15 Signs Your Biological Clock Is Ticking

March 25, 2014  |  
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Naomi Campbell is 43 and just getting serious about having kids. That’s a long time to miss the tick.

Could your biological clock be going off? Time to recognize the signs.

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You Grab Random Babies At Church

He’s so cute…

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You Stop Pregnant Women to Ask Them Questions

Suddenly the whole process is just fascinating.

You Start Judging Dudes on Daddy Potential

Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick, Tick…

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And Looking for Signs

Condom broke…must be fate.

Period Two Days Late?

Start browsing for baby clothes online.

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Then You Get It And Feel Relieved

But also a little bit sad…

You Want to Babysit…A Lot

Ya’ll going out tonight? I’ll watch ’em. Staying in? I’ll watch ’em.

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You Get A Dog

And start dressing him up…

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You Start Taking Pretend Pregnancy Photos


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You Watch Toddlers and Tiaras

And start making plans.

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You’ve Been Watching A Lot of Cute Baby Videos

All day. On repeat.

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You’re Rooting for Kenya to Have a Baby

Because you know how it feels to want to be a mom (even if your sanity is in question).

You Can’t Stand to Hear a Baby Cry

Because it makes you want to pick that stranger’s baby up.

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You Start Counting Your Baby-Making Years

And it feels like there aren’t many left…

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This Photo of the Smiths Is the Last Straw

And now you want a family. Stat.

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  • Leilue

    I took this article as a means to inform women that there is the possibility that age could affect the likelihood of getting pregnant as oppose to instilling fear or pressure upon them. Though not all women who conceive after the ages of 30 and 40 will experience complications, the truth is that there is always a possibility. On another note there are other factors to consider when conceiving at a later age. For starters, you have to really consider if you will be able to devote the same amount of energy to raising a child at a later age. Also, you may find that although this age is preferred by you as a mother, whether your spouse will want to devote the same amount of time and energy at that age as well. In reference to celebs conceiving at later time frames, we must consider that they may have access to some procedures that could enhance the likelihood of conceiving healthy babies in which you may not have access to. So its not really about age at all but more about taking into consideration what responsibility you can take on at any age. Also, having one baby may become the determining factor in whether you would like to have more and that being an older age may not allot you the choice to conceive siblings.

  • FGJ

    This article is very stupid. I just turned 25 I’m childless and I am not married and yes I do want children yet but my biological clock according to your list has been ticking since I was a little girl then! You are promoting single motherhood

  • Trisha_B

    A woman doesn’t need pressure from outsiders to have a baby. But all women should be aware that there is a time frame on our bodies. It’s not “mans timing” it’s biological. Shouldn’t use celebs as the faces for 40+ pregnancies b/c a lot of them are seeing the best doctors to do the work.

    If a woman does decide to wait to have children then she needs to make sure she knows her family history. Know when the women in her family start menopause b/c you can start menopause younger than most. I was just reading something about a girl that started menopause at 23. My friends mom went thru it at 36. She wanted to have another child & couldn’t get the opportunity. So no, you don’t need to be pressured or have fear, but you should still make it something to think about b/c every woman is different. Can’t use someone else story for your plans

  • Just saying!!

    The whole process is fascinating to me and it’s been fascinating. I’ve always been mesmerized by pregnancy and I think it’s one of the most beautiful, magical things ever to watch someone’s life form in another beings body. However, I am 23 years old. Is my clock ticking too? Lol

    • Trisha_B

      The clock started once your 1st period began so the clock is always ticking. I’m 23 too, so our clock is still in the early stage lol

      • Jada

        At 23, you two are at your peak. Women’s fertility doesn’t start declining until her late 20’s- early 30s.

  • DoBetter

    I’m not going to click through this article because it’s ignorant and insensitive. To install fear into women feeling if they don’t do things by man’s timing (before 30 or 40) is wrong and MN you must be board and having a slow news day. Halle Berry and so many women older than Naomi have been able to have children and do so with no complications. Do better. Why should woman have to be rush based on the fear you trying to impose on them.

