NeNe Leakes Hints That A ‘RHoA’ Cast Member Is Getting The Axe

March 10, 2014  |  

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Things have gotten extremely intense during this season of “Real Housewives of Atlanta” and while most would assume that all of the controversy is great news for network executives who are concerned about ratings, NeNe insists that producers will more than likely be cutting someone from the cast by next season.

“They keep me relevent! One don’t even get paid to be on the show and the other gets pennies to do anything,” NeNe tweeted during last night’s episode, seemingly referencing former friend Marlo Hampton and co-star Kenya Moore.

“She is dying 2 be Queen B on the pennies they give her LOL! It’s never gonna happen boo so relax,” she added.

The newly announced “Dancing With The Stars” contender then hinted that someone will probably be getting cut by next season.

“These people be doing the most & probably won’t b coming back next season #fired #bye.”

NeNe also shared her thoughts about last night’s episode via her blog. Her post reads:

“Misery loves company! Manlow and Krayonce seem to be keeping each other company very well. They are back at their ol’ tricks. Krayonce wants this to be about her so badly! She has thirsty written all over her face. It’s way better for them to sit and talk about me than me talking about them, because I am very busy, hunni!

As I said before, I am never having anything to do with these two fools, so no need for me to comment. When I write you off, I write you off! They are doing all for nothing, so let them keep talking about me.

I’m so sad and angry about ‘The New Normal’ going away, as if I have anything to do with NBC’s decision making! ‘The New Normal’ was an amazing series with talented writers, actors and creators. If you were in this business, then you would know that as an African American actress not many of us can say that we have worked on two major networks at the same damn time as working on a cable network. That’s amazing within itself! I love how these chicks try to diminish what is clearly a major accomplishment. Let’s see them get a series to lose, then holla back at me. By the way, what do they do again? My point exactly!
Just so you know, if I’m seen for one second or one hour on ‘Glee,’ I get paid exactly the same — it’s called a contract!
Thanks for tuning in!
P.S. My clothing line is coming in July and I’m currently on DWTS Season 18, which begins March 17th on ABC! I have another amazing announcement coming soon! When one door closes another one opens!
Stay Fabulous, Darling!
NeNe Leakes”

We love NeNe, but honestly it sounds like she’s just blowing hot air about a cast member being fired. However, if Bravo were to fire a cast member, who would you like to see go?

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  • Let’s be real, for ratings purposes, Bravo WILL be keeping Kenya!!! There’s only 3 possible nominees for eviction: Porsha (cause I’m so over this Kordellia mess), Cynthia (hopefully she will take Uncle Ben with her), & Phaedra!!!

  • guest

    I loooove Nene! Tell ’em girl!

  • PaidJade

    Nene is the real house wife of atlanta lets get that straight. if anyone needs to go its whore-moore and manlow. # we rich we rich we rich

  • Seanie

    If NeNe fell threatening by someone she tries to get them fired, look at what happened to Sheree after their blow up! She letting her influence get out of hand. Remember NeNe what goes up, must come down.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    pride goeth before the fall…if she can’t see by now that she needs to humble herself i don’t know what will open her eyes…she’s a hot mess & getting hotter & messier every episode…& she’s alienating most of the people who actually liked her.

  • GirlBye

    Porsha, Phaedra, and/or Kenya….

  • Sweet Ga Brown

    Phaedra. I like her but she needs to get her house in order and focus on some of those careers.

    • MsLadyE

      I agree. Her holier-than-thou, fake attitude is driving me up the wall!

  • Michelle

    I think NeNe has told Bravo to fire Kenya under the terms of “it’s either her or me”! I felt from the beginning that Kenya was NEVER NeNe’s friend. Her true friend Diana was right about Kenya and Marlo. The two were always looking to ride NeNe’s coat tails and they both tried to make Diana look crazy for feeling that way. A true friend knows another true friend. Lesson learned the hard way.

  • rebel girl

    It will be Phaedra, with Apollo’s latest legal issues, bravo won’t be associated with a cast member who’s husband will soon go thru a federal trial and considering he’s married to a rhoa cast member, his wife will be investigated as well to see if she was involved in the crimes

    • B Cooper

      Do you also think the New Jersey couple will be let go? I like Theresa but I am just not feeling Joe.

      • Chanel6181

        I don’t think they will be let go. You may or may not see Joe on camera as much, I think it depends on how they want to spin it. They could show both of them to portray a united front. I think they will keep them for another season or two, if they don’t do jail time. If they do keep them, it will show them trying to rebuild after all the court stuff is over.

