“I Never Took A Hiatus”: Countess Vaughn Talks New Reality Show, And Starting A Line Of “Natural” Lace Front Wigs

March 25, 2014  |  


In an interview with JETmag.com, actress and singer Countess Vaughn spoke about what she has been up to all these years, including dealing with the nasty side effects of wearing lace front wigs we told you about last week, starting her own brand of natural lace fronts, raising kids (she has two), looking to venture into reality TV, working on the straight-to-DVD movie More to Love with Tichina Arnold (they both play lawyers in it), and more. The 35-year-old also spoke on the her life in the spotlight as a child star, being typecast as Kim Parker, and her five-year plan. It was an interesting interview, and here are the tidbits that had us talking:

Where She Has Been All This Time:

“I never took a hiatus. People see that I’ve become a mother. I’ve always been working. I’ve kept myself out there. Thank God for reruns— I’ve got a new audience. I’ve never missed a beat.”

If She Plans On Doing Music Again:

 “I love music and I always will. I write music: R&B, a little hint of gospel. I love so many different musical styles. I’m all across the board.”

The Challenge Of Growing Up A Child Star After Winning Star Search And Being On 227:

“Being in a fish bowl. Having to be a role model. Wanting to make your own mistakes and learning from them. Watching what you do.”

Being Typecast As Kim Parker:

“Anytime you do a character bigger than life, they’re going to ask you to do it. You have to be able to make the change to get the different roles. “

Her Relationship Status:

“For the past eight years, I’ve been in a longtime relationship with my high school sweetheart. We met when we were 15.”

Branching In To Natural Lace Fronts Products After Her Horrifying Hair Experience:

I was on the set doing a reality show and I was wearing a lace-front wig that burned me very badly. My skin was peeling off and I couldn’t be under set lights or wear makeup. So I decided that I wanted to take my time about what will go into my brand of natural lace-fronts. No one should go through the drama I did.

I now have a partnership and hair endorsement with Hair Are Us along with hair care products sponsored by Pure Beauty Essentials for Pure Virgin Hair of Atlanta, GA.”

Being A Spokesperson For Ellaboo’s Ovarian Cancer Foundation:

“Minorities need to get tested for ovarian cancer. The earlier, the better. We tend to put ourselves on the backburner and take care of the family first. We need to pay attention to ourselves. Many women ignore the pain, thinking it’s only menstrual cramps. But it’s very serious. A pap smear doesn’t detect it. It’s a silent killer. Cancer has really affected my life. I’ve lost friends and a co-star.  I really want to get this message out there. You just want to make a change in the world. It’s time to grow up and teach the next generation. To get more information, people can go to ellaboosangels.org.”

On Doing Reality TV Soon:

“I want to come back in a positive way. I’m not about drinking and fighting. I’m about delivering a message and growing from it. So the show would be a combination of me growing, and getting to know me better.”

Where She Sees Her Career In Five Years:

“I’d like to do more voiceovers for animation, and more serious roles. I have range. Lena Dunham’s character on the HBO show Girls needs a sistah friend. I could bring the drama.”

I could totally see her with a reality show on TV One or something like that. How about you? Check out Vaughn’s full interview over at JETmag.com and share your thoughts.  


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  • keepitcuteorputitonmute

    The shade tv1!So the bixch still wearing lace wigs

  • Kit23

    Dear Countess: Just act, or sing, but do not go into the hair business. I cannot take advice from someone who foolishly kept a lace wig on her head for weeks when she had an obvious allergic reaction and decided to ignore it. You want to put your name on a product? Okay, but pick something you are knowledgeable about.

    As for those who champion natural hair, good for you. Hair, like style, is individual. Not everyone wants to wear her hair the way you do or the way you like. It’s a choice; an individual, personal choice. Try not to judge someone for choosing to wear wigs or extensions. You don’t know what issues they are battling. Perhaps their hair has fallen out due to stress, illness or injury. If you attack a woman for “wearing hair”, you’re no better than those who throw blood on fur coats. You may not agree with their choice, but it’s really none of your business.

