Naomi Campbell Shows Off Fly New ‘Fro; Gabrielle Union Shows Off Natural Hair At Oscar Party

March 3, 2014  |  

Brian To/

Some fabulous celeb women are rocking very chic new ‘dos this week, and we’re loving it!

Gabrielle Union, like many big stars, hit up the post-Oscar festivities last night looking fabulous. She hit the red carpet at the Vanity Fair Oscar party and did so with her own natural hair, which she showed off on Instagram yesterday.


“I took my weave out and got creative with my natural hair… @larryjarahsims is a master magician#theprocess”

The beauty showed off quite a bit of length, which was was flipped, curled and tied into a knot at the back of her head, and also included an ornate bump at the crown of her head. While at the Vanity Far party in her sparkling Nicholas Oakwell gown, she snapped pics with new Oscar winner Lupita Nyong’o, and had nothing but love for the Kenyan beauty:


“Best part of my night… @lupitanyongo is everythang! Quite simply, this woman gives me LIFE! Humble, smart, sincere, drop dead stunning and talent to spare… SOOOO PROUD!!! #lupitalove”

And Union also took pictures with Tyler Perry, Serena Williams, Regina King and more. Clearly she had a fabulous night!

Brian To/ Brian To/

Away from the Academy Awards madness, supermodel Naomi Campbell also showed off a new ‘do, but this time it was a full and fabulous ‘fro.

Ivan Nikolov/

Campbell is known for her long wigs and extensions, the latter of which having been blamed for the hair loss the beauty has dealt with over the years. She decided to give all that a rest for a light brown afro wig that looked great on her, as she did media rounds with The View, The Graham Norton Show, and while shooting an appearance on 106 & Park. Campbell was hitting the talk show couches to promote a new season of her reality show/modeling competition, The Face.

Ivan Nikolov/

What do you think of both looks on these beauties? We can’t get enough of them! Share your thoughts below.

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  • rainbow

    Naomi looks great. Afro hair fits her better

  • Girly

    Natural or not. Both women look beautiful.

  • enlightenment

    Naomi looks good!

  • Trisha_B

    MN you guys contradict yourselves. I know there are different writers, but do you guys communcate to make sure the posts flow & make sense? Just last week there was a post talking about natural hair is not a big deal & going in on celebs who post pics on social network. Yet you guys are here praising natural hair o_O

    Gabby looks good, as usual!

  • olddude

    Let me begin by saying that both women look great. I really do wish that they can continue their careers with their natural look & and try to leave the wigs and esp the weaves alone. The recent wave or #teamnatural is going to continue to grow as long as the stereotypes are sticking with “those ” women. You have black women now that want to separate themselves from the negativity as a whole. Yes I know that not all black women wear weaves , and I also know that not all weave wearers are the “typical weave wearing woman”, like all the crap you see on the tv shows . (ever notice that tv commercials that have black women in em , hardly EVER have weaves . Most are in their natural state)

    • rainbow

      Well, Naomi has damaged her edges beyond repair. She will always have to wear something

      • Masterpieced

        Lesson to those women who still have a few edges –STOP NOW!

        • rainbow


  • b

    Some black women have naturally curly, wavy, straight hair that grows from their scalp.

    • Masterpieced

      most do not

  • lovinlife

    Why is everyone so fixated on hair?! Natural, wigs, weaves, dreads, bald…it’s a personal choice and should be respected by the wearer. The past couple of years natural has been shoved in our faces and down our throats. It doesn’t make us more or less culturally-correct.

    • positivebeatsnegative

      Thank you…I don’t know why it is to be assumed because a women chooses to wear straight relaxed hair, a wig or weave she’s not aware she black or she deemed lagging in her history.

    • rainbow

      women like hair. get over it

  • frenchmarie

    people are slowly opening their eyes!

    • Caydence James

      If you mean that they’re opening their eyes to the fact that we are in a unique position to be flexible and do anything we want with our hair in ways that other women can’t, then I’m right with you….we’re definitely opening our eyes.

  • benita marie hannah

    Gabrielle Union looks good. Naomi Campbell looks great. Love the natural look on her.

  • positivebeatsnegative

    Being a former model, I get why many women in entertainment wear wigs and weaves. You go from photoshoot to photoshoot, magazine spreads, TV appearances, videos, movies interviews etc all that heat and things on your real hair (natural or relaxed)is bad, so to give it a break you wear the wigs and weaves. The average working women don’t understand, it has nothing to do with self-esteem.

