Instagram Insubordination: Private Posts Selfie, Sparks Outrage

February 28, 2014  |  

Source: Instagram

Y’all take this as a cautionary tale. Don’t let your selfie get you into trouble. Legal trouble. According to Clutch, Private First Class, Tariqka Sheffey is in a bit of hot water after posting a picture of herself on her Instagram account. The picture itself is fine. But it’s the caption that presents a problem. She writes:

“This is me laying back in my car hiding so I don’t have to salute the 1700 flag.” She continued in caps: “KEEP ALL YOUR ‘THAT’S SO DISRESPECTFUL/HOW RUDE/ETC’ COMMENTS TO YOURSELF [stop hand emoji] cuz, right now, IDGAFFFF” (Which, for those who don’t know, means I don’t give a fuuuuuu*k.)

I’m not going to lie, at first glance I chuckled. Who hasn’t experienced a time when we really didn’t want to do our job and would much rather take pretty pictures of ourselves? Sheffey is too cute; but now her photo has gone viral, sparking all types of outrage from people who believe she was being very disrespectful to the country by not saluting it flag. Sheffey, who is a member of the 59th Quartermaster Company in Fort Carson, Colorado, is now facing possible removal or being court marshaled for insubordination.

The picture was posted on the Army Times’ Facebook page and was met with all types of disgust, including racially offensive comments. One commenter wrote, Any soldier who refuses to salute the flag is in the military for the wrong reason, and should be removed by dishonorable discharge with loss of all benefits. If they won’t salute it, they damn sure won’t fight for it.”

Though Sheffey’s Instagram page has since been deleted, she did post a video on Tuesday expressing her gratitude for the people who checked her.

“I seriously just want to say thank you to everybody who stood up to me today, like seriously. That sh*t to me was not that serious. I am not a disrespectful soldier and I really appreciate you all.” 

Sigh. Like I said, I can understand not wanting to do your job sometimes. And I’m no stranger to the selfie. I would be a bit embarrassed if people saw the number of pictures I’d taken of myself. Sheffey could have gotten away with all of this had she not written that damning caption.

But the reaction to Sheffey’s picture hasn’t been completely negative. There were some who came to her defense, arguing that there’s nothing particularly special about saluting the American flag, a piece of fabric. Considering African American’s sordid history with this country, I can understand the sentiment. We hold a lot of resentment toward our fatherland. But please believe I know this about myself; and therefore, would never sign up to serve in the army. Because I understand that once you commit to the armed services, you’re legally required to do everything your superiors say and complete your service.

But Sheffey did sign up. So even if she didn’t want to salute the flag that day, she should have kept that caption to herself. What do you think about Sheffey’s selfie? Are people making it a bigger deal than it needs to be be or was Sheffey behaving recklessly?

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  • internet nerds are so fat

    To all the NON military MORONs.. when you are OUTSIDE your vehicle YOU SALUTE the
    FLAG. If you are INSIDE the vehicle you come to a STOP. The fact that
    she is INSIDE the vehicle NOT DRIVING means she is doing WHAT YOU ARE
    SUPPOSED TO DO. ONLY A IDIOT would park, hop out the car and SALUTE the
    flag at 17:00 EVERY DAY on their way home from their military job
    fighting for your Pathetic lives when most of you IDIOTS slob lazy
    Fuks,,, come to out MILITARY FUNERALS and protest saying ALL MILITARY

    SHE was trying

  • KeepingItReal

    Wow….you did all that “virtual fronting”…for me??? Bish…GTFO. You’re weak and everybody can see right through you.

  • coolyfett

    Make good decision people….bad decisions will get you into trouble.

  • Sydvixen

    I have been surfing the net and the comments that I’ve came across are totally out of order, do she even understand what she started?
    The racial slurs are fierce and down right evil.
    I can’t find any information on her race, Im hoping she’s not black. I want to disown any connection and shut those racist up. Does anyone know her race or background?

    • KeepingItReal

      The racial comments have NOTHING to do with her refusing to salute the flag. It has EVERYTHING to do with the fact that this shi$$y country is RACIST to its core. So, the comments are NOT a reflection of her…it’s a reflection of ignorant, vile white people. I understand you are too much of a coward to stand up to “your massa”…but…if you’re too scared to tell the truth…then STHU.

