Petition Started To Cast Lupita As “Storm” In The Next X-Men Movie

March 8, 2014 ‐ By Madame Noire
petition for lupita to play storm


It appears a petition has started for Lupita Nyong’o to play the character of “Storm” in the Marvel series of X-Men movies.

The petition started on the website by BlackGirlNerds blogger, Jamie Broadnax pleads:

“This is important because listening to the demands of your consumer base means more than your own personal casting choices. She has the accent, the look, and the acting chops to play Storm as the comic book intended.  Please kindly take this into consideration and respect the demand of Marvel consumers and fans of this amazing franchise.  This petition was started based on the overwhelming responses to my tweet ‘I volunteer as tribute to lead a social media charge to get Lupita cast as Storm!’”

Halle Berry played “Storm” in the original X-Men movie as well as 2003’s X2: X-Men United and 2006’s X-Men: The Last Stand. The next installation in the franchise, X-Men: Days of Future Past is currently in post production.

The average movie-goer probably thinks Berry did a solid job as the mutant with the ability to control the weather. But comic book aficionados know that Storm is actually African, and that Halle Berry probably wasn’t the best fit for the character, but simply won the role due to the lack of viable candidates in Hollywood.

We love Lupita as much as the next person but we wonder if this is a another sad case of “there can only be one”. It seems like since Lupita won her Oscar and became Hollywood’s “It Girl” critics everywhere have been discrediting every other black actress. We hope comic book nerds everywhere can get Lupita noticed, but it seems unlikely that Hollywood execs would change the character so far in the series. Either way, we’re sure there will be plenty of roles for Nyong’o as well as Kerry Washington, Angela Bassett and every other black actress we’ve seemed to up and forget about since we became convinced Lupita came and changed the game.

Do you think this petition will get any play?

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  • Letter Z

    I think Tara from True blood would be a better fit

  • Natal

    I love how people keep saying that Lupita is such a great actress. You sound like she’s the new female Tom Hanks. You saw her in one freaking role. ONE. She won an oscar like many others before her but this doesn’t make her the best black actress of hollywood. Get real.

  • ericamissamerica

    Why does one black actress have to take another black actresses role, though? I fail to see the sense in this..

  • cheekee baby

    Lupita makes sense as Storm. Being the “It” girl really has nothing to do with it in this case. Halle always had some weird wack a** wigs on and her “accent” left much to be desired.

    • shawn Mc

      she never played the role with a accent

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  • blogdiz

    Was the shady statement at the end of the article really necessary?? JLaw has been an” it ” girl now for almost 3 yrs other ‘It girls ” were Anne Hathaway Emma Stone etc Lupita has her few mins in the spotlight and its a problem especially for Black ppl seriously !!! between this kinda pettiness and these darn annoying videos …really need o check out from this site i

  • kickash

    I love both of them and I think Lupita would be a great storm but honestly i dont care about it that much. Whoever plays storm i know i wont be the one gettin the check so therefore i dont really care. I just petition that they make storm’s wigs better.

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  • wasteofrace

    wow @ this

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    Was that shade at the end of this article? Nobody forgot any of the other black actresses is that right now it’s Lupita’s moment in the sun. Geez MN. Anywho, I would looooove to see her play Storm because she has that grace to play the african queen that Storm was supposed to be. The writers completely eliminated her backstory in the movie. And the fact that Wolverine was in love with Storm and not Jean. I love me some Halle but I kind of hope this petition works

    • Clarissa

      Its not going to happen. They are already in post production, meaning the film has been shot and they are in the editing process or even past that. The film comes out this summer.
      Why take away a job from a black actress just to give one to another, why not request that they change the character of Raven
      / Mystique from Jennifer Lawrence to Lupita, oh yes, because they don’t want to step on white peoples toes, but have no problem coming for a black women.

