Ciara Reportedly Spends $20K On Safari-Themed Nursery

March 11, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram


Ciara has that beautiful expectant mom’s glow. It’s obvious that she’s extremely excited about the upcoming birth of her little bundle of joy, which is now believed to be a little boy. And her fiancé, Future, says she has been hard at work setting up the baby’s nursery.

“We’ve been shopping, she done changed the whole house up for the baby,” Future shared during an interview. “We had to get bigger houses, bigger rooms, everything.The rooms changed. The guest room done changed into the baby room. The closets, man she told me, ‘You gotta get rid of your clothes, the baby clothes need to be in here.’ I’m like, ‘hold on.’ She’s like ‘We have too many clothes, we have too many shoes.'”

“The [baby’s] room is beautiful. I can’t wait for you to see it,” he added.

We can’t wait to see it either, since according to TMZ, Ci Ci spent close to $20,000 setting it up. Sources say the nursery will be safari-themed, adorned with a variety of stuffed animals. Spies add that Ciara and Future have been spotted shopping at high-end baby boutique Petit Tresor in Los Angeles. It is reported that the couple spent $1,800 alone on an 8-foot stuffed giraffe. Their purchase also included other stuffed animals, paintings and pricey book ends.

Must be nice!

Turn the page for a sneak peek at some of the items Ci Ci reportedly picked up for her baby boy.

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  • Tiassopinkmommy

    It dont take all that. Do all his other kids have $20,000 rooms? Ijs

  • Samantha

    I’m so excited and happy for the expectant couple!! I’m sure with this being her first Ciara is especially ecstatic and sparing no expense not uncommon. And since they can afford it I don’t see why not!

    • Teaching these Hoes

      You’re the type of low grade female that ruin societies by way of stupid behavior and the inability to see past a day.

  • Sandia

    Let’s hope his other baby mamas don’t read this. They’ll probably try to raise his child support. It sucks that only one of the children can live with the father full time and get to live in opulence. I hate to see OOW babies not get the same treatment as the wife’s child. The children are innocent

    • Reese

      This baby is out of wedlock as well. So what’s the difference? The only difference is both Future and Ciara have money.

      • Cold Hard Facts

        And barely that Ctfu.

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean OOW babies don’t get the same treatment as the wife’s child? If the child is raised to be respectful, know the difference between right and wrong, feel loved and supported and not abused and neglected by the parent no matter if they’re married or not, then you have no right to pass judgment. Shoot, there are children that gets abused and neglected by married parents too you know.

      • Kay

        You MUST be a baby mama. All she meant was Ciaras child will be around Future full time and because Ciara has her own money the child may live better than Futures other children. His other baby mamas aren’t millionaires. Now, pipe down!

        • Cold Hard

          Of course. They have the same rationale lol.

    • Guest

      Well she has her own money. Note the title said CIARA reportedly spent $20K

      • Tiassopinkmommy

        If she spent it he spent it

  • Gabriela Mathis

    I’m so happy for her! I’ve been a fan of Ciara since day 1, she’s already such a humble person & she’s gonna be a great mom as well (: #csquad

    • Cold hard Facts

      Gabriela, why are you happy? Did you celebrate when Zimmerman got off or when Paul Walker died? This is a tragedy, like a Shakespearean play, which is why your hero is humble…she accepted her membership for idiot of the decade.

      • Gabriela Mathis

        Please stfu, you sound so stupid. She’s such an honest, and yes HUMBLE celeb and not all flamboyant like most of these other celebrities so that’s why I admire her. She actually gives back to people, & shows love to her fans which is so rare in celebrities. She never let the fame go to her head. And whats it to you that I’m happy for her? Is that a problem? Last time I checked that’s better than being a low life ignorant celeb basher like yourself. My comment wasn’t to you nor had any offense to you so just mind your business next time k? (: