15 Things We Love, Hate, And Don’t Understand About Will And Jada Smith

March 21, 2014  |  
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Like most of the world, we are very confused about the relationship between the Smiths. We can’t decide if they’re a beacon of hope, or the most twisted couple out there. Here are 15 things we just don’t understand about these two.

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Love: How they’re always together

It seems impossible to find these two apart. In the tabloids they’re always running around together—it seems like they really are best friends and lovers!

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Hate: Their children’s careers

We sort of feel like the two are becoming big headed at a very little age. They work harder than most child stars we know, always on some project!


 Love: Their kids’ hair

These siblings do rock some adorable and bold hairstyles. They change their hair more than Nicki Minaj does!


Don’t Understand: Jada’s plastic surgery

What was the point? She barely looks different. At most her cheekbones look a little bit higher but they already were high!

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Don’t Understand: Their PDA

They make a point to be extremely lovey-dovey in photos and we can’t tell if it’s genuine or if it’s to cover up marital issues.


Love: How Will never seems to age

He just gets cuter as he gets older! But he doesn’t really get older. Put a sideways baseball cap on him and some headphones around his neck and he’d look like the Fresh Prince again.


 Dont Understand: How tiny Jada is

Is she eating? She’s nearly the same size as her teenage daughter. Her body just doesn’t look the way it should after bearing two children.


 Don’t Understand: Their alleged open relationship

Are they in one or aren’t they? In a “HuffPost Live” interview Pinkett Smith said, “I’ve always told Will: You can do whatever you want as long as you can look at yourself in the mirror and be okay.” That sounds like permission to cheat to us…or at least a trap!

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Hate: The unbalanced attention to the third child

Will Smith has a third child from his first marriage, Trey Smith. If you didn’t know that it’s because his little ones get all of the spotlight.

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Love: Jada’s relationship advice

Even though we’re not certain whether or not her own relationship is running smoothly, Jada does give some legitimately good relationship advice on her Facebook page. In one post she wrote about how people seek the love they think they deserve, and that’s why many stay in bad relationships. She’s right about that!

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Don’t Understand: Divorce rumors

Have they or haven’t they almost divorced like…a dozen times? Rumors of an impending slip seem to come up in the tabloids every few years, and then are squashed. But they started somewhere!



Don’t Understand: Will’s career guidance to his son

Will has a habit of teasing his son in front of the cameras like at one recent event when Jaden dropped his water bottle during an interview and Will teased him, “You’re kidding right?” We can’t tell if this is totally in jest or if there is some control issue there.

Jay Valena/ WENN.com

 Hate: Their son’s relationship with Kylie Jenner

Hooooow could they let their own children get sucked into the ridiculous world of the Kardashians?



Don’t Understand: Jada’s secrecy about her relationship

She told Redbook Magazine that she doesn’t tell her friends anything about her marriage. We can’t decide if that’s smart, or just evidence she has something to hide.

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Love: Their red carpet attire

These two always look fly on the red carpet. Jada takes risks with her dresses, and it pays off, and Will wears perfectly tailored suits.

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  • brenda g

    I don’t hate their children’s careers. At least they’re doing something productive and not sitting around playing video games all damn day and night.

  • jasmyn

    this is literally the stupidest article. and for the record trey said on the oprah winfrey show he doesn’t want to be in the spot light like the younger kids. hes focusing on his football

  • devine

    leave them alone and get a life!

  • lenaz

    Nothing is ever as it seems!!!!

  • wind and water

    Will still has a great smile. However, everything else per media portrayal seems pretty darn
    dodgy to me.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    one thing is for sure, they are one of the most overrated couples (families) in hollywood! And what is the reason for this article? Who cares!

  • KissMySass

    They’re So Private because of Articles Like This. They’d Rather Keep people Guessing Rather than Have people Knowing. We’re All Humans, even Stars. its Normal to not want people all up in your business.

  • googe

    I dont see how whatever they do or don’t do is anyone’s business.

  • Etecia Brown

    jada pinkett smith has a back belt in jujitsu she should be fit the way she is. Not all women want to be big and sloppy after they have children. I expected a less petty article from Madame Noir.

  • Face

    I don’t really like the tone of this article. It makes them seem like they’re this weirdo couple but they definitely seem to have their lives and (at times) the lives of their children in tact and on lock. Kudos to the Smiths.

  • Ophelia

    Who said it was Madame Noir’s job to try and understand their marriage or their family life? This isn’t news it’s just crabs in a bucket. Let them lead their family the way they want. They appear to be two grounded and well directed people who are focused on being consummate professionals and strong parents. This article is a bust in my opinion.

