Kobe Bryant On Trayvon Martin: I Won’t React To Something Just Because I’m Supposed To, Because I’m Black

March 28, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

Kobe Bryant is finding himself in very hot water after excerpts from his upcoming feature in The New Yorker went viral online. The source of the angst is a comment the 35-year-old Lakers player made about Trayvon Martin and the ideal of racial solidarity, to which he clearly does not subscribe. He told the magazine:

While Kobe’s argument certainly has merit, I think most would agree this was not the time, the place, nor the circumstance to illustrate that point. Had Trayvon Martin been the initial aggressor the night he was killed by George Zimmerman, perhaps his point of African Americans not needing to immediately come to one another’s defense simply because of our skin color would be legit. But in a case like this where, to many, the evidence proves Trayvon never had a chance once the neighborhood watchman set his eyes on him, you should absolutely have a reaction — not just because you’re black though I would think as a Black male you could identify more than anyone — but because a child was gunned down unnecessarily and his killer went without consequence.

Of course once everyone got wind of these remarks, Kobe tried to fix them up with a tweet I think we all can agree he might as well have saved.


The bottom line is it’s too late bruh. If you really feel that way about Trayvon why don’t you call up The New Yorker and ask for a retraction? Or, like your stance on racial solidarity, will you also not assert yourself when it comes to stirring the pot with an opinion that’s not popular with the white folks?

What do you think about Kobe’s remarks?

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  • provokethought

    Ummmmmm how about supporting him because YOU too are a black male Kobe? Money does not mean that you are immune from the -isms that plague all black people….get over yourself.

  • SheDevilsRule

    All these comments, that he doesn’t stand up with & for the black community. I understand where he’s comming from. We hate on our own race. All the black on black killing’s. All you female ghetto selves wearing “white folks” hair. Hate some of us because we are lighter skinned then you. We don’t have to worry about white folks because we are killing off our own race, Wake UP people.

  • Queen2Cent

    C00n Kobe, at his finest.

  • Lola

    Kobe’s own father called him an Uncle Tom he and his parents don’t even communicate I saw an article where Kobe’s mom said they have never seen their Grandchildren, Kobe even sued his mom when she tried to auction off an expensive storage unit he refused to pay but expected his parents to pay. He is a jerk wad on the court and off. He wanted black support when he raped that white maid even though he threw Shaq under the bus talking about Shaq cheats too!! really Fool cheating is bad but Rape is horrible disgusting and cowardly. In regards to Trayvon’s case every race should be upset about his situation and the outcome of his trial anyone who doesn’t see the injustice the state of Florida caused is ignorant!!! #uwillneverbJORDAN

  • Guest

    When Kobe is “falsely” charged with rape again, instead of consensual sex as it was the last time, then lets use his logic against him.

  • Bat Happy (Happy club carrier)

    Kobe’s mind isn’t his own. He is parroting his wife. Kobe’s wife clearly supports Zimmerman, Mexican solidarity. His saying this publicly makes him appear so weak.

  • A.J.

    From the beginning, Kobe Bryant has always tried to distance himself from African-Americans, using that whole tired, “I’m trying to go outside of the box” rhetoric all the while. I do agree that his upbringing had a lot to do with it, as he never had the conditioning that the average Black person in the United States goes through. But at the same time, he has never made the effort to learn of understand, so the fault is still on his part. It would be completely different if he used another example of an African-American who actually has a negative influence. For example, if he said, “I’m not going to support Lil Boosie just because we’re both Black, because I don’t think that his lifestyle and attitude should be celebrated”, that would be understandable. No one id denying that there are cases where Black people will support another person because they’re Black, even when they’re wrong. Howeever, 1.) Whites do the exact same thing and people rarely call them on it and 2.) To behave like the Trayvon Martin incident was just another example of people playing the race card and lobbying for Black support is not only callous and ill-informed, it’s extremely insensitive. If that were his son (and I’m not wishing anything on anyone), would he feel the same way? A child was murdered, dude, get a grip! And for the record, I’ve never liked Kobe Bryant.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    What prompted this?…who asked this bamma azz for his opinion?…how disgusting of him to even speak on this tragedy…he’s a clown

  • Dee

    The poor use of the Trayvon Martin example aside, I must agree with him. Just because he is black doesn’t mean he has to jump on every bandwagon and support every black person that the black community supports.

