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March 8, 2014  |  
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Jesse I

I know you’ve seen this beautiful face before. I was first introduced to actor Jesse Metcalfe through the short-lived and kind of terrible (but terribly good!) soap opera, Passions. But once Metcalfe left the soaps behind for other TV projects and movie roles, the sky was the limit. He was starring in his own movies, and all the ladies were loving him. He’s still doing big things these days, including starring on the hit TNT show Dallas, and now that the show is back on for its third season (which just started again last week), we thought we’d show his cute self some love as this week’s evening eye candy. Enjoy!

Jesse II

Metcalfe is the son of a French and Italian mother, and an Italian and Portuguese father. Though he was born in California, he was raised in Connecticut. Metcalfe says about growing up on the East Coast: “I’m proud to be from Connecticut, and I’m proud to be a New Englander. We don’t have our heads in the clouds; we’re generally hard-working people with good values.”

Jesse IV

Metcalfe had his first big break playing Miguel Lopez-Fitzgerald on the NBC soap, Passions. He was on the show from 1999 until 2004, and made a brief re-appearance in 2005.

Jesse V

Metcalfe made his biggest waves when he played teenage gardener John Rowland on Desperate Housewives. His character had a heated affair with Eva Longoria’s character, Gabrielle. He wound up leaving behind Passions to be a part of Desperate Housewives full-time.

Jesse VI

Once he was making a name for himself on Desperate Housewives, Metcalfe starred in his own film, 2006’s John Tucker Must Die, which co-starred Ashanti.

Jesse VII

Metcalfe is most known for his roles and good looks, but he’s also been through quite a lot. In 2007 he entered rehab for alcohol abuse. He spoke on the experience afterwards, admitting that he entered rehab because he realized he was “partying” and “indulging” in too much.

Jesse VIII

The cutie gets his hot body not only from staying in the gym, but from his appreciation of basketball. He played in quite a few basketball leagues as a teen and still plays to this day.


Metcalfe is getting shine now for playing Christopher Ewing on the revamped TV series, Dallas. The show is now in its third season and is a pretty big hit!


While we would love to make him our boo-thang, Metcalfe is taken. He is engaged to be married to actress Cara Santana and has been since 2012.


So what do you think? Is Metcalfe your cup of tea? He’s definitely a cutie to us!

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  • Brittany

    I met him a few years ago he’s hot

  • Guest2014

    While I do find Jesse Metcalfe very attractive, I find Josh Henderson sexier on “Dallas”–I guess he’s a baddie.

  • Bria

    He kind of look like my little friend In high school 🙂 Oh the play fights, passing notes and teasing each other. I remember I used to have them white girls at school mad at me honey cuz he was popular, played soccer and like a black gurl. White women can be some big haters. I remember we were friends with this one white girl and she got mad at me once cuz ole boy gave me a hug in front of her. I was like thats my buddie Katie. Anywho he is very attractive.

  • Momma Dee Tha Q.U.E.E.N

    Ehh. I’ll pass.

  • why?

    Has this man ever expressed an interest in black women? Why is he featured on a black women’s site? When a black man who only dates white women is featured, there are angry comments and threats to boycott the site. What is the difference?

    • 9Boots

      It’s simple. BM are supposed to be the natural partners of BW because we come from the same community which is the case of all people groups. However, for the last 40 years BM have refused to marry and be providers for BW. They claim to be allies but they are actually enemies. Therefore it is pointless to give support or energy to those the behave like Judas. This white boy has never claimed to be an ally but he has not proven himself to be an enemy. So at this point he is neutral.

      • guest

        I’ve seen your comments on other sites. Your hatred of black males is downright scary. Black men are marrying black women every day. Nearly 90% of married black men are married to a sister. Whoever hurt you, you have to find a way to let go of the past. Hatred is unhealthy.

        • 9Boots

          “Black men are marrying black women every day”.
          Stop lying. BW’s marriage rate has plummeted every decade since 1960 and is currently at the lowest marriage rate ever. Only during slavery (obviously because marriage was not legal) has the marriage rate been so low. That is pathetic and it is not how supposed allies treat the women of their so called community. Yes I hate misogynoir, you should too but you don’t which let”s me know you’re the one with the problem. If you priorities were in order you would attack those that murder, rape, abuse, and leave BW in poverty.

  • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

    He aiight. Now ol dude that plays Jake from Scandal? That’s sezzy.

  • Val

    I wonder how many sites for White women make Black men their “Eye Candy”? Probably none. SMH. This must be the BWE post of the day.

    • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

      Oh come on sis. Don’t act like you don’t be looking at them shirtless white men on TV ^_-

      • Val

        Lol. Well, you’re a Scandal stan so I wouldn’t expect you to get my point. Enjoy!

        • fake

          You claim unity, but yiur words are divisive

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Lol you say that as if I am supposed to be insulted. I understand your point but I think you are making it a bigger deal than what it is. How often does MN post white EC? Very rare. Its not that deep. Either you enjoy what you see or you dont.

