The Corny Won’t Quit: Nick Cannon Dons White Face To Promote New Album

March 24, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

What can we say about Nick Cannon? The brotha is fine. ( I know I’m not alone on that, right?) But his capacity for corny is astounding. I guess that’s why he’s been so successful over the years, he’s not easily embarrassed. And when you pull Nick Cannon-like shenanigans, it’s best that you not take yourself too seriously.

So we weren’t surprised that his latest single “Pajama Pants” was an ode to the loungewear women sport in the bedroom.

It features lyrics like:

I’m fresh to death I need an ambulance
I like a bad Puerta Rican on a hand stand
Never talk about what she be wearin off  in the club
I’m talkin’ bout what that b*tch be wearin’ off in my room

In my room, Get it poppin in them pajama pants


In Nick’s defense, this all could be a joke. After all, it’s a collaboration with “Wild ‘N Out” comedian Timothy DeLaGhetto and the name of the album is White People Party Music. 

So with that in mind, maybe this is why Nick Cannon posted a picture of himself in full on white face to promote his new album.

He included this caption:

It’s official… I’m White!!! #WHITEPEOPLEPARTYMUSIC #Wppm in stores April 1st!!!!!!Dude Go Get It!!!Join The Party!!!! #GoodCredit #DogKissing #BeerPong #FarmersMarkets #FistPumping #CreamCheeseEating #RacialDraft “Bro I got drafted!!”

I’m not going to lie, those hashtags are pretty funny. But the image wasn’t enough, Cannon also made a video introducing his new white persona, “Connor Smallnut.”

Lol this dude is nuts.

As you might assume, since black folk rightly express outrage when white people wear blackface, there are some who are calling Nick’s latest stunt racist. I wouldn’t go that far, it’s just silly. And I would love to know what Mariah thinks about all of this.

What do you think about Nick’s whiteface? Is it racist? Do you think this White People Party Music concept is funny?

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  • Really?!

    Anyone get upset with that stupid movie White Chicks?

  • DeidraJ

    oh no…i don’t know what to say for him right now.

  • LiiSH

    Dave Chapelle used to do this on his show all the time with little to no backlash. Nick Cannon is also a comedian by trade. I wonder what the difference is? Nick Cannon is silly, and I’m sure this was done with comedic intent (even if people don’t think it’s funny).

  • Lele

    Must have borrowed Mariah Carey’s Make-up

  • Bullcrud

    This is the same exact guy who cried like a little girl over a photo that Google used of him during black history month. When it is something that HE doesn’t like he goes in to total race whiner mode. He is Mariah Carey’s talentless lap dog anyway. He is just there to fetch the paper for her in the morning.

  • anddabeatgoeson

    Keep playin it out loose canon. Folks will catch on…….There is a two way mirror goin on, ain’t it?????

  • OhWow

    LOL what do ya know? More racism from blacks and when you call them out on it they defend it. You blacks are no different than the white kids who got kicked out of college for making fun of black people dressing up like hood rats. There is NO DIFFERENCE. White people aren’t even allowed to joke about it. So neither can you guys about us. It’s hard to see past your black privilege.

    And how is “Smallnut” and “dog kissing” not ridiculous negative stereotypes? We all know what he meant by small nut. If he was white he’d be fired asap. He’d lose all his sponsors. And he’d be forced to apologize and walk on eggshells.

    Black people cry when white people make fun of them but when black people make fun of white people they love it. You people are really not too bright.

    • Bullcrud


      Caroline Wozniacki impersonated Serena Williams and all hell broke loose.

      Julianne Hough dressed black for Halloween and all hell broke loose.

      Chelsea Handler tweets a harmless joke and all hell broke loose.


      Jamie Foxx jokes about killing whites and it’s just a joke.

      Nick Cannon does whiteface and it’s just a joke.

      Whoopi Goldberg does her condescending white girl voice and it’s just a joke.

    • Suchalady

      Black privilege? Is your brain really that small? What is our privilege, the chance to make a few jokes about white people without outrage? Little black boys being gunned down for “looking suspicious” or blasting music is privilege? Being stripped from your homeland and tortured for hundreds of years is privilege? Being barred from many economic opportunities is privilege? I could keep going on but I have a feeling you know the rest and are proud of it.

      By the way, black people can be prejudice but not racist. Learn the difference if you can even read. Keep that ignorant mess in your pea brain and off of a black blog.

      • Randomguy

        Took me 20 sec to look that up, any person or group of people can be racist its not a white person only deal. Dealing with someone’s tainted opinion by making a statement like black people can’t be racist is just silly. Your better then that take he high road.
        /ˈreɪsɪzəm/ Show Spelled [rey-siz-uhm] Show IPA
        a belief or doctrine that inherent differences among the various human races determine cultural or individual achievement, usually involving the idea that one’s own race is superior and has the right to rule others.
        a policy, system of government, etc., based upon or fostering such a doctrine; discrimination.
        3.hatred or intolerance of another race or other races.

      • Huh?

        LOL! Black people cannot be racist?

        I guess they cannot be murders, liars or adulterers either huh?

        Interracial violence including murder, rape, assault and robbery in the US equals vast majority black-on-white.

        Read ‘White Girl Bleed A lot’.

  • kickash

    This is so corny but nick cannon has always been that way i just hope this album will be more of a comedic thing because that dude know he cant rap….. but nick is extra just like his wife(i like both of them by the way)so im not surprised. any white ppl offended by the “white face” can have several seats it is not the same as black face

  • Queen2Cent

    I wouldn’t say racist, and the White Folks yelling foul are not offended, they’re upset because this is a double standard.

  • Kristen

    In a perfect world (non-racist society) we could do this and laugh
    about it. But we don’t live in that kind of society and this is

    Plus Nick Cannon is NOT $exy or funny! Period!! Gross!

