“I Want To Ask Beyoncé If It’s Okay If I Stick My Butt In Her Childs Face Like She Did Mine?”

February 28, 2014  |  


A month after the Grammys aired, it seems that in the time that passed after January 26, the FCC was flooded with quite a few complaints over Beyoncé’s performance of “Drunk in Love” alongside Jay Z. She opened the show, and as we all saw, her performance was quite risqué. Her backside was out, she was writhing on a chair, and there was even a booty palming moment when Jay entered the stage. It was controversial on social media, but it was even more controversial with parents, who according to The Smoking Gun, filed more than 40 indecency complaints against the singer and CBS.

The complaints, according to documents obtained by The Smoking Gun, showed that people took issue with everything from her outfit, to the fact that such a performance was aired at the very beginning of the show, at 8 p.m., a time when people’s kids were still up. As someone put it, she was behaving like an adult film star: “porn is hardly an acceptable way to demonstrate marital love in front of children, and at 8pm children ARE watching.”

One complaint went quite far:


Another person said “Her spread eagle poses barely covered her vulva and the smoke machine didn’t solve the problem.”

But while Beyoncé was the subject of most of the ire from viewers about the Grammys, other people who were targeted include Katy Perry for her performance of “Dark Horse,” which some felt was too dark (and others called “demonic”), and the mass wedding that took place during Macklemore and Ryan Lewis’ performance. People claimed Perry was literally taking part in “the summoning of Satan,” while others said that the mass wedding was an attempt to force the “gay agenda” on viewers.

I understand why people took issue with Beyoncé’s performance, though I’m surprised by the anger at the other performances. However, I think I’m more surprised by the fact that folks are still sending letters and hitting up the FCC like that. Who knew!?

But what do you think of all the complaints that were filed because of Beyoncé’s “Drunk In Love” performance, as well as the other controversial performances?



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  • The thing is–Beyonce wouldn’t be the representation of the black woman in America if parents were bigger influences in their children’s lives in the black community. She is an entertainer trying to maintain her name. One thing i can say about her is that, she’s married, she’s not an industry ho3 and did not have her child before marriage–so she makes raunchy music? Obviously her parents were a big influence in her life, because HER LIFE is functional, she has a career, a husband and a child–and had it in that order. If more black mothers were wives and career women, then maybe Beyonce’s raunchy performance wouldn’t be a big deal and influence on the children’s lives.

  • Parents need to make an effort to be a bigger influence, since they cannot control what’s being put out there–the industry is here for business, not children.

  • Riyah

    First, I really do not care if the TV ratings said TV-14, people should and need to speak up and complain about what TV is allowed to broadcast. I am 21 and I didn’t like the performance by Beyonce and I am very comfortable with my sexuality. Kids do not need to be exposed to the kind of stuff that was portrayed on the Grammys, and neither do teenagers. And so what these kids do not go to bed at 8 pm, its more common for kids to go to bed at 9 or 10 anyways. But my main point is that people need to take more responsibility of what is broadcast on TV. We don’t complain enough, so that’s why we have these garbage TV shows, trashy reality shows, and raunchy award shows because we allowed the media to broadcast crap. In order for things to change, people need to complain and speak up. Its sad that a lot of people allow this trash to be on TV. And whats really sad is all of these people who believe its all the parents fault for allowing the children to watch the stuff on TV. Parents cannot watch their kids 24/7. Even parental controls aren’t enough. Its people complaining that’s going to make a positive difference for TV. But Hey, that’s just my opinion.

    • Kay love

      Well put!! I’m 26 w/ no kids. TV-14? Of course my man liked it but it still was classless.B was n her own lane but had to lower her standards to stay relevant. This is why females these days feel the need to dress trashy, to b validated my others while negative attentionis all yu will receive… Now, Back to my humbleness (:

    • Every hour the children are awake and in your presence, is an hour that you can be responsible for and control what they are exposed to–People shouldn’t make excuses as to why technology and media raise their children. Parents need to take responsibility. I was a child raised in an environment that was never monitored, as far as media and technology is concerned–yet my single mother and often absent father still were capable of being a bigger influence then the dam tv and internet..

      Beyonce was doing her job, and that job is not to make sure that people’s kids are positively influenced.

  • Maxipooh

    I said it before and I will say it again…the rating was TV-14 for the Grammys. Why are people complaining? You were warned. I guess people don’t look at program ratings anymore. Oh well.

  • Maxipooh

    Is is just me or did people just ignore the the fact that the rating for the Grammys was TV 14? Which means there is some content not suitable for children under 14. Too easy. Maybe people don’t look at ratings anymore.

  • Guests

    It is called certain truths not agreement with me ..Get a clue..and let us keep it real IT is NOT about beyonce it is about your insecurities ..NO WOMAN WHO IS CONFIDENT WILL WASTE ANY ENERGY on what ANOTHER WOMAN IS DOING….you talking about morals well all you can do is maintain YOURS and the class you seek is from SELF so why do you care if I do not have any or if beyonce has any…are you starting to see how silly you sound ..YEAH OK ..WORK on YOU and yours that is all you can do ..the fact you are trying to determine who I am and how I was raised really just makes you even appear more bitter … it is obvious by your typing intellect you are stained in the brain (a bit slow) so I get it if you DONT get it BUT at least try

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  • Leah Robinson

    …If you don’t like it change the channel LOL. Your kids are exposed to what you allow.

  • If your children are at that kind of impressionable age then they should have been in bed that late on a sunday night anyway–but then again–I shouldn’t tell you how to raise your children, because it’s obvious that you let Beyonce do it for you–

    • Jay Lee

      do you even have kids? it’s so funny when people have opinions on things they know nothing about

      • it’s also funny when people with children make excuses for why Beyonce or other unnecessary elements are a bigger influence on their child and it’s upbringing. A hit dog will holler..lol

  • Kay love

    I don’t agree with her sexual innuendos but what I found even more disturbing was the gaggle of gays getting married on national TV! How do you explain that to the kids?? Sodom and Gomorrah all over again, I tell you!

  • youknowthis

    I bet most of them were made by ugly ww.

  • PBG

    the funny thing is you guys keep saying that folks need to send their kids to bed at 8. Last time i checked, these people were complaining about their teenagers and preteens, many of whom go to bed at the earliest 10 (usually much later). Parents worry about teens because they are the most impressionable. It’s teens who diet excessively and crave the attention of the object of their sexuality even after their parents try to instill confidence in them. It’s teenagers who have sex for all the wrong reasons and get hurt trying to be the celebs they watch, even after their parents try to curb that mentality. So all you heifers need to stop worshiping the human woman and let people voice their opinions. Beyonce can ignore the complaints or heed them.

  • Angelc

    Beyoncé is trying to keep herself on top by joining the likes of Rhianna and Miley Cyrus. Whoever said she is comfortable with her sexuality is wrong. She is forcing this behavior and it shows every time she strikes those awkward poses. Her choreography looks off and she looks ridiculous. Either she should go back to her original routine or sit her sorry looking arse down.

  • mitchkaren

    I agree for the most part however, most music award shows have this same exact behavior. Beyoncé, Miley and all the rest of them should not be or expected to be decent in terms of family entertainment. It’s just how it is……

  • Blaxicn

    My 14 year old sister is not in bed at 8. So the problem is that she should have been in bed? What about if someone recorded it to see the artist performance the next day? Either way it was tasteless. She has ridden the line with her wardrobe for a long time. I like Beyonce and trust and believe I am confident in my skin and person. Beyonce was wrong and so was Miley Cyrus, color aside the performance was inappropriate for any age. But that’s why I don’t watch the Grammy’s I guess because music is no longer talent driven its garbage.

  • M.L.

    The title of this article made me giggle. But seriously, why didn’t the person change the channel and with stripper moves and overt sexuality being a staple in many performances now, why would she let her child watch the Grammys?

  • JaneDoe

    why are children watching the grammy’s? What happened to cartoon network? I think adults should stop hiding behind their children every time they are outraged. There is such an invention as the “remote control”

    • riyah

      Cartoon network has become a terrible children’s network. All of its shows are garbage and should be targeted for young adults and not kids.Its nothing like the old cartoon network.

  • just a minute!

    Aside from being blindsided at 8pm by these two ratchets. this lady need to sit down bc she got no business letting her child listen to their music. I haven’t been a fan since latoya/latavia, the songwriters and creators
    of DC, got unceremoniously kicked out the group. I can spot bad character n these two are the poster children

  • Coco8003

    This is a mute point. Miley’s performance was on a cable Network. The FCC’ website explains the difference and why Beyonce and the Grammy’s and her super bowl performance and Janet’s boob would receive attention. You tried it with that race thing, but it doesn’t apply. See below the explanation from the FCC:

    Q: Does the FCC regulate the content of cable programming?

    A: Cable television system operators generally make their own selection of channels and programs to be distributed to subscribers in response to consumer demands. The Commission does, however, have rules in some areas that are applicable to programming — called “origination cablecasting” in the rules — that are subject to the editorial control of the cable system operator. The rules generally do not apply to the content of broadcast channels or to access channels over which the cable system operator has no editorial control.