  • KharismaJay

    How about you point out that this beautiful black woman and this amazing black man has been married for how many years and no matter the mistakes or burdens they have stuck it out and set examples for they children. Great Parents Great Inspirations

  • KharismaJay

    Who wrote this dumb article ! Jada has a wonderful body for starters. Her legs looked great in that pic and no where near her daughters . They marriage is no ones business ! What happens in your home stays in your home. Talking is what ruins a household.

  • C. Jackson

    This article is DISGUSTING! I’m shocked an appalled at the promotion of slander and I will NEVER visit Madame Noire again. Julia Austin you should be ashamed of this crap, yet ANOTHER example of garbage journalism spreading rumors and never FACTS. Of all the great things this couple has accomplished and you want to print this filth??? Oh and thanks for offending petite women around the world alike like myself who have managed to keep their figure AS IT IS despite age or how many children we have. I didn’t know it was a crime to have a small figure? What is there not to understand about her being small? She’s ALWAYS been small? Next time you decide to write an article of this nature, do all of us a favor and DONT!

  • Allison Anastasio

    woooow – you’re criticizing “plastic surgery that actually looks natural? This article is the worst thing i’ve ever stopped reading after the first two clicks

    • castielstardisat221b

      Right?? If it was a bust, they’d criticise her for messing up her good looks too. Its like theres no win win.

  • Lisa

    The bad mouthing in this article is horrible! We have a great family who happens to be stars a strong woman/mother and obviously a good wife which all is what you are to be if you want a good life; lets not forget the children who are out doing what there parents did; achieving. … and this writer is downing this family but we talk good about Beyonce? ?? Please! The writer has some bad problem with the Smith’s; hater? Yes I would say so.

    • castielstardisat221b

      I’m kind of side eyeing this for the Beyonce comment. I feel like you were going in a good direction but then brought it down by saying “but we talk good about Beyonce?”, as if we’re supposed to bad-mouth her either. You shouldnt tear one woman down in order to bring up or exemplify another.

  • Kam

    It must have been absolutely nothing else in the known universe going on for this “article” to be concocted, let alone posted. However the Smith’s handle their marriage and children and it works for them is their business. And here’s a thought, perhaps Trey has no desire to be in the media spotlight.

  • Constance B

    I absolutely hate this write up. Let’s celebrate black love and not tear it down, we have enough media outlets doing that already.

  • M.L.

    Come on! Really? “She doesn’t look how she should look after baring two children”. Not everyone completely blows up after child birth!

    And why is it weird for Jada not to discuss the details of her marriage?

    Hopefully, you just wrote this article as satire.

  • Kfract

    Stupid article!!

  • Caydence James

    I’m not sure why Mademenoire is confused by why Jada doesn’t want to talk about her marriage. I mean…..just the mere fact that there are tabloids, online “entertainment” magazines and articles like this poised to dissect their lives MIGHT be the reason why she holds certain things close to her chest! Come on Julia! Are you REALLY confused Because it’s really not as complicated as all that!

  • Peggy Lyons

    Wow. We have this great couple with a great family, and you’re trying to pick them apart like that? I’ve seen pics of Trey before and read things where Will and Jada both have spoken fondly of him. Its just like Ozzy and Sharon Osbourne whose other daughter refused to be in anything public like that. As for the kids, my grandmother had 13 children and she was the same size as miss Jada! I don’t think the kids have egos, and frankly I’m glad to hear they are making names for themselves. Its a VERY good idea not to discuss your marriage because when you get mad at your spouse and complain to others then you have your friends hating on your spouse. That causes problems. Plus, you know you’re going to stay with them, so why complain to others? Teasing your kid about dropping a bottle doesn’t in anyway show control issues. I love this family, they show that family values still exist. Oh, the comment about her giving him permission to cheat or its a trap, seriously? That’s what you got from that? Sigh.

  • kiM


  • Nikki Amory

    Thank you comments below for restoring my faith in human intelligence. Why, oh why; was there a need for this article at all? One of the strongest images of a good black marriage and the “writer” of this article decides to try and tear it down. Wish I hadn’t bothered reading it to be honest.
    You have a family sticking together in a town where few rarely make it, showing signs of hard work, good health, love and mutual respect for one another. Unlike other Hollywood couples they keep their personal lives personal and try and show the world a Hollywood marriage can make it. But still people got to hate.
    Thanks for all of those readers that ignored the poor journalism and saw the real truth that this is a strong black couple making their way through a minefield of nonsense. Good for them and long may it continue.

