Niecy Nash Wants You To Know “Happily Married People Do Exist”

March 19, 2014  |  

Cedric the Entertainer and Niecy Nash’s hit TV Land show “The Soul Man” is making its way back to a television near you for its third season and on Monday night we got a chance to learn a little more about the show and why it resonates with African American audiences so well. In speaking with Niecy Nash about her character, Lolli, who’s Cedric’s wife, we, of course, asked her what we can expect to see this season, but also what viewers can learn from her character. Here’s what she said.

“The biggest thing that people can learn from my character and her relationship with Cedric is that she’s happily married and that happily married people do exist. It’s not a myth. Those people really are real. Even though we have problems, we work through them in love. It doesn’t make us perfect people; we’re imperfect people who just happen to be perfect for each other.”

I like how that sounds.

Check out the video above as Niecy talks about creating such great chemistry with Cedric by drawing from her own marriage and how she feels about the state of black women in television. What do you think?


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  • guest

    Why are black women do obsessed with talking about marriage. If you are fine, if you aren’t fine.. Good grief!!! She has been married less than 7 years. Can’t wait until she put in real time. If her show with Cedric gets cancelled we’ll see how long they will last. Shut up Niecy!!

  • Machone

    Am I the only one that gets annoyed when people bring up other generations when it comes to dating and marriage? Newsflash- your grandparents and parents had it easier than this day and age……

    • N0PE

      And a lot of them beat the hell out of one another, couldn’t wait for the other person to just curl up and die, not to mention aren’t very impressed with the generation of men OR women that came behind them. And the “traditional” men women are always claiming they want can be summed up in any given episode of Mad Men.

    • 9Boots

      The only reason why they had things easier is because of expectations. We can choose to set a higher level of expectations for male behavior but we don’t.

  • Marriage will quickly reveal your strengths or weaknesses. We either recognize and grow, or deny and run. But our baggage will always follow us into the next marriage if you quit. There are few things quite as honorable, as a sweet elderly couple, who have met the challenge, and changed from glory to glory, and from faith to faith, remaining together until the end………..God Be with You both…….

  • 9Boots

    My parents have been happly married for 43 years. My grandparents were happily married for 35 years until my grandmother passed away.

  • Gert

    I don’t like how the article was written and the title is misleading and very “bossip” like. Let’s try again. But I do like Tye’s approach to the question. Very well said.

    • Gert

      Why did my comment bounce to this article, SMH

  • NOPE

    Here’s my advice to the fellas: Do NOT get married until YOU are ready to do so, and not a moment sooner. Due to a combination of the arrogance of a lot of women, THEIR own biological clocks, and THEIR pressures from “society” (of which women are about 50% of….) she will spend a lot of time trying to convince you that she’s the one for you and how you need to recognize her awesomeness (based on her own opinion…) and get with the program by marrying her. That’s basically her mission in the relationship. But you’re likely not the first nor last person fed those lines.

    I think a lot of men wind up married before they were really ready/wanted/needed to be and a lot of women want it so bad before even knowing what it’s really all about or really knowing themselves.

    • 9Boots

      Your comment is also the reason why I encourage women not to have premarital s e x. It is pointless to have s e x with a man that will never marry you. He is not worthy. If he is not ready for marriage then he is not ready for s e x.

      • NOPE

        I actually don’t disagree with that at all. If two people aren’t on the same page, then they’re doing themselves and one another a disservice. But if a man decides to move on. whether or NOT se x has taken place, women need to stop being salty about that. You didn’t owe him anything, and vice versa.

        • 9Boots

          I agree and I think women need to quickly drop a man if he does not meet the expectations of what real manhood is. Women should not try to change a man, the moment women see he is not a man of character, he should be dropped like a hot potato.

          • N0PE

            “Real man” usually gets said when a woman doesn’t get her way. From a man’s perspective, all women are not up to par themselves, which is why some of them get picked over.

            • 9Boots

              Are you saying there is no such thing as an acceptable standard for male behavior?

  • Jennifer

    Yes they do especially for black couples. My parents have been married for 33 years, my grandparents for 60 years and they are very much in love. My husband and I been married for 6 years now and have a 3 year old daughter together and we are happily married, we are each other’s best friends and we have fun together by traveling and helping each other out.

  • nancy

    Yes, we do exist.

  • Yvette

    I like Neicy. She keeps it real.