Unbalanced Love: Celebrity Couples Where One Person Seems More Into It Than The Other

March 12, 2014 ‐ By Julia Austin
Celebrity Couples Where One Person Seems More Into It Than The Other

Photo Credit: Curtis Sabir/WENN.com

It’s hard enough when your close circle of friends can see so clearly that you’re more into your partner than he is into you. Can you imagine if the whole world was watching the unbalance? We have a hunch that with these celebrity couples, one person is a little bit more into it than the other.

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  • Name

    Julia Julia Julia, darling I need to take you for some drinks and maybe a massage? Where do you come up with these pathetic topics? And the people that agree with you, wow.

  • ks

    As someone who’s met Steadman multiple times trust me. It doesn’t matter how much money Oprah has, she’s a very very lucky lady.

  • mamas

    I am in a relationship that is being scrutinized, not by my family or friends…but the government. Being in a relationship like that is very difficult. I promised i will NEVER talk bout someone’s relationship unless details are shared with me. I am thoroughly disgusted that some pics from the “paps” can “prove” the love 2 people have or the lack of it

  • Dani Hogan

    Why does everyone always dis Mariah? It pisses me off! The question in the “blurb” underneath their photo is “Think Mariah has any ink?” What a selective memory we all seem to have. In the photos where Nick’s “Mariah” tattoo was originally revealed, another much more zoomed in shot of Mariah’s lower back revealed her “Mrs. Cannon” tattoo. She loves the guy & he loves her. Why do all of you stinking press people try to damage people’s relationships with your catty, unfounded, & frankly STUPID comments. Get a REAL job assholes

  • londongirl09

    this is an unbelievably bitchy and unnecessary article. lets hope who ever wrote this is subject to the same inane, ridiculous criticism in their relationships. grow up.

  • HereSheIs

    But that wedding for Jennifer and David tho….im waiting on that! Damn when they gon jump the broom? at 79?

  • Crystal

    I haven’t commented on this website for a while mainly because of the lackluster articles. But this was foolishness at it’s finest. I guess the person that wrote this knows nothing about a relationship or dont have the capability to write an intelligent article.

  • Neekisha Rodriguez

    You guys seem way off base with most of the couples on this list.

  • MuFuJones

    this list is killing me!!!! Alicia Keyes found Swizz annoying when they met… she didn’t find him MARRIED!!!???? HO3S ARE TOO MUCH!

    • nofanofhers

      Thank you for this comment. So many people want to give her a pass. She lost me as a fan after that.

  • MuFuJones

    Amber could have any man on the planet that doesn’t mind ho3s!

  • Yerp

    Julia Austin…. smh,

  • IslandChick83

    I see the author pulled most of this stuff out of their behind.

  • Suchalady

    Yeah this article is pretty much trash but I still don’t believe Alicia and Swizz. She didn’t have to steal someone’s husband to prove she was straight.

  • Mc Poosh

    This blogger must be extremely miserable or been used,beaten, raped and played by a lot of men in the past. Living her with almost no self-esteem so she decides to use her shame/embarrassment and humiliations as eager/anger to write trash about male celebrities.

    Why don’t you try to get tour life back together?

  • scandalous7

    man this article aint ish. All assumptions.

  • Guest

    Liya Kebede has such a beautiful family! Oh, by the way, screw this list! If you look at your woman, it’s too possessive. If you don’t look at your woman, you have a wondering eye. SMDH! MN, you people are haters. You must be miserable. Sucks to be you.

  • iamundefined

    Slow news day I guess. This article is pure garbage. MESSY MN…very messy. Lift up people instead of writing these bulls&%t article. And find a good writer before you attempt to bash people. Straight up messy. This article is no better than the National Enquirer, etc. CRAP!!

  • FromUR2UB

    Someone’s still thinking Oprah and Stedman are a couple? How old is that pic? I haven’t seen Stedman or heard about him in so long, I’d forgotten he ever was.

    • Jowie

      He’s on her instagram though

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    Does it matter? Why is this necessary? *side note* I always thought Beyonce was more into Jay-Z then him into her. . . .

    • Guest

      Are you kidding? Jay Z rapped about WAITING for Beyonce because she was too young and wanted to find herself and experience life (this includes dating other people) before settling down. Just because someone has a chilled disposition doesn’t mean they are not crazy in love, ya know.

      • Zia Paul

        I don’t know, but I find that slightly creepy of Jay-Z. (it’s good that he waited though, for legal reasons).

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    What an absolutely ridiculous article

  • Tamira Bennett Volk

    This article was mean and offensive. Oprah sometimes talks about Steadman. She has also spoken about she doesn’t talk about her relationship much to the media. And she advised Beyonce not to if she wanted her relationship to last. Shame on you.

  • KIM

    MadameNoire, y’all all up in the sauce and don’t even know what’s going on in these relationship, for real. for real. Stop the nonsense.

