With Friends Like These… Former BFFs NeNe And Marlo Continue Beefing On Twitter

February 24, 2014  |  
Source: Bravo

Last night, we saw that NeNe and Marlo, who were once great friends, fell out because Marlo tried to squash the beef between Kenya and NeNe. Remember in high school–or maybe middle school– when your friend gets a new enemy, they expect that person to be your enemy as well? Apparently, Marlo didn’t know the rules and the two ended up beefing on the last episode of Real Housewives of Atlanta.

And the beef continued on Twitter. Yesterday, after the show aired, NeNe tweeted “There’s rules 2 friendship.”

Marlo responded and things went left from there. There was name calling, shade thrown and truths exposed.

See how it all went down.

Source: Twitter Source: Twitter

Now, let the record the show, NeNe was the one who started with the shade, calling her Manlow. And then Marlo took it and ran with it…and clearly won that battle.

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  • Jaye Brooks

    These two women need to settle their differences privately, if they were ever real friends. Going back and forth on social media absolutely shows how immature and truly ignorant they both are. But perhaps they get paid for airing their beef publicly. Who knows? From my perspective, NeNe was definitely at fault for starting the entire fiasco. She is so childish for not wanting Marlo to be friends with Kenya. You feel that way when you’re in middle school! I don’t like to use the word “bully” when it comes to adults; I feel the word has been mis-used in American society. But for lack of a better word at the moment, NeNe likes to bully people around.

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  • If this Marlo/Kenya combo isn’t the same as Sheree’ and Kim. NeNe is all about her friends and being loyal. This “friendship” with Kenya and Marlo is so fake and superficial it’s disgusting. Everyone is NeNe’s friend until they fall out with her then she becomes a horse, a moose a man etc. If you can talk bad on someone when you have a disagreement with them then you’ve been harboring those feelings all along. It’s just fake as hell. When NeNe shows her behind she always has a reason. I’m pretty sure there are things that are happening behind the scenes that we don’t know about. Can’t wait for the reunion so she can air this mess out. She always does.

  • kb

    You are so right. Remember when she was on the Apprentice? She checked all the people she knew she could check. HOWEVER, she knew not to get it in with Dionne Warwick because Dionne would have let her have it. I remember that vividly. Same here with Marlow. Say what you want about that girl, but she knows how to read and shut ’em down.

  • Toya

    Petty. I used to like Nene but she really has let her fame go to her head and expects everyone kiss her behind.

  • Necie

    As the late Rodney King stated ” CAN’T WE ALL JUST GET ALONG”? LOL

  • Guest

    I wanna know who gives these drag queen’s a show. I mean really there are allot more interesting people out there I am sure. Just because you Marry a Basketball star or something doesn’t mean you have any class. I mean look at Mrs Obama sure didn’t help her any did it.

  • kel

    They only doing this for entertainment…just so people can stay interested in the show.

  • honeypa72

    I’m not team Nene or Marlo, but in this instance, I really thought that Marlo was sincerely upset. The fact that Nene invited all of her BRIDEmaids and not her, was definitely a slight to Marlo. If you look at all of the interactions between Marlo and Kenya, Marlo always stated that Nene was her big sister, so I didn’t see any shad on Marlo’s part, and again, I’m no fan of Marlo, but just saying….

  • MonicaT

    Sounds like Nene is doing what ever she can to create a storyline for Manlow to get on the show and keep Krayonce on the show! BORING!

  • Sunny

    While it is pathetic that two forty-somethings are engaging in petty Twitter beef, I can’t lie: Manlow & Donald Trump’s hairpiece cracked me up.

  • tenekaray

    I’m not surprised Nee Nee had that coming and Marlo make better tv the Nee Nee on any givin sunday. Bravo need to do away with Nee Nee n her very rich azz. Bye Bloop

  • Not Surprised

    As a child we do as children do, as grown women we do as grown women do. I abide by my OWN friendship rules, the universal one that says “if I’m not her friend, you can’t be her friend” is childish and so high school. NeNe acts like she is sharing her cooch with Marlo and Marlo failed to return it which is the ONLY way I can understand her being mad because Kenya and Marlo are friends. I could care less if my friend and my enemy are friends, my rule is don’t discuss me with her and don’t discuss her with me, and don’t invite me along to hang out, I’m good. Just because she is my friends friend, certainly don’t make her my friend. Grow up already!

