Twitter Don’t Kill Our Vibe: Racists React To Casting of Quvenzhané Wallis in Annie Remake

March 9, 2014  |  


It’s always disturbing when racism rears it’s ugly head via social media, especially towards a child. It appears that the casting of Quvenzhané Wallis in the Annie remake has brought out the Jim Crow some people. The first trailer for the movie which will be released in theaters on Christmas Day was recently met with a whole lot of backlash.

Twitter reacted violently with some being blatantly racist:

“Annie was a freckled face redhead, not a nappy head parasite…”

While others expressed dissatisfaction with the stray from the original characters:

“A black Annie- really? should we now have a white Aunt Jemima?”

“Black Annie…? No… Annie always will be and always should be a ginger! #notracist just traditional”

“They turned Annie black. I have no problems with black people. I have a problem with a non-ginger”

These were just a few of the tweets catalogued by blogger Matthew Elliot that were featured in a post on Raw Story.

With so much in the world to be angry about we can’t believe people are using their 140 characters to get up in arms and spread ignorance about a beloved childhood character. Thankfully Twitter didn’t exist when Keshia Knight-Pulliam played “Polly” in place of Hayley Mills or when Diana Ross was skipping down the yellow brick road in The Wiz.

We don’t understand what it is about some people and their desperation to preserve tradition and hoard history they feel belongs to them and not other races. The last time we checked this country was built on the backs of many shades, not just the lighter ones. Either way they need to take their fight to where it belongs and off Twitter being associated with what should be a happy film and a great opportunity for Wallis to yet again display those awesome acting chops of hers. We have to remember that it’s not just a character who’s being attacked, but there’s also a little girl with brown skin in real life who’s playing her.

Did you see this coming?

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  • kisha

    Annie was a great movie! In my opinion Ms Wallis played the character just as good as the original and sequel.

  • Alan Blake

    SMH! Racists say the same thing about a person of color playing the role of President (until Obama), the lead role of a Star Wars VII Stormtrooper, but have no problem with Jesus, the Egyptians in Exodus, Paul (who was mistaken for an Egyptian in Acts 21:38), the Queen of Sheba (Ethiopian), Moses (mistaken for an Egyptian in Ex. 2:19) being portrayed as caucasian.

  • chanela

    that wig tho…..

    • kisha

      What wig? That is her natural hair!

  • Moses

    Us Blacks always got to be followers trying to be the first Black to do this or that. Let them have what they started and we create our own thing and let them follow us.

    • Ms. Anniqua

      OMG! I totally agree with u. U couldnt have said it better.

    • Rona MyGoodys Lewis

      Thats not all true babe, far as blacks being followers. There are so manys things that we have created and done, but had stolen from us. Lots of the movies they make are inspired by blacks, our stories, but were taken and turned in their own. Music, inventions, style, language, our stories, our struggles. Elvis started out stealing black music turning it into his own , but that was ok cause they did it. But one thing they hate the most is we excel in everything we do. But i agree with you, leave them to themselves and we do are own stuff.

    • Kisha

      They did follow us and still do. Africans were the first builders of civilization. Visit the african history network page on Facebook to learn your african history.

    • jamesvictorowens

      Hear! Hear! I believe some great movies will come out of that. Probably some of the greatest films ever.

  • Tishonnia D Gross

    My children saw Annie for the first time 2 years ago. They were so sad that Annie didn’t have a family of her own and the woman who took care of her was mean. What they took from it was that someone will love you even if they are not your birth parents. Annie is about an exuberant child that doesn’t get adopted by what is considered an unattractive trait (red hair). Knowing many people who grew up in the foster system African American children are less likely to get adopted than their white counterparts especially after they reach a certain age. I think that a “black” Anni s accurate in the world we live in now.

  • CherryGrrl

    Since when do people give a $%&* about what racists think?

  • Queen2Cent

    They have no problem with a WHITE Cleopatra, Noah, Jesus, Native Indians… the list goes on, but they have a problem with fictional isht. SMDH!!! I’m tired of these racists motha____F___kas!!!

    • Fake Name

      Cleopatra was Greek

      • kisha

        Cleopatra was Egyptian. Egypt is an African country! The greek language was one of the languages spoken in Egypt. Cleopatra clearly identified herself as Egyptian.

        • jamesvictorowens

          Which school did you go to that makes you think somebody is black just because they were born in an African country? Egypt is not a black African country.

    • Rona MyGoodys Lewis

      I second that

  • rainbow

    Aren’t those the same people who made Jesus white?????!!!! They need to shut up


    maybe we should make our own movies instead of piggybacking off of their wack stories.. We do have writers, that could tell a story of a orphan black girl that life is changed. We don’t have to always follow the cookie cut out of white people.. We need to start writing our own life stories anyway……

    • Nicole Minor

      I agree, but the Entertainment Industry feels that black movies don’t sell as much as White movies do. To them It’s fine to have blacks in movies with the lead role being a white person. Money talks and It’s not just blacks, any race that’s not white. The only black actors (I can think of) that brings money in the box office as if it was a white leading role is Will Smith and Denzel Washington.

