NeNe Sends Her Love To Porsha After Brawl With Kenya; Kandi Snaps Pic “Amidst The Drama” At The Reunion

March 28, 2014  |  


We told you yesterday that all hell broke loose during the taping of the Real Housewives of Atlanta reunion, with Porsha Williams physically assaulting Kenya Moore. As the reports go, Porsha was just sick and tired of being sick and tired of Kenya running around claiming the former Mrs. Stewart was Kordell’s “beard” and not really his wife. According to Radar Online, Kenya brought sex toys to the reunion to taunt Porsha about Kordell’s sexuality, and eventually, Porsha jumped on her, grabbing her hair and more, before security got a hold of both women.

Since the incident happened, the women have all been quiet on social media–for the most part.

Of course, Porsha hasn’t said anything, nor has Kenya, and neither has Phaedra (who you would think would have been the one to want to fight Kenya after this season) or Cynthia. But one person talking is NeNe, and she is team Porsha.

The original housewife took to Twitter last night to send a short message of support to Porsha, tweeting out “Love u @Porsha4real” to her 1.5 million followers to see. And it only makes sense that NeNe would be on the opposite side of Kenya, the two are currently at odds after having too many ups and downs all season.

As for Kandi, she posted the following pic to Instagram of herself cheesing it up at the reunion saying, “Taking a break to small amidst the drama…” Of course, she meant “smile,” but we’ll just assume autocorrect disrupted all of that.


The hair is laid and the face is gorgeous!

No matter whose side these ladies are on, I’m just disappointed things had to get violent. Folks are too old. But when you push too many buttons, with the wrong person, you just might get pushed back (or get your hair pulled in Kenya’s case).

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  • Guest

    Why am I not surprised that Nene would condone violence?

  • Bernice

    It’s been reported that Porsha was fired as a result. Some say no fight took place others are now saying she slapped Kenya. But no major brawl took place as first reported!
    There have been others who have had full beat downs and are still employed by Bravo! At least three of the men who ARE under contract have had beat down smack downs without being fired.
    Porsha is a sweet person who don’t start mess like most of the ladies and some husband’s do. If she fought or slapped anybody she had to have been pushed beyond limits!
    The firing of Porsha is defiantly UNFORTUNATE and WRONG, if true!

    • Queen2Cent

      Yeah, some say Porsha doesn’t have a story line, but we can say that about the rest. I like Porsha, and I hope the firing part of the rumor is not true.

  • Denise Mulkey

    People keep forgetting that Porisha was a shoulder for Kenya In Savanah. Porisha is kind hearted but Ms. Kenya loves to put people down to make herself look better. She loves to push people to no end so just maybe Porisha gave her a little of what she has been asking for. Nobody knows what they would do if put in that situation.

  • Gigi Sev

    I’ll bet all the change at the bottom of my purse that a law suit will come outta of this. Kenya will probably use this as an opportunity to prolong her 15 mins.

  • Ma Bull

    Kandi hair is bangin goin light on the red makes it easy on the eyes

  • ShowStopper

    Porsha has always been the one questioning his sexuality. She told Behenney that she wanted to slap Kenya on Monday’s show. Porsha is trying to stay on the show by any means necessary!

    • Queen2Cent

      She wasn’t the first one to bring it up, it was Kandi.

  • DoinMe

    Umm, excuse me, but Porsha has always been the main one CONSTANTLY talking about Kordell’s questionable sexuality to all of the girls and even insinuated that she married him to help his image. So why is it when Kenya throws it back up in her face, it’s a problem? If she didn’t want anyone to talk about it or use it against her, she should have kept her mouth shut. Porsha is the main one who made herself look like a fool talking about possibly being married to a gay man. Everything is not for everyone to know. Some dirty secrets you have to keep to yourself.

  • Tee Elyse

    Porsha was like “You know what? I’m tired of yo mouth! Lemme give you these hands!” I ain’t mad at Porsha!

  • CAliQueen

    This wasn’t a victory for Porsha nor was Kenya defeated but at the end of the day Porsha will get the short end of the stick by making herself look like a fool yet again.

  • I won’t believe it UNTIL I see it!! Kenya (in the words of Sheneneh Jenkins) “you got to bob & weave. Bob & use your weave!!!” IMO, if Porsha’s gonna go off on Kenya for saying she was a “bear,” then she should go off on Peter for asking her the EXACT same thing.

  • candy cane

    The one that is docile and meek is the main one that will clean your clock hands down!!

  • Sunny

    Funny that Kenya keeps calling Porsha a beard. Since she claimed that Walter was gay after he kicked her to the curb, doesn’t that make her a beard too? That reunion is going to be the hottest of messes, and I’m not ashamed to say that I’ll be glued to my screen.

