Pat Houston Files Restraining Order Against Nick Gordon

March 27, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

The family feud between Bobbi Kristina’s new husband, Nick Gordon, and her relatives appears to be intensifying. A few weeks ago we told you that Nick got into a scuffle with Krissy’s cousin, Gary Michael Houston (Pat’s son), at a Sweet Sixteen party. Since the altercation, Nick has taken to social media with photographs of guns has made what are being perceived as threats against the Houston family.

“I’m in this b***h, there is no replacing me,” he tweeted. “I gotta bout a 1000 pics. Gonna go until ppl get off my baby’s check. I can’t wait until yall wake up and respond to my bullsh*t. I wish I had the video on my sh*t. I would just have a go pro on all the time. Pat b***h Gary M I’m Freddy to y’all n–z. F**k you suck my d**k. I’m going 200 in the Lamborghini right now. I’ll hit y’all after my bomb a** night.”

It looks like Pat has decided not to take Nick’s words lightly. According to TMZ, she has taken out a restraining order against Nick, which prohibits him from coming within 200 yards of her. Nick has acknowledged that he received the court order, but tells TMZ he “doesn’t give a f***.”

This entire situation has gotten extremely out of control.


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  • Necie

    Bobbi K. was ALWAYS with her mom (R.I.P) But Whitney has too be credited with her daughter behavior not just Bobby Brown! Who is still here! I just saying both parents play a part in her behavior! I don’t trust Aunt Pat she is not Bobbi’s blood aunt she marry her way into the family she always seem SHADY to me! my opinion.

  • Linda M McCuff

    If Krissy loves this man, she’d better talk to him. Because this isn’t going to end well, for anyone. These rants,that he doesn’t care about are just wrong. He claims to have loved Whitney but this demonstration, says otherwise. I believe him to be a time bomb for her. What happens when she gets tired of him and his tantrums. How does she get away from him? This is a dangerous demonstration, and I for one don’t blame Pat for taking these steps.

  • Rhonda

    Bobby Brown always get added in the mix…SMH

    • MonicaT

      I know Whitney had the same demons Bobby had and they both had these demons before they met. I think BK has pushed Whitney’s family as well as Bobby and his family away because I think she saw how they were enablers of her parents and no one step in and saw that both Bobby and Whitney were not capable of raising her while addicted to drugs. The people (adults) around her parents were more interested in protecting their careers and image then protecting BK. She’s lost and it’s sad because she was probably more of a care giver to both of her parents then they were of her and now she has picked up that drug habit. Pray for her! I think Pat was one of the biggest enablers of Whitney. A blind man could see 2 people addicted to drugs had no business raising a child. Not judging, but BK should have been protected even at the expense of her parents careers and image.

  • Panama Mama

    And they thought Bobby Brown was bad!

  • moniqhar

    Bobby Brown should be soo proud. His baby girl found someone just like her daddy… : /

  • FromUR2UB

    I don’t understand half of what that statement says, but I guess he’d better care enough to just stay away from her family, since they don’t seem to get along anyway. For some reason, I was under the impression that he had a little more class than that. But, I’ve heard Bobbi Kristina use a lot of profanity in her speech too. So, I guess they’re made for each other.

    • heyitsmerico

      I believe he on that narcotic too!!