  • Mimi

    I’m so disappointed with this article. How could the writer make such sweeping generalizations on people’s lives by just looking at their pictures? Like seriously??

  • GAgirlinaGAworld

    Everything i’m thinking has been said in these comments. I enjoy this site mostly, but this list is horrible. You know NOTHING about people’s relationships/marriages. This is MESSY. I couldn’t even get through this list. Messy and despicable. Ya’ll ought to be ashamed of publishing this mess.

  • bigdede

    This whole article is nothing but a bash session. Basically MN is bashing couples where the women’s career is more dominate (Oprah, Jennifer Hudson) and the men mostly stay in the background. Or if the man is very in love with his woman (like he should be) then he must be more into her than she is into him. So what Jason sent Jordan 1000 roses, isn’t that a great thing? So Boris and Nicole like to always look good when they step out their house. Didn’t your mama always say don’t come out the house looking a mess? What do you want them to walk out their house with their hair uncombed and nose dirty? Also not every love affair starts off as love at first sight. So what Alicia thought Swizz was annoying, she soon met the real man and fell in love. That happens all the time! I couldn’t stand my last boyfriend when I first met him.

    • Guest

      Thank you! They just can’t stand the fact that successful career women CAN have love too. Haters.

  • Jess

    Yes! Mariah has “MCC” tatooed on her lower back. Mariah Carey Cannon

  • AllieR

    You guys are disgusting. Most if these couples seen happy birthday together. Most, not all. Amber and wiz seem like a great pair and she DOES seem happy in photos with him. It doesn’t matter it you think he’s not good enough for her. She likes him. Nicole can do so much better than Boris Koolaid.

    And Joy’s husband is super handsome. Good catch.

    • AllieR

      Sorry for obvious typos. I’m mobile.

  • TinaM

    This article was pure speculation and trash. The author is very cynical and doesnt think any of these people are capable of love…she’s too jaded to write a fair article. Shame on you MN

  • Heather

    Hold up?! For one Stedman and Oprah isn’t married to each other, two, Mariah has a “Mrs. Cannon” tattoo and it’s a small one, and three, Boris and Nicole still show public affection for one another. Damn MN, looks like y’all wanna look for the negative in these relationships, waste of time, just like I wasted my time clicking through the damn pages!

  • J.Nicole

    Wait, since when don’t Oprah’s fans know who he is? And since when is he her “hubby”? Must have been a quota to fill for this article

    • Melanie Aurora Golden

      Right and before she went syndicated, her and Stedman were “engaged” and it never happened. She used to talk about him all the time.

  • Tsk

    I guess you girls over at MN need to start learning a thing or two from these celebs then, with who on ur staff pining after a man who left her while pregs nd who over there loving themselves for them nd the world cuz they cant find or keep a man. Stop shading! #Sad

  • mikki21

    The only one that really doesn’t make since to me is Amber Rose and Wiz. These two are perfect together. True Amber Rose is a cute chick, but what has she really contributed to the media but a “Oh, she has A$$ for a white chick”, and can pull off a buzz cut. And Wiz to me lyrically is a roller coaster, he either has it or doesn’t.

    • HUgrad13

      Amber Rose is white? In what world?

      • killa

        both of ambers parents are light, they come from a Spanish colonized place, but because she has one drop we call her black? Check her with a wig; she’s white

    • HollyBerry

      Amber Rose isn’t white!

  • BabyClover

    This article is all 150 shades of messy MN! “so we’re pretty certain she just scared designer Ted Leissner into marriage” <– Like seriously?

  • thegoodluckpig

    we didnt even know kimora was married til what a month ago how can we insinuate one is more “into it” than the other? also we should leave jordin sparks & jason derulo alone? really we’re arguing he looks at her too possessively?

  • lovechild

    This so called list was ridamdiculous…I couldnt even get through it all.

  • Mimsy

    Who created and approved this dumb a$$ article?? Nicole and Boris have been married a long time with a beautiful family, so now they don’t love each other!? MN is so messy. Post your love life in pics and let US decipher your relationship

    • Jeanette R.

      Thank you! You cant tell ANYTHING from the bits and pieces we get. Were not IN these relationships. Its also a pretty hateful (I know thats a strong word) topic for an article. Do better!

    • Jeanette R.

      And yes, Mariah, does have a tattoo of NIck’s name on her body, its smalled, but its there…before claims are made, lets do our research 🙂

      • DaisyDuke

        I was about to say this. It says “Mrs. Cannon” w/ butterfly wings and it’s on her back.

    • Tatianna K.

      Chile I said the same thing. It’s like this site got nothing better to do but talk about celeb’s personal life and being experts in relationships.

    • Val

      MN gets some of its stuff from Bossip and I think this is from there. So, that’s why this post makes no sense at all.

  • bee

    It’s kind of annoying how people continuously suggest that Kendu’s decision to be involved with Mary was more so business than love. A broken woman can’t find true love?