      Why didn’t the person who started this silly petition not look into films in pre-production and suggest/petition Lupita for a role? Laziness? Or perhaps like MN said it is a case of “there can only be one”. Hollywood seems to think so, so I guess the black community just follows along.

      “there can only be one”

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Everybody knows storm should’ve been Iman…Halle was definitely miscast

    • shawn Mc

      iman cant act.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        have u seen her act?

        • shawn Mc

          yea in the cosby show back in the early 80’s and also one of the star trek movies in the 90’s.
          I agree with you that she had a great storm look but shes no actor, its not as easy as you think

          • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

            I don’t think it’s easy & that’s ur opinion that she’s not or wasn’t a good actress but just like any person who traines & perfects their craft or ability with time & experience she could’ve gotten better & i still believe she was the perfect storm…halle sucked… i like halle but she sucked

  • Tonyoardee

    In Marvel Universe it doesn’t make sense for Lupita to play Storm, if you don’t read comics you wouldn’t understand based on story

  • African Masala

    NO! Add Lupita or replace another mutant. In fact, leave them all in and simply create a new role for Lupita. This is unfair to all those actors who have so far done a good job!

    • bigdawgman

      Reboot the whole damn franchise! Bryan Singer killed it! I didn’t even watch the last one, or that stupid Wolverine movie! I’ll wait until it comes out on cable or netflix.

  • FromUR2UB

    Angela Bassett is a great actress, but anybody in their 40s is probably too old for this type of role. Even a man in his 40s would have to look like he’s in his 30s to be appropriately cast as a superhero. Angela is probably too short, too.

    • douglass davis

      halle berry is not 5/10 and hugh jackman is too tall to be playing short a$$ wolverine

  • guest

    Everybody who wanna see lupita, go see Non-Stop. other than that, she could use a well deserved break. Danai, I don’t know when she will get the time but she would be perfect as storm, Angela Bassett too.

  • Ace

    As an Xmen fan I kind of have to agree. I would rather see someone else than Halle Berry.

  • aj

    nobody who is ninto comics thought halle did a good job acccording she does not that screen presence to play storm no im noy a fan ill take kerry wanted angela she turned it down soooo ill take lupita im sorry i would luv a change from halle

  • blogdiz

    The writers didn’t do the original character of storm justice in the movie so they are partial;y to blame but really Halle Berry is really a one dimensional overrated actress …simple

  • FromUR2UB

    I’ve never liked Halle Berry in any role but that in ‘Boomerang’. But I wouldn’t go as far as to sign a petition against her.

    • blogdiz

      Truth Boomerang and Dorothy Dandridge both where she was basically playing herself were her only watchable roles

  • rainbow

    Isn’t Halley a little old to play storm?

    • Cuddy Sark

      Bassett is even older.

      • rainbow

        Yes, Bassett is not a good choice either. Lupita? Never thought of that. Would she wear a wig to look like storm or would they create a lupita version. Sisco hair lol

  • Tyler M.

    Lupita as Storm? Nope. Danai Gurira or Angela Bassett? YES! I guess my first choice would be Danai Gurira since she is younger. I’m not sure why everyone all of a sudden thinks that Lupita is the perfect fit for every significant black role out there. Forcing her down the public’s throat is only going to make people start to dislike her. The back lash (which I noticed has already started) will come a lot sooner than it should. Her fans should take a step back and see that they are hurting her, not helping her.

    As for X-Men, If they ever do re-cast, they might as well re-cast Rogue while they’re at. Her character sucks in the movies.

    • PleaseDOBetter


      • Ravita


        I’m with you on that!

    • Helena A.

      I would love to see Danai Gurira in the role. She would be perfect!

    • Adolfo

      I’ve met Danai and she is the sweetest, most beautiful woman you’ll ever meet. I wish only great things for her. Like someone mentioned above, I don’t know when she would have the time. She seems so busy with The Walking Dead and her plays and stuff, but I would love to see her in the role. They would have to expand the role and make Storm a total kick butt character though.