          • eric carroll

            i will stay in a hotel any why yes you do got black women who be filling white guy’s but you also got black guy’s who are rip up ,kind of like me i got the crazy abs on my stomach. I’m fit i work out i like. Working out i go to a gym plus i like to swim. When i do come to texas i’m have me some fun ,go horse back riding and go to a beach ! is their any place where do they have doon buggy riding ,let me be quit i got to take a vacation and it will be texas i never been there

          • eric carroll

            yes and. Speeking of eye candy i know you eye candy you speek like you got it going on ! any way have a bless day

      • eric carroll

        hay ! my friend you know me the good guy i have’nt here for a minute whats good did. you do that servey on dark brown black guy’s who don’t get to talk to dark skin black women i’m sure you forgot about me ,you know what i got to make a trip down where you at ,did you say texas .want to make a trip down there ,maybe i can come see you if that will be ok with you ! I got to check out the seen in the big city of texas

        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          Hey! No I haven’t gotten a chance to take the survey as of yet but I still plan on doing it. And no offense, I don’t really meet people offline. Not really might thing but you should definitely visit Texas at some point of your life. Great place. =)

    • SMDH!

      You are 100% right! You would never see black Eye Candy on a white women’s site. Never! It doesn’t matter how fine that black man may be. They simply wouldn’t do it. But for some reason,many black women have no problem having white men featured on their sites.

      • Chelsea M

        This site features white men, black men and hispanic men… and they all fine!!

        • SMDH!

          I’ll try again. Why is a white man featured on a black woman’s site when he has demonstrated no interest in black women? A black man who dates only white women is not welcome on black women’s sites. It always sparks outrage and angry calls for a boycott. Why is it ok for a white man who has never been seen with a black woman to be featured? Is it ok because he’s white? Is the self-hate that deep?

          • Chelsea M

            I’m sorry, do you know this man’s entire dating history? Have you guys had a conversation? Maybe he doesn’t like black women like that, ok?? Maybe he’s found black women attractive but he doesn’t know how to speak to them because he’s afraid he’ll end up talking to one like you and feel “unwelcomed” so it’s just easier to date within his race.

            Either way, I’m a black women who can appreciate a good looking man. Black, white, indian, arab, asian, hispanic. At the end of the day, it’s just a man.

            • guest

              Do you feel the same way about Reggie Bush and Taye Diggs?

              • Chelsea M

                Reggie Bush and Taye Diggs are handsome men too, but I’m not checking for them. I’m not checking for Jessie either but he’s also handsome. Evening eye candy is just about looking at attractive men, not about knowing their dating habits/preferences.

                • eric carroll

                  What about chris brown ,micheal jai white ,miguel,denzel washington ,mack wild,lance gross,and i know trey songz all the ladies love trey songz ,omarion,nas it’s a whole list of black men that black women can make them their eye candy

                  • Chelsea M

                    I’m pretty sure they’ve had half the dudes you just named on here for eye candy. Plus more

                  • Likewaterforchoc

                    Chris Brown? Seriously? The next argument will be about how black women only like thugs.

              • commentator

                Over a Clutch Magazine a few months ago, a lot of sisters were angry that Essence magazine put Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson on it’s cover. They said that a man who has shown no interest in dating black women should not be celebrated by a magazine dedicated to uplifting sisters. They made sense. It just seems that some black women only apply that rule to brothers. An attractive white man does not get put through that same test. Just being good looking is enough.

          • BlackNubianQueen

            seek help ! Why is everything a color issue…. damn … they have therapy for that…. who hurt you !! Life to short to be carrying so much anger against someones color….

            • eric carroll

              I know black nubian queen but the thing with this issue a lot of black women hurt a lot of black men. case in point me myself was hurt when my. Lady left me for a white guy i was really hurt and sad do you see where i’m coming from.

          • tiffany

            in john tucker must die he dates and makes out with ashanti!

      • Val

        It seems that some on this thread are unable to grasp what we’re talking about. It isn’t about whether this guy is attractive or not it’s about cultural domination. It’s about us accepting others into our spaces while they exclude us from theirs.

        • FromUR2UB

          The black women who drool over white guys won’t get it. Those points have been brought up many times, and it only seems to intensify the oohs and ahhs, as if they think they’re getting even for something. They’re often the same women who hold grudges against black men because of rejection issues, yet don’t mind that the white guys they ogle wouldn’t have anything to do with them.

          • guest


        • I_am_a_Gladiator/Scandalista

          No its not that we dont get it. We just rather look at the sexiness regardless of the race and not obsess over the color of his skin.

        • 9Boots

          Meanwhile BM have excluded Bw from marriage and in entertainment they often have non black love interests.

        • cc


    • Jenie

      Chile good bye ….I just made him my screen saver !!! I do not discriminate !!!!!!

    • xxdiscoxxheaven

      I know a number of white chicks who would spread it wide and open for Jesse Williams.

    • MNEditor2

      Some of you are reading too far into this, lol. We’ve been doing Evening Eye Candy literally since 2011. We like to diversify the subjects because fine is fine–black, white, hispanic, Asian, green, purple, blue–and so on and so forth. And seriously, after three years of looking for good looking men to feature, we’ve done most of the usual suspects everyone loves (and the majority by a longshot have always been black men), so when we see someone who is a cutie and we know other women have said they are attractive, we feature them. I don’t know how many sites do that and thats their business, but this is how we do things here and have been doing it for years.

    • eric carroll

      There’s none all the black women be checking out the white guy’s now , black women don’t like black guy’s no more

    • Renee86

      Cosmo features Black men regularly. They are not featured as much as white men but they are featured.

  • Jenie

    Good Lord there is a God, this man is fine lord have mercy Jesus