12 Overrated Times To Have Sex

March 8, 2014 ‐ By Toya Sharee
overrated times to have sex


How many times have you watched a sex scene on TV or heard some lyrics in a song and thought to yourself, “That looks/sounds so sexy.” You might see Drake boo loving with some girl whose backside you see more than her face in a music video and have a fantasy about frolicking across the sand hand in hand before having the most amazing sex right there among the waves. What they didn’t tell you was that in reality your thighs get all chafed up, you can’t enjoy the love being made because you’re too worried about your weave getting wet and you’re both freezing.

The thing is when it comes to sex, there are too many made for TV scenes that aren’t meant to be tried at home. So often we have this image in our head of what sex should be that we’re often disappointed by what actually happens in reality. In my opinion, the best sex is effortless. It happens when you’re just listening to what your hormones want and not what R. Kelly says you should. Here are 12 times that are overrated when it comes to getting satisfied:

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  • Big C

    Ive had sex Everywhere in my lifetime … the one thing I can say is it ….Depends …With the right person if you have great sexual chemistry/vibe …You can make it POP …ANYWHERE!!!! … (ESPECIALLY WHEN YOU FIRST HOOKUP)..Some places I saw on this list… I felt wouldn’t be great for stroking BUT would be great for that Hurricane Oral Pleasure… IJS : )


    LMBOOO funniest post ever!

  • chanela

    also, i hate how movies make losing your virginity seem. in reality, that mess HURTS and some girls bleed. nothing cute and beautiful about that. owww

    • Jacara Fatin

      Child…before i had sex for the first time, I imagined sex to be so magical, a beautiful moment shared by us like bouncing on cotton candy clouds with my pet unicorn. Puh. The night ended up with him getting a bruise from me punching him. I don’t like pain, what can I say? Lol.

  • chanela

    “There’s sand, seaweed, trash at times and when you emerge from the ocean you end up soaking wet ” ummmmmm who said to be like the little mermaid and go all up in the ocean? LOL

  • Wise Mocha

    If there is any leftover fruit, whipped cream, or chocolate sauce from your hot ‘fug’ sundae, then you’re just not doing it right… all should be licked clean.

  • lazyluv

    I done all of these except the airplane! Lol exciting!

  • Courtney Banks

    NO kitchen or shower… are you crazy? Someone needs to get laid..

  • Tonyoardee

    Sex outside is great, especially in the park or alley

  • Wafe

    Sex on the beach is an obvious fail, but sex in the ocean is amazing. Buoyancy and sea seline

  • pia

    Who ever wrote this blog is CLEARLY not getting laid right.

  • oh

    Man please..some of the best loving i’ve ever gotten has been in the shower. Nuh-uh,count me out.

  • Let It Be

    This “list” is only valid if Godzilla, the Predator, Freddy, or Jason are chasing you. Otherwise, b00ty time can be anytime.

    • Losh

      Honey, you ain’t said nothin but a word! ANYTIME.

  • Promentalshitbackwashpsychosis


    Set goals:

    – Take a cruise. Do it in every country on the itinerary
    – Host a party. Do it while the guest are downstairs
    – Buy a map of the US. Put a finger on each state. Do it
    – Take a road trip. Do it at the rest stops and under bridges
    – Get a new apartment. Do it before you move the furniture in
    – Get some dice, roll’em. Do it based on the numbers
    (I once rolled 77 sevens in a row. Whatchu know ’bout sevens?)
    http://www.youtube. com/watch?v=h0co-DYRYKk

  • guest

    To each his own…all’s fair in love and war.

  • kisstheringfool

    Someone at MN has a crappy sex life.

  • BlackWarriorPrincess

    The tub one was pure comedy LOL! and who tryna get down on a twin bed?!!

    • Mija

      The tub one said if your man is 6ft and weighs 160. Do you know how skinny your dude would be? And I got down on a twin bed. In college.