Porsha Williams Blasted For Allegedly Dating African “Dictator’s Son”

March 13, 2014  |  

Sources: Instagram, Guineaecuatorialpress

Porsha Williams may have only walked away from her marriage to Kordell Stewart with nothing more than the name she walked in with, but if recent rumors are true, her future is looking quite lavish.

According to TMZ, the “Real Housewives of Atlanta” star is following the footsteps of her arched nemesis Kenya Moore and dating a wealthy man from the Motherland. The African heir reportedly goes by the name of Teodoro Nguema Obiang Mangue. He is the son of Teodoro Obiang Nguema Mbasogo, who has been President of Equatorial Guinea since 1979.

According to reports, Mbasogo is a harsh and brutal leader, who is known for having his political opponents tortured and his predecessor executed. He is also known for exploiting his country’s oil wealth for personal gain while many of the country’s inhabitants live in poverty. His son, Mangue, however, lives in Malibu and has reportedly been busy showering Porsha with pricey gifts that include Louboutin shoes, Chanel items and a Rolls Royce—all of which have reportedly been uploaded to Porsha’s Instagram page. While we were able to locate the images on Porsha’s Instagram profile and it’s quite obvious that some of them were gifted, at this point it can’t really be confirmed whether or not they actually came from Mangue. Fans are already bashing her for dating a “dictator’s son.”

“You’re a POS. Saw this on TMZ. Dating a dictator’s son? Go f yourself you gold-digging sl*t. I feel sorry for people like you,” one Instagram user angrily wrote.

“Blood money. Be useful to yourself. Get a job or something,” another man chimed in. “Stop depending on men for material things. So many African children dying of hunger and here you go showing off the gift bought with their starving money. Karma is a b***h. God will remember you and him one day.”

Porsha has yet to comment on the rumors.

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  • Rissie75

    SMH but she’s not even dating the man……

  • ab

    Dafuq is an “arched nemesis”? C’mon y’all.

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  • ShebaBarb

    Isn’t this woman suppose to be an evangelist? She has learned quickly how to sell her soul to the devil. I hope she comes to her senses and returns back to church and stops this nuisance. She is conducting herself like a you know what.

  • Danielle Muslimswagstastic

    Who’s gonna pay for gas for that rolls Royce? Not Porsha!!

  • ChocolateSophistication Marsha

    Lol, I can’t with these comments about that mans hair!!!

  • Pana

    All of this Obiang dictator’s son property; villas, luxury cars were seized in France a few years ago because of he could not prove that his money was legitimate. He has an arrest warrant in France. Google it !!

  • writingmomma46

    Does the words “Call girl or gold digger” ring a bell to anyone on here?

  • duh

    am i the only one that doesnt think hes that bad?…after a nice cut of course!

    • pointe.noire

      I’m with you! Minus the perm that is clearly a very good looking brother! I just google imaged him and he has a nice stately way about it. Love it.

      • duh

        right! with the right cut and those sharp suits, i just might!

  • Kia

    Y’all to funny for my hard working money… Plz stop passing judgement …as we all readed these are rumors not Facts … Until the Fact are stated then pass judgement… What I see is a lost young lady that’s need Help …

  • GirlSixx

    Say what cha want but that Rolls Tho!!!! #Flawless I am still waiting to see Kenya’s African prince, lol Porsha just better be careful because men like this are out for scams and his trickin is the bait to get her to do some underhanded things which she will not have no idea until its too late. She better be aware that she is just one of many women he probably lavishing with gifts since money is no problem with him.

  • Let It Be

    TMZ huh? And these are assumptions right? Mane please… Hit us with the facts. I don’t see how these people deal with the scrutiny of others behind a screen.

    • GirlSixx

      Well them gifts, especially that Rolls Royce tells me everything I need to know because Bravo isn’t paying her like that!!!

      • Sydvixen

        You forgot, she has a hair business, did a play and come from wealth

    • JaneDoe

      I am sure Porsha tipped them off to let the world knows she is good for now

  • SisterTruth

    She’s trying to make that money fast after Kordell left her broke!