    • Ummm its “moot” point not “mute”. Thanks for playing though.

  • Queen2Cent

    Black Women cannot do isht, when it comes to our bodies. Did these same h3if3rs file the same complaint against Miley Cyrus? Probably not. CONTINUE TO DO WHAT YOU DO BEYONCE’ YOU DON’T OWE NO ONE A D@@MN THING.

  • Mel

    Yea Beyonce was pretty trashy

  • Guest

    These are the end days. It was written what is good will be called evil, and what is truly evil will be called “good.” You trifling parents who aren’t raising your kids will be called on it come Judgment Day.

  • noelle224

    Sorry, I stopped reading at “they minus well.” Might. They might as well.

  • Ametria AllforAmere’slove Brow

    PREACH!!! You touched all basis!

  • Jasmine Brown

    My 10 year old goes to bed at 9 and yes there you’d to be family shows on at 8 pm. Not sure when or why they went away but I am so glad that we watch Full House until bedtime. I recall as a kid watching tv with my parents from 8-9 at 9 the adult situation shows would come on and that was my que to go to bed. Alf, Cosby, A Different World, Full House, Family Matters ….etc.

  • jolaibib

    these musicians are working with satan to corrupt the youth and take them far away from their lord

  • Jessie

    I think folk need to quit letting media and TV raise their kids! Stop passing the damn buck all of the time. Kids shouldn’t be watching more than an hour of TV daily anyway. I have 2 children and they rarely watch TV. As parents, WE control what our children watch and hear in our house. Be more vigilant about what your kids are observing and doing, and stop being stuck on celebrities all the time. Alot of ppl don’t believe it, but the world is bigger than Beyonce, lol. Great post KJ

  • Jessie

    No matter what ya do, somebody will find something to complain about if they want to. Only thing I can say, is if you don’t like it, don’t support it. Please believe if the masses don’t agree with it and stop supporting it, behavior will change, because it’s all about what sells. I didn’t watch it either way. In other news , “They minus well…”???? Girl bye

  • LL

    Kids should be in bed by 8. Furthermore, what parent allows a child to watch the Grammy’s in this day and age. Beyoncé did nothing wrong.

  • Pebbles810

    Give me a break…..I am not really into Beyonce at all, but to say, “I wonder how many kids got raped last night”. Is over the top……People hate this lady so much that they criticize everything that she does. If kids aren’t allowed at the grammys they shouldnt’ be allowed to view it either then.

  • shante

    in defense to some of the people saying that bey was a little over the top…imagine growing up in a time where your sex life was private and they wouldnt show a woman on tv in her undergarments. Some of the show now we couldnt see unless you had certain channels on cable. However since the times have changed so dramatically its up to us to instill the proper values in our children and raise them right. I tell my daughter if you have sex you can get pregnant and/or catch HIV or a STD. I showed pictures of a herpes wound…she freaked out so bad. I didnt tell her sex was bad, but its best with a husband who is committed to her and loves her. So beyonce can shake and show all she wants…its not going to make a difference with mine!

  • marlomindset

    When you raise your kids at home this will be entertainment for them. If you allow them to watch, true enough the program was a tad tasteless in some areas however if your child watches something and you are afraid they will emulate the act then that’s on you as a parent not the entertainer because that’s what they do. If the child is old enough to watch then they are old enough to know it’s entertainment if not don’t allow them to watch until you have educated them yourself in the home.

  • Alicia

    It is really sad where female singers think that they have to disgrace themselves to pass off something they call talent. When I look at artists that I grew up on compared to so called talent of today, it is downright shameful. Aretha Franklin, Gladys Knight and Chaka Khan did not have to shame themselves to prove they have talent. Their gifts spoke for itself. I WOULD NOT waste a red copper penny to see these so called artists of today perform. As my mother would say about these half naked performers, if you are not advertising take the sign down. People, keep your money. Don’t waste it on these talentless girls.

    • Auntie/GodMom/StepMom

      Beyonce may have fallen into the trend of showing off her assets, but I wouldn’t call her talentless because she is one of the very few mainstream artist today that has an actual talent. Although, it’s more of a preference but she puts on a hell of a show fully clothed just as half naked. I honestly believe she’s been going through something since giving birth she feels she has alot to prove to nonsayers who believe she should have retired and be Jays trophy wife.

  • juju

    we are so blinded! why are we making this just about children what about women, and teenagers, who look up to her and strive to think dress and act this way! She is basically a representation of the black woman in america! This is a good representation of us huh?? so many people blinded by the fame whats wrong is wrong! what happened to being a lady! smh America is so messed up!

  • QueenOfLife

    I actually didn’t see the performance as a huge deal because u can turn to any channel and see all of that skin, plus cursing at 8pm or damn near any time slot. U can watch any reality show and see more than that. I’ve been reading a book about this very same subject. If something is offensive to u and u don’t want ur children watching it, change the channel and watch it once the children are in bed. Only YOU have to power to control what ur kids watch.

  • NegraGata

    Wow – I didn’t expect to see all these comments – LOL!!!

    In the words of Beyonce – “I could gave done it another way”!!! THE END, Again – LOL.

  • Tacara

    I think it was an effective way to desensitize young people who do watch the Grammy’s into the philosophy that anything goes. Specifically, sexually explicit lyrics and images, satanism, and gay marriage. Whether you think these things are okay or not, indeed, that is what was promoted and encouraged during the Grammy’s. The people who put on these shows are purposeful and know exactly what they are doing. Unfortunately, if parents do not do a a really good job explaining and sharing their value system with their kids and why having such a system is important and beneficial to them and society, the generation will be greatly influenced to accelerate the degeneration of these value systems.

  • GymJunkie43

    That’s the problem. Everyone is supposed to train the child except the people who birthed it. Blue Ivy is the only person that has Beyonce’s name on her birth certificate. It’s not Beyonce’s job to tell any one that their young child shouldn’t be watching CBS at 8 o clock at night.

  • Femmebott

    Soooo…..turning the channel was completely out of the question???

  • Ms_Sunshine9898

    I didn’t see anything wrong with her performance. Grown folks doing grown folks things. And wait – what is any young child doing up at 8 pm any way???

  • Ashstar Noir

    Most of these so call female artist aren’t artist in the true sense. Their songs are stupid and disgusting at the same time. Have no respect for them , no matter how much zillion of record they sells.

  • dont like it dont watch

    I started to watch the grammy’s. My kids were in the room so a min into beyonce molesting a chair i turned it off. done. no problem.

  • LiberalGilt

    ….only if the kid licks it

  • GlassButterfly

    It was a family show and Beyoncé did not put on a family performance. Whereas the usual routine is you get classier with age and experience, Beyoncé LOSES class as she ages. Her will to not be outdone by Rihanna is causing her to look like rather than a ring, Jay is holding a RECEIPT for her. I’m am both young, successful AND black, however if I had to degrade myself for my bosses or to retain clients, I would just consider being a stripper I mean, what’s the difference?

  • Angel

    I stopped reading that ishh at “minus well.”

  • IngStew

    SHE IS ONE OVERRATED B!TCHT!!! Had enough of her!!!

  • Simply Sabrina

    Times Have Changed… The ‘reality’ of the mediums used today have moved our sensibilities into an era of delusion. While the world is supposed to evolve and new improvements should be welcomed, the needle on the dial often moves so fast core things (morals, standards, and respectability) are forgotten and lost in translation.
    The freedom of speech and self expression seems to have jumped the shark, if these types of acts are the new norm. Adults can certainly opt to dress, speak and behave as they wish – w/in the limits of our laws. HOWEVER, at what cost do we continue to turn a blind eye as the envelope is being pushed so far that we (the consumer) have sadly become the promoters, excusers, and addicts to such limitless displays of sexuality. I find many artists today vile and overtly sexualized attempting to out-do their competition to gain more publicity/attention/records sells. There’s ‘artistic expression’ and there’s marketing ploys- I for one am tired of being unable to discern which is which.
    As a parent, I’m also tired of being reminded of my right to turn the channel, not actually watch shows I pay my cable company monthly for, or the notion that prime time tv (on a major network) shouldn’t be fit for viewership at a certain time by a specific age group (this used to be the norm). I’ve always responsibly censored music, tv, etc. for my child; however, if I have to do that shouldn’t the artist that’s trying to get my $ also TRY to sensor themselves, just a bit? Again I say… Times Have Changed.
    BTW- If Bey and J want so many people to see what they do in their bedroom, why not go all out Kardashian style and really cash in…at least that way people could select to buy it (if they chose) and it wouldn’t be in my face when I wasn’t expecting it!

    • trey

      best comment I’ve read all day… thank you.