    • jamesvictorowens

      Finally. Somebody with a lick of sense!

  • Courtney Banks

    White people stay mad.. lol

    • Rona MyGoodys Lewis

      Dont they, im laughing at they a$$ with you. Lol. All over a movie

    • jamesvictorowens

      And black people keep stealing them old movie plots and remaking them with black characters, rather than having to use any creativity and write a new story. LOL!!!

  • Ms. Anniqua

    Sorry Black folks, but I agree with some of those white folks (not the racist ones). When i think of Annie I think of a little red headed freckled face white girl. Maybe they could of made it Annie-like orphanage theme and named it something else. In my whole entire life Ive never even met a Black girl named Annie. Only the MJ song, and he probably wasnt envisioning a Black girl. Remember Moonwalker. But on the other hand, since white folks “steal” everything else in Black culture and claim they came up with it, then who cares if Anniqua plays this part.

    • enlightenment

      “In my whole entire life Ive never even met a Black girl named Annie.” I’m sorry, was that supposed to be a compelling argument? Do not generalize. Your insular life experience does not mirror the experiences of a whole population.

      I know two Black girls named Annie.

      • Ms. Anniqua

        Exuse me. Did I say or imply my opinion mirrored the experiences of the whole population? That would be ridiculous for you to even think such a thing. I can express my opinion regarding this topic just like everyone else, whether I agree or not. And BTW, the second and third sentence was more of the “compelling” argument. The 4th one was only a added bonus, implying it didnt come close to being a common name for black girls, just like Molly or Becky. And even if the White version had been named Michelle or Pam, I still would have thought they shouldve come up with a different name for the Black version. ….But anyways, aside from all that, I see u chose to overlook the other very clear statements that I made.

        • Taryn Bryant

          The odd names of some black people today isn’t the way it always was. Some people still prefer traditional names. I guess with unusual names being so common within the last few decades, it would seem strange to you for a black person to be named by such a common name. Btw I had an Aunt Becky.

          • boomer babe

            ooh i HATE them odd names myself!
            actually when some people see my full name written, they assume i go by my middle name since many with my 1st name is RARE among blacks but not my middle name

            and just how many name their sons after an Assyrian king, and versions of
            Darius, LaDarius, TaDarius,, etc… (i hope they gave him a good middle name)

      • boomer babe

        my niece is named annie..
        i’m glad my sister named her, because her mom in law wanted to name her after a car aLEXUS….she is not 42 years old…

        • jamesvictorowens

          Alexis was a woman’s name centuries before it was a car name. Wow, one of more stupid comments I’ve read here.

    • Guest

      I had a black classmate in high school named Annie.

    • Nicole Minor

      I get what your saying when you said (when you think of the movie Annie you think of a red head white girl with freckles) I did too, but think about it, that’s every movie back in those days, what I’m saying is back then it was rare when blacks had leading roles in any movie, they didn’t give them a chance so when we think of great classics that had white people playing those roles that’s all we can see when they do remakes. Now the girl playing Annie is a good choice to me and if she didn’t look the part believe me I sure would of said it.

      • Alan Martin

        there was no “chance” to give you racist hypocrite… white culture and society is just that..white culture.
        there is No “us”…there is NO REASON for black people to perpetually insert themselves INTO another society. that is YOUR hate at play.

        it doesnt matter if its real or fictional… you ARE denigrating aspects of iconic white culture…and this garbage is intentional.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      History Lesson: The original poem “Little Orphant Annie” was based upon an orphan named Mary Alice “Allie” Smith who was blonde that lived in the author’s home. It was later developed into a comic strip in the 1800’s and again Annie was blonde. Not a redhead. She was not made into a red head until they happened to CAST a redhead who was a good actress, singer, and dancer. The script never specifically called for a redhead, freckled faced, little girl. Therefor, Annie can be whatever color under the sun. Either way the movie is going to be great because Wallis is a great actress.

      • lavendarbloom


      • Taryn Bryant

        Excellent point!

    • lavendarbloom

      as stated by “enlightenment”, broaden your horizon. I guess your obvious limitations of what is in this wide wide world would definitely not allow you to see an Asian Annie, and my sister is name Annie…..please

      • Ms. Anniqua

        Obviously u didnt read the response I gave Enlightenment down below, because if u had u wouldnt even responded with this comment…. Just like if someone said “I never met a Black chick that traveled around the world to 9 countries (including Africa) before she was 31 with her own money. Well then, I have. No lie. And so has my good friend who is also a Black chick. So with that said, I wouldnt get all bent out of shape and say the others opinions were completely invalid just because they never met someone like that. Because thats their truth and the fact is is that its not a common thing for most young Black ppl to travel overseas even when they have the opportunity to do so. …I like some of y’all put words in other peoples mouths.