  • selah

    Last night I thought it was pretty ironic when NeNe called Peter a “b” because gossiping and jumping in another’s woman’s face is what women do, more like teenage girls!

  • Izzy

    If you really think about it Marlo can’t be trusted she is too shady. Im NOT Team Nene by far but I feel like lately Kenya and now Marlo are just trying to play games and make Nene look bad. I don’t feel like Kenya and Marlo are being authentic with their feelings. Atleast Nene is being honest. And if you think about it it is kinda odd how Kenya and Marlo ACT so friendly and close so fast. It like come on. But that’s what Nene gets she saw the way Marlo acted but it was fine when it was with someone else but NOW she sees. Marlo wants it to be ALL about her just like Nene’s wedding. But its a learning experience. Just how I see things.

  • FeelsGood

    Donald Trump wig? Mr. Ed teeth?

    ROFLMAO!! Marlo is saying what we are all thinking!

    Nene normally over talks her opponent, but I see she didn’t want it with Marlo last night….

  • Cdj

    Marlo did get in Nene’s azz! Lol. Off topic, did anyone notice how Nene shaded Porsha about her acting????? As if she’s Meryl Streep herself! Smh… She really needs to come down from whatever fake pedalstool she’s placed herself on quickly.

  • Malcolm Turner

    Nene is the typical bully…sitting there upset she’s not the focal of the attention.
    Horse mouth comment funny from Marlo. And justified.
    Kenya looks good. She’s kinda goofy but a much better person than Nene. I dont think she would have a problem carrying the show if Nene leaves.

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl


  • candy cane

    After watching how Marlo lost her cotton-pickin mind leading up to NeNe’s wedding, I can see how the situation may have started; as for this beef, Marlo has been knowing NeNe long enough to know that anything she really wanted to ‘discuss’ should’ve been done between the two of them and not in the open like that and chasing NeNe down in the parking lot talkin’ mad ISH wasn’t going to do anything but make the situation worse; so much so that Marlo would’ve got what she came for if Gregg and members of NeNes team hadn’t led her away. Marlo calling NeNe insecure but it was she that was chasing all over the parking lot while NeNe walked away adn then proceeded to break down in tear. NeNe and Marlo were having differences before Marlo started hanging with Kenya.

  • Felisha Crooks-Sweet

    Marlo hit her straight in the gut….and NeNe has met her match.

    • hi-liter

      Yes indeed, NeNe’s ghetto does matches Marlo’s.

    • Malcolm Turner

      Agreed. I like Marlo she seems real.

  • fortune27

    I think all of these women have gotten out of control. Neither NeNe and Marlo are likable and both of them are bullies. I didn’t buy Marlo’s fake tears trying to cry her way into a gig. Kenya does the nice/nasty gesture. Then when it blows up she play the innocent card. Kandi is just like her mama which is why she can’t see how to set boundaries with her. Her mother is a master of emotional terrorism and has bullied her out of her close relationships. And Phedra and Apollo…I don’t even know *where* to begin with that madness, with their “legal problems,” which I suspect will spill over into airhead Cynthia’s life and her “businessman” husband, Peter.

    Having said that, this reality show formula is getting old. It’s so scripted and edited for a sensational effect I can’t take much of it seriously. I’m getting bored with it and the predictable characters and storylines.

  • hi-liter

    NeNe was VERY basic in terms of dressing and hairstyles in the first 2 seasons of ATL Housewives. I’m inclined to believe Marlo when she said NeNe stepped up her game when they became friends. Then again when folk start making more money than they have ever made in their life, the clothes, hair, car, and home goes up a few notches.

  • Wlepla Glassco

    For my viewing pleasure. Nene you can’t go head to head with Marlo check her records boo.

  • Raven

    Ha… “Donald Trump’s hair piece”. Good one.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      yes that was awesome lol

  • Truth0312

    This ratchetry is far too entertaining for a Monday morning. I guess that doesn’t say much about me. I watched that foolishness last night and was dismayed (though shockingly unsurprised) that two GROWN arse Black women couldn’t settle their differences in a post-kindergarten fashion. All I continue to learn from all this “reality” television is that you gotta be real careful who you call a friend. Most of us got the memo back in 5th grade, but some of the RHOA cast clearly missed it that day.