  • hi-liter

    Damn, where Kenya and Porsha meet these types of dudes at????

    • JaneDoe

      ATLANTA.. Trust me they are all over

      • duh


        • JaneDoe


  • NeaJ

    Y’all are gonna give this girl a brain aneurism while she’s trying to think of a logical & somewhat educated response. Lol. Give her a minute…or 10!

  • DeepThinker

    This guy gets around ALOT. He is the wealthy son if a corrupt leader in Africa Eve the rapper used to deal with him and she was investigated for money laundering for this guy. He uses his wealth to lure, gold diggers throw them a few trinkets and uses them to purchase property on his behalf, and U.S. officials are hot on his trail, because the source of his money is highly questionable.

    • Tudbee

      And unfortunately Porsha is too dumb and gullible to think so she’s the perfect choice. Plus I dont see her mum speaking any sense to her since she too is ‘about that life’.

    • JaneDoe

      Most African men look at females as nothing but pawns anyway. Throw them a few items and they get to smash. I live in atlanta and its really not hard to find a wealthy african who will pay to play. All you need to do is go to any Buckhead spot and stand at the bar smh.. There isn’t enough purse or shoes in the world that would allow me to look at that face or listen to their accent.. I just could not

      • Trina

        I feel you! I tried one time and I just cant do accents PERIOD!

        • ayiteygmailcom

          ha ha ha-really? You can’t do accents? I guess you will never leave the US. Which accent do you have, white American accent or a black American accent? Because whichever way you look at it, you got one. I hope you do not have an uneducated accent, cause that is what I am hearing.

      • Jade

        And what is with ‘their face and their accent’? I can see you are one of those superficial bunch out there…people like tend to suffer a lot because you are too busy focusing on all the wrong things…good luck with your perfect life and your perfect accent…smh

        • Jade

          @JaneDoe, instead of limiting your biased and miscalculated ‘most African men cheat” comment to just African men, try broadening it to ‘some men cheat, regardless of their ethnicity.’ At least an African man still takes care of you and give you money and fund you, as opposed to your men who cheat on you, beat you up, and still take all your money!

          • JaneDoe

            Girl go on… I say go on..

            • Jade

              Right back at you!

        • JaneDoe

          Whatever hun.. I have dated my fair share of Africans from different tribes my last being just 3 months ago so go ahead with thinking you know me and can call me names. Its not my cup of tea. As far as accents I am Jamaican and Cuban so I don’t have issues with ppls accents but when I can’t understand you and spend my time focusing really hard on what I think you are trying to say then I do have a problem.. Again… Go on ahead Ms Jade

          • Jade

            Well, I don’t know you from anywhere, so I can’t possibly call you names. You already did that! I just basically stated the obvious. I guess the truth hurts. If, as you say, you don’t really have any issue with the accent, why bring it up here, and in the most degrading and most shady way possible! If you don’t have an issue with someone, something, or in this case, “their accent and their face,” you wouldn’t even make it a part of your conversation. You would have made your point and leave well enough alone. But for the fact that you mentioned it only means you DO have issues with it. And it does bother you. And it’s time for you to grow up and move past the superficial. Besides, maybe you should read your comment agian before backtracking. Your impression wasn’t that you have not dated African men, but that you have not and will never date African for something as superficial as the accent.There is more to life than physical appearance or accent. Time to grow past that, JaneDoe!

          • anita

            How ignorant @ JaneDoe. African men sex your character and marry the right one, so if you come off easy to buy, that is what they do. notice you can only speak of the experience and nothing more. they marry within their culture and take care of their kids. family values are strong… but like any single man with money, they will BUY easy pumpum. if you want respect from one, turn down a gift/close your legs and see how differently they treat you. buuuut you would never find THAT out. travel and learn more from the authentic Africans – the ones that have not been tainted by American culture.