    • Queen2Cent

      ….If that was the case than we would’ve come to the defense of those 2 black teenagers in Georgia who murdered that baby. Y’all speak as if we Black Folks cannot think for ourselves. We know who to support, and who not to support, and we’re rarely wrong.

      • Dee

        Who’s y’all? I’m black too…

  • divinnalafeme

    This make one more reason I don’t like this man. He just rubs me the wrong way in general.

  • nosrednakal

    The elites kill me with their glib, uneducated assertions-said to sound different from the pack or to be avante guarde. Unfortunately, they mistake the “noise” and “hype” that’s not ABOUT THEM as having no merit because the “masses” support it. When wrong is as wrong as Trayvon’s murder, it’s best to speak on the subject ITSELF and YOUR opinion when/if asked. He should have given his opinion on the case, not his reaction as opposed to others, whether the journalist asked him or not. He knew the reaction he would get. HE segregates himself and always has. He should have had his publicist on hand to avoid making regrettable remarks. I don’t want to know what’s really on his mind-the more I learn, the less I care for him.

  • lockstress

    Glad I never supported your rapist clown arse!

  • kiki j

    People go let into a certain tax bracket and forget who supported their career. Anywho, I can’t stand when black people try so hard to be accepted by white folks that they try to alienate themselves from their own kind by pretending racism and certain prejudices do not exist. Yes I believe that we as black people expect all black people of power to stand up for everyblack cause which is ridiculous. But it would have been more effect for him to simply ignore the cause than to make that extremely counter productive comment that he made. Then again Kobe has never been worth anything besides a jump shot. I don’t know if him representing us would be anything good.

  • coolyfett

    Here we go again trying to make all black people do & think a like. Kobe has his own thoughts, as I have my own thoughts. I aint mad at him, dude doesnt have to react to anything he doesnt want to.

    • Wainey

      Did let him get out of the spotlight.


    Kobe needs to shut up before we start bringing up his skeleton

  • positivebeatsnegative

    Kobe, Kobe, Kobe…he’s always been an arrogant son of a something like he’s better than everyone!!!! Whether he likes it or not the case with Trayvon Martin does affect him!!! It affects all black men young and old rich and poor!!!

    Lord..he should get on his knees and that God he has girls…he’s a douchebag!!!

  • LiiSH

    Kobe is an A$$ for this one. No you shouldn’t just be outraged by the Trayvon Martin situation because you are black, how about the fact that a child was killed by a grown man who is still free to skip around and wreak havoc on the masses? Not every player who showed respects was black Kobe! But it was a common sense thing because an injustice happened. But I guess his head is too far up his behind to even notice that. Ick this guy.

  • soisaid

    K.B is his own person with his own opinion and if he feels like he feels then get over it. who does he owe. the justice system did what they did and society still promotes a child killer and everybody goes on with their lives. his career is basketball, his life is his family and his opinions are his and his alone. get over it!

    • ZZM

      Whether we like it or not, professional athletes have influence….especially over young minds. Many of Kobe’s biggest fans have a background and upbringing similar to Trayvon Martin’s. With influence comes responsibility. He is entitled to his feelings on this matter and when he chose to publicize those feelings, the general public had the right (I dare say the responsibility) to critique. Kobe’s commentary shows a lack of compassion and empathy and a glaring disconnect from a community that has supported him immensely over the years. What the Miami Heat organization (not just the players..management had to approve it) did to show compassion for a kid who was from Miami and was a big fan of the team; who was shot and killed trying to make it back to see them play in the All Star game, was HUGE. It was not simply some race solidarity gesture as suggested by Kobe. His opinion is his and his opinion is wrong.

  • Gemini

    Kobe’s assertion, statement or what ever it may be called is and will always be based solely on ignorance. His ignorance comes from that place where most parents (all races) try their best to teach their children never to go. Regardless of the struggle one endures, you are never to speak ill of the dead and to never open your mouth when you have nothing of value to contribute. The media listens to people like him be cause of his status as an athlete. But role model he is not. So the next time a media outlet has a need to ask him about something, make sure it is something he can intelligently comment on. i.e. 1. How to ruin a storied franchise with selfish behavior. 2. How does it feel to get away with sexual assault. How to bribe your wife so she wont tell you secrets. 3. How to snitch on fellow teammates. 4. How it was growing up with and NBA parent. 5. What’s it like not having to duck bullets, go to bed hungry and growing up in another country. 6. What it feels like to sue your parents.

