Is Your Job Literally Making You Sick?

February 11, 2011  |  

There’s a disease going around affecting millions of people each year. The symptoms may include dreading of Monday mornings and the over anticipation of Friday nights. More severely, these symptoms can also be accompanied by headaches, weight gain, or sometimes depression. While this disease has no specific medical term, most people who experience these symptoms usually share a a few common phrases, including, “I hate my job” or “my job makes me sick!”

While these can be considered exaggerations, the latter statement may hold some truth. In fact, according to Families and Work Institute, a nonprofit research company, the percentage of workers who claim they are in excellent health is steadily decreasing since the initial study in 2002.

Currently one in three workers has at least one symptom of clinical depression, 41 percent say they feel stressed often or very often, and one in five have trouble falling asleep. So besides the fact that you despise your long commute, would rather not speak to half of your co-workers, and are certain that you work with the boss from hell, could your job literally be the cause of some of your mental and physical illnesses? Possibly.

Still in an economy where quitting a job may leave you indefinitely unemployed, it’s important to find a work/life balance and pay careful attention to your health while in your current position. If your situation allows you to leave a job that is emotionally, physically, and mentally wearing you down, then it may be best to leave; but if you’re like most of the U.S population and need your job to sustain some level of financial comfort, consider these tips to assist you in finding a healthy balance.

Keep in mind, your health comes first. You can eventually leave your job, but transitioning out smoothly with another job offer may be the best option. Before you make a big career decision, consider the following advice:

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  • Kim

    I am definitely one of those people who can attest to a job literally made me sick. I was at my job for almost 2 and a half years and I was the 19th person to leave. I really would have liked to have had another job before I left, but having no HR, bosses and supervisors talking to me like I was a piece of crap every moment of the day, not being able to trust anyone, having my calls monitored and listened to and feeling like nothing that I ever did was good enough pushed me right out the door. I would rather work on finding something else and working on my side hustle before spending another moment in that place. I can now sleep, I'm not depressed and I no longer have that feeling of worthlessness. I don't consider myself to be a soft person, but that job did a number on me. Thanks for this article 🙂