      • Sydvixen

        Did you even finish grade school? I don’t know what you think you read or comprehend and could care less you don’t know me and from your comment you never walked in my circle. Maybe you need bifocals, the purpose of that post was for more ammo so they could feel stupid for assuming. And I stand by disowning any ignorant fool, I’m on a different level, I back up what’s right not wrong. And ah just so you know My money works for me not the other way around so carry yourself on to your own master and work to get that slop of a check. While this Boss over here relax

        • KeepingItReal

          You’re a coward and a clown. My level of education is beyond reproach…as you can gather from my responses. White racists don’t need “ammo” to attack black people. Any idiot knows that. So stop acting like this lady “refusing to salute a flag while serving her country” is so outrageous that the responses are justified. The responses are NOT justified. Meanwhile…these same white racist pedophiles do everything NOT to serve their own country. Get a clue….dumba##.

          • Sydvixen

            OMG your useless the ammo was for me.. I’m done bye man

    • Leah Robinson

      Hmm assuming by her name she is black, and before yall get to jump on me there are BLACK names just like there are Indian names and Asian names. If we claim dances and everything else, names are an equal part of culture as well.

  • butterflyshan

    Self control and common sense…need I say more?

  • Dennis Y.

    I do not know her military record, but she should be reprimanded. As the military ranks are downsized, re-assess whether to retain her and go from there. And oh, by the way, we don’t salute the flag as a “piece of cloth,” but “for which it stands.” Go all the way or don’t go at all.

    • KeepingItReal

      The same white racist pedophiles who are whining about her “not saluting the flag” are the same ones who would NEVER volunteer for the armed services. In fact, during the draft…these were the same ones who fled to Canada or elsewhere.

  • Tee

    Saluting a flag. REALLY? Who cares? ? People act like we’re supposed to worship it or something.

    • KeepingItReal

      It just gives white people another excuse to attack a minority. Meanwhile…these are the same white racist pedophiles who have NEVER served their country in the armed forces.

  • get real

    So, what’s the problem?

  • JustSayin

    Actually, she wasn’t wrong for not saluting – she was in a car. She’s stupid for POSTING a pic and expressing she didn’t give a )$*)# about respecting the flag. If you’re in the car @ 1700, you’re only required to stop the car until the music stops. Anyone like me, who served, knows that soldiers will remain in the building @ 1659 b/c they know it’s coming and I’ve even seen some run into buildings at that same time – for that same reason. Now what would’ve been completely offensive is for her to be outside–hear retreat/National Anthem sounded — and refuse to salute b/c the didn’t give a &*@#. That would be grounds for some sort of reprimand – either by another soldier who noticed and called her out immediately (which would’ve happened during my time) or a formal reprimand (unlikely). Usually a senior ranking solder would put her in check right there on the spot. All that said, she’s still a PRIVATE which means she probably doesn’t yet fully understand why she even joined – but scored high enough on the test to qualify. Not the type of 15 minutes she wanted though.

  • calmedcooled

    I think she was trying to get discharged.

    • Sydvixen

      Well it would’ve been an excuse she could’ve used had not wrote an apology for her actions and thanked everyone who stood up for her.

  • KeepingItReal

    There are more comments about saluting a damn flag than there were on Shirley Chisholm, education, crime and racism…. Fugg a flag.

  • Veteran

    If you haven’t served in the military DON’T COMMENT on what someone else should have or should not have done!!!! You are the one that is ignorant! Besides saluting the flag is not a duty of just soldiers but also of American citizens. When is the last time you got out of your car after a long day at work and saluted a flag? Kick rocks!

    • limelight

      So people can only comment on an issue if they have experienced it. Get real!!!!! And it is not an American citizen’s duty to salute the flag. Wronggggg

  • Gabie Aldrich

    This is 2014 she didn’t have to join like members of our families did in Vietnam! Once again another case of millennial entitlement!

  • MiaSara

    I don’t care what anyone says, I fu x with her.

    At the end of the day I respect anyone who stands firm in their word while they are walking in their talk!

    • Sydvixen

      Perfect mentality… for the streets

  • diannna

    Honestly I don’t have a problem her not wanting to salute etc but what made it stupid is the fact she had to instagram it therefore telling everyone her business, now that was stupid.