    • NOPE

      “To install fear into women feeling if they don’t do things by man’s timing (before 30 or 40) is wrong..”

      Um, most men aren’t pressed to have kids. That’s a woman problem. The convenient deflection of woman problems on men is pretty sad.

      • Dobetter

        You missed my point there is God’s timing then “Human timing” that’s what I was expressing not blaming Man for anything. So don’t fret. There is not need. You just misunderstood what I wrote.

    • belle

      Unfortunately, women do have a clock when it comes to carrying a baby with their own egg. After 40, the chances of conceiving (with one’s own egg) reduces drastically :-/

    • mommypirate

      As a woman nearing 40 who gave birth to two kids after the age of 35, I will never tell another woman that because Halle and other women waited until after 40 to have children then the chances are you can as well. The truth is, women do have a biological clocks. It’s not man’s timing it’s biological timing. And it’s not insensitive as women for us to discuss the truth. I know many women who waited only to have difficulty conceiving and age was a main factor. Women who want to conceive and birth their own children cannot allow this ‘new age anything goes’ to get in their way. Women do have to consider age along with other factors.

      • DoBetter

        1.I’m not new age, but there is no need to put pressure on women to have babies. That’s not new age thinking it’s common sense

        2. In the bible Sarah had her child at 92 and was barren before hand (I serve a great God and all things are possible, he surpasses any bio Clock)

        3.This article is dangerous in the sense, when fear is installed and the woman goes to her Husband to push him, what will happen when the man says I don’t want children at the moment” what will she do.

        That is a the reality of what is going on when articles like this are written or girlfriends or even doctors telling you things like this. Nothing good will come out of it instead of having the women worry. So I still stand by what I said previously.

        • Jada

          This is 2014, not biblical times. Tell me when a woman IN TODAY’S TIME was able to have a child at that age WITH HER OWN EGGS!!!
          I agree with mommypirate. Women who want kids with her own eggs only has a small window in her life to have children. Once that window closes, it closes for good. Halle, Mariah, and other women who managed to give birth in their 40s got lucky. God bless them & their babies, but not every woman who waits that long to start having kids will be as lucky.

          • Dobetter

            See that’s part of the problem, your relying on luck instead of relying on God, you can’t say ‘God Bless these ladies then say its by pure luck they can get pregnant. It’s contradicting.

            Your proof: There was a women 3 years back who had her first child naturally at the age of 60. Im not saying that these complications don’t happen but there is nothing wrong with having hope and going beyond what you see in faith. And to touch on “This is 2014, not biblical times” You don’t have to be only in biblical times to see God work. Im aware that many women are going to have their opinions on this topic and it can strike a chord. But the reason I stand on what I say is because I have known barren women become pregnant regardless of what age and told all the odds were against them. I have seen God work in their lives. Now I know that many people don’t believe in God and I respect that.

            But I think this is a topic we have to agree to disagree I think there is still hope and women who were told “you can’t” or “you may not be able to” God willing will have a child.

            This is coming from a women who have been told by doctors that there is a very high chance I won’t be able to have kids.

            • mommypirate

              Gid created us. He designed the biological clock.

            • Jada

              Did the eggs that were used belonged to those same women or were they donor eggs? I knew of an Indian woman from a few years ago that gave birth to her first child at 70. HOWEVER, the egg was a donor egg; the child doesn’t share her DNA. I know about women who were once told she couldn’t have children but later on did. But when those women DID have children, it was still during the normal window time period. 60-something to 90-something is NOT in that window.

        • mommypirate

          Im not referring to putting pressure on women to marry. Im refering to our bodies. Nothing good will come out of ignoring the truth which is all women dont have the luxury of waiting.

          • Jada

            I agree 100%!! One of the biggest drawbacks on being a woman who wants kids of her own DNA is we don’t have the luxury of waiting. If she doesn’t want kids of her own DNA, then she has nothing to worry about.

    • D’Nice in ATL

      I concur. THIS IS STUPID

    • coolyfett

      Mens timing???? Sista what??…..we dont care if yall have kids or not. That pressure comes from yalls mamas, aunties & grandmamas. How men getting blamed for that??