindsay Lohan did it and it was funny!

          • Trisha_B

            -____- what are you talking about?

            • louvres

              I’m talking about this :”People are making jokes out of his bedroom ways but would slander a woman for doing the same”
              Stop making it seem as if women are slandered by men when they are loose..

              • Trisha_B

                I said PEOPLE. Not men. Women are people too. & I’m talking about those in this post commenting, which are majority women. So I do agree w/ you that it’s mostly women who slander women

          • Ebony in Hartford

            Except Kim is engaged right now and plenty of church girls with cobwebs are single, aging and still mad at their boyfriend Jesus.

            • Boom Boom Belinda

              Lmao yes!

            • Shan Frazer

              lmao!! I really shouldn’t be laughing at this

            • Ash

              If there’s one think Kim knows how to do, it’s get married. Staying married is another issue.

        • Boom Boom Belinda

          Amen, Trisha! Some people are in no position to throw stones at others. All the people shading Kim probably have a higher count-just not famous.

          • sunny

            It’s not the count, it’s the fact all her business is in the streets!

          • kimilaa


        • sunny

          A Man is a MAN… A Woman is a WOMAN… they have Totally Different Roles and Rules for Living Life! They are not equal!

          • Boom Boom Belinda


      • louvres

        why would you be pissed?

        • ksmall

          because what happens between me and someone i date, sleep with or whatever, is between us. he sounds weak tellin the biz in an interview. most real men i know think it’s weak to kiss and tell and don’t want their business out there either. if we’re not together keep my name out your mouth, especially when doin interviews.

          • sunny

            When you include some one else in anything you do, it is their business and right to do what they want with their business, as it is your right to do what you want with your business.. if you don’t want any one kissing and telling, kiss yourself!

            SIN has no rules… LOL… anything goes!

            • ksmall

              we’ll have to respectfully agree to disagree there. fortunately this has never been an issue for me and what you refer to as “sin” is really your opinion based on your religious beliefs i assume. no one hear wants you projecting them onto the rest of us. if that works for you then much respect and i’m happy for u.

              • sunny

                without the sin comment… the business of 2 is of 2 and each 1 can do what they want with that business.

                • ksmall

                  no one is disputing what he CAN do. clearly he can and did lol. my point is that he looks real weak telling his personal business and theirs. it makes him look thirsty for attention and recognition. that’s like braggin about how much money you make…weak move. period. nor is it fitting conversation for a married man to be in an interview naming chicks he cut down. that’s a whole ‘nother issue tho.

                  • louvres

                    well…he looks WEAK to you and he doesn’t care! Let him spill the beans!

      • sunny

        Kiss and Tell is a man made rule in sin… SIN has no rules!

    • sunny

      That is what men do… Men are allowed to sow their oats until they find the woman he wants to make his wife… WOMEN are not suppose to be spreading their legs so freely!

    • jbrandonf

      You have a lot of up votes because your opinion is the popular one but the truth is on a primal level women who have had many men inside of them are not appealing to men. Women take the energy of the partners they’ve been with. Women on an individual basis may tell themselves that men who are wanted/been with many women aren’t attractive but the truth is (and any man who get women can tell you) men who are wanted by other women are attracted by other women.

      It suggests social and sexual power which is attractive to *generally* women.

      • Trisha_B

        I was speaking for MYSELF when I said I don’t find a man appealing that’s been w/ a bunch if women. Especially when they running in the same circle & he brags about it. It’s not attractive at al. It just tells me he has communial dixk & he will tell our business. I’ll pass on those primal feelings. Maybe others actually agree w/ me, not b/c it’s popular smh. Y’all kill me w/ that. Just b/c YOU don’t agree doesn’t mean everyone feel the same way as you

        • jbrandonf

          I understand that. I was addressing the point you were making as opposed to you directly.

        • You’re right though, even women will stick up for that double standard, obviously a lot of women don’t use common sense, and they definitely don’t want to be treated equally if they stand by double standards like that

      • Zia Paul

        This is pure BS. There are one of two reasons why a man doesn’t want to be with a woman who has been with “many” men. 1. he is insecure. 2. It is a biological reason as far as having children is concerned. It seriously has nothing to do with “energy”. lmfao. Get a grip.


