9 Men Brandy Should Date Now That’s She’s (Allegedly) Back On The Market

February 24, 2014 ‐ By
Brandy And Ryan Press Called Off Their Engagement

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Part of our hearts broke this morning when we heard Brandy and Ryan Press have reportedly called off their engagement after two years. We’ve been rooting for our girl Brandy to find everlasting love ever since she was forced to hide her relationship with Wanya back in the “Brokenhearted” days so we can’t bear to see her solo for too long; hence we’ve put together a list of eligible men Brandy should date — or at least rebound with.

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  • Hope Floats

    Yea I’m sure Brandy would appreciate all this advice from people that she doesn’t know and people that don’t know her lol… People, get a life and stay out of celebrities’ lives; because trust me– they are NOT checking for you.

  • Otis Django

    She is PSYCHO. No man in her right mind is going to marry her….you might make her a side chick or something.

  • Shar

    No one wants to marry her-she’s a killer that got off

  • Nanaya Biness

    They are alI very very good looking but somehow i don’t see Brandy with any of these guys.

    • I don’t see it either

      Agree 100% …I honestly see them getting back together, it just seems too soon, don’t know much about the guy and their relationship obviously, but I just don’t think it’s done…I would be more surprised if so…

  • MsRickie

    Damn poor Brandy. She is so unlucky in love. Maybe you need to chill from men for a minute and focus on you, and what you want.

  • Kristen

    Maybe she’s cursed because of the fatal car accident she was involved in years back!

  • Chloe

    I can picture her with common, Malik Yoba, or Lamman their more on her level and plus they grown men so they know what they want in a woman.

  • jugglemom

    I suggest just be single for a while. Be a mom. Great men are out there. And since she has access to traveling and social events- date men of other races, nationalities, professions, etc. Go slow because she has a daughter. She is younger than me; Im married. Enjoy dating dont rush to make it serious. And hold your goodies.

    FYI, men of other naionalites are great. Many havnt adopted the non committed relationship practice that Americans have come accustomed to. Just my experience.

  • PolkaDots

    Thank God she isn’t engaged to that dude. He seemed too old for her.

  • beautiful life

    Poor brandy cant win for lose….sorry to hear that ,if its true…cant believe everything u read….

  • vrw

    My aunt always said if a man asks you to marry him do it right away. But society says wait 6 months.

  • 9Boots

    Brandy needs to get with a non BM. Yes, I said it.

    • Guest

      Lol…..9Boots still bitter and lonly.

      • 9Boots

        So I’m bitter because I recommend a nonBM? Aye, the world does not revolve around BM. Take note Trisha B.

    • channing

      WHy? SO u can live through her? If she does not like white men, then she does not like white men. i doubt white men like her either, she is not exactly on their radar.

      • 9Boots

        Where in my sentence did I say white men? Was it encrypted in there? You must want a WM since you’re having Freudian slips. BTW, I get me own nonBM for the record.

  • Guest

    Brandy I so want you to win in all areas of your life, You just have to take sometime for your self & let a man pursue you.

    • PolkaDots

      ” let a man pursue you” – she’s too eager it seems. Just BE girlie!

    • jugglemom

      She’s too pretty to do otherwise.

  • Adrienne Ferron

    oki norrow it dwon to four….laz,tyrese,common and usher

    • PolkaDots

      nawh, nawh, and nawh….she needs someone not in the lime light.

  • Adrienne Ferron

    damn Tyrese would be good too..

  • Adrienne Ferron

    yes laz Alonso..is perfect for her..

    • MiaSara

      Trust me, Laz is not marriage material, and that’s all imma say, lol.

      I think Brandy is too in love with the ideal of being married, I knew they wouldn’t last because she basically badgered the guy into proposing, she did this during countless cringe worthy interviews that were uncomfortable to watch.

      • Adrienne Ferron

        girl what you know bout laz?….tell me,i wanna know…smh im so damn nosey…lo..

  • Courtney Rene’ Lowe

    Dang MN! The news about the engagement isn’t even official yet, and you all are already trying to put her on with other people lol. Just like a best friend would do in this situation, lmao!

  • Just My Opinion

    B-Rocka my girl & all but Lamman I need for myself. Sorry B.

  • Trisha_B

    Is he related to Laz Alonso?

  • Karmyn

    Bump these guys Brandy needs to court a man who has been in love with her for years. She needs a man who’s more attracted to her than she is to him. I say this because a woman’s attraction can grow. So while she’s deciding how she feels about her suitor he can put in effort. The more work a guy has to put in for a woman to be available to him, the more attracted he is to her. Men want to earn your availability. Brandy revolves her whole life around the men she’s with. She’s no longer a challenge. They pull away she pushes them further and she’s single again. She needs to be mysterious and coy. She doesn’t need to act like the man is the best thing that happened to her(all those love songs about Ryan). She needs to act like the busy bonafide star that she is. She needs to play hard to get, stop wearing her heart on her sleeve and no cohabitation before marriage

    • trulydee

      This is good advice for all women not just for Brandy. I truly agree with your comment

      • Karmyn

        Thanx TrulyD! Enjoy your week!

    • cleojones

      amen on everything that you said……………….

  • Bravo

    All of them are ugly! She should stay single

    • Guest

      It would be fun to see pics of your…..probably fat and u’gly

    • ijs

      Your crazy we couldn’t have been looking at the same group of men