  • Jessica Waller

    Of course its disrespectful as Soldier she knows what her requirements are. You are a Soldier 24 hrs a day and must conduct yourself accordingly. She was wrong and should be punished behavior such as this cannot go unchecked. Unfortunately that whats wrong with many of the younger Soldiers they lack discipline. You joined now fulfill your obligations even the ones that you do not agree with or dont feel like doing or keep it moving.

  • FromUR2UB

    That was a stupid as can be. You are in the mlitary. By now, you should know that it’s an ultra conservative environment to which you are expected to conform, and part of your job is committed to the flag. Don’t volunteer for the service if you don’t want to participate in what will be required of you. It’s that simple. No one likes every aspect of their job, but as long as it doesn’t compromise your ethics, you do it because you agreed to. You don’t go around announcing the parts of it you dislike. Now, this young woman might be dishonorably discharged and be out of a job. She knows she probably needs her job, because she won’t be able to get those five or so points for her military service when she applies for another. What a dummy. This is partly why the unemployment rate is so high…people who have jobs and then do stupid stuff to lose them.

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    It looks like self sabotage to me. I think she wanted out of the service, despite the consequences.

  • Lee

    I dont know how many times I avoided leaving a building because I wanted to wait until after colors was over so I didn’t have to stand at attention and salute. EVERYONE in the military has done that at one point or another.
    Yes I would agree she was stupid for verbalizing it on social media. But she was only saying what we all were thinking at some point. Some of you Vets and currently active duty personnel can get on here and act all brand new, but you know its true.

  • Dee Ree

    See, this right here is why you don’t see my face all over Facebook and the internet. I don’t use my real name and only a few people that know me know who I am. I only have one friend on here from my unit and I trust her. I have 0 friends from my job or business. You have to separate that from social media or it will get you in trouble:/

  • Tiffiney Tarbox

    As a former young soldier there were many times I did avoid that 1700 tradition however it was discretely. It is required while in uniform to uphold a standard of military code and conduct in which my girl Tarqike failed horribly! She is very young and I hope this does not define the outcome of her military career.

    • MLS2698

      Great comment!

    • limelight

      I hope that is not your real name

  • Mr. T

    Dear Dumb Instagram, Mary Jane, & Oivia Pope wanna bee’s If you dont want to follow the protocol of any organization especially the military, lets not sign up. Also, if you DO do something dumb lets not post it on SOCIAL MEDIA for the world to see….possibly your C.O. (Commanding Officer) Keep your bad attitudes and weave hair-hat wearing behinds at home with the rest of the folks who just sit and complain about everything except scandal. If YOU are our nations line of defense then we’re screwed. That is all.

  • Freedom Smith

    She’s a damn fool. An Article 39 court martial is in her future. Possible demotion and docking of pay.

  • nonya

    how a bout we focus on rapist, murderers molesters, s*** like that, not some in the army that doesn’t feel like raising her hand.

    • newmom

      Focus shouldnt only be placed on rapists,murderers, and molesters. This world, our society is about more than those three evils.

  • Machone

    She will probably get a dishonorable discharge which is equivalent to a civilian having a felony.

  • Susan W

    I find it rude, but there are others who run indoors or sit in their car so they wouldn’t have to salute. To call her unpatriotic is harsh BC I’m sure many civilians do not fly the flag over their homes, place there hand across their heart when the music plays. More importantly, schools have taken out the pledge of allegiance all together. So before you all go ballistic over a mistake, I suggest you think about your actions, and I’m sure her unit will handle her appropriately.

    • newmom

      I dont believe in saluting the flag but I will never be say IDGAFFFFFFF. I stand , but dont place my hand to my heart. I respect the people who serve this country. GOD knows if anything went down I have to rely on them. Plus, Im not in the military where they are not given a choice to salute. It is required. That’s her duty. To not do it, ok many people disregard their duties on the job, but only a fool does it in the manner she did. And let’s be honest, there’s a difference between a fast food worker using the social media to give the finger to there job than there is when a military person does it.

      • Susan W

        Again I agree her actions were rude, but my point was that many military members, including those that served, have had a time when they avoided saluting. That doesn’t make her less partriotic, nor does that rate her to be dishonorably discharged. People make mistakes all the time, and I feel she should be punished by teaching military history, flag symbolism and learn how to be more patriotic to fellow members. Trust me that she will get e point and will be sure to salute at all times.

  • enlightenment

    Beautiful idiot.

  • JaneSmith100

    She has an amazing face. Wouldn’t it be great if some modeling agency picked her up? Seriously, great face.