    • neemer5

      Danai is an interesting choice. She certainly carries herself in the right way. I had always liked Sophie Okenedo as well.

  • Taj

    I’m sorry. I used to be a fan of X-Men (the cartoon) before they turned it into a Trilogy and I was not a fan of Halle’s performance even in the first movie. Don’t get me wrong. Halle did well in a number of the roles she has played for a numerous movies — however, she was too meek and mild in her portrayal of Storm. I actually though Angela Bassett would have been more convincing in the role of Storm when the movie first came out. However,I would have been just as satisfied if they had picked an unknown Black Actress that would have done Storm’s character justice. To be honest, the movie was actually inconsistent with the timeline of the cartoon and comic strip. For instance, Rogue actually was under the direction of Mystique after running away from home before she joined X-Men. However, when she joined the X-Men, she was already an adult unlike how they portrayed her in the first Movie to develop the plot line where Magneto wanted to use her for her capability to absorb energy. Although I understood that the aim of the producers was to develop a movie to get massive ratings, I think they were more concern with getting existing known actors with star power more so than refraining from diluting the original storyline of the comic strip. They also made Wolverine the central character in the movie which I didn’t agree with — he was actually one of the last main characters to join X-men. However, like GI Joe, they seem to like to make the hard-headed alpha male the central character to any series highlighting a group of action heroes.

    • neemer5

      Agreed. They’ve changed the looks of the Xmen characters, so people complaining about Halle’s looks are off-base. But if there was something to criticize, its her acting. Yes, she was meek, and she needed to be type-A. But the most disturbing was her accent, which she couldn’t pull off. She had an accent coach, and her accent was widely panned. They even gave up trying by the second film.
      They wanted someone who can do an accent. Halle can’t. Either you can consider that bad acting or bad casting.

  • Chonilla

    I like Lupita and I NEVER felt Halle ever (no offence girl) but I still stand my ground, I think Angela Basset as Storm would always be perfect for this role.

  • sasha

    I’d be all for this if there was a reboot, like an origins film featuring Storm. Makes sense.

  • Guest

    I like Lupita and Halle Berry but I really see neither as Storm. Lupita seems so happy and bubbly for play Storm. Storm seems more serious. Halle just seems kind of air headed in the role which is not her fault but the fault of the script writer. I really do not see anyone at the moment playing the role of Storm. Maybe they should cast a totally new actress that can better play the role.

    • Taco 5000

      It’s called “acting”. Do you really think most actors can only embody the attitude and mood that they display in public? That wouldn’t make them very effective actors. I can’t believe Lupita is the same girl who played the beaten and downtrodden woman in 12 Years… but obviously she was and she was rewarded with an Oscar for her magnificent efforts.

      • Guest

        I understand it is called “acting” but I just do not see her as Storm. Some people can take over a role and own it but Lupita in my opinion just would not cut it as Storm but maybe I am wrong. Yes she is a great actress but I think her talents could be used in other roles. One performance does not define a whole career. I just hope to see more performances because it seems like a lot of women who win an Oscar do not fair so well after the win.

      • bigdawgman

        Lupita could act the part, but I think she’s a little short and thin. I see Storm as a little more buff, in my head.

    • douglass davis

      I think angela basset should still be storm

      • Cuddy Sark

        Too old. They don’t want old actors playing superheroes. Prof X and Magneto excluded because they are the founders of mutant schools. Naomi Harris would make a great Storm.

        • douglass davis

          u stuck on agism. Angela looks better than most of these young actress and acts better

          • Brattenhousen

            True dat but Storm is the same age as the rest of the mutants. Bassett is older than everyone except X and Maggie. She’d be good in Days of Future Past but not in the current timeline.