  • coolchick

    I was a Beyonce fan…but not anymore.
    She has always been about sexiness, but now it is getting down right crass and classless.
    She has talent enough that she doesn’t need to pull this stuff.
    And the song Drunk in Love is terrible, the performance at the grammys was terrible 🙁

  • Sambo King Dingaling

    She can stick it in my face anytime she wants to so I can motorboat dat a$$

  • guest

    Bey’s body is tooo bootyliscous and her dance moves are on point. If she wasn’t so put together people wouldn’t be so upset with her. Meanwhile Rihanna walks around with totally see through shirts with nothing under neathe. ..double standards are ridiculous. Beyonce wears the same attire as other entertainers….

  • Team Natural

    My kids was in the bed. Check your parenting. It was prime time tv.

  • Cdj

    Ppl worrying about why Bey’s performance when they shouldve been questioning Katy Perry’s demonic performance smh. . But I guess its ok since it wasn’t the first performance shown smh.

  • latoya l.

    Sorry I misspelled Bey.

  • latoya l.

    First of all,there are a lot of things on tv that are inappropriate . Bet has actually gotten more naked and sexually explicit in her performances than she used to be. That’s just a fact. Sadly sex sells. These stars could care less about our children. Their aim is to get paid, that’s it. My children are boys but I monitor what artists they listen to. And you know what, children don’t need to idolize musicians and actors. They should be able to idolize family and teachers,police officers, people who work within the community. That’s when our world will begin to turn around.

  • NewOrleanin

    Um it’s called CHANGE THE CHANNEL!!!!

  • guest

    Some idiot parents make any excuse to mask that they feel ugly, fat, and un-sexy next to ‘yonce. they need to be concerned with all the sexting, and online pedos than worry about an entertainer DOING HER D@MN JOB! Sorry, but your kids are YOUR KIDS, so keep up on your parenting before you decide to project your insecurities on an entertainer.

  • Gabie Aldrich

    Why is this fool watching the Grammy’s with her child on a Sunday night(Knowing that their kid has to go to school the next morning)?…The Grammy’s ended @11..Isn’t the Grammy’s a adult show..Stick to parenting your kid not a adult who does this as their job! Obviously CBS watched a run through of their performance and they ok’d it! I wish folks quit blaming and start admitting their own faults!

  • shanita

    Ummmm…the Cosby show came on at 8. It’s called Prime time television…not Late night television. Downvote.

  • Love&Peace

    Yes i agree!!

    my parents didnt allow me to watch anything and everything but as a teen it’s different.

    teens , you aint around them 24/7……..
    influences are real……………

    they can still watch her on their phone…

    yes i believe it the skill off the parent to teach them not wanting to emulate celebs and do thing right, have some morals… but now days it;s harder i guess then 20 years agoo. Theyacces to internet, their cellphones did change a lot i think….

  • News Junkie

    Not a die hard Beyonce Stan but in her defense they need to revisit Ms. Cyrus performance. Neither one is ok, but you do have other options like: Turning off the tv, getting a life, taking a brief intermission at that time, reading a book, going for a drive. Stop making a big deal out of African Americans, but writing off other races. Just Saying!

  • Claudine

    There was nothing wrong with any of the performances. Ya’ll shouldn’t have let your kids watch it in the first place. What beyonce and other artists do is what they do. Anyways kids are suppose to be asleep at that time. Parents should be Upset with themselves.

    • Vanika Stroud Walcott

      Knowing how songs and how lyrics are today, if they were so worried about a performance, why would they allow their kids to watch it in the first place> And you made a great point as well: my kids’ bedtime is at 8 lol They’re acting like the FCC had their kid’s eyes pried open while handcuffed in a chair bolted to the floor. Im not even going to point out the fact that the person who wrote the complaint stated, “…they minus well have had sex with one another on stage.” um, it’s “might as well” smh.

  • jus sayn

    These people couldn’t change the channel, turn off, read the Bible. You are the filter for your children. Stop blaming and act as such.

  • MercifulLove

    sigh. Change the channel. Send your young kids to bed by 8 o’clock. take responsibility for what YOUR child watches. smh

  • Kiki R.

    The grammy’s only came on at 8pm for people on eastern standard time. There are other time zones in the U.S. I live in the central time zone, and the grammy’s came on at 7pm where I live. Kids are still up at that time.

  • chocolate

    Today’s society need to wake up. They’re talking about Beyonce`s performance. You see more sex on day time tv. I know some of these complaints probably came from at home moms. Don’t tell me none of you have not watched the soap operas. They only complain cause she has the body and the ability to do it. Madonna was way worse back in the day. I hope their kids don’t have cell phones cause they trying to imitate with their friends. The point is be open with your kids and you get better results.

    • Guest

      My daughter loves Beyoncé, so that’s why I let her watch. I had no idea that she would do that performance like that. No one did. I quickly changed the channel-They are right to complain. Her alter Sasha Fierce teetered on the edge of obscenity but always kept it under control. Yonce is going to drive her fans away. I know it did for me. Beyoncé is too old for this.

      • Vanika Stroud Walcott

        I don’t understand. You said she love Beyonce, so I’m assuming you ALLOW her to sing the song you had her watching. She can’t watch her dance on stage, but you let her sing lyrics like “I’ve been drinking” “surfin all in this good good” and “can’t keep your eyes off my fatty”? I can’t stand hypocrites!

        • Guest

          I hadn’t purchased this last album because of I saw snippets of it and thought it too racy, but I thought, like many other mothers, if she is going to perform at the Grammys she will perform another one of the songs, like Blue…As soon as I saw what she was doing I changed the channel. Now do you understand?

          • Vanika Stroud Walcott

            not really, because people usually perform the new single they come out with, but…

  • Crowe

    Stymie and Moochelle say Bey is their kids favorite performer – what a low class ghetto skenk role model.
    Way to go Mooch…………….

  • bibi

    It’s not about being role model… it’s about using sex connotation in showbiz. Why the talent is not enough to be successful and recognised? Why these talented, beautiful women become objects over time? Do they do that to themselves or the system does that to them?

  • Sydney Evans

    What child is watching the Grammys under 14? Who watches award shows as a family programing? Last time I check family programming were suppose to teach family values and morals and relate to real life situations. There is nothing child friendly on most of these channels, specially if you have cable. If you have basic tv channel 12 shuts all that kiddy stuff down after 4-5. Miley Cyrus was way worse than Beyonce, gyrating on a married man twice her age(Robin’s not innocent either fyi) Stop complaining about what networks put on TV AND MONITOR YOUR CHILD! You can block stuff from your child in your household on your Tv. Don’t know how, google it! And stop shielding your child from the world because you are uncomfortable with the topics.

  • louise_1

    This woman is sickening and needs to go away. Why doesn’t she understand that people are sick of her up front tactics of trying to be number one. Rihanna does none of the things she does and rihanna is more popular.

  • Please..

    “They minus well have had sex with one another” Minus well?? If she doesn’t know its “might as well” she needs to turn the Grammys off and go back to school with her children. How is Beyonces performance offensive, when in the same show Katie Perry’s performance looks like witchcraft,with her demons on the stage. Sex sells and it has been increased not just on the Grammys, but all of t.v, movies and music. To single out Beyonce is wrong, have a problem with it, criticize entertainment in general.

    • LOL!

      “Minus well” had me rolling on the floor. LOL

  • Kizz

    So here is my thing. Why let your kids listen to Beyonce or even watch her performance? Parents, don’t blame her, when your the one that let your kids watch her performance. You can control what is being viewed in your household, so why take up an issue? Don’t get me misquoted, I like Beyonce, but did the parents miss the part with Bey latest album clearly being explicit. I wouldn’t even let my own kids if I had any listen to her. They are your kids, control them and your remote: no pun intended.

  • c

    Guessing no one saw Smiley Cirus perform at the last award show. Hypocrisy at its best.

    • Miley is 21 years old and didn’t do anything that kids hadn’t already seen on YouTube. All Miley did was wiggle her non existent cakes. Beyonce got on stage and humped a chair for 3 minutes before Jay-Z came out and practically fondled her publicly… Shes a 30 something MOTHER and WIFE. a mother and wife can still be desirable but what she is doing is just disgusting and degrading. What Miley does is only disrespecting MILEY… Beyonce got on that stage and disrespected herself, her marriage and her DAUGHTER because she’s showing Blue Ivy that THAT is how you get what you want in this world. But NOBODY seems to care about that

  • Cynthia Perry Crawford

    Just more disrespectful, inappropriate behavior from the Carter family. When will we stand up for our children. When will we speak to the so called entertainers in their own language? Stop buying their music. Money is the only thing that they respect.

  • ilovethe90sdreamer

    At the end of the day, Beyonce chose the wrong venue for her performance. She should have waited and performed Drunk in Love at the VMA’s; no one would have batted an eye had she done this for the MTV crowd.

    • ladyb

      I agree. At the same time I feel like people criticize her a little too much. People forget that we’ve been watching her since she was 16. I think people keep her stuck in this time capsule and wants her to keep making the same music. Critics forget that she has to evolve in her own way

      • ilovethe90sdreamer

        Yeah, she does have to evolve in her own way. I feel about Beyonce’s album the same way I feel about Janet’s Velvet Rope album, in that she’s finally doing exactly what she wants to do.

