Wife Takes Out Ad In Newspaper To Congratulate Husband On New Child–With His Mistress

March 6, 2014  |  


If you want to let the world know that your husband is a stinkin’ cheater, social media just won’t cut it. Why not take it back and take out an ad in the newspaper?

That’s what one woman did in Toledo Bend, Texas. According to the Daily Mail, a scorned wife took out an ad in the classifieds to congratulate her husband and his other woman on the upcoming arrival of their child:

I would like to say congratulations to Shara Cormier and Patrick Brown. They are expecting a baby. Hope you both are really in love and I hope it works out. Always, Patrick’s wife, Timeshia Brown.

According to the Daily Mail, relatives and even co-workers of Cormier were reached out to, but declined to comment on Mrs. Brown’s decision to put Cormier on blast. This super messy story was shared on Reddit after someone saw it in the newspaper and posted about it on Facebook. From the looks of the ad, Timeshia is leaving behind her husband, and just wanted to give him one very interesting parting gift. It could be worse…?

What do you think about the ad? Share your thoughts below.

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  • Beth

    Will never understand why people need to air their dirty laundry…..it’s private keep it behind closed doors.

  • Alice Gallagher

    Lol… very well played and dignified!

  • Susan

    i love every bit of it! i don’t think she played herself at all. she risked embarrassing herself to do this, so she was trying to go for broke. she knows her husband and the inner workings of her relationship better than any of us so it seems to me that she used a tactic that she knew would get his attention or hit him where it hurts…just like he hurt her. And this is not necessarily new. A few years ago, a scorned wife put her husband and his sidepiece on blast on a life-size billboard in Times Square. This is why people need to be careful who they mess with – emotionally, socially, physically, etc. – cuz you never know what might drive a person to the brink and put everybody in a messed up situation.

  • K C

    yah… its clever… like that guy whose fiance cheated on him and he left letters under the seats of guests at the wedding exposing her. NOT!

  • vanessa

    love it!!!!!

  • Izzel

    She took control of a situation that was bound to be exposed and one where for some they would look at her unfavourably as a wife who couldn’t keep her husband at home. But also consider this….. do you think that this mistress was the first? If not then she probably had already covered for him for the sake of marriage but he took liberties and her love and kindness as a pass that was always going to be there.

  • bigdede

    This is how you shame someone! Now the side hoe will have people looking at her with disgust and her husband will have lost the respect of a lot of people. Loves it! Never understand why a single woman would get pregnant by a married man. I just don’t get that. Why put yourself through being a single mother with a man who is a known cheater?

    • thesituation

      Agree with everything you said except the mistress having people look at her in disgust and the husband losing respect. I think it’s so common now and days that the shame of affairs is no longer an issue like back in the day. So much crap is acceptable now and days that she will be viewed as the girlfriend not the woman who disturbed a marriage.

      • bigdede

        I so badly want to tell you that you are wrong and you don’t know what you’re talking about. But sadly, you are absolutely right. It’s sad how low the morals of today are.

  • venusia11

    At least she didnt diss neither of them. She wished the both the best and bounced. Was is necessary? Maybe not. But at least she was classy. (It couldve been worse!)



  • Courtney Banks

    I love it! It’s not too over the top, i.e. she didn’t burn his house down, but it’s still payback. I love the fact that she put them both on blast. Too often women go to the other women, when the man is equally if not more at fault.

  • JK Merez


  • truthalldaylong

    All is fair in love and war!

  • Guest

    Well good for her, at least she didn’t do no name calling in that ad. Let em know about how disloyal that POS husband is and he’ll do the same thing to his mistress too. What goes around comes around.

  • VVV

    Nothing wrong with it. It was congratulatory.

  • Topazhoney

    What’s done in the dark will always come to light.

  • Sugarcake

    I wouldn’t even waste my money…Good Riddance to old rubbish…

  • Guest

    Like they always say: Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

  • Pearl Stillsmiling Goodwin


  • Yulanda Gupton

    Who is this woman? She is my hero ….I wish she could have put there photos up as well. This should be done to all cheaters. I know some people don’t agree with her but they’re probably the people that think it’s cute to lie ,cheat and destroy other people’s lives.