    Kanye is running out of fingers and toes tryna count all the ni ggaz kim let smash…kims pu ssy has taken in more black men than a Chicago police station

    • enlightenment


    • BabyBlue

      He’ll start pulling out his own teeth next to keep counting

      • ~Est.1974~


    • Kristen

      damn, haha!

      • Lyndrell Wheretheydothatat Nic

        Lmao lol

    • Meesha

      Too dead at this one!

    • Dominique Thompson

      I QUIT!

    • Jay Trevy

      LMAO. Funniest comment ever.

    • Boom Boom Belinda

      Oh, you know how many people she slept with? Are you a friend or in her family? Kim probably hasn’t slept with any more men than the average woman does. They just happen to be famous.

      • sunny

        LOL Try anymore women that are not famous! She did start f**cking at 14.

        • Kristen


        • tima

          Really, did she say that?

          • Phil J.

            yea well 15 i think Her mom knew and gave her condoms and everything…which in america its like wtf!? but in other countries they do have “sleepovers” where the parents know that their teen is gonna have sex and they invite the girlfriend or boyfriend over to do the damn thang

            • slim

              That’s actually good her mother gave her birth control at 15. Imagine if more American parents did that. We probably wouldn’t have such high teen pregnancy rates. I saw an episode of Dr. Phil and he was talking to a girl who had a baby at 11 with her 13 year old boyfriend. Yeah, 11

              • Phil J.

                definitely…It makes more sense to embrace these things, than to shame them because when you shame them then you have the pregnancies, the secret abortions, the std’s… I don’t have kids but if I did I’d be throwing condoms at them everyday when they turned 16 lol

    • ChiTown Princess

      I live in Chicago and it’s true, LOL! You made my day with that comment!

    • Donna Miller


    • PaybackB

      he’s forgetting that Mariah was also famous in the music industry for her quickies, so when you open the closet it goes both ways,, wait for the Mariah F*** Rappers.

      • slim

        What proof do have that Mariah was famous for her ”quickies”? Honestly

    • Guest

      “He be like, so, I love my baby mama, I’ll never let her go”

    • biglittlemason3

      LO….Damn….L. You knocked it out the park with 300+ likes. Your comment was genius…made my day!

    • Lee1

      Ohhhhh! That’s funny!!!! :]

    • So What

      Leave Kim alone.

  • Just saying!!

    WOW. Just WOW.

  • Wow. Really Nick? How classy. I’d smack my husband if he said that about our wedding night.

    • louvres

      Well if he really f*** the isht out of her she will stay! You know how d!ckmatized we can get llooooooooool

      • Gypsy

        Mariah’s divorce papers are coming soon, she’ll dump this loser for her white bodyguard, ala Heidi.
        Nothing or nobody is more important to Mariah than her reputation and celebrity status…remember that.

        • jbrandonf

          He made her look bad by publicizing his sexual history, she came out looking clean here. She’s not leaving anybody, we’ll see though.

          • Dark Matters

            Looks like she left, after all.

        • jbrandonf

          Coming back to our comments, you ended up being wrong.

          • Jade Do

            actually, you’re wrong. lmfao

        • Dark Matters

          Looks like you were right.

    • Mrs He Put it Down!

      I wouldn’t. My husband put it down on our wedding night and I don’t care who he tells lol Heck, that’s what married folks are SUPPOSED to be doing!

      • Let It Be

        THANK YOU!

      • Kiki


      • Guest

        Its still uncouth. Anybody with a lil class knows that

      • As did mine 🙂 But thats not anyone’s business. Just ours. No one needs to know when or where we did it and how. I’m no prude, but theres nothing cute about that. Especially not in an interview with a wildly popular radio host, AND in a conversation where you’re recounting experiences with ex-girlfriends, late night smash buddies and the like. They have twin babies together, need you talk about the obvious? I’m cool.

      • So What

        Yes, but married folks should keep that to themselves.

    • Dominique Thompson

      Yeah that was tacky bit OAN Kim REALLY?… JEEZ SMH.

    • Simon666

      But you can’t control what he thinks, even if you may think you do. EDIT: Crap, this is a year old. How did I not see this?

  • louvres

    Nicole Scherzinger???!!! HOW? WHEN???

    • Lala

      yeah I didn’t think that was public knowledge

    • guest

      Poor Nick Cannon, he’s still displaying “Childish Behavior”…..This is why you never date immature boy aka men….. Big mouth boy who cares, some things should be kept in the closet…..I digress

      • guest

        date immature boys aka men…