    • Guest


    • nosrednakal

      Holla. Back.

    • currvalicious

      I knew it was a reason why I love geminis! Please tell it! Also, what it feels like to not have to go through stop & frisk. Driving while black. the lists goes on & on.

    • Britt

      Thank You! What I find funny is that instead of using Trayvon Martin incident to make a point he could have used his incident when he was charge with rape to make a point. Was he going out there and telling black people not to support him when he was charge for raping that white woman? No, he was all about us supporting him and thanking “us” for staying behind him. I remember when he went to some awards show wearing a Malcolm X or Martin Luther King Jr. t-shirt right after he was charged with rape. He had got him some tattoos and he was trying to speak “black” or how he thought black people spoke. When he won the award that night, he got on stage and start reciting Martin Luther King Jr. “I Have a Dream” speech. He also thank his “community” for supporting him and I remember sitting there giving him the -sideeye-! Kobe is a good basketball player, but I will never be a fan of the person off the court!

  • always right

    In a way I agree with him. I don’t think people should stand up for someone just because they are black or any other underrepresented group. People should stand up for things because it’s the right thing to do. People of all races stood up for Trayvon Martin because the system is wrong. When we get people standing up for people just because they’re black that’s just ignorance. What happens when the black person is wrong? I’m a black woman who was a black studies major and loves being black, but I don’t think we should stand up for anyone just because they’re black. That makes no sense.

    • Guest

      Supporting people just because their black makes no sense especially when their wrong. However, Kobe gave the wrong example to argue his point which makes him come across as a pompous jerk. What if his daughters were Trayvon, murdered in the same way and racially profiled by their killer? Once again, Kobe would want the same support from the black community he received during his case. If Kobe doesn’t understand that the Trayvon case more about injustice than race, he’s a pitiful human being. His “privileged” side is definitely showing in his comments.

      • always right

        But Kobe didn’t bring up the Trayvon Martin topic the journalist did. The journalist brought up how Lebron reacted and wanted a reaction out of Kobe to which he stated that he won’t react to something simply because he’s expected to because he’s black. That’s his choice. He never once stated his opinion. He never said he wasn’t a Trayvon supporter, or he didn’t think it was a miscarriage of justice. I think he was saying in general not to blindly stand up for someone just because they’re black. IE when people stood up for OJ Simpson just because he was black. Totally misguided. Furthermore where does it stop? You brought up the rape case, as a black woman do you support the woman because she’s a woman or do you support Kobe because he’s black? Or is it simply that we as black people have to blindly support other blacks without question? Let’s throw out the Trayvon issue and just discuss this generally.

        • Guest

          He did state his opinion on his twitter page when he said Trayvon was wrong the day after the interview was released. So yes, he did say he was never a Trayvon supporter. Did he have to support Trayvon? No. Him making the statement he made in reference to the hoodie pic proves that he felt black people only supported Trayvon because he was black. So no, he was not saying in general black people shouldn’t blindly stand up for something because their black. He was referencing Trayvon. I’m black and I don’t support all things black people say and do. So no, I can’t and won’t throw Trayvon out because Kobe made that statement when 1) the journalist brought up the hoodie pic and 2) he stood by his statement the next day on his twitter account where he tweets from and said specifically that Trayvon was wrong and could’ve handled the situation different. Have a great day!

          • always right

            Well I suppose we agree to disagree. Nothing wrong with that. A part of the problem is people always put these athletes on a social pedestal that they that shouldn’t be on. Either way Kobe believes is his personal freedom. He, however, shouldn’t be expected to show support to any circumstance or situation because he happens to be a black man. That’s pretty short sighted.

            • FromUR2UB

              Sorry, always right, but you’re wrong on this one. You’re not only wrong, but you and Kobe are waaaay off. The Trayvon Martin case is not about blind support of a boy only because he was black, therefore his point is not relevant to THIS case. The support Martin received is about a system that practically encourages open hunting season on anyone who stirs feelings of intimidation in white people. Feeling afraid? Just kill ’em and fall back on the ‘Stand Your Ground’ law. They should actually pitch the law this way, because this is what it boils down to. This law should only apply in people’s homes, or if people are literally backed into a corner. A good law requires people to retreat when possible to avoid escalation. Pursuing another person with a gun, or leaving the scene of a dispute and then returning with a gun, is more like the wild west.

