Will Smith As Neo!? Celebs Who Lost Out On Major Acting Roles That Made Someone Else Blow Up

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What could have been? I know that’s what some of these big actors and actresses think when they pass on a role or are turned down for a role that turns out to be a huge hit for someone else. But when we hear about these losses or decisions, we’re thinking, WHAT!? Aaliyah was originally supposed to be in Honey!? Because being surprised by anything is always fun to us, here are 15 famous folks who tried to audition for a major role and were turned down, or turned down a major role that helped someone else blow up.



Gabrielle Union Auditioned To Be Olivia Pope On Scandal

At this point, we could never imagine anyone else in those designer jackets and caught up in messy love triangles, but Union revealed to the world that she originally auditioned for the role of Olivia Pope:

“There’s the whole group of us who auditioned for ‘Scandal’ that, not just fell in love with that project and Shonda (Rhimes), but the process, the level of respect that we were given even in the audition process and the world that Shonda created even for us trying. It was like, is there ever gonna be another situation for you like that?”

Guess there was another situation and opportunity available, because she now of course stars as Mary Jane Paul in BET’s Being Mary Jane, with her own equally messy love triangles.

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  • Taiana Aubrey

    Ahhhhh, although l enjoyed Lucy Liu’s performance l would’ve loved to seen babygirl in Charlie’s Angels

  • Faye

    Who deserved that “girl, bye” was Raven Symone in Dream Girls.

  • Leah Robinson

    Tupac would have killed it as Jody! Wow

  • bigdawgman

    I’m so glad Angela turned down that role! Some folks you don’t wanna see like that.

  • Wait will Smith Turned down the Matrix for Wild wild west? >< LOL!

  • kiki j

    Who tells Oprah no! Lol I guess someone who is passionate about their work. Nia Long did get the part that jada auditioned for. I think Jada said it on the Oprah show years ago. Why the shade towards Robin Givens? She’s very talented but was blacklisted when everyone thought she was lying on Mike Tyson and felt she was a media w h o r e. She’d be on Halle’s level for real if her situation was different. Is it me or does she and lela rochan (i know I torched her name) favor?

  • Tonya

    Both Angela Basset and Vanessa Williams turned down the Monsters Ball role.

  • iloverealitytv

    i could not imagine john travolta in any of those tom hanks roles.

  • Cheryl Robinson

    There are three that I see that could have gone either way, 1. Samuel L. Jackson as Morpheus, Fantasia as Effie, and of course Aaliyah as anyone. I wish she had had her chance to blow up the way she was about to. Sill miss her.

  • Tha Real Hamia

    Re: #4, why a ‘girl, bye’ to Robin Givens? She would have been great for that role. The industry has been sleeping on shorty. If it wasn’t for her messy marriage to Mike Tyson, I think she definitely would have been an A list actress by now. Has she been blackballed or something because she can’t seem to get her career off of the ground.

    • Audrey

      i completely agree with you.

  • Beejcee

    I think Robin Givens would have done a fine job!

  • Simone Mackey

    I would have loved to see Tupac in Baby Boy especially in the Sex Scene but Tyrese did justice in that though 🙂

    • wasteofrace

      woow XD

  • Ron

    Correction: Clooney was nominated for his role in Michael Clayton but didn’t win.

  • Lala

    I mean once you see a person in a part, it is really hard to re-imagine it played by someone else

  • Sheltered_Hollywood

    media’s so fake so filtered