  • kiki j

    I think what happened is she didn’t think her caption would go viral. I would be so shocked if anything I did or said on social media went viral (because I’m such a lame)! I doubt anyone besides my friends on social media would care about anything that I’d have to say. However, when in uniform you have to be careful. When I was looking to switch departments at my jobs I went through my facebook and deleted certain memes and pictures that weren’t professional just in case they decided to check my page out. You never know. But as for the arm *kanye shurgs*. I’ve seen too many of my family members fight hard for a country who basically spit them out afterwards and done little to nothing to show their appreciation. I can only imagine this girls frustration. Sometimes you never know. She may have been doing what many do and looking for away to be dishonorable discharged just to get out. I won’t judge her.

  • Hana Campbell

    In today’s world having a job is a matter of doing what you’re told, as long it doesn’t disrespect or offend either party working. In this world we have to many enemies as well as back stabbers, so with that said she should have keep that comment to herself that was the only safe solution, because even if she would have privately talked about how she felt among her friends, they could have felt some type of way and still reported her. The golden rule with any job is fake it until you make it, we have a job to do, that’s what they pay us for. So do it, whatever may be asked of us as long as it’s not degrading or disrespectful. Because at the end of the day, can you still afford those bills without that job?

  • Valerie Anne Hart-Craig

    Hmmm maybe we should rethink how young we take em’ into the military….the fact of the matter is, the young, motivated kid of the 60’s/70’s had a different mindset than that of this generation, and we know this, so lets not act all excited because she sounds just like the voice of her generation (sad to say). Yes she was “out of order”, but that is something the military is used to, and they can & should handle that without booting her out. Seriously, I’m a little confused with the outrage, because it would seem to me that all that “outrage” needs to be placed where it fits with regard to our military…how about those rapist roaming through our ranks?? But, back to my initial thought… who do we actively recruit? Kids…you get what you pay for.

    • Motherof2ofthatgeneration.

      Your comment shows exactly why that so called ‘generation’ is the way it is….because we don’t expect more of them. Jus saying.

  • cinna

    it was stupid for her to write that under her picture. how do you think parents and the school system would feel if a teacher posted her pick and wrote I’m hiding under my desk because I hate these F^^ckin kids! She is a soldier and with that (like many postions) comes with certain expectations regarding your character, how you behave and carry yourself. Some folks get carired away with social media and say dumb things as though they were just talking to their family when in fact you are talking to the world!



    • MrsB

      You’re a Christian? Yet, you call others cowards and accuse others of having no jobs. So you belittle others while telling them not to judge. And I have to explain that by giving an opinion on a matter and by explaining that you disagree with someone’s actions is not judgmantal. Sincerely, a fellow Christian.

      • YeahISaidit

        yep..i said it. And you know its true. And if you go back and read some of these comments instead of stopping at mine first then you will see why i posted that! Signed..a Fellow Christian too!!

    • yep

      YeahISaidIt you seem to be the coward. We are not commenting on her as a person but on her actions. I am a Christian and I am not ashamed. The Word tells me to judge righteously. I am very educated and have a great well paying job (not in the 1% but definitely in the 20%). Any one that posts a comment that reflects their negative feelings concerning a very public career choice has opened themselves up to comment. Just like you using all caps shows that you need both counseling and possibly a remedial reading class.

      • Yeahisaidit

        lol..that’s cute. So i need a counseling and a remedial class for using all caps. I am high school math teacher. And I’m pretty sure i’m good in the education department..(once again, don’t judge me)

        • yep

          You judged everyone so quid pro quo. I have a doctorate so I bet I’m better!

        • Get It Together

          ummmm you spelled “know” NO so yes, you need a little help in the education department. Also, ” you should all be shame”? And then there’s the sentence structure? I’m going to stop now.

          • MLS2698

            * giggles *

    • Are you in the military? Have you fought in any wars? Do you even have family or friends in the military? If you answered “no” to these question then you sir or ma’am have no clue what it is to be in the military or have family or friends in the military who take this job seriously. We’re not judging this woman but she’s the one putting her business out on social media that is open for others to voice their opinion. God can do the judging. If you don’t want to salute our nation’s flag, then go AWOL and leave the country, lbvs!

    • CC

      Well I served our country and her behavior is very disrespectful to the U.S.A., the POTUS, and those who wear and have EVER worn that uniform!!!!

