Omar Epps Gets “Resurrected”, Rocks Leather Skirt on The View

March 9, 2014  |  


While you’re waiting for Omar Epps to hit the big screen in romantic comedy, Between Us, you can catch him on the small screen on ABC network’s Resurrection.

In tonight’s premiere he’ll be playing J. Martin “Marty” Bellamy, a U.S. immigration officer who returns an 8-year old boy to his family in Arcadia, Missouri after he is found in a rice paddy in rural China. The twist? The boy actually drowned 32 years ago. When another of the townspeople returns from the dead, Bellamy sticks around to lead the investigation into what exactly is going on in the town.

The series faces some stiff competition from supernatural fan favorite The Walking Dead which airs in the same time slot on AMC.

Like his character on House, Marty seems determined to stick around to see what exactly is in the water in Arcadia and we hope fans will stick around to follow him on his investigation. If you like your zombies slightly more alive and a tad bit emotional, Resurrection may offer a nice option from the undead corpses of The Walking Dead.

When Epps isn’t reuniting the dead with the living, he’s rocking a mean leather mini. When the actor appeared on The View last week to promote Resurrection he wore pants under a little leather mini skirt.  His outfit sparked a Twitter spat between Marlon Wayans who was defending Epps’s outfit choice after Lord Jamar tweeted:

“So now OMAR EPPS has joined the SKIRT GANG??? Say it sint so!!! Old heads suppose to know better.”

We actually think the outfit is kind of hot. Different, but hot. With Resurrection airing the same time as the overwhelming popular The Walking Dead now in its fourth season, Epps might have bigger problems to face than his fashion critics. Resurrection premieres tonight on ABC at 9PM.  Check out the trailer below as well as his appearance on The View:

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  • deadre

    Your disgusting men are not effeminate…. they are masculine your helping the genda. Smh

  • Mo Fohari

    not hot at all..or at least not to me 🙁

  • Lotus

    I wonder if he has the matching panties on underneath? I mean, really, why even through the pants on underneath? I’m not surprised though. This world has come to nothing but confusion.

    • Lotus

      *throw the pants on

  • Gervis Lewis

    And to think people thought skinny jeans was as bad as it was gonna get lol

  • CAliQueen

    I don’t find skirts attractive on men but to each it’s own. If he wants to feminize himself on national TV then that’s between him, his stylist and his wife who probably stood by and watched this all go down and said nothing lol.. By the way, I loved Resurrection. Regardless of his poor wardrobe choice I will be watching and supporting the brotha.

  • positivebeatsnegative

    Love, love, ;love it!!! He’s cleannnnn. I don’t care what anyone says. Love me a man unafraid of fashion. All of a sudden all men have to dress a “certain” way. Men wore skirts for centuries…

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas


  • atieno

    hey i am well aware of all those forms of skirts but they have a place,reason in those particular societies and communities ,pray do tell how a leather miniskirt being worn by a man has a place and a cultural reason in modern american society?, certain appropriations just won’t work in certain societies especially if one did not grow up in those cultures
    and the kanga my dear is worn by women in east africa,
    the kikoi is the one you would see most men in the coastal province in kenya and them men would not agree to call it a skirt-plus there is a reason for it
    the shuka is worn by the maasai men and i am 100% those men will not admit nor agree that they are wearing a dress or a skirt
    i stand by what i said how omar wearing a skirt -is creepy ,vile ,disgusting and reduces his masculinity-some fashions are being recycled for all the wrong reasons
    unless he is trying to be a maasai /coastal man etc then he should have come out in a sarong,kanga,kikoi or a kilt-and even then i would still laugh at him because he would still look creepy imitating cultural wear he has no idea of

    • Jude I⚡caяiot

      Men are not designed to wear anything. You said they’re not designed to wear skirts. But we weren’t designed to wear ANYTHING. If you believe in evolution, then that makes sense. If you believe in creationism, then it still makes sense as they were naked in the garden.

      However, skirts are being designed by designers for men these days.

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  • David Jackson

    skirts don’t make you feminine or masculine, they are simply an item of clothing. More important than that, why the hell barbara walters hair looking like Tina Turner circa 1982?

    • atieno

      hahahaha ,because men have been created to have shapely thighs, hips and legs to wear skirts.guess this is attracting to you more than you care to admit to urself,he looks ridiculous and disgusting
      sad we live in a world where the industry is slowly erasing gender identities ,roles,functions yikes hahaha that skirts dnt make you feminine or masculine hohoho

      • UniQueLyEviL

        Grow up.

        • atieno

          grow up?why?because i would like men to be in men in terms of how they dress,smell,speak and conduct themselves?,that i would like a healthy and the right dose of masculinity and dominance to exude in men,through their mannerisms, behavior, character and fashion
          we cannot have two partners wearing a skirt both figuratively and literally speaking so if the above replies mean that i am immature ,i would like to remain in that state at least i will be assured of getting a guy who knows when to draw the boundaries when trying to push the boundaries of his fashion ,gender roles etc

          • UniQueLyEviL

            I keep trying to respond but apparently I keep getting censored.