          • ayiteygmailcom

            JaneDoe: your ignorance about Africa is overwhelming. You have dated Africans from different tribes. Name the tribes. Talking about accents-Jamaicans also do have an accent and so do Cubans. One of the tragedies of slavery and its vestiges are that people in the Carribean would claim any and every ancestry except their African ancestry. Bob Marley called your problem “mental slavery.” It is Jamaicans like you who make it easy for the rest of the world to think less of Africans. Remember this, no matter how hard you try my blood runs deep in your veins, you are one of us not them. Did you say Cuban, even worse-my blood runs double deep in your veins. I am you and you are me. I am an African, proud to be. Come on join the train, you know we, Africans, are God’d first children. Are you even sure you dated an African ever? If you are not delusional, your statement points to a break with reality. As for the crook she is dating, I am not surprised. Who does not want a free ride? I just hope she does not caught anywhere in his country with her, when they decide to execute him.

      • Khadijah

        And African men are the only ones who ‘pawn” on women….. righttttt……t! Maybe you shouldn’t stereotype. I’m just sayin…

      • Kay

        How ignorant given you also have an accent

        • Tudbee

          IKR. I thought she was american and was going to tell her hope she knows Americans also speak with an accent. Only for her to say she’s jamaican……the joke’s on her cause Lord knows Jamaican accent isnt easy to understand either.

    • Tina SO Blessed Terry

      Golddigger? State your facts on her being a golddigger. Cause she was married and last I checked it taked two to walk down the isle. If she is that’s her business and her coochie. Like you screw who you want. It’s no one’s business.

      • Laine

        She comes over as a golddiger when she accepts lavish gifts from a man she’s only in a relationship with for 6 months. This new relationship, if the reports are true, make her seem like a golddigger, yes. Especially because this guys’ wealth is very questionable. Doesn’t she use Google?? A couple of months ago, his assets were frozen in France. He has multi-million dollar properties all over the world, when most of the people that live in the country his father has been running for ages, are starving. Accepting his lavish gifts, that come over as an attempt to buy her love, makes miss Porscha come over as a golddigger.

      • ebonye bee!

        Gold diggers get married too though… Not that I’m calling her that… But idk what she has in common with this man but I really can’t see a woman like herself with a man like him except for…

  • Val

    Considering her family’s Civil Rights background I seriously doubt they would allow her to ruin that legacy by dating this guy.

    • GymJunkie43

      Wasn’t her family’s legacy ruined when she thought that an Amtrak train runs through the underground railroad?

      • Val

        Yeah, right, because that’s worse than dating a dictator’s son. Smh.

        • please..be reall

          Her fam doesnt mind that she is own a reality show known for division. Im sure they arent sweating her about dating a rich man regardless who his father is.

      • AAAHHHH!! Real Monsters!!

        So you’re saying you’re as shallow as she is then?

      • Val

        Wow, I think I need to find another website for Black women. Lol At least 60 people here think not knowing about the underground railroad is worse than dating the son of a man suspected of committing violent crimes such as murder against his own people? Y’all win. I’m out.

        • Juanone

          Val you need to travel and read more

    • Rae

      Her family’s legacy? I think outsiders make more out of their legacy than they do. You did see Porsha and her mama on RHOA right?

      • GirlSixx

        Exactly.. lol Porsha is just riding the coattails of her grandfather’s name, there is no WEALTH or LEGACY involved when it pertains to Porsha. If she came from money then why did she loose her condo??

  • Jan

    his hair though

    • DeepThinker

      I know! I have a hard time trusting any man with a part, a conch, jerri curl or any other “process”.

      • Steven Jackson

        O please when women wear wigs and weave all the time does that make them trustworthy? Hhhhhmmmmmm?

        • Chandra Wright

          But that’s his real hair looking like that.

      • Tina

        AL SHARPTON!!!

    • NeaJ

      Lol. Foreal. His hair is laid like dictator!

    • yep

      Pity on the person that tries to tell him that hair isn’t a good look!