Did Erica Campbell Deal With Infidelity In Her Marriage Too?

March 19, 2014  |  

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You may have seen headlines questioning whether or not Erica Campbell’s marriage to Warryn had suffered infidelity, like her sister Tina’s. Fans of the reality show “Mary Mary” know that Erica pretty much addressed this. She all but said that at one point or another someone cheated. Her comments about what had transpired in her own marriage seemed to be pretty clear to me. But for clarity’s sake, let’s rehash.

In a scene where Warryn and Erica are in bed together, she tells him that Tina revealed the whole truth about Teddy’s affair to Ebony Magazine. Not surprisingly, Erica’s husband didn’t think it was a good idea for their brand.

He said:

“When we went through what we went through, I made it a point not be bring everybody else in it because it affects everybody else as well.”

So they definitely went through something…something similar to what Tina and Teddy are going through now.

And then if there was any confusion about exactly what happened, in her conversation with the film crew, Erica says this:

“I understand what Tina and Teddy are going through. I really understand. Just like I was strong, she can be strong. We weren’t the first women to go through that and we won’t be the last. “

For those of you who like to see with your own eyes, here’s the clip from the show.


Seems pretty clear to you right? “she was strong.” “We weren’t the first women to go through that…” Arguably, based on those comments, Warryn was the one who cheated and she was the strong one who was able to forgive and got through it.

So we find it incredibly surprising  that  during an interview with Hip Hollywood, Erica insinuated that perhaps Warryn wasn’t the one to step out of the relationship.

When she said that she knows a little something about infidelity, the outlet pushed her to expound. And that’s when she dropped this bombshell.

“I really understood what she was talking about. A lot of people always assume that it was him. You don’t know who it is. That’s something that’s between me and Warryn. Most people assume that it’s always the guy. That’s not always the case.”

Again, the proof is in the video below.


And while we know men certainly aren’t the only ones who cheat, I’m really not buying what Erica’s trying to sell us here. Seems like she’s trying to mix it up and introduce different theories and speculations so the public won’t have too much insight into she and her husband’s marital issues. Which I understand. Everyone doesn’t want their business on front street. Or they at least want to be able to choose which business they put out there. But she slipped up in that confessional and it can’t be undone.  What’s said on camera, lives on forever in this internet age. If you ask me there’s no two ways about it.

But what do you think? Was Erica the one to cheat in her relationship? Or do you think Warryn was the one and now she’s trying to throw people off the trail?


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  • moms2cool

    He’s never cheated either.

  • moms2cool

    Yes I have been with my amazing husband for 34 years. We have 3 wonderful and gorgeous daughters inside and out. Neither of us have ever cheated and never would. I don’t get it and never will. If you’re that unhappy get help. Don’t cheat. I will never get it. I could never do that to the man I made vow to,with and vowed to God to love til death do us part.

  • chrisian

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  • guest1234

    When she insinuated that it wasn’t him, she could have meant that she’s been cheated on before but not by Warren. Also, pertaining to her conversation with Warren in the bed room, that could be two separate issues. He said “when we were going through what we went through,” which could mean anything. People who are married go through a whole lot of major issues. We are only assuming that he was talking about infidelity. It could be anything else.

  • Mimi T.

    Patricia to answer your question no…I don’t believe there is. My husband cheated over 18 years ago and watching this show brings back that days. I was just like poor Tina and thought I couldn’t get through it but “we” did and now going on 27 years of marriage. Painful and traumatizing but healing is possible. But sometimes even after all those years I still get flashbacks and could hurt him but I don’t…I just move on.

  • Tanya

    Warny did say to Teddy that he was in the same place he was.

  • Stephanie

    Well,last week warren and teddy was talking ,Teddy said it was more affairs. You all didn’t hear Warren say when he stepped outdide the marriage, he saw how it hurt Erica but she forgave him. They decide not to talk to or with everyone about it. He admitted himself ladt week on the Hawaii episode.

  • Deece

    These people go through things just like we do just because they are Christians that they can’t go through Trials& Tribulations ? No ,because the one who is & was perfect has not arrived yet ,but He is coming back ! They have issues & problems like we do also, I do like the way they handled their issues Erica & Warryn, But the vows says in :sickness, health, better or worse. Pray for them !

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  • Guest

    I personally don’t care. Her marriage, her problems. If she wants to share her story, then go ahead. If not, why make a big deal out of nothing?

  • Lost Soul

    I saw that episode and I don’t remember the part where she was in the confessional. Did they cut it when they aired it?

  • Kat

    At the end of the very long day, marriage is for grown folks and its between grown folks. If she doesn’t want to share whatever the situation is, don’t waste time speculating about it. Further, as devastating as infidelity is, its not the only marital issue that most married people have. I think that both of them choosing to stay in their marriages shows that they truly believed their marriage vows of for better or worse. We all say what we would do, but until your in that situation you never know how you will respond.

  • Dream Bella

    I believe he cheated, it’s not the end of the world, there’s no judgment here. I don’t understand how it feels to go through things like this through the public eye so I can’t say what I would or would not disclose, however I seemed to think I’m a very open person so hopefully I can be as courageous and strong as Tina.

  • Just saying!!

    What the ****!?!? Is there ANYONE that DOESN’T cheat!? I find myself bouncing around the idea of marriage because this stuff happens WAY too often. Human my ***, it’s called discipline!! If you aren’t an animal, you can keep yourself from cheating. You don’t accidentally fall on or in someone’s private parts. If you can’t be faithful, stay single or at least communicate with the person or break up with them first. How unfair and disgusting to such a sacred union (and this is coming from someone who is not one bit religious).