          • empress123

            Thank you! Why try to defend this statement without including the bigger picture? He did not have to bring up race. It was a comparison of one popular basketball player’s reaction to anothers! The journalist did not make him do that and THAT is why he is looking like a sellout right now!

          • pow

            I think he said “wrongED”

        • coolyfett

          Exactly!! Kobe was trolled into the response he gave. Its plan as day the question was a means to make blacks turn on dude. White media loves making blacks turn on successful blacks, have us calling each other sell outs & uncle toms. They love to put a black man with a white wife on front street to troll black women, but we never see pictures of all the successful black men who are married tosistas. Man F these media people. Everyone not gonna feel the same way about Trayvon Martin, especially when there are brothas still killing each other for straps. If Trayvon martin was robbed & killed by a black dude, no one would care, the media wouldnt put the story in our faces & there would be no need to ask everyblack celeb what they think of Trayvons death. These media crackas got us fighting again.

        • FromUR2UB

          If KB wanted to make the point that blacks shouldn’t support someone only for being black, then he should have used an example of a black person who was clearly wrong. But to minimize the outrage people felt at this kid getting murdered while walking along and minding his own business, and relegate it to a blind support of blackness, is not only highly insulting, but extremely absurd. First all, I don’t know anyone who does that…who is that simplistic. When Clarence Thomas tried to declare the Anita Hill hearings as the “lynching of an uppity black man”, black people didn’t buy it. When Herm Cain put his bid in for president, black people weren’t shoring up alliances with him just because he’s a black face. Even the people who supported Lil Boosie after his prison stint, weren’t supporting him simply because he’s black, but because they identify with him for other reasons…they know him personally or feel he shares their upbringing. Certain black people supported him, and others didn’t. Sometimes the people who WON’T support someone because he/she is black, just believe other people operate as they do.

          • always right

            You know I want to take you seriously but the examples that you provided where entirely ridiculous and laughable. As you put it they are “not only highly insulting, but extremely absurd”. Clarence Thomas? Herman Cain? Lil Boosie? Talk to me when your examples don’t include an Uncle Tom who hated everything about being black until it was useful, a Tea Party “member” whose soul existence was to draw black support away from President Obama, and a low class rapper that I wondered why anyone supported him or his music, in the first place.

            • FromUR2UB

              Wow. The point just zoomed right by you, didn’t it? Enjoy your laugh. The POINT IS that if black people only supported people for being black, then politics, personal philosophies and lifestyles would have no bearing on how we feel about the person. My examples, as you demonstrated, are ones that many black people find repulsive and don’t support. Now, laugh at yourself for not realizing that you actually backed up what I said.

    • guest

      Agree 10000%.

    • Just saying!!

      But when race is a factor, as it was in the Trayvon Martin case, you should be standing up for your fellow man. He sounds foolish. Besides, even white people defended Trayvon so he has no excuse to belittle the situation.

    • pow

      I don’t like Kobe, but I totally agree with you.

    • folamix

      There may have been some who supported TM merely because he was black but I truly believe that the vast majority supported him because an injustice was done!!

  • Alecia Christie Adams

    I’ve NEVER liked Kobe Bryant!

  • Toni

    He wasn’t saying this when the African American community was supporting his behind during his rape case..

    • Jay Lane

      …where they clearly found samples of his as well as 2-3 other dudes’ dna in that woman’s underwear. Yuck.

  • Anonymous

    He is just trying to fit in with the “white man world”. But ultimately you shouldn’t react because you are black, you should react because you are human and it was wrong….smh

  • Just saying!!

    I never say this because I try not to be disrespectful but f it: What an idiot.

  • Necie

    Kobe has never had the same struggle as other average African American young men! Such as walking in your own neighborhood and be told by Law Enforcement to lay on the ground for no reason, drive a nice car get pull over no reason, search for what you are wearing. I dare Kobe to go to Watts, Harlem, South side Chi, ATL. under cover for a week he would not survive!!! He is entitle to his own opinion, but he is so shelter that his opinion is not valid, because he has no idea what the average Black Person encounters. Kobe does not know his History furthermore he does’nt want to know!
    We know Kobe has self hate for his Race, not because he did not agree with Trayvon verdict, but for the way he turn on his Parents!!!!
    Kobe get a CLUE!!!

