Shade Or Nah? Aretha Franklin Ignores Patti Labelle At White House Women Of Soul Concert

March 12, 2014  |  


Whew Chile! Some of us have thrown some serious shade in our lifetimes, but Aretha Franklin just took the trophy home from all of us.

Last week at the White House’s Women Of Soul concert, Aretha Franklin made a grand entrance down an aisle as she proceeded to the stage. During her arrival, she greeted fans, politicians and celebrities alike except for one person — Miss Patti Labelle.

Word on the street is Franklin doesn’t particularly care for Labelle but no one knows why. As Pattti Labelle reached out to greet Aretha, the Queen of Soul swiftly snatched her hand back to avoid Labelle’s touch. Unfazed, While Aretha shut down the concert with an amazing performance, Patti sang along to Franklin’s song “I Never Loved A Man” and afterward Aretha greeted Patti with a big hug (perhaps the Lord spoke to her while she sang). With tension in the air, their interaction was quite confusing, to be honest. Let’s hope these two Divas can move past their differences — if they really have them — at their age.

Check out the video clip of the interaction below. Do you see the eclipse shade or nah?

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  • NJnative

    Looks like Patti was trying to help her out of that fur jacket and Aretha was not hearing it. She was going on stage with that jacket.

  • Unbelieveable. I really respect some of the writing on this site and enjoyed the YouTube videos, but when I see stuff like this, it really irritates me. I’m not saying bloggers have to be 100 percent reporters, but my gawd, the laziness involved in this is ridiculous. All you had to do was watch the end of the performance to see Aretha went right back to Patti, stopped, hugged her, talked to her and then went on. If she was throwing shade, she wouldn’t have come back to greet her friend. PLEASE stop trying to pit women against each other. I hate it when other women do this. You create friction where there is none. Be better than the tabloids. You have some great writing on this site. Please don’t stoop to the “word on the street” level to get blog clicks. You all are better than that. SMH

  • Wanda R Scott

    Are you guys blind? She didn’t pull away from her. She was holding on to Patti’s hand as she walked by. You can tell when she lets her hand go. I will never understand why people will believe anything that is told to them without checking the video thoroughly. The obvious is right there in front of you but you would rather accept the propaganda.

    • Damien Carter

      Because they have nothing else better to do but pass along Hate to the world. This is how kids learn how to hate others; this website is the best teacher!

  • Subwoof Xl

    Aretha & Patti are long time & loyal friends. Some people are
    obsessed with negativity. They take something beautiful and inject
    ugliness where there really is none. They feed on it like vampires.
    They dress it up as entertainment and seduce others into feeding on it

    Patti & Aretha have changed the face of music. They
    have brought much beauty and joy to to the world over the years. And
    they admire and respect one another. Isn’t that enough? Why
    enthusiastically praise people for awhile then when boredom sets in –
    use that same enthusiasm just to tear them down?

  • Just saying!!

    This video has been removed.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    just like the media, trying to make something out of nothing, always trying to read into what what people are doing, instead of just asking a question. And they call themselves journalist.

  • DeepThinker

    Patti was a backup singer for Aretha back in the day. I heard years ago that Aretha holds a grudge against Patti for leaving her group and forming one of her own. This probably happened in the chitlin circuit way back in the 50’s. Aretha is narcissist and not known to be a nice person, but whatever the reason is for the grudge, she should let it go it’s hard on your health.

  • Angie

    Major shade!!! if you look at the video when Aretha is walking across the stage, she has her middle finger up…while holding the mic.

  • Sonya Pleasant Spencer

    Forget the shade….isn’t that mink jacket fabulous!! Who else sings indoors wearing MINK??

  • Stophating101

    Anything to take attention to the fact that Ms. Franklin is performing in the white house. Get lives and be blessed.

  • MM82

    Aretha may be similar to me. When I’m on the move or don’t have my glasses on, I may walk right pass you . It’s not on purpose, I just either have something on my mind or I can’t see.

  • ShazzNem

    IT WAS CARIBBEAN SHAAAYDEE!!!! I wondered if that was about the obstreporous Jacket that was also on the floor and she was trying not to step on it.

  • Barbara Epps

    Why do people always making something negitive out of everything people grow up and get a life.Have you ever heard the saying dont start nothin wont be nothin> It is what this is

  • Lisa

    They embraced as she came down from the stage after the performance.

  • Shirl Eyezontheprize

    She held her hand from the back she was trying to get by at the same time if you look you see patti still holding her hand as she walked up. Don’t be so quick to judge my goodness the aisle is not that big and she has on a fur stop it people

  • cut it out. watch it again.. she clearly touched her hand but was more worried about performing than catching up with someone. Cause these two birds don’t throw indirect shade. And you know that’s the truth. A woman of a certain age is going to do what she wants.

  • FromUR2UB

    “At their age”. People don’t stop being people just because they get old. That grownups don’t bicker and fight is just the myth we teach the younguns, so they aspire to something better. I watched that part several times and am still not sure if it was an intended slight, but if it was, she may have a good reason.

    She sounds good.

  • strausdavis

    I wish Patti would just sing the song. There is simply no need to try to hold the notes as long as she did. It made her sound strange. Some of the notes were too high.

  • strausdavis

    Aretha still sounds pretty good. I am glad she is covering up. For someone her age, dressing more age appropriate, really looks better for her.

