Police: Marvin Sapp Not A Suspect In Teleka Patrick Case

March 11, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

Though it’s been quite some time since we’ve had an update on the case of missing Michigan doctor Taleka Patrick, over the past few days some damaging rumors have been floating around concerning Marvin Sapp’s connection to the 30-year-old woman. As you know, Sapp sought out a protective order against Patrick in September, saying that she had been to his home, claimed to be his wife, contacted his children, and joined his congregation at Lighthouse Full Life Center Church in Grand Rapids. At the time Sapp appeared to be the clear victim in the situation, but recently stories began circulating that police were actually investigating him as a suspect in Patrick’s disappearance. Thankfully, Undersheriff Paul Matyas with the Kalamazoo County Sheriff’s Department, has come forward to deny those rumors, telling WZZM 13 News:

“Mr. Sapp has been nothing but cooperative. He is an innocent victim of stalking in this incident.”

Jim Carlin, a private investigator for the Patrick family, confirmed Matyas’ statement saying he doesn’t believe Sapp or any of his associates harmed Miss Patrick. He did say, however, that her family and members of Sapp’s own church are unhappy with how little effort he has shown in efforts to find the missing woman. Earlier this year a petition was circulating asking Sapp to hold a vigil to raise awareness for Patrick’s disappearance, but it appears he never responded. Another vigil for Patrick will be held tomorrow at the Craig Kempf Funeral Home in Marshall, Michigan, recognizing the 10th anniversary of another missing West Michigan woman, Mary Lands.

Did you believe rumors Marvin Sapp was a suspect?

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  • ITrue

    What ever it is, it will come out all in due time.

  • FromUR2UB

    The woman must have been nuts to be hung up on Marvin Sapp. She had to have been seeing things.

  • thetruthhurtslikehell

    He was smashing her and when she got too aggressive, he had someone to make her disappear. MARK MY WORDS BIBLE THUMPERS!!

    • Guest

      You’re just as delusional as she is…

  • Rosemary Davis

    People please understand that the Police are not going to out right say he’s a suspect they will continue doing their investiagtion untill they have exhausted all leads sometimes it takes years to put all the peices of the puzzle together but some where some way, someone will talk because their conscience will eat them alive untill they do, this woman didn’t fall of the face of the earth and if Marvin Sapps is involved directly or indirectly he will be exposed the most high will see to that.

    • Guest

      I’m not saying that i hope he is involved,but man that would be one HE.LL of a spin!wow..

  • Meemo

    This woman was stalking him and contacting his children and he’s expected to hold a vigil for her? What if she really isn’t missing and is doing this for attention from him? If I was him I wouldn’t get involved and let the police and her family handle this matter.

    • Rosemary Davis

      Don’t be fooled by a man because he’s popular,has a big church, and speak winsome words from the pulpit in due time if he’s involved it will be brought to light being religious will not shield you from wrongfull acts.

    • andreana mccann

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    • Lee

      Although I think Sapp is a bit cocky, I agree with your assessment. If Patrick is still alive she could interpret a vigil from Sapp as a romantic invitation.