  • divadolls

    Black people cant never be positive or have a positive life there has to be some sort of scandal or negativity. ?..right….fallback madamenoire with your seeking to understand their household and marriage and instead use this to inspire other people in public relationships or in relationships period…, ijs peace.

  • Come on son!

    The “don’t understand” portions of this article are utterly ridiculous. Well except for the one about Jada having plastic surgery. I’ll never understand why she did that. But the rest if them are messy and full of nonsense.

  • anon

    this article, or whatever it is, is a complete waste of time. Try and not waste the reader’s time. Also, try and work out what you are trying to achieve by writing such articles. I think after understanding that, you can come up with better material to write. This reflects badly on madame noire…

  • afroembrya .

    I am so proud that the readers who bothered to comment on this article for the hate filled attempt to garner clicks that it is. I clicked on this article hoping to find an affirming statement on a successful, happy, well adjusted black couple in Hollywood. Instead all I saw was petty jealously and judgement, even in the “positive,” comments. And what exactly is a woman’s body “supposed” to look like after having two children? And as far as the way they choose to raise their children; I say that they know their kids better than anyone and choose to allow their kids to grow into confident, self assured individuals and not cookie cutter copies of everyone else. If their kids are not hurting anyone, then it is no one’s business. And trey chooses to not be involved in the spotlight. He is an adult and can make that decision. And let me see if I understand something correctly; No PDA and there is trouble in the marriage; too much and they are compensating for problems. And what is the formula that determines the exact amount of PDA that is acceptable the “writer,” of this drivel? I won’t even address the “open marriage,” crap. That has been done to death. No wonder Jada is reluctant to discuss their marriage with anyone. If this writer can manufacture this much garbage out of whole cloth with no information, imagine what would be written if there was any real information to work with.

  • shay

    this is one of the stupidest articles I’ve ever read. I can spend my time and energy ripping each of the points apart but all someone has to do is read it and realize the idiocy and desperation without my help. after reading the rest of the comments, my faith in the intelligence of the majority here, is solid. thanks for bringing us all together due to your major lack of the aforementioned….

    • jdezel%


  • wordizbon

    All I know is Jada gets hotter. That sex appeal she has now she definitely didn’t have back on A different world

  • Natalie Davis

    Soooo, this sounds like a 16 year old with no life experience wrote this! Jada is small because she has a small frame and takes care of her body. The “third” child probably doesn’t want to do Hollywood like the other 2 children. How could you also comment about the rumors of divorce when that is based on what OTHER people are saying. AND it’s wise that she doesn’t tell her friends her relationship business, it doesn’t mean she’s hiding anything. Grow up.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    This article sounds like it was written by jada’s elementary school enemy who’s still hating 35yrs later smh

    • PEEKAY


    • Wow, yes this article is so ridiculous!

  • kiki j

    This whole list makes you sound like a hater. First, she never gave him permission to cheat, and it doesn’t mean they are open. She basically used reverse psychology by saying he’ll have to live with the guilt. Crab in a barrel I swear. One of the few black relationships in Hollywood that make it and you try to find drama where their isn’t. Smh. As for her weight, every person with multiple children don’t become overweight! That sounded extremely ignorant. And his oldest son is around a lot. Of course it wouldn’t be as often because he doesn’t live with them and he said in Oprah that he isn’t interested in the entertainment industry. Smart kid If you ask me. Live and let live. There is so much celebrity controversy you can write on, why create a story where there isn’t one?

  • bee

    I stopped when the author put, “her body doesn’t look the way it should to have bared two children” (not verbatim, but yea) .. are you serious?

    • kiki j

      Right! This whole list was ridiculous. And the fact that she doesn’t discuss her marriage with her friends means they have marital issues? Rme. It means she’s smart!

  • Sunny

    How can you say you love Jada’s relationship advice but then take issue with the way she conducts her relationship? So what if she doesn’t tell her friends all of her business. Maybe that’s why she’s been able to stay married for fifteen years. Maybe Jaden and Willow get a little more shine because they’ve done music and movies; Trey doesn’t seem to be interested in show business. Maybe Jada looks so tiny because she *is* tiny; she’s only about five feet tall. And why is that when celeb couples don’t show any PDA, it means they’re having problems, but when they show too much it’s because they’re trying to cover up the fact that they’re having problems? God, I hate slow news days.