    • folamix

      Yeah she kept insinuating that Walter was gay too but gay was alright with her, if he had wanted to marry her…..smh

  • nikflav

    I’m against violence, HOWEVER if Kenya did what has been reported, that is below the belt and NOBODY can say they would have reacted calmly if they were in Porsha’s shoes. I do not take kindly to talking about my man or my children. I probably would have acted a damn donkey too!!!

    • mal

      If you say that you are against violence your actions must be consistent with your words. People talk with their hands way too much!

      We need to learn that we can not control what other people say but we CAN control ourselves…..and by assaulting someone you put yourself at risk for several unpleasant outcomes.

  • DeepThinker

    Porscha is a mean girl & Kenya is also a mean girl, the difference between the two is that Kenya takes no prisoners. Porscha insinuated herself that Kordell may have taken her toy. She also spent most of this season throwing Kordell under the bus and ran her mouth way too much about her marital issues especially in front of people that really weren’t her friends. She only set herself up for Kenya to use all this against her. Lots of people don’t remember that from the beginning Porscha taking swipes at Kenya for not having a husband. She and Phaedra single shamed Kenya and taunted her about Walter. Yes, Kenya is an evil mess stirrer, but Porscha isn’t much better. It’s interesting that she can throw bows at Kenya, but ignore the slick comments Phaedra has made about her not being so bright, and Peter’s embarrassing her by confronting her about Kordell in front of everyone. Of course Nene will console her in all of this, Nene and Phaedra probably manipulated Phaedra to take it this far. SMH – They are all a mess!

  • gg

    I’m surprised it took so long for somebody to “put the paws” on her. That’s what happens when you bring that mess to the Atl. LOL!

  • Necie

    Kenya is the type who is going to press charges and file a law suit! I hope Porsha is Lawyer up! because hunny you best believe Kenya gone come Twirlin like tornado!! When Apollo beat down her assistant first thing came out of Kenya’s mouth “I would have Press charges agaist his a$$”.

    • Porsha needs money to lawyer up, cause retainer fees are HIGH. lol

  • currvalicious

    I guess I’m the only one yeam Kenya. I love rooting for the underdog!

  • JS

    Kenya may be messy but she is the most interesting on the show besides Kandi. I’m team Kenya all the way. This show would be boring without her.

    • Aprilllll

      Pretty much!

      She’s made the show fun to watch…she and the men.

  • newgirl

    Twirl on that ASHY!!!

  • lockstress

    Andy is the messiest Queen of them all. He’s just pure evil himself. He encourages the bad behavior.
    Portia is not about the rah rah. Everytime something pops off she leaves. And now she’s been dragged to the dark side. Portia…run and don’t look back. Leave SODOM NOW!



  • fujoshifanatic

    Oooh the ratchetness was on level 12 this season!!! When is the reunion airing? I have to set my DVR. I am so glad I don’t know any women like this in real life. Might be fun to watch, but if I had to deal with any of them in person…smh.

  • Guest

    Kenya is a woman with serious issues and they only get magnified when doing reality television. Unfortunately, it got to a point of physical violence, but sometimes you just get fed up and strike back. Maybe now she’ll take her over inflated opinion of herself and calm it down since it’s clear that she can’t fight if skinny little Porsha whipped that behind!!!

    • tsegayemariham

      No one deserves to be hit because you’re bein taunt…porsha is way out off kenya press charges and watch….its all weakness n insecurity on kenya part no good.and she all dressup n fightin I dnt get those mad insecure women…but they have jails for them lol

    • folamix

      Yeah she talks mighty BADD about being from Detroit, but sounds like she just got outed

    • mal

      Attacking someone is a dumb way to respond to a taunt. If Porsha really attacked Kenya she has put herself at risk for criminal charges. If Porsha had more intelligence she would have responded to the taunt with a clever verbal comeback or silence.

  • nss

    Man Kenya disgusts me. She know she uses those sex toys herself and brings them to make fun of Porsha?? That’s exactly why I say she deserved what she got

  • Michelle

    Porsha got tired of Kenya talking to her like she was a damn child!

    • Just like Kordell I guess, lol!

  • Sunshinegirl

    I can’t believe Porsha stooped to that level. I know being taunted sucks, but I would’ve had to turn the other cheek unless of course, Kenya put her hands on me. Then, weave, chinese fans, and contacts would’ve been flying all over the set!