    • MLS2698

      Stop yelling.

  • infaa

    i agree! and everyone who had a speeding ticket in their life should get FIRED from their job!! i meen if they are going to cut corners and speed past a limit when they know its AGAINST THE LAW! there is no telling what they would ignore when it comes to their jobs!! fire them ALL!! and fire OBOMA to i seen a pic of his face zoomed in and it said in the caption “chilling on the moon cause i don’t feel like working today” OMGZOOR u believe he skipped work to go to the moon!! i mean u couldn’t see the moon or anything in the pic! but if it says it in a caption and its online it had to be him posting it from the moon! because everything on the internet is true!! oh and everyone who acc sends out spam because they get hacked should get fired from their job because its prolly them really sending the spam! because since it comes from their email it had to of been them!!

    ” you guys are morons for all you know she could of been in her living room when that pic was taken, for all you know she could of just posted the caption as a joke and she actually stands out there every day to salute the flag. For all you know she could of left her cpu logged in at work and someone posted it as a joke. YOU ARE ON THE INTERNET FUKTARDS you dont know her life.

    • Dani

      You can throw that left logged in at work theory. 1) from the picture and the angle you can tell it want taken on her phone. Which means she has the app. 2) she made a dang video admitting she was wrong and apologize. -____-

      • dani the retard

        give me your facebook.. Dani ill make you famous by taking one of your pics,, making a fake profile putting a stupid description and you will be on the news with everyone calling you a idiot 😀 ITS THE INTERNET MORON ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE

  • nosrednakal

    Really? REALLY?! Let me refuse to attend a meeting with my company’s CEO or take a selfie AT WORK saying “eff this bogus company” and POST it publicly wearing branded gear !! I choose to work where I do just like she CHOSE to enlist. And took an OATH to protect and defend these United States. I have no problem with a person’a choice to protest-but NOT in uniform/active duty. Obviously she didn’t read the terms of her employment. She does NOT have “free speech” like civilians do. These youngsters need to crack a book sometimes. The likes she received on IG will not prevent her from getting reprimanded nor downgraded for conduct unbecoming. Disrespectful.

  • mikki21

    First off she gets paid to salute. My tax dollars is paying her to salute, work out and sometimes sit her a$$ at the house. Do your job or give ua all our money back. If you know anyone in the military ask them. You will be amazed of what most of their day to day life is. Not all of them are high ranking people, some of them just count ammo all damn day!!
    And what hurts even more, people like this is who we have to look to to keep us and our boarders safe. Scary

    • Getalife

      Well if you gonna say that, then you need to call out prisoners, people on welfare, people on foodstamps, medicaid. Have of those people of unemployed as well. You don’t even know this woman to judge her.So you need to have seat honey. Now you say “you-tax” dollars? What do you do for a living..because if you’re not a doctor,lawyer,pharmacist..etc i’m pretty sure you’re not providing much $$$.

      • teamplayer

        I am confused about your comparison between those in the military and on public service. And regardless of how much taxes a person pays, if my hardworking money is taken out of my pocket, be it $1 or $100, I expect it to be used properly.

      • mikki21

        I do, but this post has nothing to do with that, it has something to do with her disrespecting her job. I am too a Government employee, there is a lot of things I do not like or agree with, but it is my job. I respect the job, if I felt like I couldn’t respect it then I leave it. She is a Soldier, she took an oath to protect this country and respect the uniform. Your right, I don’t know her personally, but what I do know from her post is that she doesn’t respect her job. And I will also add not so bright at that to think that she had the freedom as a Military Employee to post this for the WORLD to see.
        FYI, it doesn’t matter how much you make if you pay taxes a portion of those taxes do go towards our line of defence, and yes her pockets. If it is .50 cents of my money going to her, I want it back. I don’t want to see Americans hard earned money going to people who cannot respect the job that they do to get that money.

    • Lynnb029

      Have u been in the military? If you think that someone working at a warehouse only counts bullets you are delusional. There are allot more things every solider has to do and receive minimal pay at that.

      • aneaha

        Thank you. We have to miss moments in life. I missed times with my family ill never get back. People have missed there children being born and pregressing through life. We dont complain because we know what we signed up for. This doesnt include oast the 10 hrs we work to help the community staying physically fit while trying to work to get a degree and live our own personal lives. Trainings on top of trainings and other things that pull you away from even doing your job. We dont complain we do our job. Not all jobs are glorious hut you better belwive we earn it.

