Pastor Drops Dead In Front Of Congregation After Confessing To Affair

March 14, 2014 ‐ By
Bishop Bobby Davis


Bishop Bobby Davis of Miracle Faith World Outreach Church in Bridgeport, Conn. approached his congregation after a service on Sunday so that he could share something important with them. As it turns out, Davis confessed to them that he had engaged in an affair years ago, and it had been weighing heavily on him emotionally. In the midst of his church members confronting Bishop Davis about what he had to say, he dropped dead in front of the congregation.

According to the Connecticut Post, those present outside of the church during the time of Bishop’s confession say it was very loud in the sanctuary, and it didn’t seem positive, but members of the church that were inside at the time claim that they were actually shouting out their support to Bishop Davis, not yelling at him negatively. But elder Judy Stovall said the stress of it all and the secret in general caused him to fall out.

“After the service on Sunday the bishop’s family asked us to remain in the church and the bishop confessed to us something that happened long ago. He wanted to come clean with all of us. He wanted to ask our forgiveness.

We were shouting, `We forgive you, we love you,’ but the stress of all of it — he had a heart attack. I held his head as he lay on the floor. Our congregation is hurting now.”

But according to the Christian Post, others that were there claimed Bishop Davis was ambushed and things got messy, so that’s what caused the heart attack.

“He (Bishop Davis) had confessed it (infidelity) personally to his wife prior to the service, and she called a meeting after church with just the members and the members stayed. He wasn’t there at the time, he was somewhere else apparently, neither of them were in the service that morning. They had one of their pastors do the service.

From what I was told, she (pastor’s wife) told the congregation what he had done. And so, when he comes through the door he had no idea what he was walking into. So it wasn’t even. ‘We’re gonna make an announcement today’ … in a unified way as a couple.

I’m told that when he walked through the door she basically told him, ‘Tell them what you just told me,’ which is what induced the heart attack, because it’s not like he was walking into it knowing.

She said it and he said, ‘Yes, that’s right.’ She asked him to say who exactly it was. And he said, ‘Well, it doesn’t matter [because] that person has passed. God forgive, let’s get past it.’ Apparently it was his family members who reacted out in anger, from what I understand. It was not the congregation.

It got physical. One of the sons attacked him. I was told one of the daughters poured water on him. It was like something out of, not even like the Old Testament, but a bad reality TV show. My heart is so devastated because it could have been handled in a private manner.”

Bishop Davis was taken to the hospital in Bridgeport, where he was pronounced dead. Bishop Davis had been the leader of Miracle Faith World Outreach Church since it was founded in 1967 and founded the church with his wife.

Interesting enough, Davis was actually a certified marriage and family therapist according to reports, and he and his wife just celebrated their 50th anniversary last summer.



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  • Shelia

    In reading all the comments and for him to do it the way it was done he either knew or felt like it was his time to go and the only way he can get forgiveness is to tell it right then because he had his chance to tell her n the family a long time ago but he didn’t. Hopefully he received what he needed from God.

  • Guest

    The boy would never have died if the trigger wasn’t pulled. It is that simple! Each person refused to hold an ounce of responsibility here and the consequenses are irreversable. They will live with that burden for the rest of their lives. I hope they learn from their actions and may justice prevail.

  • kam

    He was dead serious.

  • Fair and Balanced

    Into heaven may the angels lead him and may those who were so unwilling to forgive be able to do so.

  • chris

    that’s the same old way these old time pastors treat members who fornicate and commit adultery , so he is not above his on laws, , he needs to be expose also. He is just to ashamed that the same things he been punishing the members of the congregration for he is guilty .. hypocrite..

  • Prophetess Essie

    God is so good. Praise the LORD!!!

  • Thekissingflightattendant

    No one is perfect. No one!!!! We all sin and we all piss people off.

  • DeadRising3

    People quote bible drivel because they can’t think for themselves.

  • Anthony Washington

    Wow sad

  • youthful yvonne

    So sad.Not all truths are to be made know.Confess to God and sin no more.Man to man is too unjust.

  • janet

    He’s still a man…and ALL men and women have faults. It would not make any difference if he was a Bishop or a barber, a pastor or a plumber. And sadly, he is now deceased, and with THE ONLY ONE whose judgment actually matters.