  • Drea Renee

    the truth is, if people read the comic books and know what the real storm looks like, they know that she actually looks like Grace Jones. Storm is actually from Africa…She has always been drawn as tall muscular woman with a beautiful face and dark skin with big B00bs and hips to match. Other Storm drawinngs show her looking more like serena williams. The issue is that Halle should have never been picked in the first place, not simply because that she’s american, short, and light…but her personality in the film had nothing to do with the essence of storm (yeah Im a geek) but thats just real

    • Brattenhousen

      Storm is actually half american and half african (her Kenyan mother) and she was born in the US but moved back to African later. Do your homework.

      • l

        Both parents were black, and she spent most of her life in Africa. So this only means that she doesn’t need a green card.

        • Brattenhousen

          I didn’t say she was only half black. I said nationally she’s half african and half american though she is an american-born citizen.

  • douglass davis

    It doesn’t matter who plays storm,because the writers down grade her character not the actress and bryan singer personally said he wasn’t a storm fan and to me he butcher the X-men series. I don’t know why they invite him back to hire a pregnant, then halle berry to play storm. I know why,because she wasn’t never going to have a big role in the movies like she did the comics in the first place. Storm is actually a team leader of the X-men not wolverine and wolverine used to be one of my fav characters up until they tried to shove him down our throats and make everything center around him.

    • Spencer Cola

      Exactly. You could put Lupita in that role and Jared Leto in the role of Cyclops and it wouldn’t matter. Singer doesn’t like those characters or else he wouldn’t have crippled them like he did in the X-Men movies. He likes Wolverine, Prof X, Magneto, Jean Grey and Mystique. Everybody else is just wallpaper to him. I don’t blame Halle for how Storm turned out because it wouldn’t have mattered. They should have hired an african woman and given her a bigger part but as long as they just make every character american then the series will never be special. Part of the charm of the second coming of X-Men after the original team was that each member was from a different country or region. Kenya, Russia, Germany, Canada, Tokyo, southern USA, indian reservation in Arizona, Ireland. That’s what made the comic cool.

    • bigdawgman

      Did you know Angela turned it down? Dang, that woman is even smarter than I thought. She would have been good in it, but Bryan Singer’s version stank!

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Well I wouldn’t want Halle cause the role was so small & the writing was rather a$$… I do feel another actress could have done better as Storm. As far as Lupita, she (unfortunately) is the flavor of the week. Jennifer Hudson had Hollywood on her t1t after her win…. Just sayin.

  • Theo Kabala

    as a comic book reader i can tell you that storm is one of the best and most well rounded characters in comics, and in the x-men comics she has a bigger role than you see in the movies. this is not denegrate halle but she has done such a bad job with storm, that the character has been reduced to a supporting role when she should be at the forefront. a storm origins movie starring lupita could make marvel a lot of money, and with the characters back story they could easily do a trilogy. i mean she was orphaned as young girl, became a thief in cairo, became a “goddess” and a queen, married the black panther and then became the leader of the x-men.

    • Brattenhousen

      Whatever has been done with Storm in the movies is not Halle’s fault. The character has been left to take a backseat to other characters. Halle didn’t create the role or write any of the screenplay. Storm is basically relegated to a secondary status in the movies like Cyclops when in fact, in the comics, both are team leaders with strong and complex storylines and histories. Hollywood and Bryan Singer are so transfixed on Wolverine, Magneto, Jean Grey and Professor X that they’ve totally ignored the rest of the team. In the comics, every hero is important and has their own story. So don’t blame it on Halle. If the script writing remains the same with screen and story time earmarked for the same characters, it wouldn’t matter if Lupita played Storm or not. Now if they allow her to play Storm as an african goddess then it will be more interesting and I sense if they hire her, they may do that. However, they haven’t allowed any of the characters in the previous movies to be portrayed by their written nationalities. Colossus is russian. Rogue should have a southern accent. Banshee is irish. Pyro is australian. Moira McTaggart is scottish. Prof X is american not british. But you know we have to please the american audiences so don’t count on seeing Storm’s role becoming much bigger. Yet the movies have only allowed Nightcrawler to be portrayed correctly and ironically he’s not even made an X-Man.