        I just hope she’s not surrounding herself with “yes” people, who will only tell her what she wants to hear instead of the cold hard truth. From what I’ve seen, it’s not always the naysayers that bring these celebrities down, but the constant adulation from fans, personal staff, and dependent family members that makes them lose sight of reality. If you are surrounded by people who are too afraid to tell you “no”, for fear of offending you, you may as well be living in a vacuum with no sense of perspective.

    • LOL!

      She should have sung a ballad or a cleaner song.

  • slimpickens2916

    Whether you like it or not, an artist was expressing herself in her craft. To me it was no worse then the videos that kids watch or the type of movies they choose to see. It you explain it to the young from the premise of expressing herself in her craft, then I think this would generate other questions and you will have an qpportunity to clarify and explain.I am a fan but I also think it was a little over the top. However, you seize every opportunity to clarify and explain to your children

  • ma

    The legs all open like that wasn’t cool. Neither was the booty showing or butt palming.
    A woman must always be a lady!

  • dezy p

    Beyonce is garbage minded hood rat!!! Typical weave wearing ghetto hood chic! I thought Gabriel Union was classy but she aint neither, classy girls Kerry Washington, Tracey Edmonds, nicole Murphy, Janet Jackson!

  • dezy p

    J and B wanna be classy sooo badd but they just ain’t, they are no William and Kate!!!!

    • natturnfreedomrider

      Who said they wanted to be like horse face William and pasty face Kate?!

  • mo

    “minus well”? Does the writer mean “might as well”? I cant take this serious

    • natturnfreedomrider

      It was probably some uneducated hillbilly and if they didn’t like her appearance they were free to turn the channel until it was over that’s what I do for my children. Beyonce did not hold a gun to their heads from the TV

    • LOL!


  • whatever

    these same parents are taking their children to miley cyress sex concert…. go have several seats



  • marsha

    This world is under the influence of the wicked one.

    The gay agenda is one that goes directly against God’s purpose for this earth. Be fruitful and multiply.

    Katy perry and a lot of others have gone to the darkside with all of this vampire hel crap. Beyonce was out of line too.

  • FTW

    Why are people complaing, personally I don’t think the Grammys are for children and should be watched by kids. With the technology we have today parents can watch programmes before kids record them then cut out the part that they don’t want their children watching
    Parents stop being sensitive, stop thinking that celebrities are responsible for raising your children stop ignoring the topic of sex, thinking that your kids don’t need to know. Beyonce and other celebrities don’t owe your children anything. Why would you even ask the question how will beyonce feel if you stuck your butt in her child’s face? (Bet your butt doesn’t even look that good) It’s a gross and insensitive blog targeting a woman who is comfortable in her skin. Nobody forced anyone to let their children stay up and watch the grammys, it wasn’t paramount that everyone watch the grammys, those parents made that choice on their own, they should take responsibility for their own actions and learn from their mistakes. I have kids, I police what they watch, when a topic comes up that makes me uncomfortable I speak to them about it and teach them how to recognise what’s acceptable, what’s degrading and offensive and why plus how the situation could have been made better. There were parents calling this woman a who@r calling her husband a pimp. Those parents sounded like bullies. This blogger sounds like a bully. What lessons are they teaching their children? Take no responsibility for your actions? Let other people determine what’s acceptable to you, enforce your own tight and narrow code of practice on other people and if that doesn’t work bully people into submission and when that doesn’t work call them names. Stupid cry babies

    • LOL!

      The grammys has always been child friendly til as of late.

  • Gotcha

    Search Actress Lupita speech – amazing and honest.

    • LOL!

      What does she have to do with the grammys though?

      • Gotcha

        It’s a testimonial for black women – well written, honest and informative.

  • Myss Persnickety

    Could’ve just changed the channel *shrugs*.

    • Gotcha

      No, who would of thought this would of been allowed on national TV Prime Time? I believe people were stunned and then it was over.

      • Myss Persnickety

        Lol lots of “Omg” moments are allowed to be shown on national TV Prime Time? Does it mean that we as viewers will like it? Not necessarily, but we do have tthe power to not view it in our homes.

        • That wasn’t an OMG moment! I’m sorry but even Nicki Minaj’s performance at the Grammy’s was somewhat appropriate. Beyonce’s performance was classless, trashy and should have been saved for her TOUR. NOT the Grammy’s

  • Shuvonneco Von Jones

    Whatever bey once did nothing wrong her performance was xrate.people have nothing better to do.she was in a chair I loved her performance go have a sit child face shoulden be in her butt anyways

  • tammy

    White people..why didnt they tell there ” ,little angels” to leave the room? Or turn the channel? Beyonce didnt hold a gun to their..miserable brain..force them to watch. Did they file a similar complaint..about Miley? These are ulgy fat white women complaining..their husband finally got to see a hot body. Haters

    • shoofly

      i hope you are some little 16-17yr old because that will justify you’re dumb and racist comment. But if you are a grown woman 25 and older saying something this ridiculous and hateful then shame on you!! Stop computer flexing. This is an adult conversation, if you’re not one or don’t act like one then quickly put your computer down and go to sleep…that is all…

  • shoofly

    i mean personally, i can’t stand jayz and beyonce’….that is all!!!

  • DRUNK247

    Its frigid people who complain

    • Damn

      It’s not about being frigid, it’s about proper parenting and what some parents allow their kids to watch. Young children should not be watching performances like this. But if they happen to see it, that’s not Beyonces problem. It’s the parents who allow young children to view shows where adults are performing out somewhat graphic lyrics to their songs. Idk what this mom was expecting

      • Damn

        I mean seriously, even if you just listen to “drunk in love” and the lyrics to it, you would be able to figure that a child probably shouldn’t be present in the room to watch the performance for said song. “Rainin on that wood”… Come on now. We know she isn’t talking about literal rain falling on wood.

  • Right

    Exactly! As an adult and PARENT, accountability has to be taken for our kids. All of these excuses are ridiculous. I went to bed at 8 as a child as well, but I had no Tv in my room either. So even if I did happen to stay up late one night, it was just me, my imagination, and a book.

  • Thetruthisscary

    Of course they are pushing the satanic gay agenda! Sheeple will follow the dieties and idols. People need to read the bible more often. Tired of ignorant sheep.

  • shoofly

    People are bumping “drunk in love” all day err’day, then get on sites like MadameNoire and complain about her(hypocrites).

  • Damn

    I’m sorry, but for some reason, I found the question for the title of this post to be hilarious

  • chynaa

    ppl need 2 get a hobby!

  • sabecb2014

    That is true while Miley did have a stir of controversy after her performance you read nothing about FCC complaints, so I have to agree with you there. It is the difference the way they treat black celebs vs white just like with everything else in America. Blacks will always in this country be treated like 2nd class citizens.

  • madmoma

    Where was the talent?


    I miss the days when she used to put on a performance u actually want to see..I knew the performance would be boring like the video, but aside from that, this entertainment and the grammys isn’t a family show its a music awards show…all a parent would have to do is find out who’s performing, research them, and decide for themselves if they want their kids to watch it..beyonce been shakin her a s s for years now this ain’t nothin new or that America hasn’t seen before…but yes katy perry is a thirsty devil worshipping w h ore and she needs to be crucified

    • nosrednakal

      Although I don’t know enough to formulate an opinion- I have to say your final sentence amused me. Thank you 🙂

      • 9Boots

        Go to VigilantCitizen (dot) com. It will break down Katy Perry’s devil worship during her performance.

  • Melody Carroll


  • minkpink

    Those plans to move in on Rihanna aren’t working out.

  • nosrednakal

    I don’t watch things that may offend me. I heard she would be performing-so I didn’t watch. Wherever she performs she’s vulgar. I thought that’s what her worshippers want.

  • Rah Truth

    Beyonce’s cry for attention was simply pathetic. When the Grammy’s decides to go classless, they need to warn those of us who actually appreciate wholesome entertainment. Aside from the kids, I didn’t want to see her behind myself!!! And, trust me, I’m very secure with my own sexuality. But….does that mean I have to be secure with HERS? Just pathetic….smh…

    • Auntieruckus




  • sabecb2014

    I agree with all those complaints, but of course those who support gay ppl won’t agree with the complaint saying they were pushing the ‘ gay agenda’. Ppl say where’s the proof, it’s in the pudding ppl. But it is what it is. Beyoncé became a hoe because of Jay Z and the illuminati. I don’t think the complaints are going to change what’s going on in the media. They don’t care about us.

    • If YOU don’t believe in it that’s fine but that doesn’t mean that other people who do support it can’t voice their own opinions. What 2 people do as consenting adults is their business which is why I’m annoyed that people are so pressed about gay rights. They aren’t affecting your pockets, they aren’t having intercourse in your bed… why does it matter what they can and can’t do?

  • Joanne1979

    Wonder how many of these women are black. We hate seeing another sister do well. Story of our downfall.

  • Just saying!!