    • Yvonne Watkins

      Then why does the fake hair have to be fake White girl hair? Why not textured hair? If not an afro then at least have it look like hair the average Black woman would grow.
      That’s the elephant in the room that those who say it has nothing to do with valuing your hair for what it is – a Black woman’s hair – ignore. Any ethnicity’s hair other than you own. Strange.

      • positivebeatsnegative

        @Yvonne…because its their personal choice. How does it affect your life if they choose to wear their own hair natural with an Afro? Doesn’t make a difference to me, I don’t view them as less than “black” because of it, if you feel it does that’s a personal issue within yourself…

        • rainbow

          it indirectly affects black people everywhere, like it or not

          • positivebeatsnegative

            @Rainbow I’m going to disagree for myself. I could care less what another black woman chooses to do with her hair, if she’s natural. permed, weaved, braided, dyed, fried or laid to the side . It does nothing for my life, doesn’t affect my self esteem, my living arrangements, my social life..absolutely no aspect of my life is affect by what another woman chooses to do with her hair… If it affects you that’s a personal problem.

            • rainbow

              I know you could care less. Not everyone cares but that does not mean it does not affect black people all around you including yourself. You could choose to not acknowledge it which is what you are choosing

        • Masterpieced

          If all blacks were into getting nose thinning surgery–it would reflect badly on our esteem. Same goes for the dependence on straight weaves and wigs.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    The wig is a representation of natural hair it’s not long silky or straight and it looks great on naomi…gabby so what who cares i’m so over her talking about her hair….we get it u have hair sheesshh

  • Taunya73

    I think both ladies look very beautiful. Gabrielle has such long beautiful hair so I really don’t understand ehy she feels the need for the fake.

    • Caydence James

      Because as an actress her time is probably limited and valuable (read: she dosn’t have time to mess with her hair and try to make it presentable every day) and plays roles that require different looks and can oftentimes put stress on her hair. When she’s home, Gabrielle switches off with wearing her natural hair and wearing weaves as a protective style because again….she wants to wear styles that protect her real hair and don’t require a lot of maintenance. I know this because she recently mentioned this in an article where she mentioned this and explained that the reason why her hair is so long is because she “wears weave responsibly”. This is no different than what Kira Sedgewick, Lauren Conrad, Jessica Simpson, etc do to make sure that they don’t put their real hair through changes.

      I don’t know about anyone else but I do it and my hair is at bra strap length and I don’t get complaints from anyone that counts (which is me and my boyfriend) so it’s a smart move to me! 🙂

      • Taunya73

        Thats understandable, I guess. Hey, to each his own.

      • Masterpieced

        She has a stylist whether it is to style her real hair or the weave. So, that is not a valid point.

  • Trudy Spencer

    Look great.

  • bigdede

    Wow Gabrielle wore her real hair for the night, OMG give her an award!!! smh. In a few years with all the weaves she wears, her scalp and edges will look like Naomi’s. Then everyone will cheer because she’s wearing an afro wig.

  • Rosemary Davis

    Gabrielle is beautiful anyway you slice it glad she got a chance to speak with Lupita,I wonder where D.Wade was he didn’t have a game last night. I hope Lupita’s inspirations was enough to inspire Gabrielle to realize that she can do much better when it comes too men.

  • YaYa

    LOVING Naomi’s ‘fro…it looks very nice on her!

  • hi-liter

    Team natural is representing well.

    • oops

      Naomi is wearing a wig. Nothing natural about that.

      • Sarcastic1

        I had to chuckle. Naomi and her wigs. I hope the damage she has done to her scalp is not permanent.

        • oops

          I think it is permanent.

          • Politically-INcorrect

            hehe, but it still didn’t grow out of her head. Therefore, not natural. It’s manufactured natural hair. Does anyone else see the oxymoron? lol.

    • Guest

      That fro is a wig, to hide them struggle edges, duh!

      • Guest

        It’s better than those bacon smelling $7.00 weaves most of the non naturals on this board wear. Lol let me stop.

        • Caydence James

          Yes. Please do.
          “Non Naturals”.

      • Caydence James

        Ok and…?
        She still looks better than most chicks with weaves or natural so what was your purpose for bring that tidbit up? Is that supposed to matter?

      • Masterpieced

        The point is that she chose her own ethnic TYPE wig.

  • elizabeth

    both look beautiful