  • Jazz

    Still classier than the mistress. #gentlyreleasespearlnecklace

  • Jean Racine

    Kudos to this woman, it’s good to see that there are a few people with brains in this country. For those who say that she put herself on blast, y’all missed the point. One, when the ex and his baby moms show up anywhere, people will be pointing fingers and laughing, in contrast, when the jilted wife walks down the street, she will be applauded. Second, in this day of fake/reality/microwave (bad) tastes, she is real.

  • DrOVOandLipstick


  • Jenn

    I’m going to guess that the people saying that this is “drastic” and “she looks just as bad as the CHEATING husband” are men who cheat, and the girls they cheat with. I thought this was funny/classy.

  • their-bad

    Someone smart said ‘better than an obituary’. This isn’t HER business to blast, for she is not a guilty party. Not drastic at all. Drastic would be dismemberment with a hatchet. Going away quietly like a church mouse is accepting the dirt. Communicating in public so all ‘lane assignments are known’ gives the cheated on party a small pinch of control. Kudos. A follow-up thank you note would seal the deal, but THAT would be catty. lol!

  • justa post

    It’s funny how so many people say what they would have done in this situation. No one knows what or how they will react until they are faced with this dilemma. I say kudos to Timeshia Brown. She put them on blast and can walk away with her head held high. Now she can go to her attorney when she files for her divorce and include this ad fee for expenses when she request that he pay her lawyer fees. He will still regret this mistake he made and to the mistress, the same way you got that man is the same way you will lose that man.

    • been there

      I totally agree with you, until you have been in a situation like this, how you would handle it is totally irrelevant. The unsuspecting spouse is always the last one to know. She was able to get the upper hand. Are ppl going to snicker and talk behind her back? Sure, they were gonna do that anyways. If you’ve never been cheated on or seriously hurt by someone who vowed to you, then you’ll never understand her hurt. Vengeance, maybe. But I’m sure she got a good release. Speaking from experience.

    • thesituation

      Include the ad fee in the divorce…lol

  • Charlene Itsadifferentme McNei


  • Queen

    It’s here situation, and she has the right to handle it as she please. They chose their roles, she’s just exercising her freedom of choice.

  • Kristen

    Honestly, despite both the husband and the mistress being 100% at fault, I think this makes the wife look just as bad. Not only did she put them on blast but she put herself on blast. Instead of walking away with her head held high and maybe only a few people knowing, now she’s “Timeshia Brown”, the lady you should pity. I definitely wouldn’t spend the money on taking out an ad on my sorry arse soon to be ex husband. He’s not even worth that.

    I hope this is fake!

    • DeepThinker

      Unfortunately the wife will be put on blast anyway, especially when this child starts showing up to family events. This ad can also be a way of a “heads up” to people that she already knows about the deception.

      • Nasira Miller

        I think that’s the more likely scenario, that she’s letting THEM, specifically her husband, know that she knows. The husband wanted sexual variety but had no intention of leaving home and was probably going to keep this child a secret, at least from her.

      • Kristen

        So because he had a baby by someone else she should assist him in putting herself on blast? And by on blast I mean disrespect. She’s helping him disrespect her. Yeah, the child will show up to family events but HIS family events – not hers if she divorces. And a “heads up”? So a conversation/phone call/text/email/facebook/twitter private message/etc. to certain people or just letting them find out eventually isn’t good enough, but taking out a public ad is? I’m sorry but I don’t think anything that anyone says will convince me that this was a good or smart idea. If I were in her shoes I’d distance myself from my soon-to-be ex-husband as quickly as legally possible, not taking out a public ad and tying my name into the love triangle for everyone to see. I really hope it’s fake, or at the very least she used a fake name for herself.

        • hollyw

          I don’t get it, how is she to be blamed or shamed in any way..? His adultery is no plight on her. I could see if she was planning to stay with him still, but as she is not, none of this points out a flawed character in her. Ig anything, she empowered herself by refusing to be kept in the dark and wallow in her own misery.

