“I’m Giving Y’all An Ugly Cry”: Beyoncé Breaks Down On Stage As Mrs. Carter World Tour Ends

March 28, 2014  |  

On April 13, 2013, the Mrs. Carter World Tour began, and on March 27, last night that is, it came to an end. Beyoncé’s uber-successful tour hit 132 stops since its start, including 60 in Europe and 47 in the United States. So how does Beyoncé celebrate such a major feat, one that reportedly will make her the wealthiest black musician ever (she made $188.6 million last year from it)? She cries on stage.

The beauty thanked her fans at her last stop in Lisbon, Portugal, recounting watching Blue Ivy grow up as time has passed on tour, and lauding her fans for all their love and support.

“If you all don’t know, tonight makes 132 shows. Tonight is the last show of the Mrs. Carter Show. We started a year ago and I want to say this has been such a journey. In the past year, we’ve been through so much together. The Super Bowl, shooting the videos, all of these shows. When I first started the tour, my baby was not even walking yet. I just want you to know that I am so lucky.”

As the fans roared in applause, the singer stopped to cry a little, and then a lot, jokingly telling her fans,

“I’m giving y’all an ugly cry [laughs].

Thank y’all again. Thank you for allowing me to have a career. When I fall, you lift me up. When I’m hungry, you feed me. And I just want to give you my light.”

The singer then put the spotlight on the crowd, figuratively, and dedicated a song to them.

So what will Beyoncé do now that the show is over? If I was her, with all that money, I would take my behind around the world and just sightsee and relax. Be with family. She’s in that place in her career now where she can go away and still come back with all eyes on her. But will she do such a thing? We’ll see!

Check out her words for her fans at her last tour stop here and below and share your thoughts.


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  • becca

    That was not a acting cry that was a sincere cry bey loves her fans and she loves what she do she always have and she always makes it known…

  • Linda M McCuff

    When you’re that rich, cry on if that’s what you feel like doing. Congratulations on a job completed and well done!

  • sandy

    why wind machine though? chick please LOL

  • johnnie williams

    Beyoncé is a cute person and her husband to love you both

  • Veronica Black

    188 $ millions I’d take off for about 30 years, pleazzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • Naturalsis

    Wow, didn’t know robots could cry

  • lockstress

    The Lord is my light.
    When I’m hungry HE feeds me.
    When I fall HE picks me up.

    • atieno


  • V

    gag me please…Illuminate sell out

  • 9Boots

    Look up Beyonce on vigilantcitizen (dot) com. The “light” that she’s giving is satanic.

    • the Guest

      Please shut up…you sound extremely stupid to suggest that this woman, who has done absolutely nothing to you is “satanic”.
      Extreme jealousy is clouding your judgment sis.

      • 9Boots

        I pitty your ignorance… and get a real screen name other than “the Guest”.

        • the Guest

          Learn to be a better woman. I’ll pray for you.
          Have a blessed day.

          • 9Boots

            Sooooo. You send me a message stating “shut up, I’m stupid”. etc. and tell me to “learn to be a better woman”. Wow you are projecting big time. Have a blessed day.

        • I hate bitter chix

          I PITY your inability to spell simple four-letter words. Dummy.

          • 9Boots

            Oh wow a typo. The world is coming to an end. I also pity your inability to close an argument without using the word “dummy”.

    • Gussie

      Bingo! That whole performance was satanic! I love the vigilantcitizen! Very informative! It’s a lot of sheep out there that put these celeb*tches on a pedestal and idolize these folks, u see how people get angry when u talk about Bey! They act like u talking about their family members! Lol! Bey don’t give a d@mn about the Stan’s, the fans or the Flea Hive! All she care about is their $$$! I just don’t see how u go hard for someone that u hardly know! Mind boggling, I know! Lol

      • 9Boots

        “FleaHive” I just died of laughter. I’m happy to hear from a fellow Vigilant. These people will learn the hard way that what we have been saying is TRUTH.

      • britt

        And I don’t see how you go hard disliking someone you don’t know? Stans and haters are one in the same, you are both obessessd with a woman you don’t know!

  • Cleveland Cutie

    Hopefully she goes away for a LONG TIME!