        • mikki21

          So what your saying is that she had every right to go against her contract, her oath because of what she does fora living, (in this case what she doesn’t do)? There is no justification for what she did. I work hard to at my Federal position, but I have yet to go on INstagram, Face Book, Twitter and talk about how I am too lazy to do my job. Just stop trying to justify bad behaviors, she is an adult and I sure you are too. If you don’t like it quit it. Sure enlisting you don’t know all the time what to look foward to, but we all know that saying when you enlist you sign your life away. Deal with the actions you signed up for.

          • aneaha

            I never said she was right I was stating that we do work hard being enlisted members and we earn every damn dime belive that!! I was backing up lynnb209 statement. We do alot more than you think.

  • Kam

    This chic right here!!!! Ugh I get that tired of the job, not feeling it blazay blah. That being said you tell your friends that, heck if your first seargent is cool enough you might even tell them. BUT you do not while in uniform clown like this girl did. She facing up to and including dishonorable discharge because she tried to be cute on social media about not wanting to do what is required of her. Private companies might put up with foolishness like that but the military, which is in the middle of a draw down is not about to play with you.

  • scoops

    Freedom of speech does not absolve you of the consequences of what is said.

  • KeepingItReal

    Who really wants to salute the flag??? I mean really?? Is this Nazi Germany?

    • teamplayer

      Those who sign up for military service.

    • Semper Fi

      Get out of the USA then, did you salute the flag when you were in school saying Pledge of Allegiance?

  • Joy

    I didn’t chuckle when I saw this. Respect your rank, respect your choices. What an idiot, I hope she gets a dishonorable discharge. Then she can sleep in all she wants. When will people learn that as this social media IS NOT PRIVATE?

  • MzJamaica

    I really don’t think it’s that serious any one in the military now is wasting time anyway and I don’t think I wanna salute a flag either to a country who doesn’t do anything but lie through their teeth and stuff their pockets and don’t care about and care about anyone but themselves but I wouldn’t join the military cause I don’t support this country and their decisions. There are no values or morals here so…it’s just a social network if they looked at all the other stuff people pit on these sites they would be even more disturbed like this the country I’m fighting for. .The f##k?

    • Keisha

      Well hopefully you will get to leave this country if you haven’t already. That way you can live someplace perfect.

      • nosrednakal

        …I’m saying

    • teamplayer

      Im Afr Amer and live abroad. Leave if you dont like it. Im sure you will find other countries dont lie through their teeth nor stuff their pockets. It’s perfect! **sarcasm…

    • Machone

      Then why the f**k are you in our country then, MzJamaica? Quit complaining and go the heck back. Nobody will miss you…..Immigrants who migrate to the US and talk $hit. LOL

  • yep

    Dumb to mess with your money and career options because you wanted to be, I don’t know…funny???? Glad this much technology was not available when I was young and stupid. But I guess she is not that young. Oh well :l

    • coolyfett

      @yep you are correct this young woman is not seeing the big picture and this attempt at showing off or trying to be cool will come back to bit her. Plus her name is in the media now. Think people.

  • Keka

    My dad fought in the Vietnam War and my grandfather fought in WW2 and if they was alive now and saw that comment, they would be livid at this woman. If you don’t want to salute the flag she shouldn’t have joined the Army in the first place.

    • noneya

      So I’m guessing it’s all about the flag when u join the military…….no wonder they are under paid.

      • Semper Fi

        No retard, it’s about defending your country, saluting the flag is a part of the job when you’re in the military. Men and women died and lost limbs fighting for our freedom for our country and if you don’t understand that then GTFO of our country and go to Canada or someplace in the world.

        -wife of a veteran

  • Maile00

    She’s stupid.
    From a Vet…

  • Idgaf

    Most of the people who say stupid comments say it because they dont have to do it twice a day everyday for your entire enlistment. After doing something tht much it tends to lose its significance. (In our mind) i understand how serious this may seem from the outside lookin in… But from the inside the only thing I can say is she was stupid for postin it online… And twice as dumb for the caption…

    • KnowTheLedge

      Then don’t enlist. Plain and simple.