    • currvalicious

      Glad you mentioned his parents, b/c this type of thinking & behavior started at home. They felt they were “different” themselves. The father was in the NBA was able to provide his family w/a upper middle class insolated type of lifestyle. So kobe was never faced w/the everyday struggle of Black life in America. At the same time, ignorance is bliss. He could’ve educated himself to have a clue if he wanted to. So now, he’s turned on his parents as well.

  • hi-liter

    That Beverly Hills living got this dude screwed up. He too rich to be bothered with “n1&&a” issues.

    • coolyfett

      I think many blacks want to escape ninja issues. Kobe’s only mistake was addressing it. He shouldnt do interviews, cause many blacks will misunderstand what he actually saying.

  • Chaz

    Wow. And thats all I have to say about that. Another brainwashed individual.

    • Kim Jones

      Kobe is the type of black man that white society loves. He is enslaved, emasculated and of no use to the black community. Maybe the black community pulled together for Tryavon because Trayvon was an innocent teen shot dead because he was black and his killer was released without charge.

      • Alecia Christie Adams

        And his killer is STILL having runins with thecops!!

  • lboogie

    I never liked this dude. He’s always come across as an entitled, pompous jerk. Even Phil Jackson eluded to as much. Someone’s kid was murdered. Black or white, it was wrong. What a jerk! What an injured, will-never-be-as-good-as-Jordan, never getting that sixth ring, barely holding on to a resentful wife, former rape suspect, massive under bite having, overhyped jerk!

  • RemyDelite

    Black athletes make the best house N****’s.

  • VVV

    Spoken like a true well paid house n******r. What he sees in daylight, he lights match to look for in the night.

  • Guest

    Kobe’s argument has no merit at all. It’s actually hypocritical because what he spoke out against is the same thing people did for him (except me because I never liked his azz). The black community supported him in 2003-2004 because he was black. The black community supported him when he lost multi million dollar endorsements, when people(white people) wanted the Laker organization to get rid of him, and when people (white people) booed him every night when he took the basketball court. Why, because the saw him as a rapist and convicted him publicly before a court ever did. Did he speak out against it then? No, because he was the recipient of the support. I hope this opens people’s eyes to the type of misguided African American male he is. What makes the situation even sadder is the fact that it’s the Trayvon’s of the world that look up to him. What he essentially said to all young black men was if you were Trayvon, you would’ve been wrong too.

    • wveronica7

      I agree. I have never liked him, never been a fan, more than likely never will be

      • Guest

        I’m so happy my 2 year old godson is a BronBron (that’s he calls LeBron) fan I don’t know what to do.

        • wveronica7

          He needs to go find a seat next to Tiger Woods

      • Wlepla Glass-Toh

        Me too

    • Cece

      Well written. Well expressed.

    • Chicago Bulls Fan

      Never liked him, never will and I’ve never supported him during that rape thingy from over 10 years ago. He never supported us, the white community can have him. Plus the Lakers are horrible this season, so f**k him and what he has to say!

    • kelly

      Steppin Fetchit Negro

    • Rissie75

      AGREE!!! You should tweet this comment and @ him!!!

      • Anonymous

        If only Twitter will allow unlimited characters instead of the 150 limit.

        • Live_in_LDN

          Tweet the link to the comment or screen cap it.

          • Rissie75

            Good answer!!

          • Nose

            I don’t think he’ll have time to read that, he’s busy being a house n*****r.

        • Rissie75

          LOL true!!! but don’t they have an app that allows you to type more?

    • folamix

      I never really had an opinion of him before, but I do now and it is not a good one.

    • FromUR2UB

      You are so right! I don’t know how I’d forgotten about that rape charge! Everytime I think of him, I’ve only remembered that he had to make it up to his wife with expensive baubles and trinkets, but I had forgotten the details. I’ve never cared for his ol’ smarmy ferret-looking self, either. From the first time I’d heard that he plucked his wife from high school and lifted her up, he hasn’t set well with me.