  • Gosh! For someone who keeps saying she’s not going to comment about them, she KEEPS commenting about them–directly & indirectly. All three of them are tiring.

  • bigdede

    It could be Cynthia and Peter. Peter is just as much a female as the next. He’s trying harder than Cynthia to stay relevant.

  • Linda M McCuff

    Highminded and heady, she better hope they’re not tired of her and that messiness she’s has working all around her. She is the one who is supose to bring things together.But she spent the entire season digging holes with that tainted tongue of hers, starting fires and then shifting the blame. I don’t think that she is in any position to bid farewell to anyone.Take heed Mrs. when you think you stand lest you fall. She just might be the one leaving.

  • ClassyK

    I would like to see NeNe go. I’m usually quiet when it comes to my views about celebrities but that woman is needs an attitude adjustment. It was pure luck that she ended up married to someone and twice at that with such a nasty/stuck up attitude. She has always been my least favorite and is forever having it out with someone. God don’t like ugly….Miss thang better check herself.

  • MsLadyE

    NeNe should not flatter herself. SHE could just as well be the next RHOA cast member getting a pink slip. BOOP!

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  • Libra

    NeNe, I thought you said, “As I said before, I am never having anything to do with these two fools, so no need for me to comment. When I write you off, I write you off! They are doing all for nothing, so let them keep talking about me.” SHUT UP

  • lavendarbloom

    she has a sag card…….. does not make her an actress….comparing herself to other black actresses who acts characteristically for each part, where as she, nene acted as her own persona in each sitcom. nene is a violator of all decorum!!!!!!!!!

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  • kickash

    its not gonna be kenya. kenya is crazy and unpredictable and bravo wants ratings. but really i think it could be anybody at this point. nene included.

    • Jae Bee

      I agree. I hope it’s Nene. The irony would be great!

      To quote Willy Wonka…”The suspense is terrible. I hope it’ll last!”

    • bigdede

      Then next season Kenya needs to get a storyline. This season is all about her twerking for no reason and getting in other’s ppl business. She’s not even doing anything worth talking about.

      • Jae Bee

        What is Nene’s storyline this season?

        • B Cooper

          These ladies are not on my level! In other words, she doesn’t have one!

        • guest

          What is all of their storylines at the end of the day? Let’s stop pretending that only Nene doesn’t have a valid storyline. I think that crown goes to Kenya with her made up prince.

          • Jae Bee

            Oh, I wasn’t pretending anything…but I do agree with you—with the exception of perhaps Kandi, what is the storyline for any of the women this season? I actually appreciate the fact that Kenya is trying to make up a storyline—much more than you can say about all the other irrelevant “housewives”.

  • Leslie Juanita

    *fingers crossed* it’s kenya. truth be told everybody needs a check so i hate for anyone to lose their job. but yea, kenya is evil.

    • Jae Bee

      How is she anymore “evil” than any of the other women on that show or any other show in the ‘Housewives’ franchise?

      • Leslie Juanita

        kenya just doesn’t work for me. her whole storyline is contrived. everything about her that’s supposed to be interesting is either a lie or at best blown completely out of proportion. shes combative & petty with whomever she doesn’t get along with that week. & even when she’s supposedly friendly with someone she’s bashing them in her private interviews. but this is all just the way i see it. i know kenya has people who honestly like her & i respect that, even if i can’t understand it.

        • Rissie75


        • Live Laugh Love

          She doesn’t do anything different then any of the other ones….. they are all each other’s friends and talking about each other behind each other’s back

          • Chanel6181

            That’s how the show is promoted but they are not friends. The only two that has a true friendship is Kandi and Phaedra. The rest are just women who work on a show together. LOL

  • GymJunkie43

    I am sorry but NeNe does not have the look for primetime unless its the disgruntled black woman role. Look at supporting and main actress on TV: Gabrielle Union, Kerry Washington, Sofia Vergara. Hollywood is too shallow to be walking around with oversized veneers and blonde lacefronts.

    • B Cooper

      I agree with you 100%. I am wondering why Nene does not know this as of yet? Her PR people/agent won’t tell her because when she gets paid playing the ABW, they get paid too.

  • Felicia

    Well….they are all keeping each other relevant by continuing to talk about another “cast member” in their interview.

  • BabyBlue

    She is sounding very childish. Her next gig should be Iyanla Fix My Life. She has some issues.

  • B Cooper

    If Bravo were to fire a cast member it could just as well be her as anyone. She doesn’t have a storyline! But I hope they can all come back.