In Honor Of Sexual Assault Awareness Month: Famous Women Who’ve Spoken Out About Their Abuse

April 1, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

It takes a strong woman to come forward and open up publicly about abuse and these famous women who are victims of rape are some of the most notable. As we begin Sexual Assault Awareness Month this April, we take a moment to recognize their courage as a reminder that victims don’t have to be silenced.

"Gabrielle Union pf"


Gabrielle Union

Gabrielle Union is used to discussing her personal life with the media. During an interview with ABC’s “The View,” Union revealed that she was raped at the age of 19. Working at a Payless shoe store, the “Being Mary Jane” star was attacked by an employee from another store. He also raped and robbed another woman before turning himself in and is now serving a 33-year sentence. Union, who never wanted to be labeled as a victim, has become an advocate for survivors of assault.

MadameNoire Video

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  • LBD

    They didn’t put down any older ones but there are some famous ones such as Sandra Dee and Zsa Zsa Gabor that should also be on this list.

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  • ButterfliesNFairies

    Mary J. Blige was not raped. She was touched inappropriately by someone once.

    • demi

      Whats your point…..seriously

  • Farrah

    I can’t say I’m mad at Maya Angelou’s uncles.

  • chanela

    okay sooo…. basically all the black women in hollywood?

    • demi

      I think alot of black women are sexually assaulted more than we know, but they just don’t tell, because black women ,especially, tend to get blamed for everything. so they just keep quiet. Its probably an epidemic in the black community

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    This list felt so long. Sexual assault should get a death sentence, considering how long term the damage is.

  • Just saying!!

    By the way, sexual assault month is about men too so maybe we can include something to that affect. I know Tyler Perry has spoken out against his experiences, and I’m sure there have had to be others to speak out against it who aren’t victims themselves but maybe know someone affected by it.

    • bvictorian

      Thanks for that reminder. That’s a great point and we’ll be sure to post some things on men and sexual assault as well.

    • Slim

      That would be good but other than Tyler Perry I can’t think of any very famous men who have spoke out about rape. The only other person that comes to mind is The Game. He wasn’t raped but his sister was.

      • ksmall

        don lemon has spoken about being raped as a child by a family member i believe it was. there are obviously more, but especially in the black community rape is so shameful for a man and there is the constant fear that our homophobic culture will label them as being gay. who’d want to speak out with all that stacked against them when they see how awful women who speak out are treated.

        • Britney Robinson

          Don lemon is gay. And Tyler Perry is rumored to be I’ve heard stories that in Atlanta he has been at gay strip clubs(This is from people I personally know not tabloids.)

  • Just saying!!

    The Mackenzie story just made me sick. Ugh how foul!

    • Just saying!!

      OMG and Fran’s story with her husband being forced to watch!? People are fricking sick. And how does that happen anyway? I’m assuming they had guns because they were outnumbered.

  • CB3

    Women from all walks of life are at risk of sexual assult. It’s such a tragedy that girls are taught not to be raped instead of boys being taught to never rape.

    • slim

      But who would teach them? Fathers aren’t around like they use to be and let’s be honest many women have a ”my son can do know wrong” mentality.
      I have two friends that had sons accused of forcing a girl into oral sex. They are 15/16. The girl was 13. She came over to hang with the 15 year old’s younger brother. BOTH of my friends blamed the girl and said she wanted to do it. Nothing happen to them (the girl’s mother didn’t go to the police) and they boys still stand by the ”she was a hoe” anyway talk. I just shake my head.
      When it comes to rape (and domestic violence), both men AND women will always blame the victim. That will never change

      • CB3

        So true, it does seem like something that will never change. Victim blaming is all to common. “She’s a hoe, she was wearing this or that, she knew what would happen”. It’s always put on the victim and never the attacker. And you are so right alot of mother act as if their son could do no wrong.

        • slim

          Yup. There are three things that will ALWAYS be around: Racism, Homophobia, and Sexism. Things may get ”better” but they won’t change. People will just hide their ignorance better but still pass it on to their children

      • ksmall

        just one more women are and will continue to be oppressed. and even boys with dads around don’t really have that conversation like they should. i HATE when i hear stories like your friend. like why not raise a boy to be the kind of man you’d want for yourself or your daughter? and then wanna complain they can’t find a good one or all men are bad. guess why….

        • slim

          Yeah, I was disgusted when they told me about the girls accusation. Personally I believe they forced her but I don’t push the issue because I do love these boys. I’ve known them all their life but it makes me sad. Also my friends raised their sons to be like the men they date. The men they date are abusive and losers. I see those young boys going down the same path. Damn shame