  • Victoria

    By all means post your selfies, but when in uniform, there are just some things you keep to yourself. I am the daughter of a Vietnam vet and growing up on military bases no matter where we were stationed when the sound came over the base at 1700 hours you stopped what you werr doing and if in uniform you saluted to the nearest flag. Its about respect. You made the choice to join the military, abide by the rules and have respect.

    • KnowTheLedge

      Well said. I agree completely.

    • Victoria the Moron

      hello Idiot, 🙂 when you are OUTSIDE your vehicle YOU SALUTE the FLAG. If you are INSIDE the vehicle you come to a STOP. The fact that she is INSIDE the vehicle NOT DRIVING means she is doing WHAT YOU ARE SUPPOSED TO DO. ONLY A IDIOT would park, hop out the car and SALUTE the flag at 17:00 EVERY DAY on their way home from their military job fighting for your Pathetic lives when most of you IDIOTS slob lazy Fuks,,, come to out MILITARY FUNERALS and protest saying ALL MILITARY DESERVES TO DIE! YOU ARE KILLING PEOPLE BLAH BLAH! YOU SIGNED UP FOR WAR! YOU KNEW WHAT YOU WAS GETTING INTO!


  • unque43

    I think it was disrespectful, many men and women have lost their lives protecting what that flag represents.

    • lavendarbloom

      What does “the” flag represent????? Tell m

      • nosrednakal

        If you’re being rhetorical, forgive me. But the 50 stars represent the states and the 13 bars represent the colonies which formed the beginning of the USA. If you’re not into the patriotic stuff then I guess it means nothing. But there is a flag for every sovereign nation and Old Glory represents the hard-fought unity of the USA. It was bloody and impossible. But it happened, and here we are (those naturalized or born in the USA)

        • newdnewd

          It doesn’t represent murdering, stealing and oppression to you? Every coin has two sides I guess

          • kierah

            I understand your position about US policy, but she wasn’t drafted into this job. She requested it. She doesn’t have to work for a company she doesn’t respect any more than you do.

            • newdnewd

              You are right and she should not have.

              • blackwido

                she stupid i’m in the military, never leave a paper trail. Hell No to picture and word disrespect to the Flag. They should hit her paycheck for two months that only way she will learn. Hell that how everyone on military learn.

        • Guest


      • newdnewd

        Thank you for asking the question I wanted to ask

      • aneaha

        Its a ceremony to honor those who have died for you. The flag doesnt have to even be in your face but you point in the general direction and you pay your respect to those who have fallen and paved the way. The flag is showing respect to those who died so you can salute that flag of freedom instead of hiding behind cloths and having a man tell you what to do and how to do it and continue to have opportunities that some countries dont. That’s what the flag represents.

    • MsSincerity

      I REALLY want to know what @lavendarbloom:disqus wants to know…….We’re waiting….

      • ok

        me three……..

    • klll

      Wtf does the flag represent??????? I’ll wait

    • mainstreamisoverrated

      That flag represents a white man. People need to look into out real history.

  • TheMsmother

    She is some kind of stupid.

  • Trisha_B

    What made her think she was going to get away w/ that caption? Like seriously -___- She doesn’t get sympathy for being stupid. You sign up to do the job, you do it! Complain to your friends privately, don’t put it on your PUBLIC page where anyone can access it like your employers smh
    & i can agree w/ what that commenter said. Tho i would never join the military, you need to have your whole heart in it all the time not just when you want. If an elementary school teacher tweeted that she can’t stand being around kids, would you be comfortable w/ her being w/ your child 6 hours a day?

    • Tavia Fireinmysoul Rose

      that teacher statement hit it on the head. I can’t judge this soldier bc i don’t know what she was going through but, yea..everything does NOT need to be put online.

      • chanela

        You don’t need to know what shes going through to see how ignorant and immature she is bwing

        • Tavia Fireinmysoul Rose

          So, i suppose you never made any ignorant decisions or immature actions? -_- sigh.

      • shelevb

        When she posted the comment; she ask to be judge!! You don’t know what she was going through? Really? What are you ten????

        • Tavia Fireinmysoul Rose

          You are a disrespectful lil one aren’t you? I show my face and you can see i’m fully grown. She is STILL doing something alot of people can’t and won’t. So get off your condescending high horse.

    • bigdede

      Your comment says it all. For me it’s not about the fact she doesn’t feel like saluting the flag, it’s about her taking a selfie WHILE AT WORK and proclaiming that she doesn’t feel like working. Your teacher comment was right on. If I was to take a selfie of me at work, post it with a caption complaining about how I can’t stand testing patient’s blood, I should be fired or written up. You don’t do that kind of thing at work!