  • YoungAfrique


  • DREWDOWN0124

    Just a thought here,why is it when these so call men of GOD,do all these un GODLY things.instead of being persecuted,remove from their throne,or cast out of the house of GOD. Theyre usually promoted, forgiven immediately,or my favorite, excuse from any sin,cause their only men…But when u dnt go to church,and sin,ure deemed the worst,or the devil himself…Stay clear of tht person u saints or christens say.Now when one of ur own commit adultery or sins.its oh he’s just a man…Hmmm

  • Matthew

    When we confess our sins HE is merciful and just to cleanse us from all unrighteousness. The family handled this totally wrong before the church. There is way to confess before the church however the family has to be on one accord. At the Ruckus dude, stop using this scenario for an excuse for your reason for having a watered down relationship with Jesus. Stop it you hypocrite.

  • Caydence James


  • Beautifulnu Beginnins


  • PoppaSmurf

    Auntieruckus is off the chain. He has confess his sin to God, may his soul rest in Peace. See you in Paradise my brother.

  • Dee

    Not one us perfect..we have all committed a sin in this life, but God is faithful to forgive and to clean the slate without a trace if our past. But unfortunately we as ” Christians ” are fast to judge and sentence a person at a moment notice. With tat being said..his wife and family was wrong! And the guilt if the heart attack they will have to deal with for the rest of their lives.I do believe God will forgive them , but how long will it take for them to forgive themselves for such a unacceptable, un Christ like action. Once the anger dies down..the “.guilt and grief will set in. I can say this because. I was married, and cheated on. So I do understand.. but I was raised to handle those things at home and not in public. Yes it hurts.. but there is another” H” in this… is called “HEALING

  • a woman

    Another cheating minister. Great. There is zero excuse for this. Zero. It is controllable. Many men don’t. What none of you are thinking of is the WIFE & MEMBERS who have to deal with this fallout. He just found an easy way out.

  • nss

    oh wow, thats so sad

  • Allen Powell

    Man would you listen at you guys telling each other a piece of your mind.Listen the word let’s us know we all have come short of the glory of God.Listen,be kind and Love one another you only get one life,make it count.What you sow you must reap.So let’s all sow good so our harvest will reap good fruit.And we only have a small brain let’s keep what little piece we have instead of trying to tell someone off with it,let’s pouput it to work helping and blessing people.God is Love not a hater.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Well damn…

  • Guest

    He asked forgiveness and the wife and daughter killed him. I hope charges are brought up against them. I don’t think they intended to kill him but I bet they we’re thinking he needed to pay. Well he paid with his life and it was because of the wife daughter and sons actions. I think they call this manslaughter or reckless homicide. The wife knew he was old and her actions could trigger his heart attack. God is good but man can be cruel. How can one say good riddance. I’m just in awe how the wife handled this.

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    The man made a terrible mistake and he confessed and he is forgiven. I just wonder if the wife feel responsible for his death. It was a private matter between him her and God. 9 times out of 10 she was not going to leave him so why put him to shame in the presense of the church?

  • tynieboo

    I don’t have room to judge, but from reading the comments everyone is downing the wife. He did the deed. We don’t know for how long. It doesn’t matter. Just like he was human and made a mistake and should have been forgiven, his wife should not be held at a different standard. She was hurt. Her world was shattered. Her and her children were blindsided with the news that they just heard. I guess they forgot to pray and seek guidance from God just like he did. Instead they acted like some human beings do…out of emotion. What happened was tragic but I don’t the wife should be condemned.

  • Auntieruckus

    First thank you for giving me the attention you claim that i seek,second Ill have a sit the minute you hit the gym with your real hair out,you fat fawk,woth them yellow teeth ,ugly wildebeast nobody want you,your face is a straight bone killer with that big stomach and those flabby arms bish booooooooooo, im not reading SH!t else ypu have to say,stupid c!nt i hope you choke on the next thug’s sem3n drink THAT coke you baby mama bish

    • guest


    • rah rah

      At least she was woman enough and bold enough to use her picture!!

  • Marriages Are A Joke

    R.I.P. Pastor, maybe he shoud’ve just prayed on his sins instead of confessing. Is there a man out there who doesn’t cheat? This is why women should go with a man for money because at least you get some compensation when the bills are paid, the car is fixed, the kids go to good schools and there is food on the table. Otherwise what’s the point? Yes women cheat too but no where near the amount that men do. Men always want dirty creepy kinds of sex with multiple women or they chase teen girls young enough to be their daughters or granddaughters. All men lie & cheat! Women should get men with money so you don’t feel the cheating pain as much, shopping is a great remedy!