        • Ms. Anniqua

          So, so what if I said I never met a Black girl named Annie. I dont have to put a disclaimer on every opinion I give. Im done.

    • Taryn Bryant

      My cousin’s name was Annie. Some people do have regular names.

  • wveronica7

    If they wanted to preserve the character then they should have brought the rights to the film before Will Smith. Since they didn’t they have no say so over how it is made. I am fine with a black Annie but I rather we make our OWN movies/stories instead of remaking theirs

    • Taryn Bryant

      This is the very thing. There are so many talented black writers out there. Maybe this is the time when their novels and screenplays will be taken more seriously.

    • Alan Martin

      and there you go you racist coward…. you are fine with HATE, you are fine with inserting black people INTO the culture of others. you are a RACIST hypocrite.

    • jamesvictorowens

      And oh how you would howl if one of your characters who originally started out black ended up as a white character in some future remake. Don’t tell me you wouldn’t!

  • Sarena Watkins

    “Just make the film, they can’t stop it anyway.” –Hate Mongers

  • Molli

    Yup it was bound to happen because of course folks are gonna hate

  • writingmomma46

    These folks have remade black music, copied our Hans shakes, copied our hair & clothing styles for many, many moons. You mean they have the nerve to squawk over Annie and Murder She Wrote? People get over yourselves. Caucasions owe us Annie. Lmbo

    • lavendarbloom


  • Ash

    Why do we keep giving these trolls attention? That being said, I do wish Hollywood were more original. How many movies are they going to remake?

  • Castro

    Casting a black Annie is awesome and I’m loving it! Now little black girls can have someone on screen who looks like them.

  • ashley79

    I wonder how they would feel if they found a Black girl with red hair? Many people forget that not all our natural hair is black.

    • Clarissa

      I agree. When I first heard about this casting in 2012 my first thought too was: “She doesn’t have red hair.” The red hair is Annie’s signature.
      There are black girls with red hair, I’m sure a few of those girls are actresses so if they wanted to do a remake with a black actress why not search for a red head instead of simply using the only young black actress on the scene. This to me has more to do with Hollywood laziness than studios wanting to be PC.
      Unfortunately, if this movie tanks it will be blamed on her skin color and not her hair color. Hopefully it will do well and shut the racist trolls up.

      • 9Boots

        Or have her wear a red wig.

      • lavendarbloom

        the majority of the other Annie’s really had “red hair”????….. DYE PEOPLE …..Annie is performed all over the world from Mexico to Zimbabwe,

    • lavendarbloom

      The majority of the other Annie’s really had “red hair”????….. DYE PEOPLE …..Annie is performed all over the world from Mexico to Zimbabwe and the specific company
      productions utilizes the young actresses from their own culture…..I don’t think it is so much about her “hair” as it is her skin color. When Brandy played Cinderella, so beautifully I might add, adaptations were made to satisfy that producer’s and director’s vision; and in this case, I believe likewise…..folks it’s not the end of the world…and traditional doesn’t always mean permanent nor only!!!!!

      • Taryn Bryant

        So well stated.

    • jamesvictorowens

      No, you’re actually naturally born with all the hair relaxers and straighteners in your genes. NOT!

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  • FromUR2UB

    It would be an insult to the mentally challenged to call these people retarded, but there is SOMETHING wrong with them…a very real brain dysfunction which hasn’t been diagnosed. Hate us adults if you want to, but when minds are so warped by hatred that they lash out at children, they seriously need help. I wish some neurologist would take on this study. There has to have been some physiological changes to the brains of these people, the way you see plaque buildups in the brains of Alzheimers patients, or lesions on the brains of psychotic people. Of course, if a mental defect is confirmed, it shouldn’t excuse them from anything because it was self-imposed.

  • Just saying!!

    Although I am frankly tired of Hollywood remaking all of the classics because they have run out of original ideas, this response is completely disgusting and unwarranted. Wallis is a talented actress and will do the role justice, despite having a different skin color and hair texture. But then again, did we not expect this?

  • enlightenment

    In the words of Michael B Jordan who also got flack for playing a “White” character: “*shrug* They still gon’ watch it anyway”

    • mente hermosa

      Right! And she gets paid either way. #MissMeWithThat

  • PleaseDOBetter

    It isn’t just White people that have a problem with it. I have seen Black people also wonder why the new Annie is Black. Granted, these Black people asked the question while not showing their

    I get tradition, but the story could be told from any cultural tradition. Annie being Black does not take away from the point of the story.