    • Rayjulian85

      I just don’t see the correlation between saluting a flag for the umpteenth time and not being fully committed to her job. Also, this is more equivalent to an elementary school teacher saying they hate having lunch duty. Her caption was pure stupidity but it seems unfair to judge her commitment to her job because of it.

      • kierah

        So I’m supposed to believe she’ll put her life on the line for a flag that she can’t be bothered to salute? Being a soldier is really more than a job. If she didn’t like it, she didn’t have to accept this job. In the current climate, she committed a serious misstep. The government is looking to downsize the ranks and giving out dishonorable discharges is a way to do it.

        • Rayjulian85

          I don’t know military life so I can’t really speak on it but I’d like to hope soldiers put their life on the line to protect people like me (who definitely does not have the right stuff lol) and our freedom and liberties. I could care less if that person salutes the flag. And I’m not saying this wasn’t just plain old dumb of her. I just don’t think her dodging a repetitive action that I can’t imagine actually has anything to do with her job function is indicative of her commitment. Maybe she was just having one of those days where you’re over everything. Again, to be clear I’m not defending her actions just saying it’s unfair to judge her commitment because of this one moment.

          • Kemi

            You said it best!

          • Sydvixen

            What about another “moment” this isn’t baseball three strikes you’re out, this is reality and if she had a problem with the salutes that she knew was apart of it then she should’ve got another job

            • noneya

              First off i would like to say that being prior military that this is not a big deal. A lot of people dodge saluting the flag by hiding in buildings, cars etc. She was just bold enough to put it on social media. That does not mean that they don’t care about their country because they fight for yall everyday. Second you say she should just get another job but until you have been there you shouldn’t judge. It’s not like in the civilian sector where you could just decide you no longer want to continue working there….you must complete your contract.

              • Sydvixen

                Nooooo, I said she SHOULD’VE GOT ANOTHER JOB… see how people twist things when you don’t do it the right way?
                You call it judgement, I call it my opinion. And my belief, I have NEVER applied for a job that I felt didn’t suit me. I didn’t want to work in the medical field because I wanted free weekend and holidays. I didn’t want to be a lawyer because I don’t want to be forced to read law books till I’m 80.
                Everyone in the military knows they Dodge their duties, but if your so bold with a care less attitude to post it on the internet then one must apply that same attitude when it’s time to be disciplined.

          • MLS2698

            ” ..a repetitive action.” You said it all right there! Three seconds and it’s over…

            • Andrea Idudhe

              You have to salute for longer than that

        • Simmone NW

          I didn’t deploy to Iraq twice and Kuwait once in the space of three years to put my life on the line for a flag. I put my life on the line for my fellow soldiers and my family. I hated saluting the flag, but I did it anyways because I signed the contract. Everybody does stupid things at work sometimes, however, most of us have enough sense not to post our stupid acts online. PFC Sheffey was not using her common sense when she posted that selfie with the caption on instagram.

      • Kemi

        I agree. EVERYONE gets tired of a part of their job sometimes. Her error was the caption.

      • Sydvixen

        That’s what she signed up for, simple as that. And by her posting the comment makes her even more stupid so in reality that combination doesn’t mix well in any situation especially not when she has to protect our nation and cover soldiers backs. I wouldn’t trust her at all.

      • MLS2698

        She should salute that flag in her sleep! It should come to her naturally! It is something she has to do everyday, and she should not be feeling ” some type of way ” about it. When you wear the uniform, you participate in the routines. I bet she gladly accepts her paychecks!

      • aneaha

        Because as a military memeber at 1700 honors those who have lost there lives and paved the way for you to stand there and salute that flag. I understand at times people dont want to stand outside in the rain, wind, cold, heat, whatever to salute the flag, but you dont say it out of respect for the damn people who have died for you. Im in the military and I’ve lost loved ones to this war and to sit there and say idgaf about your friend dieing or this uniform or what has been done for my freedom, im in the mood to take a picture. She was in her car she disnt have to salute, all she had to do was sit in her car and shut her mouth….thats why people are mad at her. If she feels that way, I can bet her work performance ethic is the same!

    • Jessica Waller

      Point well made,, people tend to get carried away with the social media,, you just cant post whatever you want in a public forum