  • CrossWinds

    Remember Kind David……..Chastened, but forgiven. God was not unrighteous to forget all the good King David had done.

    1 Kings 15:5…….
    because David did what was right in the eyes of the Lord, and had not turned aside from anything that He commanded him all the days of his life, except in the matter of Uriah the Hittite.

  • CrossWinds

    If Jesus died for the Sins of the Whole World, He also died for yours…….Go, and sin no more.

    1 John 2:1-2……..

    2 My little children, these things I write to you, so that you may not sin. And if anyone sins, we have an Advocate with the Father, Jesus Christ the righteous. 2 And He Himself is the propitiation for our sins, and not for ours only but also for the whole world.

  • J

    Seems like no one cared to see what the scriptures teach regarding this. Per the bible in the book of Titus and Timothy. Pastor /Elders/ Deacons are to be faithful to there spouse or they are disqualified from leading. In his case he should have lead in confessing to the members and stepped down. Yes he would be forgiven as a brother in the Lord but Pastor are held to a greater standard just like any other person in a high office of leadership and when they violate the standard of that office they can no longer serve in that office.

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    Why are people making him out to be some kind of victim? I don’t get it. And all of the first lady shaming on this site and DailyMail is sad

    • Auntieruckus


  • Anthonyd Smith

    The man fell short. The ones on here judging are the reason why some folks don’t want to step in a church

  • galleryshops

    Wow, God’s retribution was swift.

  • Tara Harris

    His own son probably killed him then.. ijs

  • Kish PacenFalife Shedrick

    Wooooooow!!! Not sure which version to believe!!! Either way, I hope he repented to the FATHER before he took his last breathe!!! We ALL fall short of the Glory of GOD!!! Prayers going up for all

    • whichwayisgo

      My boyfriend grew up in the church. His family was there when he passed. We heard version #2 prior to the article came out on Sunday…its very ugly. God rest his soul.

      • whichwayisgo


  • Florida Gators Ben

    I mean no disrespect towards anyone, but we are human. Why do we think that anyone whether in church or not, is gonna be perfect? We all are tempted by something and we fall down. Drugs, alcohol, cigarettes, sex, money and so on. He didn’t kill anyone and it was not a child. So why would someone be glad he is dead? I hope some of you never have to come to my funeral because some of you really gonna fry me.

  • MsT-mac

    Wow. Just. Wow.

    • gifty m

      i will not confess my sins just to die,confession is a private matter bet you your God and the victims not the whole world. this is shaming of the pastor and he is dead, the church is destroyed

  • BentNotBroken

    Why should his affair have remained secret? Why should his wife had to deal with that knowledge and the shame and humiliation she no doubt felt in secret? Silence not only feeds infidelity, it validates it. I don’t want to have a man who lies and cheats and breaks his vows pastoring me. And let those people in the congregation who are having affairs, because trust me there are some – know that the possibility of them being caught and called out is real.

    • Auntieruckus

      If anything thats the part of thos story that pissed me off the most,they tried to insinuate that the wife brought on his heart attack by asking for a public confession,like she was supposed to smile and pretend all was perfect,like wha?! How many more men should we protect to the detriment of our feelings? Fawk that,him and that dusty church.

      • Trisha_B

        I’m just in shock by these comments b/c everyone taking up for him & excusing the cheating, but these are the same people that go in on DWade for cheating lol. Like aren’t they the same? Or is it if you have a certain title all can & will be excused? They saying this woman should have handled it properly & privately & forgiven him, but then rip Gabby apart for forgiving DWade & trying to handle her business privately? Lol I just don’t get it

  • Bernice

    “Confess your sins one to another…” comes to mind.
    Wonder what God’s message is within the timing of it all? Was He allowing him to clear his heart before calling him OR was this a measure of punishment?
    Why such recall differences within the story?
    Oh to those comparing his calling/his sins to David and others biblical leaders. There is no comparison in this sense because David and other OT did not have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit they had visits from the Spirit and prophets to direct them. There was not a written qualification as there is now! There was not a church! And there was no cleansing from Christ’s blood at their time! There is so much more to consider that ONLY God can excuse or condem!

