Ya’ll Clean Up Nicely! What The Stars Of “The Walking Dead” Look Like Away From The Apocalypse

March 11, 2014  |  
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There’s no escaping the zombies and depressing setting of life during the apocalypse on The Walking Dead. But when our favorite characters aren’t doused in dirt, zombie blood and guts, they’re actually quite wonderful looking people. Just as we did a “They Clean Up Nice” for Orange Is The New Black, we thought we’d do the same for the cast of The Walking Dead. Enjoy!


Danai Gurira/Michonne

While the loc-wearing, Katana sword yielding Michonne doesn’t really crack a smile on the show, on the red carpets, Danai Gurira can’t help but flash her pearly whites. The 36-year-old Zimbabwean-American actress is absolutely stunning.


Sonequa Martin/Sasha

A new addition to the show, Sasha keeps it simple with her look. Hey, it’s the apocalypse. But with big curls, smooth strands and an array of other fancy wigs to protect her strands, Sonequa cleans up quite nicely for events.


Andrew Lincoln/Rick

Don’t let the dirt and blood fool you, Andrew Lincoln is quite the looker. The hair is laid, the suits are quite fitted as you can see and the British actor stays quite snazzy.


Chandler Riggs/Carl

Carl started off on the show as an innocent little kid, but we’ve watched him shoot the dead brains out of walkers right in front of our eyes. Going through puberty on the show, Riggs has definitely changed from his start on the show in 2010 (including that voice of his). He’s now 14, and rocking his Bieber-esque hair quite nicely.


Norman Reedus/Daryl Dixon

With his crossbow on his arm, his motorcycle (which he had to leave behind when the jail fell), and his temper, Daryl Dixon gives no ish about looking fresh or anyone’s opinion at all. But in real life Reedus cleans up pretty well and has quite a few lady fans. He actually was a model back in the day.

Dan Jackman/WENN.com

Lauren Cohan/Maggie

Not only is Lauren a stunner when she’s off-set, but she has a British accent! Cohan, who often chats with viewers after the show airs on Sunday via the program Talking Dead, was born in New Jersey and raised in the UK.

Brian To/WENN.com

Emily Kinney/Beth

She might play Maggie’s younger sheltered sister, but Emily Kinney is a grown a** woman. She’s 28 going on 29, and as you can see, likes to show a little leg from time to time.


Michael Rooker/Merle

Merle left us last season after changing his racist and sexist ways and trying to kill the Governor, and we’ll miss his scary knife attachment and Southern drawl, but we won’t miss his greasy clothes. As you can see below, he might not be the most stylist cast member, but he likes to stay fresh in his quilted blazers and pageboy hats.

Brian To/WENN.com

Melissa McBride/Carol

The once lovable caregiver turned cold-blooded murderer’s looks on the show aren’t that vast from her looks in everyday life–aside from the makeup and hippy-like looks. But we couldn’t help but notice that McBride is quite cute.


Laurie Holden/Andrea

Andrea is another character that we miss (though we’re still mad at her for not taking out the Governor when she could have). But now that she’s left behind the sweaty clothes and bloody knife wielding, Laurie Holden is getting her movie star on, acting in the sequel to Dumb and Dumber, and looking quite fabulous while doing so.


Steven Yeun/Glenn

How can you not love Glenn? And now that you know what he looks like with a suit on, there’s even more reason to love him–or Steven Yeun that is.


David Morrissey/The Governor

While he might have played the crazed Governor, Morrissey is actually quite the cheerful looking Englishman. Check the smile!


Chad Coleman/Tyrese

Who else remembers Coleman from The Wire!? Anywho, he now has the coveted role of Tyrese (a protective and temperamental fella). When he’s not wielding his hammer, Chad Coleman is quite adorable in his suits.

Shane AMC

Jon Bernthal/Shane

Shane meant well in the beginning of the show, but when a man loves a woman he can’t have, things can get a little crazy. Or a lot crazy actually. Because of his behavior, Rick had to take him out. But no worries, Bernthal and his hair have been nabbing roles since he was killed off, popping up in the film SnitchThe Wolf of Wall Street, and his own show, Mob City. Maybe all the suits involved in those roles rubbed off on him in real life.


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  • Rachel

    Danai looks gorgeous in that pink dress! Everything about her is perfect, body, face everything. I have a hard time watching her show, I can’t take the gore and zombies. I did see her in Reckless City and Mother of George and she was fantastic.

  • Ashley

    Sonequa absolutely do not wear wigs. She wears her natural hair & it is gorgeous. Trust me, I know

  • newgirl

    I am so team Daryl if a zombie comes knocking at my door. That dude could get it!!!

  • Erica

    Can’t believe Beth is 28 she looks good to be knocking on 30’s door…. Daryl is one if my fav and so was Meryl still can’t believe he gone n Hershel omg him too gonna miss him (tear) lol

    • LovAsia

      HERSHEL awwwsssss IKR he was the wisdom in the group reminds me of my grandpa.

      • Erica

        Yes he was the wisdom the doctor everything I swear if Daryl die off I’m not watching it u kno by the end if the season we gonna lose a major character

        • LovAsia

          IKR OMG so stressful Maybe it will be someone else Hopefully not Daryl… Geez Maybe like the Beth will die.

  • Ayonna Johnson

    I like Steven Yuen and Norman Reedus DIRRTTTY! And I really miss Shane/Jon Bernthal.

  • Ayonna Johnson

    I tune in weekly, it a must see for me. I watched Talking Dead last Sunday when Sonequa was on the show and every time the camera would look to her I kept thinking she looks like some other actress or model. Now that I saw this pic of her I think her and Yaya Dacosta of ANTM favor each other.

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      She also looks a bit like a younger Angela Bassett.

    • chanela

      i was dying inside every time i saw her on screen. that damn widow’s peak has to go.

  • Darling

    Of course there can be more than one, but I always wondered why Lupita and not Danai? Her body is sick!!!! And she can dress.

  • kaa

    Love the show, I always try to eat early on Sunday because it’s so bloody. The episode with walker in the well that split in half when they were pulling out of well made me throw up.

  • Samantha

    Some of them look the same before & after

    • Charla

      Yes, all of them look the same to me lol. The only thing that catches me off guard is their natural accents which are different than the ones on the show.

  • TC

    Darryl Dixon here is one of your lady fans right here. I’ve always been a fan of Norman Reedus since Boondock Saints, but is it weird that I prefer the dirty version? LOL
    BTW… Danai is KILLING IT!!

    • LovAsia

      lol its true!!!

  • LovAsia

    OMG my fav… yea i like Darrel better dirty

    • CAliQueen

      Lol yes Daryl does look like he’s more in his element when he is dirty.