    If, however, you see a woman walking down the street, large shears in hand, stalking anyone with natural waist length hair, while having a crazed look in her eyes, THEN it’s your business. Otherwise no, it’s her choice, not yours.

  • “I was on the set doing a reality show and I was wearing a lace-front wig that burned me very badly. My skin was peeling off and I couldn’t be under set lights or wear makeup. So I decided that I wanted to take my time about what will go into my brand of natural lace-fronts. No one should go through the drama I did”

    wait … i’m confused. promoting a product that made you sick? i wouldn’t sell something to the public that i know for a fact is detrimental to my health. but then again … most hollywood actors have no smarts anyways. they’re just tools to big corporations. so gullible and naive.

  • anonymouse

    I would like to hear some of her music. I remember her from Star Search and looked up some of her performances and I still haven’t heard another kid with a voice like that.

  • Trish Chasity

    I never wore lace front wigs except only during my cancer fighting days. Why have a repeat and expose it to others too?

  • FromUR2UB

    I’ve always thought lace front wigs are so tacky. Have I only seen bad ones?

  • WHY

    I guess Countess still didn’t learn her lesson about lace fronts. How can you associate natural with a lace front? This is ridiculous when you rather put your health at risk over hair that isn’t yours. I rather go bald before I ever put someone’s hair in my head. Lord, where are you?

  • ITrue

    Countess Vaughn is starting a natural lace front wig line. But, you just confessed to living with puss oozing from your scalp?!?…0_0… And I’m done.

    • Chanda

      She better leave that sh#t alone!

  • XD

    Her starting a lacefront wig line is like a skin cancer patient starting a line of tanning beds.

    • Nia


    • drinkwater

      exactly! and i’m a cancer survivor, btw. after all the hassle she went through and she still thinking about some lacefront?!? I had a horrible reaction to fake nails a few years ago. once i got through that ordeal, i haven’t given any kind of fake nails a second thought.

  • Afri

    She had an allergic reaction to the wig glue not the hair. She should come out with a natural hair glue dumbass. What is a natural wig. Lol the hair on lace wigs are 100% real donor hair unless she means synthetic wig. But even still the problem was the glue not the hair and the many different glues warn that each person reacts differently to the glues ….anyway lol

    • Windy chick

      You can have a allergic reaction from synthetic hair. Not every wig is human I’ve been in that bout where it felt like my hair was on fire when I was just getting into the weave era. It’s the worst feeling in the world.

    • lovechild

      Um, yeah I am sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out what a natural wig is too, it’s an oxymoron…… unless the hair it is made out of is of natural hair but it’s still not the wearer’s natural hair. I have to say good luck with that to Countess…

  • Taj

    Not to be mean-spirited or judgmental, I wish she would put more effort in maintaining her health as opposed to maintaining a look with lace front wigs. Years back after returning to perming after wearing braids for a great length of time, I had gotten scabs which were psoriasis which I presumed was due to the dryness that perming had caused. After that, I decided no more perming. I also said no more to micro-braids after getting invisible braids for the first time, given how chaffed the tip of my fingers became taking those out. As a result, my hair grew almost down to my shoulders within a year or two although I alternated between wearing two strand twist and curl sets. Yes, it took a great deal of conditioning and learning on my part as to how to care for my hair. However, I went from washing my hair every 1-2 weeks to only washing it every 4 weeks right before going to the hairdresser. With my hair washed and conditioned that morning before going to the hairdresser, I would be in and out of the salon under an hour and half (versus 3 hours for braiding/perming/getting a weave) and my style would hold for up to 4-5 weeks. When I was getting perms, I would be fortunate if they held for 4 weeks given the coarseness of my hair. Micro-braids which were suppose to last up to 3 months, only lasted 2 months.So the cost of getting those were no longer justifiable while the braids did put a lot of tension on the hair line. But with the perms, my hair would break off on the ends and no product on the market was instrumental in preventing this breakage. Now, I am just going to the barbershop b/c I couldn’t maintain it while getting my PhD. However, now that I am finished, I will grow it back once I get a job and opt for small dreadlocks.