          • Kristen

            I don’t get how people are missing the point that taking the time and money out on an ad regarding her lousy husband and his mistress and attaching her name to it all (now for the internet to see) isn’t smart. THAT’S what you have to do to feel empowered? How about just simply knowing that you deserve better? That you can rise above? You have to be just as petty to feel empowered? The husband will either get to see how much he flubbed up by the next 18 years dealing with his baby mama, or perhaps he’ll marry her and it could strangely work out. Either way the damage is done and the wife is the one that was already disrespected. If he cared about her feelings or what she thought then unfortunately that ship has sailed.

            She can still be wallowing in her own misery despite the ad. And by not putting out the ad doesn’t mean she is destined to wallow in her own misery. To me it just proves how small-minded they all are. She signed it as his wife, not soon-to-be ex-wife, so we don’t know what she sees in her future. I can’t really explain myself more than I already have. All I can say is that if it were me, I wouldn’t be sitting around planning anything other than my escape. His actions at that point no longer deserve any response from me.

  • Mz.C

    She was not playing, I thought the lady that wrote the note to her husband when he forgot to close his facebook was hot but she’s topping that. When they say payback is a b**** they are not playing

  • DeepThinker

    As much as I want to laugh at what she did. I can’t because it is so sad. This type of situation tears families apart. It affects more than the marriage. It affects the child and half-siblings. It puts the grandparents in an awkward position while embracing the product of the betrayal. It makes family members feel guilty if they interact with the child or choose to ignore the child. Two very selfish people caused all this confusion and the poor child stuck in the middle. No matter how well its treated the child will always feel like a mistake.

  • sashaspointofvu

    I personally would of left and not said a thing to him or her…human nature would drive him crazy wondering why. To me she played herself going out like this.

    • Kristen

      I agree! He’s not worth drafting up an ad and the money to pay for it! Quietly walking away is free!

  • JustAThought

    Kudos she knows her worth. Just be a lady and walk away. I would’ve and have done the same.

  • Meah Provitt

    I think she could have done much worse.. They deserved it.. Why is she being called stupid?? Because she loved her husband or because she took revenge after she was scorned?? Either reason you give just makes you look like the stupid one.. You have no idea how she felt. she could have busted out windows hurt the husband and the side chick but she didnt! what she did was crazy not doubting that but it was not stupid or ignorant.. She knew that people would see that and that he would see that.. Many women do worse! You have no idea what she felt.. So dont be so quick to judge before you know it it will be you in the same boat. #you go girl

    • mrmarcus05

      I wouldn’t even call that revenge. She took the high road IMO. Some women would have damaged his belongings.

      • Randolph Graier

        That WOULD seem like the high road to a low-life like you, ya twot.

        • mrmarcus05

          I find it hilarious that you call me a “low-life” yet you go searching for a person’s old comments to try and get a rise out of them. That’s what I call “twot tendencies.” With all the apparent time you have on your hands, you’d think that you would have some better trolling skills. As I said yesterday, YOU sir are on a roll! Continue trying to be an internet thug. It suits you!

          • Randolph Graier

            This coming from a man who quite obviously never met his real father.
            Stop blaming me and others for your miserable childhood and blame the person who deserves it:
            Your splay-legged mother.

            • mrmarcus05

              Nah, my parents have by happily married for 30 years and I had a great childhood. Can’t say the same about you since you obviously have nothing better to do than to troll others. You are the miserable one and it clearly shows. By the way, who am I blaming for anything? You have some real problems that you should address.

    • gin

      Two wrongs won’t make it but it makes it eve

    • Yansa M.Toussaint

      Really the wife could have pulled a “Betty Broderick” and shot to death both her husband and the mistress. They’re both fortunate that she only took out the ad to express her hurt and disapointment but God will deal with both of them. My grandmother used to always tell me you don’t have to worry about getting even with people because life will get even for you. No good comes out of adultery.

