Malcolms X’ Six Daughters Fight Over Estate

February 9, 2011  |  

The six daughters of Malcolm X and Dr. Betty Shabazz are fighting over Dr. Shabazz’ $1.4 million estate. Part of that estate includes unpublished writing from Malcolm X such as the journals the slain civil rights leader kept while he was in Africa and the Middle East.

In order for anything to be sold or published, all of the women must sign off on it and that is where the trouble lies. Accusations of financial mismanagement, sabotage and even mental incapacity have kept the estate stuck in the court system.

The Shabazz sisters have been through a lot in their lives. Some of them witnessed the assassination of their father in 1965 and in 1997 their mother Dr. Betty Shabazz died three weeks after suffering major burns from a house fire set by her grandson.  Unfortunately, their in-fighting has impeded their ability to share more of their parents’ legacy. An attorney for one of the sisters claims that the taxes due on the estate now exceed the value of the estate.

Have you ever endured intense family fighting? How did you resolve it? Should you always forgive family or are their instances when you have to just cut off a relative?

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  • Albertasbread

    There is still hope for Malcolm's daughters.

  • TCMc

    "Unfortunately, their in-fighting has impeded their ability to share more of their parents’ legacy. An attorney for one of the sisters claims that the taxes due on the estate now exceed the value of the estate."

    LOLz there is NO money left. AND they will still have to pay the attys – so now they are broke AND destroyed their relationships with each other. For what?

  • I think

    When I was 18 turning 19, my mother passed. When she died she had 2 insurance policies. One could be paid out monthly but the other was paid out in a lump sum. As a result of me still being young and irresponsible, she came to the conclusion that she would leave the insurance policy that would be paid out in a lump sum in my brothers name so he could monitor how I was spending it. Well let this be a lesson to EVERYONE with children, do NOT do that! Money changes people REGARDLESS of the situation! My brother took off with it ALL and we haven't heard a word of him since he received his money. If he were ever to come back to us and beg our forgiveness, I think the whole family (Including myself) would want to forgive him, but I don't think i could, nor could they. So I hope this serves as a lesson to everyone.

  • Ruby

    Listen X sisters – stop the squabbling. The only folks getting paid are the lawyers. Go to a retreat – neutral territory and hash it out. Otherwise, you're just paying for the lawyers and judges kids to go to college.

  • Odetta

    yes, embarrassing enough as it is, i have been the cause of a very bad family dispute. it was horrible but as i was sharing with Mseverywoman thank God my mother didnt hold it against me. She forgave me and has allowed me to still receive her love and i am so blessed. We had a very bad arguement over my boyfriend at the time and it was just hurtful and mean the things i said. i dont know if i could ever forgive my son for saying those things to me. i hope i learn to love the way my mother loves her children. i mean i understand forgiveness but she honestly lives as though that never happend, like i never said the horrible things that i said. i dont know how or where she gets that from but i am thankful she is mines! So from this experience i am learning that this is the same type of strength that i must display for my son when its time. i pray it never happens but i think i know my God enough to know that my mother's forgivness wasnt just for me it was for me to witness so that i can take note and do the same thing when its my turn.

  • Kimberly

    very sad story. Malcolm X deserves and should have better (and more money)
    WTF have they been doing all this time except fighting?

  • Mseverywoman

    I feel I've loss a relationship with someone whom I've always loved with MY WHOLE HEART! I have feelings about this person that I never thought I'd have. I don't think I can forgive this person, and if I forgive, our relationship will never ever be the same again! I'm going through this right now and have been for this last year.

    • Odetta

      All i can say there is something absolutely amazing about unconditional love. i've used that term losely until my mother taught me what it meant. i am so greatful for her loving me this way. i didnt deserve her forgiveness. she still looks at me like i am her baby inspite of it all. i can only hope i learn to love this way. with that all being said we still need to be careful with the love we give away. just because you love some one doesnt mean you tolerate abuse of any kind. i can suggest that you pray to God about what he would have you to do and go from there. you can always love and forgive from a distance and learn to work through the issue with time. What ever it is I hope you get the answers you need so that you can move forward.