  • Dangerous Lee

    Did he say Connor Smallnuts?

  • Suchalady

    It is NOT that serious. What is white face anyway? Y’all are acting like there’s a history of black people using “white face” to demean and belittle white people. This is not comparable to black face because our histories and our present states are completely different. People want to be politically correct so badly they they’re fighting something of sheer unimportance.

    Keep being “corny” and successful Nick.

    • Guest

      It really isnt tht serious. Nd its not at all racist. If ppl wld jus stop over-using ‘race, racism, racist’ then maybe we wld get somewhere when there r instances of true racism. Black ppl especially, call racist for everything, so much so tht nobody else listens to them. We take ourselves waay too seriously, this is why nobody else does. Ya’ll overdoing it mayne

    • randomguy

      History has to start somewhere! And it was the entertainment industry who started black face in the first place. Do I care he has white face, no not in the least the double standard on the other hand is ruff. I do not view this as a trying to be PC issue but as stated a double standard issue. I strongly believe that everyone should be treated the same based on how they behave “as in everyone is a decent person unless they prove otherwise”.


    He’s funny…Whites have donned the ‘black’ faces for years and their jokes weren’t even on a comical level. I don’t think N.C means any harm, but is doing the revers of what they’ve been doing for years and STILL do…To say its racist is extreme. Its silly and funny…..You can’t help but laugh…..if you have a sense of humour that is……

    • Michael GooSe Smith

      The album he is promoting is called “WHITE PEOPLE PARTY MUSIC”, his character’s last name is SMALL NUTS.

      So I could start a youtube channel with a character called ” Abel Hangman” by putting black make up all over my body and have him sing a made up song about collecting welfare, EBT cards and the $6,000 rims wouldn’t be racist?

      Or how about a character named Jesus Tillegal? I mean seriously!!

  • BrownieKat85

    Racist indeed….

  • pow

    So blacks can do it, but whites cannot..mmmok

  • Me

    But this isn’t white face. Black face was whites putting black stuff only on their face. If a black person put white stuff on his face then it would be comparable to white face.
    Nick is playing a character which is no different from watching a SNL actor playing a character of a different race.

    • IJS

      Some thoughts are better off left unexpressed, and this is truly one of them. People who make themselves up in black face are also just “playing a character”. Whether or not one dons a costume and body makeup along with the facial makeup makes no difference.

      • Me

        Do you even know what black face is? Black face is putting black on your face. Nothing else. This is not the same. If this is “white face” that would mean that no actor could dress up or play another race.
        Stop being ignorant and trying to save the white man.

        • ITrue

          Some White kids tried that same thing over here at ASU and got their behinds officially dealt with. (Google It) This is an unnecessary, disrespectful, racist, closed minded, generalized attempt at funny.

  • ITrue

    Please Lord don’t let someone do something like this to Black folks. We have enough sh@t to deal with.

  • lockstress

    I mean folks don black face so right back at cha I guess.

  • guest

    Honestly, if anyone who paints their skin in a different color to represent another race is racist, than yes this is racist, just as racist as if a white person put on black face. Now if you want to put racism into context and talk about whether or not the action alone is enough to be deemed racist, that’s a much broader topic.

    • Anzaloqq

      I agree with you and thatguy0101. I’m completely through with anything Nick Cannon after this. After all we’ve seen with blackface idiots over the past few years he goes and does this? Names his album what?
      Just what in the hell are you doing Nick Cannon? You need your azz whooped!

  • LaQuita Jackson

    I love Nick Cannon and his comedy! I think it is just fun and jokes. some may take offense no matter what, but I assume Nick is okay with dealing with any backlash that may result.

  • thatguy0101

    This is stupid, I dont take any offense to it but why do alot of us blacks get mad when whites do black face? This is basically the same thing without the history behind it..

    • LiiSH

      The history is the sole and only reason black face is considered racist.

      • anon


      • Chill

        I considered it racist when high end fashion mags would shoot white models in black face as if to say being “black” but with their white features is to be considered as beauty, as opposed to just getting naturally beautiful black models to depict in their editorials.

      • OhWow

        No it isn’t. Any mention of blacks is racist if it’s by a white person. Black privilege is why. You people complain and whine, yet you get treated like little victims who can do no wrong even though you commit 90% of the violent crime.

        • Leticia T Swanson

          That’s not a factual statistic. Blacks cannot commit 90% of violent crimes when whites commit 48% of murders, 65% of rapes, 64% of aggravated assaults and 66% of other assaults.

          • LiiSH

            Do not bait the trolls. Logic is too good for them…

          • Unstoppable Nubian

            whites have comited 10 thousand times more violent acts against blacks (Historically). Sorry to shatter your dellusions white thing.

          • Unstoppable Nubian

            hey trailer prostitute….rape is a violent crime. lol

        • Jay

          90%?!! C’mon! If you must insist on being an ignorant and racist person spewing hatred, AT LEAST do us a favor and back up your comments with actual facts.

    • Chill

      #GoodCredit tho??? I’m black and my credit score(s) are well within the 800’s…IJS


      Ummmm …..the lack of history behind it is EXACTLY what makes it NOT the same thing. Offense to some white folk, probably but not as loaded and oppressively mocking as the latter.

      • thatguy0101

        True indeed, and I can understand where you are coming from.. Im black man and proud to be black and I know my history very well….but seriously though, I cant live my life telling another race, I can make fun of your race and do degratory things and poke fun and it be ok, but you CANT and WILL NOT do it to blacks… 0_o like huh? People that do black face are stupid and people who do white face are stupid simple as that… Im a fair guy, even though I know we werent in our past and sometimes still not treated fairly…

  • HoneyDipp

    He’s an idiot.