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Music: isn’t it great?  The only thing more fantastic than the universal language is comedy.  So, when you add the two, you get a great heaping pile of remakes and parodies of songs that you love.  For some, the comedic version might make you love the original even more.  For others, it might take the place of your former favorite song.  So here is a collection of some funny remakes and parodies.

Now I know that you don’t care for the multiple pages, but I’ll do my best to make sure that you enjoy every single click!

The Cheat Song

What Class Clown Films did was create a parody that many people could relate to when they were in school.

It’s test day, you procrastinated on studying, you figure that you’ll just wing it… Until you see the test and realize you have no idea what it wants from you.  A glimmer of hope happens when your teacher is called out of the classroom and you have about eight seconds to get as many answers that you can.

Here is the hilarious result, set to the tune of the Ying Yang Twins’ “Wait (The Whisper Song).”




My Humps

When “My Humps” hit the airwaves in 2005, it was just a song about a woman participating in the glorification of her body.  But, when Alanis Morrisette added a piano and her  vocals, in adagio, it created a new dynamic.  Then she did the most spectacular video to coincide with it.  The men, the slow dancing, the crying, the punching, all of it.  Phenomenal.

The video won’t allow me to embed it, but click here to see it.


What’s My Name/Fancy Parody

Iman Crosson has a talent for impersonations.  His Barack Obama impersonation was so done so well that it has gotten him national attention (and an opportunity to meet the President).  But his Drake impersonation is just as good.

With allegations that Drake and Rihanna are now a couple, let’s celebrate with these two parody videos (featuring Lisa Lavie).

Blurred Lines Parody

Blurred Lines” was everywhere last year.  You couldn’t get away from it!  Apparently, Bart Baker got tired of it, and decided to create a parody video to show how ridiculous the song and video were.  The video then became like a warped afterschool special, showing the consequences of when you ignore “blurred lines,” look at goats too long, and abuse the power of hashtags.

Even though I like the original, this parody is pretty hilarious!


The Star Wars that I Used to Know

Many have been complaining for a while that the new installments of the Star Wars franchise have been sullying the good plots of the earlier ones (which is kind of weird when you think about it.  Because the newer ones are supposed to pre-date the older ones, making the earlier ones older… stop me if my geekdom is slowing you down).  ANYWHO-

When Gotye’s “Somebody that I Used to Know” came out, Teddie Films took the opportunity to let his concerns be known, DAMNIT!

Trapped in the Drive-Thru

When R. Kelly released all of those chapters of “Trapped in the Closet” it seemed like a parody of its own.  But Weird Al Yankovic isn’t one to be outdone.  In his own parody of the… franchise, whatever it is… he takes a mundane task like going to get dinner at the drive-thru and makes it almost operatic.

Big Girl and You Know It

When Drake released “Hold On, We’re Going Home,” it was an anthem for men who wanted to see the good in women.  Also, some saw it as an ode to saving the lost, but anything that’s creative is always up for interpretation.

But Timothy DelaGhetto made an ode to the beauty of the big girls.  The video features beautiful big women, and has Timothy’s signature charm in it.

Can’t Tell Me Nothing

Between making celebrities uncomfortable while they’re encompassed between two ferns, Zach Galifianakis set some time aside to do a remake (I’m guessing that’s what you’ll call this) to Kanye West’s hit song “Can’t Tell Me Nothing.”  The video is filled with all types of Galifianakisms:  tractors, gyrating, hay bales.  Yep, it’s all in here.

Drunk as F*&k

When Beyonce dropped her visual album, she changed the game.  Even if you didn’t get the album, you still heard “Drunk in Love” whenever you ventured outside of your dwelling.  It wasn’t long before the parodies came, and this one seemed to be the funniest.

Beyonce – Destiny’s Child

The one thing that I always really enjoyed about the members of Destiny’s Child was that they could take a joke.  Which was excellent, because mediums like SNL and MadTV were parodying the mess out of them!  Here’s one in particular that parodied what most people assumed the dynamic of the group was.

Perm it Up

Rihanna’s ode to women sliding up and down poles, “Pour It Up” was out for a good minute before the video dropped.  So while many waited with bated breath, The C Corner released this ode/cautionary tale of the dangers of relaxers, color use, and sow-ins.  Share with anyone who is too cavalier with the hair change-up game.

Karmin – Look at Me Now (Cover)

Before they were releasing their own music, and were signed to a label, the duo Karmin was making waves on Youtube by doing covers of popular songs.  Their cover of “Look at Me Now” and “Six Foot, Seven Foot,” got them national acclaim and even got them on The Ellen Show.

Affion Crockett – Douches

Who knew that one could have so much fun with douches, but Affion Crockett made it work, and hilariously so.  Parodying Chris Brown’s “Deuces” video, he had the lone dance sequence, a pretty girl walking to and away from the camera, and a hilarious rap sequence.  Good job, Mr. Crockett.  Good job!

Bound 2 – James Franco and Seth Rogan –

You all should have known that this was included on the list.  What else could be said about two men riding a motorcycle together, a rolling pastures and running horses, along with a hair flip that was just right?

If you made it to the end, THANK YOU SO MUCH!  Include your favorites, or any that I missed in the comment section!

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