NFL Suing Rapper MIA For $16.6M Over Her 2012 Super Bowl Performance

March 18, 2014  |  

A still from the “Paper Planes” video

The NFL has added $15.1 million to the lawsuit they’ve filed against rapper MIA over her 2012 Super Bowl performance in which she gave the audience the finger.

At first, the NFL was only looking for $1.5 million. The new, much higher figure comes from the NFL’s argument that the finger damaged the NFL’s “wholesome” image. Moreover, the league is arguing that her appearance is tantamount to an advertisement. She performed for two minutes and 10 seconds.

MIA took the lawsuit public in September. At that point, she had been going back and forth with the NFL for about a year and was accused of “resisting arbitration.”

“The claim for restitution lacks any basis in law, fact, or logic,” was the response from MIA’s lawyer.

The paperwork she and her lawyers filed also says there were 222 complaints filed for the show. The year of Janet Jackson’s “nipple-gate,” there were 542,000.

In another portion of the response, MIA notes that the players and coaches themselves do the same and worse while on camera. Not to mention what the players are doing off the field. (Like getting accused of murder.)

Sounds like the NFL is overreaching. Thoughts?

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  • Michele Flowers

    Wholesome image?! Ummmm no! Yes a very far reach. First you have to put some clothes on the cheerleaders, stop all the drug and alcohol usage on commercials & the negative publicity that the players get for all their negative behavior, and let us not talk about the groupies/baby mamas that the MARRIED players seem to make their way into this scenario. Please work on the moral compass on your owners and players before you get upset with a single mom trying to make a dollar. Its sex and rock & roll and if the mass media gets upset with the middle finger then maybe we all should stop using it.

  • girl rescue

    Honestly I am usually defending celebs from the media but nope, not this time. I do think ppl need to understand that people watch this with family.I dont care what and when artist do stuff we are talking about this instance. She was wrong …16.5 is steep but no one on CNN or anything would be defending this as hard if it were a black person.. Think before you act all big and bad. In defense of the NFL advertisers pay alot for those ads during superbowl, honestly you can say who cares now but at the time it took away from ads and the superbowl itself when she did that. So if you were paying 2 mili for that spot and the next day it was buzzing about her little bird, you would be pissed too. Most important it was a contract in place,she signed. She signed and broke it. Period. Whether or not the NFL has a lot of money doesn’t matter. The contract was broken and their advertisers were coming for them. Does not matter if the NFL is filthy rich, it was breach of contract. Yes its steep but she signed to it. Know what you are signing…… If Beyonce would have cursed, or flipped the bird Pepsi would have backed out on her and her but would be expected to pay. I think she should have been fined for her Grammy performance its was gross. But the grammys saw her perform it beforehand and agreed it was ok. IF charges come now they should pay because they gave consent. It was no surprise. MIA it was a surprise. Don’t act like a big bad a** if you cannot afford to cover the cost to that. I am so sick of artist with the sense of privilege above others. Well now its a consequence bigger than the average person. I do think they should give her other options because its steep.

  • Stacy D. Smith

    Please do something about MIA immediately, commissioner. Deal with Jim Irsay later.

  • Tee Elyse

    She jeopardized the NFL’s “wholesome image”??? They made that up!!!

  • alex

    I don’t think ppl remember or care about what she did 2 yrs ago…

  • C

    Yes she should be fined but $16.5M? For “damaging” the NFL’s wholesome image? Seriously? Didnt players from the Saints put out bounty on the other players in the league? Dont some of these players have CURRENT DUIs on their records? Isnt one team currently being investigated for bullying? Oh yeah. And there’s that one player thats being charged with MURDER! They need to stop. The NFL is the furthest thing from “wholesome”. Smdh.

    • hollyw

      That’s what I’m like! I am just confused at how delusional the NFL continues to be, with majority of their halftime commercials consistently pushing t*ts and beer in our faces! Umm hello, y’all haven’t been wholesome since 1955!

  • BiggieSmalls

    Since when has the NFL had a wholesome image? Have a stadium full of seats! She should have given them something for her stunt but after THEIR 16M stunt, I wouldn’t give them a pot to piss in.

    • Guest

      The 16.5 mill is waaaay too much,but she knew she couldn’t just give the finger with millions watching. She knew there would be repercussions.

      • BiggieSmalls

        We’re saying the same thing.

        • Guest

          Yes i know, i wasn’t disagreeing.

      • hollyw

        Errm yeah, and you could say the same thing for the NFL, really lol… Like seriously, had they ever even listened to her music or did a background check before booking her??? This lawsuit is do staged.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Omg its not that serious. That woman has a child to feed. Seriously NFL? Stop it.

    • kierah

      A child that is the heir to the Seagrams’ fortune will never go hungry.

  • divinnalafeme

    They being a$$holes!

  • wveronica7

    Now they are just being mean. $16.5 million is overreaching. I felt the $1.5 million was a bit steep. However, she needs to be penalized, you do not come on national TV and stick your middle finger knowing that its not allowed. Janet could argue wardrobe malfunction, but MIA just blatantly stuck her middle finger on primetime tv.

  • Okay…..why the NFL just now suing her, TWO YEARS after the performance?