  • TRS

    Good for her. She was cheated on….however she chooses to deal with is without violence is just fine. I am sure that it was empowering and she was not rude…I actually thought this was one of the classiest gut punches that i have seen.

  • babygal

    Another kid who will not have a dad!

    • Machone

      Sure this baby wasn’t planned but I’m sure he will have a meaningful relationship and provide financial support to this child. LOL

  • thesituation

    I can count on both hands the number of children in my family who were born within a husband-mistress relationship. A mess! If this is what this wife needed to do to feel better, so be it.

  • Rosemary Davis

    What was the purpose??? it want change anything it want unchange the fact that they will have a child together.I beleive that silence is golden what goes around comes around.This man while basking in the sun with his mistress and his un-born child will regret the day what he did some people don’t read the bible, and are not familiar with the book of malachi 2:14-16 but it clearly states that the most high is not pleased with a man who deals with his wife treachously in going after other women.So some where he will get his just due.So too the Wife stay quiet and let this all play out for you will be the one left standing.

    • MC

      why must she stay quiet??? I don’t get that, she is human not an emotionless robot, whether she spoke out or not will not stop God from getting His vengeance, this is how she chose to express herself and honestly I think it was quit calm considering a number of other things she could have done, like murder, ijs

      • Kristen

        I cant speak for Rosemary but perhaps staying quiet isn’t something she MUST do but maybe not make her look (as) pitiful. She can’t help the situation he put her in but she does have control over her own reputation and things that she puts out in the public.

        • ShayMiller

          How is the wife ‘pitiful’? She is not the adulteter nor the harlot, so why should she be ashamed or quiet?

          • MC

            Exactly ShayMiller!!

          • PleaseDOBetter

            I don’t find the wife pitiful, but I am concerned about the language in this ad. The wife signs the note, Always, Patrick’s Wife. Does this mean that she is staying married to this man? Because then that would make her pitiful and her actions pointless.

            • hmm

              Well she is his wife. Even IF she walked away that same day they would be seperated-but still married.

              • PleaseDOBetter

                I get your point, but that’s not how I read it. I read it as a jab to the other woman that she (Timeshia) will always be the wife and this other woman can’t take her place. I could be wrong, and if I am, I am. Like I said before, I don’t understand the point if the wife was going to stay.

                • yeah

                  She said that she hopes it works out between them, so I get the impression that she is leaving

                • been there

                  And that is what it was meant to be a JAB at the other women,She is just showing her hurt, Some people hold on for dear life even when they know it’s nothing left to hold on to.except benefits.

          • Kristen

            Are we reading the same comment? I never said she should be quiet. Didn’t I say it ISN’T something she MUST do? And where did the word ‘ashamed’ come from? No she’s not her husband or the mistress but why put the situation on blast? Attaching her name to it? Why tell the public that you got cheated on? In my opinion that’s pitiful. Why lower yourself and involve yourself in a public ad? Now it’s all over the internet. It would be different if it was an anonymous ad. Hopefully she used a fake name!

    • tammy

      Good point. I believe in the Bible. Ever thought that her actions may have been a small part of his “just dues?” Merely wondering. Not all silence is golden (not claiming you said “all”). “Release and relinquish the hurt,” I say. Anyway, I think she acted out of hurt, but it could have been nastier! At least now the husband, mistress, and all her kin and friends can Google that ad!

  • SA

    Was this even necessary on her part? How silly can one get over a man??? Husband or not this was just stupid on her part.

    • Tsk

      Just plain ole stupid for real!

      • JaneDoe

        Thats plain ole hurt to me…

    • Meah Provitt

      Hahah judgemental a.. Have a seat..You have no idea what one would do for love or over a broken heart! just because you didnt do it doesnt make it stupid.. Dick.. Beware of a woman with a broken heart.. he deserved it.. Period.. In all reality its a sin to commit adultry so what she did isnt even going to come close to what god is going to do.. You and TSK are clearly men.. Only men would call this stupid.. Tuck your nuts back in..