  • York


    Ain’t nobody considering that the heart attack was caused by poor health??

    Tragic, yes, and it should have been a private matter, but people get put in situations all the time without having their heart stop….

  • IJS

    No one feels sorry for him. At least he got the chance to confesss before hs death. He could have left with it on his conscience. And hopefully the first lady will get a nice check for her heartache.

  • Bettye Neely

    Some things need to be taken to the grave. If God forgave him and he asked for that, his wife should have been the only one left and that was personal. He was not unfaithful to his kids as he was not married to them. She was wrong to make him confront that many people in a public way. We can overdo sometimes.

    • currvalicious

      True. It must’ve been weighing heavily on his heart, b/c it was in the pass & the woman according to him passed away. His wife ambushed him out of hurt & pain. It could’ve been handled differently. However, would’ve, could’ve, should’ve the man is dead now & there are no do-overs. Marriage is between two people, not the congregation. Why would she do the most when she wasn’t going to divorce him anyways. Please, bye -first lady.

      • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

        Damn! The other woman he was having an affair with passed away?? I just hope and pray that her death was from natural causes….or the wife will have something else on her hands

        • Elizabeth

          As a former Bishop’s wife one cannot know the mental and spiritual pain, hypocrisy, shame of standing before the congregation and colleagues “covering” what is inevitably going to come out. I commend the wife – I spent, to my detriment, too much time trying to cover and protect him the church and my children only to discover the depth of the affair(s) and that he never stopped. Adultery is an insidious thing and consumes its victims – my Bishop died too; both spiritually, mentally and finally physically. Pray for the wife and family YOU JUST DO NOT KNOW!!!!!

  • rsmitty

    Wow. I wonder if he confessed because the woman has passed away that he was having an affair with.

  • Dee

    I think the church DID need to know. As the leader of the church
    it is common to confess this type of thing, step down for awhile and get counseling. The pastor normally returns when he and his family is whole again.

    • claudnc

      I agree with confessing but it sounds like it was so long ago.. he should’ve just talked to Good and other elders in the church. why rehash old indiscretions

    • Bettye Neely

      this probably happened 30 years ago. Step down? only if God said to step down. Otherwise He better handle his calling. Preach, Teach, etc. David didnt step down, Solomon did not step down, Moses did not step down. Once call by Him, you still have to do the work of the Lord. All have sinned and come short of the Glory of God according to our Bible. Peter did not step down,

    • guest6969

      People have lives outside of the church they serve. In all honesty, if it didn’t happen in front of the congregation to begin with, it was NONE OF THEIR BUSINESS to end with. I think some of you people really don’t understand what makes a great first lady of the church. It’s not about the clothes, car, persona… but she is a wife, mother, supporter & provides a united front, in the face of the world. If anything she knows first hand his medical history (hypertension, arrhythmias, etc) Her life is not perfect and neither is his. They are still people who make mistakes. They still have children who are imperfect & get into some of everything from adultry to sloth. If my minister were to try such a stunt, I’d probably ask to be excused because his forgiveness & salvation isn’t left in my hands…especially if I’m not involved by blood or marriage to the situation. Guess I’m really a firm believer of keeping home & professional life separate.

      • Lynda Boggan Williams

        Can someone tell me how did the term “First Lady” come into the church. It is not biblical….we do not recognize this is our church….a pastor is a servant for Christ and so is his wife right along with him. Pastors are due respect and so are their wives but only God can elevate….if my thinking is wrong..please be so kind to point me in the right direction in the bible.

  • Gert

    I don’t know what the wife thought she was going to get out of her actions that morning. But now you have an entire family and congregation lose someone close in their lives to foolishness. I am not condoning the Pastor’s past transgressions but I will say as a First Lady she knew better and it could have been handled properly. The old saying goes, two wrongs don’t make a right. Now she will have to live the rest of her life with guilt….
    So sad, all you can do is pray for all those involved and hope God can bring them peace and closure.