  • Shayla

    But when we’re hungry she doesn’t feed us…#ijs
    (I’m being funny…BeyHive, don’t kill me please lol I went to the dc show…it was great 0:-) lol)

    • Cece

      Oh man.. I can’t stop rolling.. smh.. too funny.. LMAO.. you’re so right for that comment. lol

  • Stephanie Gartrell

    she was right about a couple of things, their behinds is feeding her millions.

  • Pills

    She makes it seem like she’s been thru hell. I’m sure a 132 show world tour is grueling but boo hoo.

    • Lilly


  • Jessiemoon

    She’s so dramatic, I saw a lot of facial expressions but not a lot of tears. Yes, we know.. you’re so rich and so lucky and so blessed, and the rest of us are not.

    • Guestest

      Lol, we are blessed. Just not her blessed LOL

    • d rain

      Hating much? Lollll

      • d rain

        And I definitely may not have her money but I’m definitely just as blessed.

        • Jessiemoon

          Nobody asked you.

      • Jessiemoon

        No, just not a fan of Beyonce and her fakeness.

        • britt

          But yet you are here commenting on a person you don’t even know or like? How do you knoe she is fake? You met her before? Oh didn’ tknow! Haters ans stans are alike, both think they know her when they have never met her a day in their lives! -smh-

          • Jessiemoon

            Uh, first of all, read a damn book because clearly you’re illiterate, second, please get a life and third, she’s fake because she committed the ultimate act of fu*kery by hiring a surrogate & pretending to be pregnant. The end.

  • Kat Gibson

    Really? What is she going to do now?? I like her but who cares..go do whatever you want.

  • Jasmine Evolve

    I’m not much of a Beyonce fan but I’m proud of her. She’s overcome a lot with the scrutiny of her pregnancy, the rude comments about her child’s hair, the rumors about her marriage. She’s like the one and only celebrity I know of that responds to negativity with a smile.

  • Guestest

    Good, now rest Beyonce, rest LOL

  • Just saying!!

    Awww man! I was so looking forward to seeing some real pure human emotions coming out of her but it’s just more acting 🙁 lol oh well. Good for her anyway! Lol

  • She’s too much of a workaholic to take too much time off. It’s just not her.

    • Guest

      She took a year off in 2010.

  • Dominique Thompson

    She normally takes a year or so off. I wouldn’t be surprised if her and Jay start working on Blue number 2 lol.

    • Laaaaaalaaaaa

      Yea I remember him saying they were going to have another 1 after the tour and Beyonce said it too so…..


    It looks like bad acting

    Either way I’m proud of that bi tch

    • Montre Bible

      yeah it looks rehearsed… but i agree its a big accomplishment. kudos

  • Alea

    I would cry too when that tour money deposit in my account.

    • Monique Jackson

      That’s worth a couple of tears

    • Chey

      LOL ok?! Those are “thank y’all for all this money” tears!! I just came to watch her acting skills.

      • atieno

        hehehe she actually went down when she said fall?and what is her light?bey fans and stans please help me her

        • atieno

          *did she actually went down when she said fall?*

          • atieno

            *go down*gosh what is up

  • Dee

    Good for her…another accomplishment under her belt! Hopefully she does take some time to rest and spend with her family. #BePositive If you don’t have anything nice to say, why say anything at all?

  • Syriak Smith

    Who cares

    • Crystal


    • FeelsGood

      Right! Why is this even news worthy?!

      • s smith

        It’s news worthy because it’s Beyonce. Love or hate her….she will guaranteed ALWAYS be news worthy….

        • Guest

          Man, shut yo stanning a$$ up! Lol

          • stanand

            ya’ll care cause you clicked on the article lmao

          • Chey


        • FeelsGood

          Ms. Tina, is that you???

  • M.L.

    Man, I would take a whole year off after that.

    • Val

      I hope she does take a year off. Heck, take two or three. Lol I could use the break from her.

      • Potsy from Hawthorne

        Cosign!!!!!! I’m ready for some fresh new artist to come out!

  • BabyBlue

    The video doesn’t play…..

    • MNEditor2

      Fixed! Thank ya kindly.