      • bigdawgman

        Bryan Singer ought to be banned from making movies!!! He basically killed the franchise!

        • douglass davis

          And that superman returns movie too

          • bigdawgman

            OMG, you’d think they would have shot him after that. How come white dudes get to blow so many movies and brothers get banned after one bad movie (except Tyler, of course)?

          • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

            That was awful

        • Cuddy Sark

          The only one he did a good job on was X-Men 2 which is still the best out of all of the X-Men movies. They should never let comic book nerds direct movies because they tend to be too biased in favor of their favorite characters. With four movies under their belt The X-Men should have had plenty of time to devote proper screen time and origins to each member of the team. Instead every movie has been the Wolverine Show or Magneto and Professor X comedy hour and Jean Grey whose only there as Wolverine’s love interest.

          • bigdawgman

            Actually, Singer didn’t even like comics growing up. That’s why he sux. Sam Raimi (Spiderman) and Joss Whedon (Avengers) are real comic book nerds, hence, their movies don’t scku. Any director who didn’t read comic books SHOULD NOT direct comic book movies!!

    • douglass davis

      She sure is and she’s really a category 5 omega mutant she’s not only a mutant but magical as well. Storm represent the melanated queen and universe.

    • bigdawgman

      The real truth is they just messed up the X-Men movie franchise entirely! They need to do a complete reboot and quit making these stupid movies. With all the different nationalities they should have a worldwide hit. Instead, they dumbed all the characters down and took away their origins and made it “American”. They tried too hard to make it different from the comics they lost essential parts of the franchise. Maybe someone involved with the Avengers (who knows comic books) will take over and restart it, but I doubt it. Lupita wouldn’t fit the role either in my opinion, she’s too “sweet-looking” and thin to me. I think Storm ought to be tougher. Somewhere between Lupita and Grace Jones. And definitely dark skinned.

      • douglass davis

        Angela bassett that one scene from American horror when her eye sockets turned white reminded me so much of ororo munroe. When storm lost her powers she still fought with the x men. She have not only powers,but combative skills and they made weak a$$ callisto hit storm in the movies. First of all if storm had her powers the bytch wouldn’t even wouldn’t look at storm as much get to two piece her. Storm beat callisto without her powers in the comics and became leader of the morlocks. That shyt had me furious lol

        • bigdawgman

          They waited too damn long. Angela’s too old to play Storm now, but she could play her mother perhaps.

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Damn you know your stuff huh? Lol

  • carry

    So disappointed in BlackGirlNerd. Since when do we petition for BETTER actors to take over reoccuring roles. How horrible / embarrassing that a black girl started this petition. Pathetic

    • Davine Dinzey

      Thanks for telling me about BlackGirlNerd, I’ve never heard of it.

    • sasha

      Recasting is nothing new for superhero movies. How many Supermen and Batmen have there been? There are even two Hulks, two Spidermen, and Fantastic four within the past fifteen years or so. I don’t think it is offensive for the role to move on to an actor who can place a new spin on it.

      • carry

        Are any of these recastings a results of a petition by someone of their own race?

        • sasha

          I would bet there is a petition to recast Ben affleck as batman, started by a white dude. I don’t see the racial angle here unless BGN was trying to replace an actor who is black with a non black one.

          • jackie

            Why mess with a bw’s livelihood in Hollywood? My gosh…

      • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

        3 Hulks

      • 9Boots

        The actors change when a new franchise/series/story line begins, a new director, or when an actor performed horribly. This is not the scenario with Halle Berry.

  • Val

    This is actually kind of embarrassing. These people really must not see what they are doing, which is limiting opportunities for all Black actresses. There are thousands of Black actresses so it’s not just a choice between Halle and Lupita. And to make it that means an acceptance that there can only be one major Black actress at a time.

    • Tonyoardee

      Lupita as Storm wouldn’t even make sense