    • Trisha_B

      Why would she have guilt? She didn’t kill him. He betrayed her. his guiltiness is what killed him. He spent his life knowing that he disrespected his union & was 2 faced (preaching one thing but then acting out another) to his church

      • Gert

        If you don’t understand my statement, then there is no reason for me to answer your question…If you don’t think for one minute that she is not second guessing her decision in how she handled his past infidelity, then you have not been around many First Ladies or leadership within the church.
        Like I said before I am not condoning his behavior but if she was spiritual as she proclaimed to be in many past interviews then she would have chosen a better way in handling the situation. I am not saying that he should not have addressed the congregation…most pastors who have done so, have and they should have. But it is usually done in a better way.

        • FromUR2UB

          The article says he told his wife about the affair just before the service. Therefore, spiritual or not, she hadn’t had time to process it. If he had told her in the middle of the week, or even the day before, she likely would have handled it differently if she had time to think it over or talk to someone first. Any situation that is dealt with during the heat of anger is likely to produce some regret. It may take her some time to feel that regret because she is still in the moment of learning about the infidelity. Emotion is not rational; but I can’t fault the woman for hurting, and this shows that no matter how long a couple has been married, an infidelity is going to cause pain regardless of when it happens.

          • Gert

            I understand her hurt, but this couple both have had history of being very literal in their teachings. So for her to not excuse his behavior I found it ironic that she also did not hold the same. I don’t think it was wise for him to tell her the morning before services (if that is true, folk like to change up stories…to not make them look bad), But it still should have been handled at home and with the Elders of the Church first. Also I never understood parents who bring their children in on their marriage, especially with infidelity.

            But I understand your point

            • FromUR2UB

              I’m not familiar with the couple, so it sounds like you’re saying that she taught forgiveness in her teachings, including forgiveness for infidelity. I suppose it wasn’t easy for her to be objective when it happened to her. I’m not a fan of public airings and bringing other people into disputes either. I have never seen any good come from it. There might be the temporary satisfaction of having people rally to one’s side and hate the other person, but it does nothing to repair the dispute. Sometimes, it backfires, too.

          • Gert

            And your right, emotions will get in the way of judgement, I have been there many of times! As I’ve gotten older, I try to control that aspect of my life more…but at the end of the day we are all human.

        • Karen Williams


    • Karen Williams

      So true. Her unforgiving heart resulted in his death. If she was upset over a past transgression, take it up at home.

      • trey

        Like he took it up at home when he told her in the church of his past indiscretion??? He could have waited till they got home and sorted everything out before going to church and expecting that his doormat wife would just move it along after hearing such devastating news. Not saying she handled it right, but the Bishop should have used wisdom in dealing with this issue to his wife.

      • Ash

        The wife didn’t kill him and she didn’t make him cheat. He died because everyone found out he wasn’t shxt. Dummies always blame the woman.

        • Karen Williams

          No, bitter women don’t have self control, modesty and maybe enough class to think, pray, and then react. The affair sounds like it was some time ago, the other party is dead, and it had weighed on his heart for years. He didn’t have to confess, but he loved God and his wife enough to do just that. Dummies don’t have husbands or can’t keep one because they think men are all bad and refuse to accept responsibility in their relationships.

    • 9Boots

      I disagree, actually this the protocol of The New Testatment. She is not the cause of his death and only The Lord can call someone home.

    • Lexy

      We ALL one way or another…WHO ARE WE but mere mortals to wave our finger at this man. I can understand his families outrage but I totally disagree with how it was handled…This should have been between him his wife and God and if at a later date he wanted to use his story to help others it should’ve been a collective decision….this is way I go the other direction with the holier than thous’ s of the WORLD.

      • Joyce Scott

        Amen Lexy!

    • Joyce Scott

      Amen Gert!

  • Jan

    The church didn’t have to know that…. If God forgave him what else could be done

    • hi-liter

      THANK YOU!! If you believe in God, then you know HE knows your heart. I wish more church folk would realize that.

    • 9Boots

      Not true, that is the New Testatment protocol.

    • goldengrl wanda

      o are right, something you need take to your grave with just you and God to know, God forgives man has no forgiveness.

  • sheryl

    A man with a conscious. Refreshing.
    This weighed heavy on his art and soul. But if it was in the past and he asked for forgiveness from God then he didnt have to confess to the congretion. And if his wife didnt know about it, he shouldve left it in the past. Also, the wife probably wanted him to confess to the church – she wanted him to hurt the way she hurt.
    God bless his Family. Hope they have strength during this time.

