#ThatAwkwardMoment When A Man Takes You On A Groupon Date

March 4, 2014  |  

When going on a first date, there are plenty of opportunities for awkward moments — like a guy using a Groupon and going on and on and on about how he’s too broke to take you out otherwise. Can you say turn off?!

That’s exactly the scenario we’re reenacting in this hilarious spoof in the video above. Check it out and tell us what you think. Have you ever been on a Groupon date before? Did it work out for you better than it did these two folks?

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  • Mztisa

    So….should would rather him put the dinner on a credit cards and accrue interest?!?! C’mon son! Do better! I would much rather be with a man that knows his budget and acts accordingly than somebody that would try to impress me all the way into the poor house. #nogracias

  • Taneesha The Diva

    I use Groupon with no shame at all! I have traveled all over the world and stayed at some amazing places because of Groupon, Jetsetter and Living Social. My BF and I used Groupons all the time for restaurants especially ones we have never been too.. Its either an incentive to return and add it to our list of faves. Or say Eff it and never go back and be happy with the fact we didnt pay full price.

  • Kevin

    The woman in this video said “I appreciate you taking me to such a beautiful place…” when she thought the brother was paying full price for the meal. But, once he used the Groupon to PAY for BOTH of their meals, all of a sudden he’s a “cheap M*****F*****. As a Black man who has had to work against all of the stereotypical social norms in business, education, the music industry, etc… to become successful in what I do, I find this spoof/parody/video to be highly offensive and to all of the other frugal, intelligent and strong Black men who’ve had to endure emasculation just to survive in America.

    Personally, I appreciate a woman who looks to work together with me, instead of looking for me to carry the entire emotional, mental, spiritual and financial weight of a relationship. That’s not a healthy male/female relationship, that’s a pet/owner relationship. Like I’m a puppy… SMH I believe we should show more social responsibility in the way we use social media.

  • anonymous

    On a nice date..no. Not during the courting process. But after y’all sharing finances etc, definitely yes. But My husband thinks it’s tacky so we don’t do it.

  • Yeah I totally agree!When it is really on the first date there are plenty awkward experience or moments. I remember my first date in best hotels and restaurants in Kiama Australia. Its really very awkward.

  • msdyanelk

    Ok. Take this spoof out of the question. It’s a little off. Meant to be humorous or whatever. Yes he could have slipped the Groupon in with the check and not said a word to the waiter/waitress. Honestly, I don’t see the issue with a man using a Groupon on a date. As a woman, I use them to save on dinner, hotels, etc. How does a man suddenly become cheap if he’s using them for the same purpose?

  • Mani

    I am all about getting the most for your money and Groupon has some great dinner deals that often include multiple courses and bottles of wine! As a first date, however, I would suggest not pulling out a pre-printed coupon. If you have been dating for a while, there is nothing wrong with coming across a great deal and taking advantage of it.

  • HUgrad13

    How is this an issue exactly? Frugality+ scintillating conversation (this is actually the only part that matters) = awesome.

  • SXQN

    I don’t have a problem with Groupon or coupon or whatever the discount hour is…but don’t go on and on and make a big deal about it. I work for a living too, so I understand saving where you can. I don’t care for “ballahs”, they draw way too much attention.

  • FB

    The one thing that I do when I use Groupon at restaurant, I always tip the server according to the full price of the menue. Otherwise, I am enjoying the food, the atmosphere, and great conversation. I would do it on every date and whatever amount that I save over the year, I would buy stock option with it. Would you rather be with a guy who own stock option or a guy who work hard and give away his money.

  • googgood

    This issue has been around for a while now. Most women I know dont mind a man using a coupon. I have heard some women say they dont like going to places like Chili’s or Fridays for a first date. But I never had a problem with that. My husband and I use to go to Five Guys, Starbucks, local Asian spot. We did matinees. Just dont take me to a fast food Restaurant and I was cool.

    • Me

      FIrst of all I love Chili’s! Most of the times my friends who say they don’t like going to those spots are usually faux bougie. Those are the ones who want a man to go broke to impress them. They are also the ones who get caught up because a man has a nice car and seems to have a little money.

  • PuLLitYouWnt

    this was hilarious. dude said sizzler….do those even still exist?

    • Me

      Yes. We have them in N. California. My grandmother loves going to Sizzler. I always take her there and she gets her sr discount and I get my salad bar. Don’t play!