          • UniQueLyEviL

            Okay I’m done trying to communicate on here. Too many close minded, depressing people and the admins just censor everyone who has a difference in opinion.


    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Is that why skirts are found in the sections of the department store labled “Womens”?

    • Gervis Lewis

      Atleast Tina turner is a woman not a man.

  • Guest

    And he’s still masculine & well spoken. Take note all you sexually insecure people. He still looks good

  • motorfingaz

    I can dig it!! I’d wear one……….who cares what others think

  • provokethought

    Stop punking our men….smh

  • FromUR2UB

    I’m really looking forward to watching Resurrection. What an intriguing concept! I want to know the reason(s) the people returned, and I’ve always wondered how people who died a decade or more ago would adjust to a world they don’t recognize. I figure they’d have to touch upon that. Now that I know the boy was found in China, that makes the show sound even more interesting. Can you imagine being close to retirement age and having a minor child you lost decades ago, re-enter your life??? Wowwwww. Having to deal with those emotions, too. I can’t wait! It sounds good.

    • 9Boots

      I can understand your excitement about this show. Do you wonder what will happen to you when you die?

      • FromUR2UB

        I hope God will consider me worthy of being with Him, because our spirits are supposed to return to Him when we die. But, moreso, I’ve wondered what my parents are doing…whether all the mysteries of the universe have been revealed to them…if they remember their lives on earth…stuff like that. I don’t think of them in an eternal sleep, just not present in this realm anymore. How about you?

        • 9Boots

          I pray that I am worthy too of being with Him. I believe that since the Bible says there is no sorrow in heaven that The Lord blocks out what is presently going on in earth for the people in heaven because it’s so evil here and it would frustrate and cause a lot of heartache. I too would like to know the truth about all of the mysteries of the universe and human history when I leave this world. I wonder if The Lord will let us no the truth or if we won’t even care once we are with him.

      • Guest

        You’ll be dead

    • Guest

      Your comment makes me think of folks incarcerated for decades that return to society & have a hard time functioning

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        If you dont believe in Heaven then thats fine but you dont have to insult others because they have faith in something.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      I watched it too. It was pretty good! Now I’m thinking the woman that they are going to find sitting in the church was maybe the aunt that the little boy tried to save from drowning.

      • FromUR2UB

        I think so too. The one thing I thought was odd was when Marty handed the boy his cell phone, and the kid didn’t look at it like, what is this and what do I do with it. Video games in 1982 didn’t have keyboards, and during the time the boy lived, there was no technology that would have made the smart phone at all familiar to him. I thought that was a fail, but still enjoyed it..

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          I was thinking the exact same thing when I saw that part but hopefully the writers pay attention to those things in the future.

  • Clover_j

    No No No!!! Now im thinking is he in this whole illuminati thing…is he gay..?? ughh :/

    • AbigailTea

      What does being gay have to do with the Illuminati?

      • hotbitch01

        It’s a part of their agenda. Think about the fact that the first pro players to come out are black. Like, for real?? It’s a continued attempt to emasculate the black male and men in general. Remember when Queer Eye for the Straight Guy came out? There was a whole trend in “metrosexuality”. Janelle Monae is another puppet. The list goes on & on. Just research it…

        • Guest

          Crap. Naïveté…

        • UniQueLyEviL


        • AbigailTea

          Are you serious? Smh. You pick off of some radical misunderstanding and think it is the truth? Wow. Conspiracy theorists really know how to exploit the ignorant and paranoid.

          • deadre

            Your afraid of the truth

  • Moe E

    If he likes it I luv it…

  • RuthM

    Nothing ‘hot’ about it. Im glad someone has the courage to talk about the effeminization of AA Men by the media and hide it behind the language of ‘art’. It’s become a matter of extremes within our communities and this is a new factor.

    • atieno

      i agree and ready to believe some stuff on vigilantecitizen,not everybody in the entertainment industry is pushing a wholistic agenda,omar this is disgusting and it is not art,fashion or progression men are not designed to wear skirts ,or feminize themselves,him coming out in whatever name goes to show alot of buying and selling of souls ughhhhhh

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        Girl you better listen to Vigilant. The agenda in the music industry, well the entire entertainment industry for that matter, is so blatant and obvious that they are putting it right in people’s faces and they still choose to be blind to it. Like how more obvious can it be? Eyes wide shut for real.

        • AbigailTea

          You are a conspiracy theorist?

          • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

            Nope just non delusional

    • AbigailTea

      Are you serious? What “effiminization”? Are black men really that weak and pathetic to think Omar wearing this skirt is such a threat?

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Hell no.

    • Mija

      Yeah, I was not expecting that.