    • guess

      This is old traditions in the church, when you do wrong you come before the congregation and confess and then step down for length of time. This is from the 70s and 80s church. This does not happen now to my knowledge. Some churches keep some traditions.

      • 9Boots

        Actually that protocol was set in place in the New Testatment, waaaay before 1970.

    • Guest

      If he had a conscious he would have never cheated in the first place.

      And why are you blaming this on his wife?

  • Auntieruckus

    Good riddance.

    • Rissie75

      WOW SMH…

      • Auntieruckus

        Wow what? Christianity is a joke to me and all these so called men of god (who are always up to no good) can go twirl on a pencil,you should wooow the rest of the bishes on here acting like an innocent man lost his precious life,FOH

        • bkabbagej

          He who is without sin cast the first stone! No one is infallible and no matter your title you are ONLY a man who makes mistakes and fall short. that’s what being a christian is all about, you must repent and pay for your sins but being a christian doesn’t make you sinless or perfect. As you stated “men of GOD” and any other man can be up to no good, his passing, is a living example of how one shouldn’t live and know there is a cost to speaking one way and living another, and that cost can be your life! But to blame human frailty on Christianity is just plain wrong because it’s your faith and relationship with GOD that keeps you on the straight and narrow not the what the world thinks.

          • neicey

            Amen! Very well said !

          • Billy

            Nice and well summarizes, God bless you.

          • Avril Treston

            I so totally agree.

          • Rissie75

            Thank You!!

        • unque43

          Men of God, They are not God, we all are children of God. God forgives. We all are forgiven by the Lord. It does not matter what you think. He wanted to ask for forgiveness. Some wouldn’t care. Christianity is made made. What would Jesus say to this man. He has forgiven him of his transgressions, as we all are when we ask for forgiveness. I pray you never do anything that needs forgiving. He was not innocent of his action but he asked for forgiveness.

        • Guest6969

          It’s not about religion… and all life is precious. But I wouldn’t say good riddance. Worst case scenario, this article is a warning that cardiovascular health is important & overlooked. Heart attacks are both serious and a painful way to go & with just burying the late great Henry Hanq Neal excellent minister of music to 3 family members to heart attack. Look beyond the man & see the message. Here is a family who has lost their patriarch & a congregation who lost their spiritual leader…regardless of his flaws, I’m sure he did some good in his time…. Just try to do some good yourself…

          • Auntieruckus

            Fair enough.

        • Avril Treston

          He is human first, no man is perfect but GOD. The bible states, “he that is without sin cast the first stone”. First of we all have to find Jesus for our selves, and stop blaming pastors and other Christians. They are going fall and mess up but its how we get up and move on from there. Once you know God for yourself, live accordingly and don’t watch others but pray for others, the road is not easy but because we have a Great Source to lean on that’s what makes the difference.

          The pastor is human and if asked God for forgiveness, and moved on from it all is well.

        • gigigigi

          Hey no ones perfect! At least he owned up to his mistake. Get a heart!!

        • Rissie75

          Welp, they have explained what the WOW was for…#BYE

    • Gail Jackson

      Are you serious? A life is gone, and you say good riddance, you’re a very cold hearted being. The man was human, and humans make mistakes don’t we?

      • Auntieruckus


    • Tee dun

      Who that is without sin cast the first stone. Only GOD !!!!! can judge so to all u people who tryin to judge this man take a look at yourself. Do u have sin in your life and if u do sit down and SHUT UP !!!!!!!

      • Tee dun

        There is no sin greater than the other so if, u told a lie takin something that’s not yours cheated on your husband or wife had sex with someone and not married to that person etc. U have sin in your life. So don’t judge this man he could have already made his peace with GOD !!! SO WHO R U TO TALK BAD ABOUT THIS MAN AND JUDGE HIM if GOD CAN FORGIVE THIS MAN WHO R U TO HAVE ANYTHING TO SAY !!!!

      • FromUR2UB

        This is the third or fourth time I’ve seen that verse on this thread. I’m sure there are other verses that mean the same thing. I just wish the bible quoters would learn a new one so that you have a little variety in saying it, please.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista


  • me

    the truth will set you free

    • kingdomgurl

      As u can see, thats for sure (show)

  • uniquefashionista

    Wow! What a horrible, unfortunate story. I hope this church can heal from this.

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