    • Tee

      But this long post isn’t about maintaining YOUR health, either. Just your hair. You just have a different preference than her.

      • Taj

        I don’t think you get the point. Your scalp is essentially a part of your skin. In my case, it was psoriasis. In Vaugn’s case, it was a skin infection that led to hair loss and puss. The purpose of your hair is to protect your scalp from the elements. The point that I was trying to make is that if you have some sort of “beauty” preference that is putting your scalp in peril that would lead you to go to the dermatologist, the logical thing would be for you to stop doing it and seek an alternative that doesn’t do as much damage to the scalp. In terms of health, I do mean exercising and eating right. So, it is really not so much about “preference” as it is about “priorities”. Yes, there are some people who can go 6 weeks to 3 mo’s before getting a perm. However, for me, that was and is still not the case. I have coarse hair and a scalp with a tendency to get dry (a bad combination for perming). Everything is not for everybody.

        • Chey

          I think Tee is saying that in the beginning of your comment, you said you wished that Countess would put more effort into maintaining her health. After that, you said nothing about health and everything about your hair…

        • FromUR2UB

          Maybe only a few people don’t understand that psoriasis is a health condition (eye roll). A health condition of any kind indicates that something is out of balance. So, I got the point you were trying to make.

    • Nia

      OMG! Shoulder length? That is so long! Thank you for sharing your life, I mean hair story with us.

      • Taj

        To be honest, my hair was and is quite coarse (4c texture). However, when pulled or stretched, it was that length.

        • Nia

          Please! Tell me how to grow my hair that long?!?!?!?!

          • Taj

            Well, if you are serious, here are some of the basics. I started off with using olive oil/egg treatments given the dryness of my scalp and using Organic Root Stiumalator products for their shampoo, conditioner, and mayonnaisen (I also used their “no more flakes” for my scalp). I tried wearing my hair in an afro. However, it wasn’t practical given the amount of picking and braiding I had to do every night. However, I found this leave in product detangling conditioner online from the site grow afro hair long which was instrumental in keeping the hair from detangling. It was instrumental in keeping my hair from breaking off. Last, but not least, I went in between getting corn rows, two strand twists, and curl sets. However, my preference would be the two strand twists given that they caused the least tension but lasted longer than the curl set. In all honesty, it would take me about an 1-1.5 hour to go through all those steps (scalp treatment, wash hair, condition hair, deep condition). However, eventually, I had to only do this once a month. My hair didn’t grow faster than it normally did. However, the key thing (for me) was treating the scalp, conditioning the hair to minimize breakage, and wearing a style that would hold to minimize the amount of picking and combing. I think it depends on the texture of your hair. However, that is what worked for me. For now, I am using the Shea moisture African Black Soap line that you can get from Target. It has everything including an elixer to spray on the scalp to keep it from getting dry.

            • Nia

              I was being sarcastic. My hair is longer than shoulder length and I’m relaxed. And no, my hair is not thin. I should hit APL my next touch up.

              • Taj

                Being that that is the case, good on you. I am not going to argue or debate. I did not state that I had any issue with people who use relaxer/perms or even weaves. However, as I stated “everything is not for everybody”. However, I guess reading is fundamental.

                • Nia

                  No I was just picking at you because you felt the need to actually type out so much about your hair.

                  • FromUR2UB

                    Geesh. Does your scroll button not work? Just pass over anything too long for you to read.

            • Guestest

              Thank you for sharing this!!! I also suffer from itchy scalp and flakes. :/ maybe psoriasis

  • Naturalsis

    All that drama with her hairline and she’s venturing back into the wig world?? How about a show dedicated to teaching people how to grow their own hair?