    Okay I don’t mean to be a conspiracy theorist because I’m generally not into that stuff, but am I the only one that has noticed that the media and Hollywood seems to have this agenda to dumb people down and this obsession with animalistic hyper sexual behavior is a part of that? Hmmmm

  • Ryjopher

    Changing the channel without protest is sticking your head in the sand, ignoring the issue, and basically saying it’s okay to show this kind of programming to young people; and then next year, there will be even more nudity and simulated sex on the Grammys. Unacceptable.

    • Boo

      I agree.. hit em’ where it hurts (ratings). If people don’t tune-in then they’ll be no one for Beyonce’ to shake here little skinny booty for…..

    • Auntieruckus


  • Junebug

    Don’t this simpleton mother know a thing called CHANGE THE CHANNEL?! You’re the parent, you have the control of the remote, you have control what your young kids watch, change the channel, how hard can that be?! I didn’t like Beyonce’s performance either but I didn’t let my 3 kids watch the Grammy’s because as a parent, they don’t need to be seeing it at 3, 5, and 9 years old.

  • Tavia Fireinmysoul Rose

    This is today’s media. There is no censorship. Don’t expect to watch everything with your children….or to watch TV yourself. I don’t watch too much beyond Walking Dead and HLN every now and then. I don’t think complaining about it will change it at this point but, killing the ratings and no longer spending your money to finance it will. Talking never did shyt.

  • Kat

    I agree that Beyonce’s performance was too risqué for the Grammy’s. And as touched as I am to see a wife being so in love with her husband that she wants to express that, and also that a mother wants to claim her sexuality in a meaningful way post birth of her first child, I think that she has taken things too far in her public persona. Some things are best left unsaid, and even better to not be demonstrated to the world. I believe that if Beyonce has the right to exercise her creative right to show us her bejeweled G-string that parents have the right to complain to the FCC. While I encourage her to continue to swing around a pole at the Carter house, I don’t feel like I need to see it to believe it to be true.

  • OpenMindedInTheMidwest

    While folks have the freedom to watch, wear and do as they please – we are in America…I just find the choice of outfits interesting, considering that for the Grammy’s we got full view, but for a Super Bowl party performance, she wore a floor length gown with some sheerness, but much more suited to an event like the Grammy’s. Seemed she might have switched the two, but hey – I just flipped the channel.

  • Auntieruckus

    Those complaints are right, beyonce was vulgar and indecents,i watched the grammys as a teenager years ago before it turned into a soft pr0n ceremony,so i get where they are coming from,parents have it harder now than our did 20 years ago since not only our entertainment is a sh!t show,people have the audacity to defend said sh!t show,i weep for the children.

  • aciam

    I was wondering if I was the only one feeling awkward seeing this. I’m from Germany where you see boobs anytime anywhere and go naked on the beach.. I am very open, young and liberal But this was wayyy to much. Even watching it alone! Just respectless..in your face. What is next?

  • Truth0312

    I honestly don’t think folks need to be tripping over this. It’s not like we haven’t seen this before. I’m 34 and I distinctly remember watching Madonna hump the stage when I was 5 or 6 years old on these very same Grammy’s. Quite honestly, if you grew up on Madonna and Janet Jackson, this is just more of the same. People got such harsh judgments about bodies that aren’t even there own. I’m not saying you got to like it, but you can change the station. I’m disappointed by the conflation of sexual imagery and rape. I feel bad for the many people (TOO many) that don’t understand that rape is an act of violence and control using sex. The same of sex trafficking with money as the motivator. It’s disturbing because these are the very same women who would give a man a pass for rape and shame a woman for her sexual choices or clothing as reason for why she deserves it. This provincial thinking about sexuality is dangerous. Not because it will incite children to be any more sexual than they naturally are, but because ANY expression of sexual openness in American society is deemed dirty and unnatural. Oh, the irony.

  • newdnewd

    Why do people act as though TV is a requirement and not a privilege, I don’t have cable and I nor my kids have a TV in our rooms so whatever they want to see they have to get approval from me and they watch it in a family room. People want to let TV raise their kids and complain when they show raunchy shows.

  • lila

    Just turn the television off its simple. Television has been inappropriate for awhile now.

  • CC

    I’m more concerned with her grammar than Beyonce’s performance. The performance was pretty “Rated R” but why not tell your children to look away or go in the other room until the performance was over?? Why do people blame other people for their lack of parenting?? I’m going to have to defend the entertainers on this because nobody is making you listen or watch them let alone your children. It’s called ENTERTAINMENT!!! Some entertainment is for children and some is for adults, be an adult and raise and guide your own kids!!!! Anything for attention huh???

  • MissLady

    Beyonce could care less about you all comments. And half of the folks posting on here probably bought her album when it came out too, yep…bumping “Drunk in love” right now on youtube… If you want her to not be relevant, stop contributing to it. ijs….

    • nosrednakal

      Not I. Not ever.

  • ComeLetsTalk

    Raise your damn kids and stop thinking its the entertainers responsibility. And last time I checked rapes, sex trafficking and molestation has been going on since the beginning of time. Please stop.

  • MsTwix

    Ok, so I’m not grammar freak. And I even can forgive the misspelling of certain words. Autocorrect is at fault at times. But did that complaint really read “minus well”? With the audacity to then ask “where is the class?” #AmIWrong?

    As far as the performance goes, sure it was over the top, but we’re still talking about it aren’t we lol? And last time I checked, parents need to raise their kids not TV, or Twitter or pop culture. If at a young my mom thought what I was watching wasn’t right, she’d change the channel and say I’d have the choice to watch what I wanted when I had my own house and paid the bills… just sayin.

  • UniQueLyEviL

    Why is your child watching this?

  • Erinn Virginia Charles

    Its because they are black, didnt Robin Thicke and Miley Cyrus do the same thing but worse since he was married to someone else. Its just a racist, double standard to me.

    • MsTwix

      I didn’t watch the whole thing so I don’t know if Miley was on there. But that insane performance was MTV not the Grammy’s. Still can’t believe that even happened lol..

    • Boo

      Black folks..kill me. Always saying “its because we’re black”. Please get over it. Black people are the most judgemental people ever. And as i remember Miley did get a lot of flack from her performance too. I personally didn’t like Beyonce performance either but her being black has nothing to do with it. It was a tasteless act PERIOD!! Black folks always want to cry “wolf” when they think it’s something racist but we’re the main one’s killing each other, judging each others skin tone, sleeping with each others men..etc (I guess those acts are from racist whites too huh..?)

      • …..

        You’re judging and generalizing black people

    • nosrednakal

      I didn’t watch (nor support) the Cyrus/Thicke performance, the award show nor whatever song they performed. They can be as awful as they want to be- but my integrity will not let me be a part of the hype.

  • Bettye Neely

    she is embarrassing to me. I feel so ashamed of her performances. she is a lovely person and does not have to do that evethough she does not have a memorable voice. I wonder will she want her child to view that and try to make a small under developed brain figure it our correctly. I want to sign.

  • KK Holidae

    The Grammy’s are boring anyway…they needed Beyoncé to spice it up! With all the things going on in the world it amazes me that we are sitting here talking about something that happened like 3 weeks ago…move on people!

    • Mrs.Gerardo

      I agree..Why aren’t there people outraged that young black men are losing their lives in these streets, or 2nd graders bringing guns to school or teaching our children that education is key? This generation is so backwards…Get it together People!!!

  • shaun

    turn the channel dam move on

  • Valencia Hawkins

    Turn the darn tv off if you don’t like what you see. I did not care for Beyonce ‘ s performance. I turned the channel. Wow. I control my tv. Try it.

  • Dee

    Minus well? Stopped reading after that…

  • enlightenment

    Lmfao! These complaints are hilarious. I can’t take anyone seriously who blames Beyonce for “rapes” and says “minus” instead of “might as well.”

    On the flip side, I do understand where their concern. Unfortunately, TV doesn’t care about your child. So the parent needs to do most of the policing. The remote is in your hands. Hello?

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    its not that hard to change the channel. people will never be satisfied

  • MSXLS2001

    People kill me with this non sense. These dang kids do more twerking and having sex than adults. So people should stop acting like their child is seeing some new S#!+… please.

    • LovelyShayl

      ANd the reason these “kids” are doing and mocking things like having sex, twerking,etc..is because television popularize the things to be (cool). I’m guessing you don’t have any children because you do have to monitor your child’s tv preference

      • Diesha

        Yes I agree

  • Stephanie

    As a parent, you should have turned the channel or excused your children from the room during the performance (problem solved). Speaking as a grown woman, her performance went pass provocative/sexy & straight to vulgar!!! She may have tried to “class” it up a little bit by being vulgar on stage with her husband, but her performance is right up there with Miley’s & Robin’s. Only difference, she looked good in her barely-there attire, unlike Miley. As for the Grammy’s, didn’t they send out a memo last year that the attendees had to be properly dressed to attend the show??? So as long as the attendees/performers arrive fully clothed, however, they can perform, on stage half-naked?!?!