      • PuLLitYouWnt

        lol ok. calm down. we haven`t had any in so. fl. for over 10 years now. they all got shut out by much bigger chains. that`s why i asked. now when they were here they were hot but not enough to keep up with the competition. so now golden coral is the big kid on the block and my grandma loves going there too.

    • Potsy from Hawthorne

      Yeah we have them all over here in Los Angeles! I love me some sizzlers! Lol!

  • Char~

    When my husband and I were dating, I made a POINT to tell him to look for deals if we were going out… because I don’t believe in going broke to eat… haha… Shoot… we made dinner for each other more often than not, and watched movies (Shout out to Blockbuster)!! I see nothing wrong with this.

  • thatguy0101

    Why pay more when you can pay less, with as simple as presenting alittle piece of paper to the server and saving $20-60 dollars??? If I found a groupon to MS Grill or Capital Grill where I like to go and go on date to in the DMV area, you BEST believe Ill present a coupon there. Now, in the females defense, since I have sisters and I dont want them dating lames completely broke men, it becomes a issue if a dude is presenting coupons on EVERY date, or to EVERY event, or EVERY place yall go he has coupons and is dying to save 5 dollars…. 0_o if you are pressed on saving 2-5 dollars on a expensive purchase then thats a problem…..Im just sayin..

  • Epsilonicus

    I feel like if you are not paying for the date, why complain if he is using a Groupon.

    • NOPE

      Exactly. A lot of beggars sure are choosy.

  • Breezy F. Baby

    I have no problem w/ Groupon dates. I have actually told a guy to look on there for ideas on where we can go. I am all for it!

    • MLS2698

      And I’m sure he appreciated it, too!

    • thatguy0101

      Da*n, they dont make them like you no more….Will you marry me :)?

    • PuLLitYouWnt

      i`m with you i don`t have a problem with it. but i think this video was more focused on the fact that he admitted he broke and he wouldn`t be doing anything if it were not for groupon. i mean the part were he said he stay with his mom, he is in a groupon competition, if he didn`t have groupon he wouldn`t have been able to go out the other night when he was trying to get his “groove on” lol. but all in all. i`m cool with it. but he definitely didn`t have to whip out the groupon slip like he was really doin it big though lol.

  • hollyw

    Both me and my bf have indulged in the freedom that Groupon/LivingSocial/Gilt has afforded us lol…but i wouldn’t advise it on a first date. Just…no.

    • NOPE

      lol, I’ve never heard of guilt but I’m a fan of the services that you mentioned as well as Amazon Local.

      Is it because of how others would perceive it, or because of how it would come off to you personally? I don’t see the problem with it. Hell, she more than likely say the same email too.

      • hollyw

        Nah I could care less about whoever else in the restaurant, unless they paying! It’s just more of the awkwardness it creates, esp. if it’s not brought up beforehand…and by “awkwardness”, I mean from the guy lol. It would be great if a dude could bust out a coupon and joke about it, but 9x out of 10, it’ll be like the video above w/the guy kinda defensive, and open a talk about his finances, which is otherwise inappropriate for a first date lol… I’d rather just go somewhere super-cheap, or he not mind we go dutch 🙂

      • hollyw

        ….errm, btw, what’s Amazon Local lol? How can I get in on that??

        • NOPE

          For some reason Amazon Local doesn’t seem to get as much play as its competitors, but it’s pretty good. It’s linked up to your Amazon account and has an app and email subscription like the others. If a deal has expired on one site/app, I go to one of the others and it’s usually there.

  • FB

    Dude was somewhat awkward with his comments. However, I totally don’t see a reason why he could not use a groupon. In my opinion, I would question a man ability to manage his finances if he were to pay full price for a meal that he could have gotten at half price.

    • thatguy0101

      I applaud you…a breathe of fresh air, someone who gets it!..

      • Sunshinegirl

        Exactly! In this day and age, it’s all about frugality if you don’t want to end up BROKE in retirement. I have enjoyed many a expensive meal and done lots of awesome things with Groupons and coupons that I find online! My husband doesn’t mind whipping out coupons and I surely don’t! We’ve got to fund those 529 plans to get these little ones in college when it’s time!

    • Me

      LOL I’m cheap so if I find a black man who believes in saving money the way I do, I’d be in love! Too many black folks love to floss. That isht don’t impress me!