  • Brittainy

    I thought there was total shade in the beginning but if u watch the ENTIRE video, the last 3-5 seconds will show Patti & Aretha embrace, laugh and hold hands. I think she walked into a loud, crowded room and didn’t see exactly who was grabbing her hand.

  • shehiplocki

    My Favorite Singer Ever, Ms Aretha Looking Good, Love Her!!

  • shehiplocki

    …does this have anything to do with Whitney???

  • Patricia Baldwin-Dennis

    If she hugged her in the end, than there is no way she was intentionally ignoring her the first time around. People are always looking to be so negative.

  • Vickie D. Byrd

    Don’t think so, you are making a mountain out of a mole hill. She was walking fast and did not notice Pattie, No big deal, stop trying to create problems where there are none.

  • That was 100% SHADE, I don’t see how anyone could see anything else but. She even gave her “the eye” for 1-2 seconds before Patti reached out to grab her arm and hand. She made eye contact with Patti before she touched her. On top of that she was smiling when she came out, looked as though she was surprised when she saw Patti and stopped for a second and after she saw Patti she stopped smiling to the guests. I don’t know what beef they have between each other or whether Aretha just didn’t think Patti’s handshake was appropriate for for the setting. It did look like she squeezed her hand but she seemed a bit reluctant. I do agree, whatever the reason was, she’s too old for that ish.

    Btw, Aretha totally rocked that. Awesome performance. Love her voice.

    • Jasette Jdgaf Hearn


  • awet

    She definitely squeezed Patti’s hand behind her back!

  • ericamissamerica

    Aretha doesn’t like women. Period. If you will go back to her VH1 Divas tribute, you will notice that Aretha ‘did not clap for not NAN’ (yeah I said it) woman that sang her songs. But when Smokey got up there and started whispering on the mic? She almost fell over the balcony LOL. Lord forbid if Marvin Gaye or Sam Cooke were still breathing to serenade her that night at the tribute….she would have had another baby right there on the spot. She is ‘fass’ and she always has been. *shrugs* I love that about her though. I don’t want her or any of the other divas to change a thing because they wouldn’t anyway.

    • Chanda

      I wouldn’t be surprised. I read a story years ago where Aretha and Patti were (two of the performers) at Oprah’s 40th birthday party [show] back in the 90’s. A lot of different singers were performing for Oprah, when Patti performed her song and finished, everyone in the audience gave her a standing applause except for Aretha who stayed in her seat. This was in 1994, people.

    • Guest

      LMAOOOOOOOOOO I love this comment, especially the “she is ‘fass'” part!!

  • zondra howard

    Actually she did shake patti’s hand when was walking through and
    was shade I must say!!

  • amir bey

    Ms. Franklin too classy for that. Looks like she was just rushing to the stage as noted. Folks always trying to make confusion where this is none!!

  • Irma

    It was no shade, she grabbed Patti’s hand. I think Aretha was trying to make it to the stage before her vocal started in the song

  • Jen

    That was total shade…. and she too old for the foolishness…. and anyone that says different is blind as bat !

    • amir bey

      Why you so negative, didn’t look like shade at all. Grow TFU!

    • zondra howard

      I totally agree jen I love them both..Aretha supposed to set an example for us and younger generations but,I was shock so again I so agree with you!!!

  • No big deal

    her hand lingers for a second, they probably squeezed hands in passing as she scurried to the stage

    • Shenette Prevo

      I was thinking the same thing!

    • Sonya Pleasant Spencer

      Not only that, whatever Patti said to her, her response was “thank you” you can see her say it. Oh..the press. Always creating MESS!!

    • Sunshinegirl

      Right! It’s like they held hands in stride. Her hand was still behind her back. I don’t see any shade.

  • Just My Opinion

    Okay so, my interpretation is this, Ms. Franklin anxiously scurries to the stage to perform thanking everyone along the way, doesn’t notice Ms. Labelle is the one that has her arm as she continues to make her way to the stage. Now with that being stated we must always remember as well old birds used to be young birds. It didn’t just begin with our generation. IJS.

    • ashley79

      I’m thinking maybe she felt someone grab her hand and she didn’t know who it was. I would do the same thing if I felt some stranger trying/touching me as I walked by, especially with a group of people.

      • valettaboo

        I think that is what it was too. I don’t think she was really paying attention to who it was.

    • Curt Steele

      noooooo she clearly saw patti before she got to her she gave her the side eye a whole 20 sec before patti even reach out it was like she was looking at her like oooooooh i wish a chick wood like a tree truck lol!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • LaQuita Jackson

      As Aretha walked down the aisle of those people welcoming her, Her whole facial expression changed from the smiles and thank you’s she was giving… to a blank emotionless face as soon as she glanced in Patti’s direction… the quick few seconds before she reached were Patti stood, watch Aretha’s eyes….she looked Patti dead in the eyeballs..more of a Hard side eye seconds before their spaces were even side by side. You can even see Aretha quickly step to the side a bit while glaring at Patti as Patti was reaching to grab her arm/hand. Aretha immediately looks down and moves her arm to grab her dress in a motion to pull at it/fix it as if it were in the way of her walking down that aisle, which you could see it was not the case and as soon as she passed Patti, (I’m Sorry…Shaded Patti) she went right back to her smiles, nods, not even once looking back!

    • ladybug1389

      She looked RIGHT AT HER…#shade