    • cb

      PORSHA is the type

    • babylove74

      While you’re absolutely right that resorting to the laying on of hands in this way is low, let’s face it… Kenya had it coming, although I thought it would’ve been Phaedra. I do love the “weaves, Chinese fans and contacts” LOL Hilarious!!!

  • sammi_lu

    While Kenya undoubtedly deserved what she got..tis always better to take the high road. These “ladies” need to do a better job of how they represent black women in entertainment and in general.

    • FauxRealFaux

      How about viewing black people as individuals? Those women do not represent me or anyone else, that shares our hue. They represent themselves. 🙂

      • sammi_lu

        hmmm a matter of a perfect world we all would be viewed as individuals free of collective and categorizing descriptions used to identify our color, race, shape, class, or size. I don’t feel these women represent me or you as a person, but it can’t be denied that what is displayed to the masses/other cultures via television/media has no effect on the way black women are viewed in society.

        • FauxRealFaux

          That is because people are idiots. Maybe we should stop accepting this reality. Only a fool looks at a part and then classifies the whole as whatever the small part is. I respect what you are saying- its true- but we need to stop embracing that illogical reality. Or we prove a point by doing that crap to whites. For example, for the next week, everytime we see a white guy, we should clutch our children and cross the street. Why? Since most child predators are white males that means all white males are child predators. ( random, I know)

          • mal

            I respectfully understand your point but the sad truth is that black people as a whole can suffer when negative stereotypes about us are reinforced. In a perfect world there would be enough positive images in the media to make up for the negative ones, but we aren’t there yet.

            You are right that black people don’t have to accept the reality. In fact, I think that we don’t. But as long as white people do….it has a negative impact on black folk.

      • Mrs.Mason

        FINALLLLLLY someone has been saying what I been saying….these women DO NOT represent all black women or black people for that matter….what people need to realize is that this show is literally a check for them….BESIDES this show not all of them have anything else going on….this show is their livelihood and with that being said they know that the drama gets the ratings….they bring the drama they get a bigger check….(ie. Nene is the highest paid cast member for all her drama and loudness)

      • folamix

        And was Porsha supposed to take Kenya’s repeated innuendos and jabs? Whatever was or was not going on in their marriage, it was their business and they didn’t have to explain to anyone, and definitely not on national TV.

        • Guest

          Kenya has not said anything about Porsha’s marriage that Porsha did not say herself. Many, many times.

        • FauxRealFaux

          Porsha put the crap out there about Kordell. Not Kenya.

      • Toni Jones

        I agree , why do black women have to take the high road when we are just like every one else, have emotions and are real people. We are suppose to grin and bear it, while were’re being bullied, and disrespected. We’re the only group of people who are suppose to support the entire race on our backs and not show our true feelings. That fake, class time is over. Be the best you can be and be true to who you are!

        • mal

          “Taking the high road” to me means acting with maturity, and we should all strive to do that. Who thinks that acting like a heathen in response to an insult is okay? A violent response to a verbal taunt is just ridiculous, in my view. It doesn’t take away the taunt and puts the violent person at risk of arrest or worse.


    Nene going home next on dwts…I bet money on it

    • Jamie

      Oh I seriously doubt that NeNe will help their ratings go up!

  • ms stacye

    We’ll see what’s up when Bravo airs the reunion. As if I needed more incentive to watch…lol.

  • Yvette

    It is sad that it came to this point, but Kenya kept campaigning and got elected by Porsha. I thought it would have been Phaedra.

    • I loved the way you used the words “campaigning” & “elected” to describe Kenya & Porsha, LOL!!!

    • Andrea

      LOL…I love your analogy!

  • MsRickie

    I guess Porsha got tired of her insults and calling her stupid. Good for you Porsha.

    • Yvette

      I agree. There is only so much a person can take. I hope I never have to beat a chick down at my age because it is simply NOT a good look, however, I do understand being taken there.

      • Dee

        Me too.. Some people will take you there to the point of no return..

        • folamix

          I can’t say I will never go there because sometimes people take you there.

        • Guest


      • Guest

        Stop the violence, people!!!

  • Angie

    DANG! Porsha got HANDZ!!! ROFLMBAO!

  • Caramel Delight

    That’s what Kenya gets! Somebody needed to whoop her behind. She is just too damn messy and evil. Now if somebody can get Nene messy behind together too, they’ll both stop bullying people on the show.

  • BabyBlue

    I can’t wait to watch all the girls get in Kenya’s throat.She needs to leave the show

    • Emsy

      I was abt to ask then who wld stir the drama, but then I remembered there is now Peter.

      Kenya is one big mess!!! Im not saying she deserved to get hands laid on her but…………. yeah

      Oh nd side eye at u MN for tht “The original housewife” jab.