    • lollimom48

      I’m so sick of publications targeted to African Americans that spend all their ink insulting our collective intelligence with this schlock journalism. The problems with Will and Jada are created by so-called sources, yet this article clearly states Jada doesn’t discuss her relationship. What sources? As for How they’re raising their children… Some folks need to stay in their lane.

      • Lady Vee

        OMG….thank you for saying that. Why is it relevant to anybody that she doesn’t discuss her relationship…“with friends”; that they have an open marriage; how they raise their children; whether Will has control issues; whether she’s had plastic surgery…any of it? At the end of the day, it’s their marriage, their family, their money, their lives,so let them live it . I so agree that black families are often the target of ridicule, especially when they appear happy and stable (and even if they don’t our aren’t, so what). Leave this family alone and let them live. We wouldn’t care if they were your average Joes, so why does it matter now? Just let them live.

  • Annette

    Trey has always been around. He’s the one in the “Just the 2 of Us” video which is the biggest most forward display of love I think I’ve ever seen a father give his son in music. So I don’t see where this 3rd son comment is coming from.

    The comment about Jada not being bigger after having 2 kids sounds a little haterish. I’m sorry. I hate when people ask does somebody eat just because they have a different body type than theirs. She clearly has a good metabolism.

    Those are my main gripes about this article. I can’t say there aren’t some things Will and Jada do that make me scratch my head, but overall it’s good to see a black couple in Hollywood stick together and seem happy the way they do.

  • HoneyDipp

    I completely disagree with the majority of this list. Let them live please!

  • Ash

    Will and Jada are actors, not reality stars. I think they’re still together because they keep people out of their private lives. As for the kids, I would like to see less of them.

  • damn

    I dont understand this article this is actually a black couple in hollywood that makes it happen and your complaining smh

  • Trisha_B

    Love this couple!

  • True Comments

    Why are you speculating and hating on their marriage? As far as we know, they are fine. Why bring up some mess? Trey is not a ‘third’ child. If anything, he was the first child of Will’s from his first marriage.

  • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

    I comment about Jada being fit after having two kids who are teenagers was petty. I would like to point out that Trey Smith is always spending time with Will and has several photos with all of them out and about. The news sources just rarely reoprt him or publicize the photos hes in. I check out their facebooks from time to time and can see pics and be liek dang I didnt know he was there too. Jada always talks about Trey and uploads photos. I think not talking about her marriage to friends is a good thing. And I’ve been wondering this for the longest where is the proof that Jada had plactic surgery? I never understood how that circulated.

    • GEMINI ][

      Your comment is pretty much what wanted to say. And you definitely don’t discuss your marriage with friends especially unmarried friends. They have no advice to offer. Keep your business in your housbehold, ppl are always looking for things to judge as we can see in this post !!

    • Caydence James

      The evidence on her surgery is something you can see for yourself if you start looking early enough.
      Most people tend to not look back far enough. They start at the point where she married will. But as you probably know, Jada was 20 years old when she was cast as Lena James on “A Different World” and she didn’t have what we would call “baby fat” on her when she was on the show. So if you Google “Jada Pinkett+Different world” and hit the Image option you’ll see what she looked like then (pay lose attention to the one where she has the multicolored shirt on). As you can see, she wasn’t overweight but despite that, her cheekbones are nowhere close to being as pronounced as they are today. She’s damn near got a bulb on her cheeks right now which means that she probably got implants on or near the jawbone ridge. Not sure why she decided to do that judging from how she appears to think, she might have regretted it a bit but feels that what’s done is done, ya know? But anyway, that’s probably why the rumor circulated. If you line the pics up chronologically, you can actually see the change.

      • elizabeth

        It is not a 100% sure that she did plastic surgery, i know people that was looking much different when they were younger than they did now, and they did no plastic surgery, it’s not good to judge, making comments about people u must be 100% sure

        • Caydence James

          First of all, I never said that I was 100% sure either.
          Secondly, your comment (It’s not good to judge or make comments about people unless you’re 100% sure) sounds like you’re making a judgement yourself! You’re acting like something bad has been said about her just because it’s suggested that she had plastic surgery. Why would you be so defensive unless you feel like there’s something wrong with plastic surgery? And if you feel like there’s something wrong with it then you’re being judgmental too so you might want to live by your own words.

      • Merky


        • Caydence James

          I’m not sure what you mean.
          Someone said that they don’t know how the rumor got started that she had surgery and I told her that it came from looking at her pics starting at a certain point in time. That was that.

      • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

        I’m going to look because I can’t see a difference. And I always thought that the little change that I’ve seen was due to her heavy exercise regime. She does work out like crazy and watches what she eats.