  • Wanda Simpson

    Erica “Trying to clean up what she messed up” TV.

    • Gert

      Pretty much…She spoke first, thought about it second. Erica’s husband has clearly let it be known that runs the show. So I’m sure he said for her to address what she put out there on the show. No need to hide face it’s life and we all go through trials. The difference between Erica and Tina is that Tina doesn’t sugarcoat what she is going through…that is what works for her. Erica is about “brand” preservation first.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    All I know is she’s fine as frog hairs. The rest of it is entirely their business.

    • Just saying!!

      Lmao frog hairs?! I’m so done haha

  • Howard Sturrup

    I don’t know what to make of so called christians chasing money an fame, T D Jakes is the worst offender of this. Jesus did not pursue money an wealth he was a social justice worker. Capitalism is one of the worst things to happen to humanity it dehumanized us so much so their are countless people who respect an love money more than a human life.

    • Nicole Ray

      I’m sorry Howard but I disagree with your statement. No, I do not believe God wants us as Christians chasing money and fame BUT I do believe God has given all believers the power to get wealth (Deuteronomy 8:18). Reality TV, directing/producing films, writing books, hosting conferences, ministering the gospel through a word of wisdom/knowledge or ministering the gospel through song, etc. are just avenues to obtain that wealth as long as it’s done in accordance to the will of God and done to glorify God. I agree that Jesus Christ did not purse money but I believe the bible suggests a free enterprise, where each individual has the right and responsibility to produce, save, invest, and create wealth. I personally don’t have a problem with Mary Mary doing reality TV, it gives viewers an opportunity to see how Christians who have obtained a certain degree of notoriety live their life, see a glimpse of the struggles and hardships they face, and see how they overcome the circumstances of life. I don’t think (this is my opinion) Mary Mary’s intention on during reality TV was ever to gain fame, they were already famous (5 Albums under their belt and credited for broadening the fan base of urban contemporary gospel)
      during the time the reality show debuted. Yes, the TV has broaden their fan base and exposure but most importantly is has been another opportunity to share gift that God has blessed them with and allowed them share the gospel they love so much with others who may not have experienced anything related to the gospel if it wasn’t for this show.

      • Howard Sturrup

        That’s cool your entitled to your opinion. Money isn’t actually real it’s just our perception of money that makes it feel real , it’s one of many man made inventions that now enslaves us . Humanity has a far bigger potential than being locked in a capitalistic paradigm to my mind but perhaps we need to evolve more to move past our present mind set.

      • therealnumber1

        Amen…I agree! Well said…

  • Nicola

    Although I to understand what Tina and her husband is going through, there is no way I would allow the public into my private business. It’s like a boomerang-each time you throw it, it returns back to you with the story being embellished. What ever Erica said also is causing a boomerang effect also. Ladies I do love you, but keep your private life private. The media just love it, so that they can twist each word that is said. They tend to forget that you are human also.

    • Thaalia

      You cant ignore the fact that they are Christian celebrities though. Teddy cheated for years I think and with the way side pieces are acting out and proud nowadays she probably thought it was better for her to spin the PR about it before the other woman opened her mouth causing her further embarrassment. After all, who wants to be THAT woman (of a certain level of power and recognition) who’s followed around by whispers behind her back about her husbands infidelity. Even if the mistress doesnt/wont say anything the situation could EXPLODE and her career and family life wouldve been ruined if the media had gotten to it first for whatever reason (she said she didnt know until recently). She was covering/watching her back.

      • Chanel6181

        Yes, he has cheated on her for years, but I don’t think she just found out. Now I do think she knew he was cheating and possibly thought having this last child would help fix things. I really don’t know and I may be reaching a little lol I think the mistress could have come out and spoke during their first season if she wanted to put it out there. I wonder did her family suspect anything since the mistress was a family friend? I will say I do think it is a PR spin to get more people interested in the show because they are kind of boring and its not because they are positive and not fighting, but I just don’t find them interesting. I still think Tina has a bad attitude and needs to adjust how she speaks to people. Erica seemed cool, but she is getting with Mitch this season! I felt kinda bad for him because he put up with a lot with them and their families. Overall I do wish them the best and strength that they get through this time.

        • belle

          I disagree with most of what you wrote here.
          On the show she was devastated to find out she was pregnant. Also, I don’t think she revealed her husbands betrayal for ratings… I think she wanted to put it out there before the mistress could. I found the show interesting last season too. I do agree that Tina’s attitude sucks… I hate the way she speaks to her manager on the show.

  • Unashamed

    Not my business, love them as a couple and wish them many years of wedded bliss!

  • valerie808

    Idk, ultimately it is between those two, but in the conversation with her husband where he says that HE didn’t bring everyone into their situation, I was under the impression she was the perpetrator, because what man wants to bring attention to the fact he cheated?

    Also, I think her identifying with her sister may be more in the fact that she understands the devastation that infidelity can cause in a marriage. It’s quite possible that both of them have dipped out on their marriage and just dealt with those issues privately, as all married couples should.

  • candy1969cane_2013

    Erica can’t take back what she said and I think what she did say about it not always being the man is all the ‘confession’ the public is going to get.

  • Patricia

    My goodness. I know people are only “human and make bad choices”. Is there anybody out there in a marriage who can keep their vows and make a choice to do the right thing? Geeze.

    • Missb

      Thank you! I’m here reconsidering my whole life! SMH

      • sexcgenius

        If you are going to reconsider your whole life based on a reality show, you have bigger issues than someone elses’ marital strife lol

        • CWP

          I think Missb was kidding…..

    • Addicted2RealityRubbish

      Agreed… What a disgrace.

    • Chawna