  • Michelle Moore’Ashton

    I’m not a fan of Beyonce, but I will say this, you could have changed the channel. You did have that option.

  • Castro

    I didn’t watch the performance, honestly i’m not a big fan of hers (Beyonce) anymore after “drunk in love”..sorry but know one cares to know how you and Jay Z have sex while drunk! I can understand the outrage,but as a parent you have control what your child watches on tv. Beyonce’ knew her performance was risque’. And as long as you watch it (her) the more she getting paid, the more she stay relevant. JSimplychange the channel…

  • jazmin f

    do these moms not have remote controls… last time i checked you could change the channel if you didnt like something. No point in complaining about it. Don’t watch it

  • coolyfett

    And here we gooooo!

  • DoinMe

    I agree with the parents. TV in general now is too much and there’s nothing that’s kid appropriate anymore. Everything is all about sex and vulgar language 24/7. It used to be “family-friendly” shows that came on before 10pm, including the Grammy’s but now kids can’t even watch that. It’s sad that parents have to monitor everything now because kids aren’t safe and are exposed to too much too soon.

    • Castro

      I agree…

    • Author Destiny Carter

      Why is it sad parents have to monitor everything? That’s their job. Internet, Radio, TV. There’s just more of it than when we grew up. I remember my mom taking a Slick Rick CD from me because of all the cursing. That was her JOB.

      • Because it didn’t used to be like that. there was a time where kids could turn on the T.V. and watch Power Rangers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, Leave It To Beaver. There were child friendly, family oriented shows on T.V. and Parents didn’t have to worry so much because Kids just wanted to be kids.

    • Guest

      Definitely agree!

  • Chiney

    I guess it would have been too hard to change the channel. I didnt care for it either honestly

  • RB

    As a straight woman I really just don’t wanna see her cooch. Maybe Jay should have came out full monty (i shutter at the thought) I don’t think any men have complaints about the performance. Perhaps if she balanced out the performance with some half naked buff studs on stage the ladies would be satisfied because we have something to look at.

  • kiki j

    It’s a big dramatic to write letters when you can just turn the channel. But I will say that academy USED to be a family show. Wtf happened?

  • Arielle Clark

    Okay, this is BOGUS. Many performers wear and does provocative things! Madonna, lady Gaga, Rihanna-ALL OF THEM! Parents shouldn’t be letting their children watch the Grammy’s anyways! I hated Beyonce performance, this was her WORST one but this is definitely B.S.!

  • Tamira Bennett Volk

    Lol! That performance was awesome! Parents have a remote.

  • Beffa

    What some of you might not understand is this is more about the timing of the performance. It opened the show at 8 pm. Most kids over say 10 years old are not in bed yet. So 8 pm can be considered “family” hour. Had Beyonce’s performance been after 9 there still might be some complaints but maybe not as many as they certainly wouldn’t hold any validity considering the children should be in bed.

    Also, this was on network TV not cable. Most consider network TV shows at 8 pm to be “safe for kids”.

    • Kiki R.

      Thank you!!! Because I’m sitting here wondering what child over 10 is in bed at 7pm…When I was 10, my bed time was 9pm.

      • Guest

        Me too! I think a lot of people on this thread is just biased because it’s BeYAWNce! For some reason she always gets a pass! If it was anyone else they would’ve been torn to shreds over that performance!

  • Well the Grammy’s is NOT a family show, like the VMAs is NOT a family show. It’s up to us parent’s job to monitor what our kids watch on TV, not the award show, the performers or the network.

  • Beffa

    minus well? this has to be a joke

  • Tayatta S Cummings

    While we are discussing children and what’s appropriate it or not, I think it’s appropriate to, as a parent, speak and write proper grammar before writing a complaint against another. “They ‘minus’ well”. Really? She should turn off her boob tube too and go grab a Dr. Seuss book.

  • shesofly

    I stopped reading at “minus well.” Girl, shut up.

    Why do you have your kids watching her perform a song about sex ANY WAY? Find your chaps some cartoons to watch and just…shut up.

    • M.J.


  • JA11387

    Britney CLOSED that VMAs

  • Relly Rell

    We all watched the Grammy Awards as kids. Yes, even YOU did!
    Stop acting brand new.

    • KJ23

      Actually, no I didn’t. My mother was extremely protective of everything we watched. So I can’t relate to these parents being so outraged when they, in fact, do have power of control, because my mother definitely exercised hers.

      I know that a parent can’t control what the child is around at all times, but it all starts at home.

      • DoinMe

        Well the Grammy’s weren’t this raunchy. Raunch didn’t start on TV until 10pm and even then it was mild.

        • sunny

          Benny Hill was FAR from MILD!

          • MLS2698

            Haha! Kick ’em in the ICEHOLE!

    • rainydaze80

      I was going to say the same thing! I remember watching the Grammy’s as a kid, even if it was just for an hour. I was shocked that Beyonce’s performance was the opener, because frankly I didn’t feel like it fit in with such a “prestigious” award show. VMA’s maybe, but not the Grammy’s. Back in the day, the Grammy’s were about celebrating great music and getting to see artists outside of pop music shine. The Grammy’s need to get back to that and leave pop culture (gay agenda or not) alone.

      • sunny

        The Grammy’s are NO LONGER UPTIGHT!

      • Jojo M. Loera

        I wish my parents didn’t let me watch until I was 15 maybe. I had to be in bed at 730 pm. My son can’t watch that nothing like that. I know performances now a days isn’t rated pg. Come on now we in a different world. It’s not like back in the days.

    • Dani

      I didn’t!! I didn’t watch the Grammys until I like 15/16 years old

    • TheMsmother

      Well I bet your momma didn’t turn around and complain to the network after she let you watch, did she?

    • newdnewd

      I didn’t, so speak for yourself

    • Auntieruckus

      Anything to defend beyonce.

      • divinnalafeme

        Really though who do they think supports the artist and music that is honored at the grammys…the youth!

    • MoGirlMo

      If my mom didnt want me to watch something..I didnt watch it. I get that kids watched the Grammy awards..I did when I was a kid..but its not Beyonces job to parent peoples kids…its her job to shake her behind and thats what she did..she might get a raise this year.

      • Kiki R.

        The point is, the grammy’s use to be a show that the entire family can get together to watch, which is why it airs during primetime. Her performance was no accident just like Katy Perry’s performance was no accident…they know exactly what message they were trying to send it out, and knowing young people were watching, yes, they were sending it out to them as well. As the years go by, you’ll notice a lot of primetime shows are no longer family friendly where as back in the day they were. That’s part of the agenda.

    • Joanne1979

      Not I. My parents did not allow it.

    • Guest

      FOH…NO only your ignorant mammie allowed such nonsense and now that same ignorance produced an ignorant adult..go figure

    • yZ

      We all? girl speak for yourself. My parents weren’t down with that nonsense. African. Parents don’t be getting down like that, you as a child will be in the the lounge doing your homework, where your parents can monitor you. Your parents will be watching the news, my parents don’t know what the grammys are. They will ask you, the what?what is wrong with this child? What is the matter, is this the future she wants for herself. Stupid child she wants to be watching people behaving like fools singing about sex. They will tell you not in this house, when you move out you grammy in your own house. I didn’t watch the grammys as a child

    • ddkdpk

      You’re right, we did all watch the Grammys as kids, but my parents also made me turn the channel if there was a performance that they considered to be to provocative for my age at that time.

      • ???

        There weren’t and dirty performances at the grammys when I was little but that was back in the eighties when artists had talent.

    • Shaniqua Lynn Farrior

      And adult swim and nick Jr turns grown at 10pm.

      • KJ23

        Nah, it’s 8, because the moment Uncle Grandpa’s head sets, and the theme song to King of the Hill kicks in, is the moment the TV turns off, and my child is climbing into bed. Also, Nick turns into Nick at Nite at 7, one whole hour earlier.

  • SimplePseudonym

    She loss me at “minus well.”

  • LiberalGilt

    There it goes…the race card. Beyonce is worth $120 million. Do you think that’s from a black audience? Joik.

    • And what’s your point? I asked a valid question. Where’s the article on the FCC complaints about Miley’s “performance” It was just as raunchy no?

      What is with people disqualifying racism by how many whites like black people? That does not mean it doesn’t exist? I mean really now. . . .

      • LiberalGilt

        So in other words, you’re actually just a race baiting idiot. This article is about Beyonce not Cyrus. But racist you have to bring her into the mix. It’s irrelevant you moron.

        Good luck on the short bus.

        • Smith Sherelle

          You’re White…get off of a Black site….you LOSER! It’s racist and that’s how your people maintain their power by trying to deflate, deny, or ignore the REAL ISSUES within AMERICA….people like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

          • LiberalGilt

            You give blacks a bad name because you are the exact stereotype.
            Loud mouth angry bitter and inconsolable.
            Get lost old school

        • klll

          Toll alert!!

          • LiberalGilt

            Yet another example of how inner city kids refuse to learn basic spelling. Short busser

      • Just saying!!

