Mase Files For Divorce From Wife And Co-Pastor, Twyla Betha

March 19, 2014  |  

Source: Facebook

Despite operating a successful marriage ministry, for a while, it looked like Mason and Twyla Betha’s union wouldn’t survive 2014.

According to TMZ, the 38-year-old rapper-turned-preacher filed for divorce from his wife of more than 12 years. It’s unclear what pushed the pastor to want out of his marriage, but irreconcilable differences were cited in the Jan. 2014 filing. In his divorce petition, Mase also requested full custody of their two children and demanded that Twyla pay him child support.

Source: Facebook

Whatever his reason was for filing, the former Bad Boy artist experienced a change of heart and withdrew his divorce petition just 24 hours  before Valentine’s Day. The current status of their relationship is unclear, but it appears that they are trying to work things out. This of course, is great news, since the two heavily promote the building of successful marriages. They even have a relationship series titled, “What Do You Do After I Do?”

All couples experience their share of ups and downs, hopefully Mase and Twyla are able to successfully sort out whatever their differences are. Representatives of behalf on the duo have yet to comment on the filing.

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  • Trisha_B

    If he withdrew the divorce petition & they are working it out, what’s the point of putting that headline or even reporting on it? Lol

    • Guest

      Slow day in office. Need to create some for some clicks nd comments.

      • Trisha_B

        Lol true! I have a love hate relationship w/ MN. They post some of the craziest, messiest things that leave me like wtf. But I can’t stop coming here lmao

        • hollyw

          LOL right I’m like, wait, it was filed AND rescinded last month..?? Com’on son!!

    • Suchalady

      Right?! Shame…

  • nancy

    Hope they can work it out and stay together.

    • DC194

      me too they need prayer!!

  • hollyw

    *sidebar* is it just me, or does it always seem over-the-top when a parent seeks full custody..? Like, if they were truly unfit, then why was you with them for 12+yrs, then..?? Ijs

    • nancy

      You’ll be surprised how a lot of the moves people make are because of legal advice. Also, divorces are dirty and lawyers want you to go full force to protect yourself. Hope they work it out.

    • Lisa

      Yes, that is some bs. From what I’ve seen, majority of the time, when the dad tries to file for full custody, he was a controlling jerk and is trying to hurt the mother.

      • Trisha_B

        So what is it when women do it?

        One parent should not have full custody unless the other parent is on drugs or is harmful. Other than that it should be equal. It was equal during the marriage, why can’t it be equal after? Some adults, men & women, can just be so petty & use their kids to hurt the other parent smh

        • Lisa

          I said from majority of what I’ve seen. Every man I know who came out the gate talking about full custody were jerks. Most marriages the woman does the majority of taking care of the house and children so naturally she would be the one with full custody. Very rarely is it ever equal.

          • danny

            Your sexism and hypocrisy is shining through your comment… a brain.

            • Lisa

              You need to work on your insults. If I’m talking about what I’ve seen you can’t discount that. And majority of relationships are not equal because thankfully men are women are different.

            • PleaseDOBetter

              I’m confused as to how her point promotes sexism. Even in the most well intentioned, healthy and loving relationships, the woman typically does most of the child rearing (unless the dad is a stay at home parent). I didn’t get from her point that she was saying that dads aren’t involved, rather she is talking about the nature behind child rearing. Women carry the baby, women have to breastfeed, men do not have these capabilities. Even though there is paternity leave now, women still have to take the time off also.

  • hollyw

    “Despite operating a successful marriage ministry…”

    Wait, what..? Where das at?? To date, I hadn’t seen nor heard anything from the fruits of Mase’s ministry labor, so I always thought it was all just a gimmick…esp. after he came back as “Pastor Mase”, but wasn’t exactly doing Christian rap… o.O Guess I missed this one…

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      He gets on my nerves