New Reality Series “BAPs” Coming To Lifetime

March 11, 2014  |  

Source: Lifetime

Remember the 1997 ghetto comedy “BAPs,” starring Halle Berry and Natalie Desselle-Reid? Well a set of real-life, self-proclaimed Black African Princesses will be headed to your television soon by way of a new nonfiction series on Lifetime.

Aptly titled “BAPs,” the new show will follow Anisha Morell (photo above) and her group of affluent and privileged African American friends in St. Louis who, according to Lifetime “are always dressed to the nines with egos in tow, and aren’t afraid to share their opinions about the men in their lives and about each another.” If you can’t tell already, these ladies are all about competing to be the most successful and most beautiful — which is sure to bind and divide them, a.k.a cause plenty of made-for-TV drama.

The series, which is produced by Asylum Entertainment, is currently in deep production and slated to debut this summer, though no official air date has been set yet. We’re anxiously awaiting our first look at this show, which sounds like a version of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” meets the Midwest. Are you ready for this?

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  • Simone Pratt

    Is anyone here a member of a Greek Letter organization or in Jack & Jill or the Links or the Boule? If NOT… then NOT BAPs… I’m sorry Lifetime #fail do your research on Black folks please…

  • BAPtastic

    Looks like a ripoff of the BAP Handbook

  • NOLA

    Once again the lurkers are out spreading their negativity. …please lurkers…stay tuned in when the show premiere. ..they need those ratings. …and the cast can laugh all the way to the BANK…Go Anisha and crew…I’m rooting for u from the big easy

  • PositiveSTL

    Anisha is a strong, beautiful, smart woman. She would give you the shirt off her back. It’s sad to see negative comments from people who obviously don’t know her. People who spew negativity are obviously trying to hide the fact that they are miserable with themselves and unhappy with their own insecurities. What is wrong with the fact someone is confident and educated? Or are you just the opposite and hate on others who are what you wish to be. She’s been my bestie since age 12 and I’ll check you every time.

    • FatBack

      Seems like people are just calling it like they see it. If she’s been your BFF since age 12, you know there’s a lot of truth in these posted comments. Keep it real boo boo

      • PositiveSTL

        Get out of the bucket crab!

  • necyd

    Can’t wait to see the show!! Represent Anisha…

  • NOLA

    Wow, I cannot believe some of the comments I am reading. . Anisha is a phenomenal woman. I am proud of her for sharing with the world a fraction of her life..To know her is to only know Love!! Go Nish!! I’m so proud of you!! She is such a creole cutie!!

    • FatBack

      this is HILARIOUS!
      Anisha – get off the comments board!
      Creole cutie – really though?!?

      • NOLA

        Chile…fall back….U are giving to many fawks about Anisha….u wanna be her or nah??

  • I always worry that these shows won’t show the complex character of women. I know Anisha. She’s a really sweet person. I hope they don’t edit it to make her look negative. We’ll see. Hats to her and the other ladies in the meantime.

    • B Cooper

      Looks like the BAPS (producers) did exactly what you feared! I hope the upcoming episodes are better for her.

  • sostlouis

    Annisha Morrell (MU Grad) has been tripping over herself for some time. Her ego is quite over the top, especially now that she has lost weight and can afford a decent weave. If this is what she spent her hard work and education to achieve, kudos to her. I’ll keep my dial on a show that builds women up, rather than perpetuate the very stigma that divide them.

    • Mark Brown

      You haven’t even seen the show, but is already running your mouth spitting hate. Sad and mad because you haven’t lost any weight and your ego is smaller than hers.

      Anyway, Morrell, who I do not know, apparently has tripped and weaved herself onto the Lifetime Channel. How about them apples? Where are you? Hating in cyberspace.

      You should be watching Iyanla, Fix My Life on OWN.

      The Internet can seem so full of losers at times……people who deserve to have no computer or smart phone. Haters should be banned from the Internet.

  • NOLA_LoveandLight

    hopefully these Lifetime checks will help the girl in the photo retire her grandma’s prom night fur and her little sister’s Forever 21 dress #stepyourgameupboo

    • Show stopper

      Can’t stop lol right!!!

    • PositiveSTL

      So much for love and light huh? You should change your name to misery and hate… Boo!

    • PositiveSTL

      She’s getting paid to be in the show. And you’re blogging about it… Looks like you need to step your game up boo!

    • Mark Brown

      Well…….at least we now know how you’d act on a Reality TV show. Rachetttttt.

  • QueenofPinkAndGreen_08

    Ho hum … emphasis on “self-proclaimed” princess – anyone can give themselves a title these days – democratization of celebrity is real.

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  • BC

    Uh never heard of her…..St. Louis is a town not city. I can assure you. That this is a very fabricated show. The true well to do here definitely do not consider themselves Baps!

    • randomviewer


      • Dee

        Sis, plz. We can see the letters even when they’re in lowercase; you don’t need to scream. I think BC meant that St. Louis is not really a city in the sense that Chicago, New York City or Philadelphia are cities. St. Louis is VERY slow-paced in comparison to other cities in the United States and more town-like, but I do agree with you that it is categorized as a city.

        • Mark Brown

          The St. Louis metro region has about 3-million people – hardly “a town” – and nearly 20% of its people are African-American. Slower-paced than Chicago, NYC and Philadelphia? Yes, but a slower-pace doesn’t mean it’s “a town”. Is Philly “a town” because it is slower than NYC, Chicago or Paris? Catch up…..

    • Happy

      And you are?! Clearly you aren’t even on the radar. The cast was carefully selected…

    • Mark Brown

      You must have failed Geography in elementary, middle and high school. The St. Louis metro region has about 3-million people – hardly “a town” – and nearly 20% of its people are African-American. obviously don’t know any of the cast members – entrepreneurs, company executives, etc.

  • Queen2Cent

    Why do I have a feeling this show is going to further perpetuate every bad and ridiculous stereotype known to Black Women. SMDH!!! #BlackWomenStayLosing

    • MJTaylor

      Have you been to STL? Many of us here bring these “stereotypes” upon ourselves and work very hard to keep them alive. #changeyourflowmypeople

  • Just My Opinion

    -___- , that’s all I got!

  • folamix


  • Tess

    These women will begin acting like ladies, as-soon-as that camera starts they are going to act like assholes, AS USUAL!

  • Marley80

    If it’s going to be another show featuring grown women of African descent acting immature and foolish, they can keep it. Enough already!