    • Tush

      I think it actually makes it relevant for the times we’re living… Who is more rejected in this society than a BLACK orphan? That is the point of the character, that she was somewhat of an “undesirable”

      • PleaseDOBetter

        Hmmm, I never even thought about it from this perspective. I like this analysis.

        • Yerp

          Me too…. Tush deserves more ups for that…

  • ChocolateGirlWondah

    Wow. Nappy head parasite? While I agree with the idea of keeping certain classics classic, talking about a child in that manner is beyond crazy.

    • Taryn Bryant

      Classics you say? Yul Brenner played the king of Siam, a white man playing an asian character. Rita Moreno played a Siamese girl, Puerto Rican.. Mickey Rooney played an Asian man, Two-Face in the comics, a black character was played by Tommy Lee Jones. White people have played every character of every nation since plays have begun.

      • Alan Martin

        go live in zimbabwe and remake whatever you want. japanese movies can remake whatever they want.

        you are forcing this garbage ONTO white societies… there is no “us” you racist hypocrite….stop trying to insert yourself INTO another society… racist leeches.

        • Taryn Bryant

          Are you having some type of episode? I am the last person that could be called racist. The truth is the light. If you don’t agree with what’s being filmed, simply, DON’T GO SEE IT. You don’t have to watch what you don’t want to. Stop being so hateful. Also I don’t recall using the word “us” anywhere in my statement. It’s funny how the actual racists will call someone else that. And as far as inserting ones self into another society, don’t tan, don’t use a flat iron, don’t listen to rock or rap(yes rock was black at first), or R&B, don’t go to sporting events, don’t any of your people get lip injections, collagen, breast or butt implants, don’t use an air conditioner, or a stop light, heart transplants or any other of the thousands of inventions or inputs blacks have put into american society alone. Try to do without them, then get back to me. Insert into YOUR society….please.

      • Dusty Ayres

        Two-Face was a white character in the comic books. He was black because the actor playing him was black in the 1989 Batman movie, but when Tim Burton decided not to do a third movie, a different director came in, and decided to have Two-Face be white again.

    • boomer babe

      i just wish someone would redo THE WIZ.. since i’ve seen the PLAY and DIANA ROSS was horribly miscast
      the play was EXCELLENT…

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    So what, they’ll get over it.

  • Rae

    Of course we saw it coming. Same thing with MBJ in the new Fantastic Four movie. Let them say what they will. As long as there are films with a white Jesus, Cleopatra and Othello, they can miss me with this chatter…

    • ChocolateGirlWondah

      We know Jesus and Cleopatra were and/or are persons of color though.

      • Betcha Didn’t Know That

        Cleopatra was Greek.

        • 9Boots

          The original Greeks were black.

          • Castro

            A little knowledge for ya…Original Greeks are white they’re European, the only reason they’re “tan” is because they are on the borderline of Africa.

            • Castro

              Greek people had a name that they called actual black people, which was “nubian” that’s where that word comes from…

              • 9Boots

                You mean the white European invaders of Greece that became the dominant group of Greece called the original black Greeks and blacks in general “nubian”.

                That is the same thing as when the British invaded Australia and called the original people of Australia “Aboriginal Australians” . Just like original people of Australia were not white, it is the same sceanrio for Greece.

            • Misty

              At a time they were black. and while Cleopatra’s father was greek, her mother was black.

            • 9Boots

              Nope, I mean actually black just like the original Chinese were actually black. Check out,


              Have fun!

            • FromUR2UB

              All people on earth have genetic roots in Africa. Ask the DNA testing people.

              • just sayn

                You are absolutely correct! Matter of fact the TOP WHITE SCIENTISTS will confirm all of that! Matter of fact do some research or watch the History channel, it’s all been confirmed. Cleo, Jesus were black and so were the GREEKS and may other nationalities! Jesus sure wasn’t no dirty blonde hair blue eyed son of GOD! Sorry to bust ya’lls bubble! HA!

            • Sam Soraïa Amani

              Well they weren’t ‘European’ then, they are now, just like Turkey has now become from of EU when they’re Asia Minor. Greeks were part and parcel of the middle eastern culture. I can only guess they’re European for political purposes.

          • notahistorybuff

            Northern African or BLACK? Being from from an African nation doesnt automaically make you black.

            • 9Boots

              Blackitty, black, black, black, go to
              realhistoryww(dot)com with pictures and all

              Have fun!

        • ChocolateGirlWondah

          I beg to differ

        • Sam Soraïa Amani

          That’s right all the lines of Cleopatras were Ptolemaic Greeks (there no such thing as ‘Greek’ at the time. They embraced the Egyptian language, culture, religion, they assimilated into it. Yes they weren’t black but they weren’t entirely white, just ‘olive’ or brownish lol.

        • Alicia Renee’

          no Cleopatra was an Egyptians and which Cleopatra are you referring to because they are many…..