        The point is if most of her consumers are white then they have been perfectly fine with her expressing her sexuality all along. (Which she has been… It’s just raunchier now)

    • Smith Sherelle

      You’re White…get off of a Black site….you LOSER! It’s racist and that’s how your people maintain their power by trying to deflate, deny, or ignore the REAL ISSUES within AMERICA….people like you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LiberalGilt

        The only issues there are are the ones you yourself make

    • Smith Sherelle

      Blacks can’t play the race card because we didn’t DEAL THE HAND….Opportunistic LIAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      • LiberalGilt

        what a nut case you are
        go back to your dark basement
        you’re nothing but old school
        And it got and gets you no where
        I’m the NEW Black.

    • Facts

      Beyonce is worth more than 120 million check your facts.

      • LiberalGilt

        THAT’S your comeback?

      • sabecb2014

        Who cares how much someone else’s check is she not payin you to know.

    • Indigo

      what? she is worth almost 400million where are you getting you numbers from?

      • LiberalGilt

        yu made up that number

  • LiberalGilt

    Does all that gas come from just ONE fart?

  • Honestly

    Please, this is no where nearly as bad as Miley Cyrus or Lady Gaga. I mean, look at some of the things on cable TV, homosexuality, nudity…

    • LiberalGilt

      You can program your cable to omit those shows.

  • whhhhr

    ummmm I’m a Stan first of all so maybe my opinion will be a tadbit bias but ummmm since when is the Grammys a family show? Not that I can remember. Also I wish everyone in the world would stop acting like television networks, celebrities, jobs, cities, all these things are supposed to care about making sure something fits your kids. Really you think Beyonces performance is a negative influence on your children every bad thing I learned as a child happened at school not from a television show.

    • LiberalGilt

      What’s a Stan?

      Since the only people buying any of these autotuned lip syncing untalents are the 10-16 year old group, I’d say it’s a good bet the grammy’s should be a family show, genius.

    • LiberalGilt

      every bad thing I learned as a child happened at school not from a television show.

      That’s because when you were a kid all that was on was Bonanza, Gilligan’s Island and the Munsters.

    • Kiki R.

      The grammy’s have always been a family show. In the past few years, they’ve seem to have taken a turn for the worst, but the grammy’s was like the music industry’s academy award show, so it was held in much better pretige than the VMA awards. They have country performances, gospel performances, jazz performances and awards to give out in those categories, spoke word categories, etc. So yes, it was originally a family show, but we all should know the agenda going on in music by now, so none of what we see should be surprising. They knew what Beyonce and Katy Perry were going to do because they all had to rehearse. They gave them the greenlight to air it. They meant for every one watching to see it, from the youngest to the oldest.

  • Jaytee2

    I wonder who tied the hands of complainers so they couldn’t change the channel?

    • LiberalGilt

      Hey more on. When the show goes on you get the rating in the upper corner of your TV screen — Suitable for ALL Audiences. It wasnt.

    • ddkdpk

      Their husbands hid the remote….Lol

  • SHA

    How is what she did any different of more risque than anything that Madonna has done during her career. BYE! Entertainers do just that and dont set moral compasses for the public’s children. Handle your own business and let them entertain.

    • LiberalGilt

      Madonna was a skank too

    • Guest

      lol maybe I am just to comfortable with who I am but all I saw was a woman sitting in a chair tooting a little and that is just about it lol ….but hey I personally do not have the time or energy to concern myself with another woman and how she expresses her s3xuality oh and my 8 year old daughter does not listen to beyonce nor does she watch the grammy with me…as a matter of fact she had no desire to watch it she was 2 busy being into little girls things like she should…..these new age parents are the blame not beyonce

      • sabecb2014

        Can’t help but agree with you 100% on that I do also believe though all this technology taking over is taking strain on parenting like if you ban it who’s to say they ain’t watching it at school or they friends house or anywhere else in the world. And parents so wrapped in technology themselves you got two year olds playing with iPhones and tablets instead of baby toys and six year olds walking around with iPhones instead of playing with fake toy phones with smiley faces. It’s sad really.

    • Kiki R.

      Madonna got ALOT of flack back in the day for her performance. Especially the ones she did for the VMAs.

  • soisaid

    no one forced them to watch the show. period!

    • LiberalGilt

      How do you know?

  • VAgirl

    Clearly Beyonce’s new album is more focused on sex. I’m not sure what people really expected. Those that found it offensive could’ve simply turned the channel. Problem solved. I could see if she came out like Tamar did in a see-through onesie. Sheesh!

    • LiberalGilt

      t’s focused on sex cuz her career is nose diving

      • Hardly. She sold over a million albums for a record she did absolutely ZERO promotion for. . . .

        • LiberalGilt

          Zero promotion? She showed up at Walmart in MA paying people to buy the CD you idiot.
          As i said, good luck on the short bus.

          • newdnewd

            She dropped her album before she did that so what are you saying?

            • LiberalGilt

              What are you saying?

              • newdnewd

                You are saying that she went to Walmart to promote the album, but, the album initially dropped without any prior promotion or notification. So, what does Walmart have to do with Cheekee’s original statement?

                • LiberalGilt

                  OK so you are saying you dont know what promotion is.

                  • newdnewd

                    Go take reading comprehension please, you obviously are a little slow.

                    • LiberalGilt

                      I may be slow, but I rest easy knowing whatever my IQ is..your’s is 30 points lower.

                    • klll

                      yep that just confirmed that you are definitely a white troll. I know for sure no black person would say anything about a stupid IQ test given by dumb humans (white people mainly) to equate someone’s intelligenceintelligence. :/ you loselose! kill yourself thank youyou! Ill provide the gun if you don’t have one.

                    • LiberalGilt

                      You’re ignorant and irrelevant. Look up the words because I know you don’t understand them, short busser.

          • klll

            Stfu and get off Beyonce’s pu$$. DA mn!!! White troll. Tfoh

          • Mark of a intellectual inferior, resort to insults and allude to me being the slow one . . . . no pumpkin like I SAID the album was released exclusively on iTunes with ZERO promotion or advance notice to any radios stations etc.

            • LiberalGilt

              keep showing what a duhmb cow you are. paying people to buy your shlt at a chain store you’d otherwise wouldn’t be caught dead in seems like a promotion to anyone with a brain

              • Are you usually this angry in life or do you save your venom for faceless internet foes? I don’t know why you are so offended by Beyonce to the point you need to be insulting and ignorant but I hope whatever in your life has got you tripping gets resolved ASAP so you aren’t so miserable. #Ifeelbadforsadtrolls 🙁

                • LiberalGilt

                  enjoy your daily ride on the short bus

                  • Stoopid! I hit a nerve I can tell. #miserylovescompany

                    • LiberalGilt

                      you mistook a nerve for a pothole on your short bus

              • louise_1

                Amen on this one. She is downright desperate. Soon I bet she’ll start putting that jay-z looking baby on us.

      • louise_1

        Not fast enough in my opinion.

  • newgirl

    Well I remember growning up my bedtime was 7:30 pm so I had to sneak to watch the Cosby Show lol! Seriously why would the parent continue to let the child watch it if they were so offended? They could have turned to Disney Channel until that part of the program went off and if they had to keep changing the channel lil bobby & susie shouldn’t be watching it.

    • MonicaT

      Me too my bedtime was 7:30 and we had to beg my mom to let us watch The Cosby Show! Most music and tv shows are not appropriate for children including teenagers! Also parents are need to be proactive and use parental control. But then again these so called family shows have inappropriate adult content. Once they saw her behind plaster all over the tv show change the channel. Then explain to your child why you changed the channel

      • LiberalGilt

        Too late one you see it. You’re wanking to it by then and getting the screen sticky

    • LiberalGilt

      The Disney channel now has less-bee- in couples on it now. Where have you been? And why am I censored if I use the real word?

  • Erin

    Seriously? Minus well?

    • Chey


    • klll


    • ddkdpk

      I’m from the South and I bet it was one of us…Chilllleeee i’m embarrassed. LOL!!!!

  • BabyClover

    lol! im sorry, did this person really write “minus well”? Was tht supposed to read ‘might as well? Lawd, I can’t!!

    • skinnythick

      Yes! Sounding all basic, then had the nerve to say “have some class”. Really.

    • J Mc

      lol I clocked that too! I try not to be the grammar police because some things can be over looked, but that one deserves a ticket lol

    • ddkdpk

      LOL!!!!…..That’s what I said. Telling somebody to “have some class”. How about you have some grammar courses.

  • 9Boots

    Why do people keep feeding their children to wolves? Most music today and award shows are not appropriate for children barely even appropriate for adults. Take some authority over your life and your children’s lives and stop letting them listen and watch this garbage.

    • LiberalGilt

      Let me tell you what’s REALLY inappropriate for kids — that Joan Rivers Fashion Police show. Every other word is bleeped and the way they bleep it, you know exactly what the words are. They don’t even sound bleeped.

      • tt

        Yet you still watch it, then complain.

        • LiberalGilt

          Do you have the NSA stats on what I watch you retard?

