“I Did Wrong” Kevin Hart Opens Up About Cheating In Oprah Interview

March 19, 2014  |  

Source: OWN

Last week, we told you that Kevin Hart was going to sit down with Oprah on “Oprah Prime” to discuss his current success and the path that brought him here.

In this clip from the interview, that will air this weekend, it seems that Hart holds nothing back. In addition to discussing how his social media presence has helped him reach out to fans, he talked about growing up in a single parent home with a drug addicted father.

And y’all already know Oprah is not one to shy away from the mess. She asked him about his infidelity in his first marriage.

Oprah asks, “Even your cheating was a teacher to you, how so?”

Kevin: “I did wrong but I don’t shy away from that.”

If you’ve seen Laugh At My Pain, you already know that’s the truth. Check out the clip from Sunday’s upcoming interview.

First Look: Kevin Hart on Oprah Prime

You can watch this episode of Oprah Prime on Sunday, March 23 at 9/8c.

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  • Almond. E. Brown

    I want Auntie Oprah to check Little Man Tate about his apparent disdain for Black Women. Because he has beef with a few twitter followers he insists on painting an entire population of women with a broad stroke and it is wild corny.

  • Tonie

    I don’t think he was as famous as he is when he cheated. I think him and his wife make jokes about each other, but he is more famous than her so we never hear her jokes. She’s over the cheating and the marriage…I don’t know why the public isn’t.

  • Howard Sturrup

    Am sure he will do it a again an again…….

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Ok we get it…he blew up & he cheated…now would those chics he cheated with be checking for lil azz if he never got famous probably not…but that’s the typical story for so many…would’ve been unusual for him not to cheat…now that would’ve been amazing!

  • chris

    Come on people. She needs a sentimental show. Everything about him is funny. To get him on the show to talk about being a positive black role model is none of her concern.

  • Rae

    Its Kevin’s story, All the events in his life made him who he is today. He takes fault for his wrongs and learns from them. If some men would man up and be real with themselves I think alot of them would be better off.

    Good for Kevin.

  • Well, at least Kevin Hart is man enough to admit he cheated, some jacka$$es out here NEVER DO!!

    • Traci Bailey

      THANK YOU JRoc85

    • Phil J.

      but he still cheated lol whether you admit it or not its not going to erase what ya did

    • pootypie

      How about being man enough to NOT CHEAT in the first place? GTFO with this; since when do people deserve praise for being open about something they shouldn’t have done in the first place? What’s next – praising him for never having robbed a bank? For actually taking care of his kids?? This is absurd; he should’ve been man enough to not lie to and deceive the woman to whom he promised his fidelity…he gets no brownie points for doing the complete opposite, just because he didn’t hide it.

  • Dmonique Holl

    I wonder would his girlfriend would have got with him in the first place if he wasn’t famous

  • Lisa

    Okay dude. We know. You cheated on your wife but she’s a good woman. You were wrong. Blah blah blah. He needs to talk about something else.

    • BabyBlue

      People need to start asking different questions. When you ask the same question you get the same answer. Smh

      • Lisa

        That’s true but at some point you have to put your foot down and say I’m not going to talk about this anymore.

        • BabyBlue

          If he doesnt care why should you? That story has made him millions. I will tell that story too it’s no big deal. If you don’t like it.. DONT WATCH

          • Guest

            Dang, you sure did get sensitive about her response. LOL It’s the internet, don’t take is so serious.

            • BabyBlue

              Sensitive for saying my opinion? I must be an awesome writer to display such “sensitive emotion” via words smh Go sit down

              • Guest

                Did you know caps mean yelling? Why waste the energy to “yell” at her over her opinion. And I didn’t say you displayed sensitive emotion, I said you got sensitive. There is a difference. Get a life, it’s just the internet.

                • BabyBlue

                  Once again go sit down. You really told me off with the get a life response lol. Find the nearest football stadium and sit in every seat.

    • Marc

      You sound like your his wife get over yourself. ..

      • Shirley

        “Get over yourself” is not a relevant response because neither of the 2
        above mentioned anything about themselves. Work on your comebacks.

      • Lisa

        Boy please.

    • ..

      He keeps getting asked about it..

  • hollyw

    What? He admitted to cheating in Laugh at My Pain, how’d I miss that?? Musta thought he was just joking smh lol…just makes his behavior towards his ex even more bizarre…

    • Jalisa

      He talks about his cheating in almost all of his specials, including Grown Little Man, and Let me Explain. It’s the fuel for a lot of his jokes/stories

      • hollyw

        Well that explains it; haven’t seen either of those! …aaand now, I probably won’t lol…

        • exfromtheleft

          what do you want a cookie?

          • hollyw

            Lol please stop being bitter.

            • Matt

              Sounds like you’re the one being bitter about a man who doesn’t even know you, has never cheated on you, and admitted to his mistakes.

              • hollyw

                Point to where I said or indicated I cared anything for Kevin Hart and his played out jokes. I’ll wait.

    • guest

      Ok we get it, so why didn’t Oprah ask Alicia Keys about the cheating when she interviewed her on her show????? I digress.

      • hollyw

        Uhhhh idk perhaps we should ask Oprah on Next Chapter…