      • Guest

        I agree the men who are calling this woman probably committed adultery on their wives as well. I can understand the hurt and pain this woman is going through and when one does wrong such as this jump off and husband did you never know how the scorned wife is going to react. So she put them both on blast “Goody Goody” for her and I hope the jump off and husband are satisfied you rascal you.

      • dhgwen

        @Meah, you know hit dogs usually holla… SA is a little too-touched about how the wife handled this matter (especially with the “Husband or not” jab) so she/he’s probably been caught up in this type of infidelity mess.
        I think it was quite clever and just desserts for the man and his mistress…

      • Tsk

        Lol! oh trust me hun, send your man on over nd let us prove how much of a man I am. Psssh!
        My opinion is tht her doing tht was jus plain ole stupid. Your opinion is your opinion, aint no need to try come for me. I see you been hurt a few times too huh? Ok, on second thought dnt send your man over cuz i dnt think the kinda man u attract can even get close enough to smell my perfume. #GetYourLife

    • mrmarcus05

      Hardly stupid. She took a humble approach. Most women would destroy his belongings. And it’s not just “getting over a man”. It was her husband. Your post may have had some validity if he was just a boyfriend.

      • Erin McLaughlin

        There were other could have gone about it. It is not “humble” for her to put her business out there like that. I can understand being angry. But now everyone who reads that will know their business.

        • mrmarcus05

          You missed that point. Yes of course she could have not said anything but there are certainly worse ways to handle this. That was the point I was making….

        • Kimikai

          The business is going to be out anyway when the baby arrives. So she just put it out there a little early. It’s not like they can hide the baby

        • Tammy

          And since it was HER business, it was HER decision to put it out there…as if it wasn’t already exposed by the husband who made HIS decision to put THEIR business out there. They will deal with the consequences. Judge and jury is NOT OUR PLACE! Feel free to point in silence.

        • Sallie0922

          The baby is going to tell the business regardless. She felt she needed to do that so don’t judge. *rolls eyes*

    • Yvette Person-Merchant

      It was stupid for him to cheat and not wear a condom Aids and all I’m just saying

    • PleaseDOBetter

      I wouldn’t go so far as to say it’s stupid, but I will say that I wouldn’t do it. She is entitled to deal with this situation however she deems necessary. I’m probably over analyzing, but I feel that there is a lot of information left to be desired here.

    • Guest

      Why she has to be stupid? At least she did go all Betty Broderick on their a55es. It was stupid on his part to be such a disloyal jerk and had unprotected s3x and knock up some popcorn ho.

    • Dee

      Hurt people do crazy things sometimes.. But oddly enough this wan’t too bad… She took it real easy on them, she didn’t say anything hateful or violent ::kanye shrug:: I’m not mad at her!

  • Just My Opinion

    She knows she ain’t missing out on nothing, & I don’t blame her.

  • Shan Frazer

    lol…yes sah. Fadda God tek di case an gimme di pillow!!! lmao!!dwl!!!

    • Justine

      DWL!!! Your patois just slayed me! You are Jamaican?

      • Shan Frazer

        lol, yea I am.

        • BedStuyBklynChica

          Shan Frazer you got me at work screaming!!!!!! I could just hear you saying this in a thick Jamaican accent and ending with a big steups at the end!!!!! LMBO!!!!

          • Shan Frazer

            lol….mine dem fire yuh

        • Tiffany Wt-Fr

          Could you be related to someone named nathan or eustace they are Jamaican also same last name just asking

          • Shan Frazer

            No, not that I am aware of.

    • Yansa M.Toussaint

      LMBAO. My godmother is Jamaican and she speaks a similar patois.!!! Fadda God ain’t happy with the wrongdoing of both of these individuals and I’m glad the wife put them on blast by taking out an ad in the newspaper. They got what they deserve the dirty scoundrels. See when you do wrong no good comes out of it that’s why I don’t fool with married men.

    • Paula Davis

      Jamaican accents are so cool!

  • LotsToLaughAbout

    lmfao classic

  • hi-liter

    WOW…just wow. Drastic times/situations cause for drastic measures.