      • 9Boots

        I agree. I can’t even believe people let their little kids watch Wendy Williams. The majority of tv is not appropriate for children.

    • ddkdpk

      Exactly…The Nickelodeon Awards are even unpredictable these days. I say watch/let your kids watch whatever you feel comfortable with them watching. If something gets to wild then change the channel.

      • 9Boots

        Right, at least make an attempt at trying to shield your children.

  • Just My Opinion

    This is where YOU as a parent should step in & explain to YOUR child what you think & you’re perspective is on what they have just witnessed. Even though Beyonce is the one on screen performing YOU are the parent and YOU are responisible for YOUR child & their well being.

    • divinnalafeme

      I agree!

    • NaturalJem

      I absolutely agree, however there is but so much a parent can do. When the child is in other environments away from home there still exposed to this, bcuz nowadays this stuff is everywhere.

    • Chelsea M

      Agreed!! Parents need to tell their children about sex and drugs and alcohol, etc!! My mom was telling me about sex and using condoms and what could happen if you’re not responsible when I was in middle school. Early 6th or 7th grade. I had no idea what she was talking about. Then I got to high school and those lessons being taught to me as a child is how I didn’t end up a teen mom. Beyoncé is a grown woman! Wasn’t my favorite performance of hers, but it represented the song. Hope she doesn’t perform Partition soon, then we’ll never hear the end of it haha

      • LiberalGilt

        and so you had 3 kids with 2 different baby daddies by 8th grade? And was smoking crack during labor?

        • Chelsea M

          How did you get any of that from what I said? No, I have no kids, I went to college, got my bachelors in engineering and now I’m currently working fulltime. My point is people need to stop hiding sex from their kids and tell them about it because they will have sex one day and hopefully they’ll know what to do.

          • TheMsmother

            Why did you respond to that?

          • lastwomanstanding

            This is not sex…this is unnecessary disrespectful waging of vulvas in our living rooms…and don’t tell me to hit the remote

    • LiberalGilt

      It’s called indoctrination.

  • domino

    I don’t see how this is Beyonces problem everyone forgets they have a remote. This device gives you the freedom to change the channrl which you should exercise in the event you’re offended. People shouldn’t expect people who don’t know them to take their children into consideration. No one television is in charge or raising your child, it’s yours as a parent.
    People have a sense of entitlement and it has to stop.

    • Laine

      I agree that you raise your children and not celebrities. I don’t know how it’s with live shows. Do they also come with a rating? Because if not, than I agree with the complaints that the performance was too much to air as early as 8 o clock. No celebrities don’t raise your children, but I would think that they and the producers of the show have some sort of responsibility towards society. There are certain lines.

      • JayJay

        No. Producers have a responsibility to bring in ratings and create buzz. That is it.

    • Trisha_B

      Thank you! Like did the batteries in their remote die the minute Bey came out lol. They could have switched the channel to abc family or Disney channel, better yet send their little behinds to sleep on a school night!! Since when did any award show, besides the kid choice awards, become a family show? Performances since the 80s at these award shows been risqué, this is nothing new. I didn’t like Beyoncé performance, thought she was boring & trying to hard, but I just changed my channel lol

    • lastwomanstanding

      Beyonce is performing for the world…I and the many other women and men complaining…do not want to lose out on the grammy…which we await every once a year…because of some unnecessary raunchiness….That is no class period..and I am neither a prude nor a child..I am an adult who does not believe, all TV should be about showing us Vulvas and viewers sucking it up!

    • S Jo

      She should have gotten mad when
      Katy Perry’s bre@sts were in her child’s
      face @ The Nickelodeon Awards!
      Kids shouldn’t be watching most of these
      awards shows, cus they say & do
      racy things!

  • divinnalafeme

    Lmao I agree with most that whole show should have come with a disclaimer and trust I am no prude but I couldn’t even watch it with my mom bc it was just weird for the both of us and she loves beyonce but she found all of that a bit much compared to beyonces usual standards. Oh and i’m 24 and my mom is 46 so if it was hard for us to watch imagine watching it with your 14yr old.

    • Guests!!

      So what I am hearing you say is that you are uncomfortable with your own sexuality. So you were offended because you felt that someone who is comfortable with there sexuality did more than you wanted them to. Girl bye. Change the channel.

      • lastwomanstanding

        Cheap, pornographic display on public TV…esp. the grammy’s which can be watched by kids…is no class or “comfort with one’s sexuality”…it’s crude low class…And not all parents are like me, whose children go to bed by 7:30p…and only allowed to watch PBS twice a week! Beyonce is a role model to many…now a parent…and it matters what pictures you want little kids who admire becoming you when they grow up see…Or what your own child will see when she grows up…

        • Guest

          I swear if Beyonce is ANYONE’s child role model then that parent needs their behind whooped ..that is a grown woman and now we have parents blaming the artist for their POOR parenting skills…when I was young their were things that I was not allowed to watch on TV or listen 2 on the radio ..last I checked the grammy awards were not a family orientated program anyway …I do not own a beyonce album nor have I paid to see her in concert but I can truly respect a BLACK woman who has managed to accomplish being at the TOP of her game….and the ONLY people who truly have an issue with beyonce are insecure black and white woman….rarely do you hear a Pretty confident woman running around talking smack about another woman ..get a clue on why some of you woman are so uncomfortable with other woman

          • rosy

            No one see her as a role model if these entertainers want to be naked on stage or screw whatever then cbs need to air the Grammys at a later time or put disclaimer on there I’m sick of people thinking parents use these worthless hussy as a role model

            • Shuvonneco Von Jones

              I see her as a role model she’s a wife mother bey once did nothing wrong her performance on the grammys people just ha ten.

            • Servin


          • Shuvonneco Von Jones

            Amen telling girl bey once did nothing wrong

            • cakey

              Go figure – someone with a name like yours sees Beyonce as a role model.

              • Richard Anthony

                Someone with a name like Cakey is obviously narrow minded, shallow and sexually repressed. Go figure.

          • Love&Peace

            she said she wanted to be a rolemodel

            so i blame her!

            i;m pretty, back confident i have a man for ten years, i;m a teacher

            ii hate the things beyonce is doing

            • Nia

              Why you lying? You must teach PE at a juvenile detention center because if you were a real teacher you would know enough to capitalize I.

              • Love&Peace

                ahhaahah the hate 🙂 funny

                listen i don;t believe in the system. I hate the system very mucho~
                But i feel i can still positive influence the children. I can teach them values of life etc and it happens that i am a very popular teacher 🙂 thank you.

                I teach Dutch to children between the age 12-16

                Two questions:

                1.Why do you assume that i am teaching at a juvenile detention center?

                2.Why are you so hateful towards me, i found it funny first but now i’m thinking why ?

              • Love&Peace

                “Why you lying? You must teach PE at a juvenile detention center because if you were a real teacher you would know enough to capitalize I.”

                Where is your ‘ , ‘ between center and because?


                And by the way, would you have gotten the message if i used the right punctuation?

            • Guest

              You hate what beyonce is doing OK then keep it moving do not park or play in her playground .. ..and for the recored you sound very much like you are NOT confident just by the comment alone get a clue and PS teacher learn how to SPELL and capitalize

              • Maxipooh

                and punctuate. l;m really? I’m would be correct. That person has to be a joke or faking. No way that is a teacher.

              • Love&Peace


                You got the message didn’t you?

                That’s all that matters, don’t act like it was unreadable…

                The part you did not understand is that i am worried for the kids, please read.

                I guess you love to intepretate. Believe what ever you want, yes i am very insecure , very!!! ( shaking while typing)

                THIS is to funny!!!!!

                ‘ You hate what beyonce is doing OK then keep it moving do not park or play in her playground .. ..and for the recored you sound very much likeyou are NOT confident just by the comment alone get a clue and PS teacher learn how to SPELL and capitalize.’

                I wish i had a red marker. ‘ for the recored’ beyonce without a capital likeyou without space , wrong use of PS . ahahhahahahah thanks!


          • c ocos

            Preach tryna blame her for yall mistakes

        • divinnalafeme

          Thank you!

        • a 12 and 14 year old are impressionable and do not go to bed at 7:30 pm..so I see why some parents are angry..beyonce is talented vocally does not need to use so much sexuality, when will she get it Look at Adelle Amy whinehouse etc

      • more


    • Christy snow

      I love Beyonce but get real, the standard has always been Beyonce’s butt out. People have a problem with seeing a black woman’s body like that. They have no problem with Anglo women performing this way. Whether you agree with the performance or not, dont ignore the double standard at work here.

      • divinnalafeme

        Are you replying to the wrong person bc I have no clue what you are talking about??? I have no problem with seeing a womans body like that I see my own in the mirror every morning. But me and my mother were surprised to see beyonce like this bc it is not her usual style to put her self on display in such a way I am aware that many females do this hell beyonce works a leotard half the time but she has never worked a thong so for some this was surprising and resulted in mixed reactions some found it empowering some disgusting and others like myself thought she was just trying to sell sex. Now where does double standards come in at???