“He STILL Mine Trick”: Tiny Lashes Out At Woman Talking Crazy About Her Marriage On Instagram

February 26, 2014  |  

Source: WENN

At this point, it’s becoming clear that Tiny and T.I. probably need to give Instagram a rest.

Who could forget when T.I. tried to publicly check her for showing off her backside too much on her Instagram page? Now, it seems that Tiny is lashing out at people who have something to say about her relationship with T.I.

Rumors spread a while back that there was trouble in paradise because T.I. was possibly cheating (a love child was even brought up), but the two are still getting their family hustle on and making things work. Therefore, the couple don’t take too kindly to people talking out the side of their neck about them or their family. According to Mstarz.com and Sister2Sister, when a woman said something out of line on T.I.’s Instagram, Tiny lashed out at her:

@msebonyrose b**ch shut yo dumb a** up & figure out how to stop growing out them clothes hoe!! U sound like a happy b**ch! He still MINE trick don’t get it phucked up!!”

T.I. reportedly deleted the photo, but this isn’t the first time Tiny has lashed out at different people, as she hit back at people claiming they knew people who were having sexual relations with the rapper on her page. One woman said “MY homegirl f**king Tip…this s**t hilarious…”eats popcorn”. This was Tiny’s response:


Things are getting way too real with these folks, and we all know the more she goes back and forth with random people on social media, the more they’ll keep trying to egg her on. It’s a shame. What do you think of all this?

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  • Tee Elyse

    I was thinking “AGAIN Tiny!” but this is old…. T.I. actually chimed in on that pic as well! I give up on these two until they realize that they don’t need to air out their dirty laundry for the public, otherwise they will keep on getting attacked! Hoping for the best for their family!

  • travie andrews

    There have always been rumors surrounding their relationship and the extra curricular things they participate in TOGETHER. There is no room for her to get angry because he wants to take his act solo. Do not get me wrong. I do not condone extra marital affairs by either party. If Tiny and TI (allegedly) are into threesomes and swinging together, the door to further degradation is open, he just walked thru it. I pray their strength thru this ordeal. And she needs to stop responding to the ignorant folk who only know what they read.

  • peaches

    I would be amazed if TI wasnt cheating on Tiny. She is so ugly.

    • Kimberly Reese

      I seen Girls that look super ugly, Tiny not ugly she look nice dress up. In Sister to Sister she took some cute pictures

    • Tee Elyse

      Looks are not everything, though. That’s his wife, end of the day. He thought she was beautiful when he married her.

  • necie

    Fame seems to make people act stupid!
    They are suppose to be adults with children? The time these celebs use for beefing, they should use that energy on there FAMILY .TRUTH

  • Maile00

    He has been doing whatever he wants since he met her so….she loved it enough to say yes and doing ignorant stuff like this…

  • Me

    Why would anyone expect anything else from Tiny?

    • Yvette

      Exactly. I don’t recall anyone ever accusing Tiny of being classy. I tell folks all the time that silence is golden.

  • BU

    I don’t know why Tiny is going in on these random females on IG when the problem reside in her home with her “husband” who is acting like dog in heat… I put full blame on TI and if he’s not going to step in and step up as a man who has done wrong to his woman, his wife and overall family structure/brand then Tiny will find herself in this position over and over for however long she deems to be disrespected by TI. There are attacks that come with fame but brought in unnecessarily by a practicing Misogynist who is self-serving and manipulative to the core, you will die a thousand heartbreak deaths fighting a fight that your man starts in the bed of other women. I truly feel for you Tiny because I see you Riding and dying for TI all for no return…

    • SSR

      Well said and I totally agree!

    • shante

      I dont even see why it matter, she should delet her twitter IG FB because i understand getting upset when someone wants to get under your skin…if she dont see it, there is nothing to respond to. put all that energy into making home life better. i dont even see why or how all theybusiness get out there anyway. its time to lay low. quit giving bored hoes ammo, and dont bring your credibility down. it wont make you look weak it will make you look like the bigger woman who has other things to do, a home to tend to (full of kids whos watching you) and just that you dont have time for that. plain and simple.

      • gates_55

        Well said 🙂 🙂 🙂