  • Leslie Juanita

    i’ve always been team nene, but i hate that she’s allowing herself to be played so easily this season. people really were enjoying the mature, evolving nene, but all this pettiness & hostility is disappointing. to be fair though kenya really needs to stop putting her hands on ppl. she did it to nene @ cynthia’s event with the ear pull & again last night. if i’m not f-ing with you, the last thing you should do is put your hands on me. so whether nene came off badly or not, i still give her props for not swinging.

  • killer_queen

    They both need to grow up. Acting like some 5 year olds bickering on the school playground.

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl

    Marlo do look like a man.Marlo is lonely and desperate.She has nothing to lose just like Kenya.Nene so dumb I don’t know why she feed into it.They are in there 40s no husband,no family,they really have nothing to lose.Nene has so much going on for herself she is so dumb to let them bring her down.Crabs in the bucket!

    • K_Welch

      Nene isnt to far away from nothing…You did watch the first season! She thinks everyone was suppose to back down and Marlo nor Peter is going to tolerate that. Peter was talking to Cynthia, his wife, about how he was feeling. Nene came to him he didnt move an inch. Nene got into his face and instead of Greg pulling her away he step between them as if Peter was the aggressor!
      Marlo is her own person. I wont pass up and opportunity to advance myself as long as I dont have to compromise myself. Nene was jealous at Marlo essentially using Kenya to get some camera time…We can say the same for Lexie right??? How about Mychele…It is the same thing! You are better than them, really then why are you apart of the cast still? I guess those trump checks and hollywood checks drying up. Kim wasnt fired she upgraded her life and moved on. The only person on here that dont NEED this show is Kandi. It is actually doing her more harm than good! If Todd does leave it will scare anyone else away!!! Momma Joyce need to be LAID, Kandi should set up a trust fund so she know she got get hers and mind her business… Kandi dad my have left but if she was anything like she acting he had good reason!

      • HappilyMarriedSwirl

        I just read your first sentence and Nene will always have her sons and husband, something Marlo and Kenya long for.

    • arlene

      Nene look like the man.. marlow is way cuter.. and keeps herself looking good. Js

      • HappilyMarriedSwirl

        There both drag queens. Marlo more believable considering she has no children we know Nene not a man but not sure about Manlo lmao!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Nene came for Marlow…found her… & limped away injured lol

    • Gabie Aldrich


  • Keke

    Nene is a train wreck walking!!! She is so full of herself, and needs to fall way back!! Marlo should just tell Nene “Bye B****h”….At this point Nene should just take her marbles and go home!!

  • newgirl

    The saddest part for me is watching Greg become a Bruce Jenner type. Greg use to check Nene when she was out of control and now that he’s been reduced to her manservant he just allows Nene to continue to look foolish. Greg use to be the wise voice of reason on this show now he just a old pathetic yes man.

    • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

      ur so right

    • JewelB

      Thank you!! Last night I posted something about Greg being a p—y because he just cosigns to Nene’s foolishness and I was blasted. Yes it appears that in a future episode he goes for Peter but that’s only because he didn’t like Peter telling Nene that she was wrong. Greg just goes along with her stupidity as if he’s one of her staff instead of her husband.

      • selah

        Right, Greg is following NeNe around like a little puppy dog instead of a man but I guess he knows from whence his help cometh from!! #teamrich

    • Just My Opinion

      Was I the onlt one that heard Ne Ne say “Donald Trump will take care of all of this” or something like that when they were getting in the car. If she thinks The Donald gives a fat rats about her or her foolishness she really needs to have several. As far as Greg all I have is a prayer for him. I used to like Ne Ne, but lately her attitude makes me dislike her, but then again she’s rich so there you have it. *SARCASM*

      • Tara ObiesFirstlady Butler

        I heard that!

      • MsCheriTroudix

        Ah, that’s because Marlo told her her wig looked like Donald Trump’s hair.

      • Kmad

        I agree, NeNe better come down off that cloud 9 and get it together!

      • Tudbee

        I heard it too and didn’t understand what she meant by it….. still don’t.

      • kb

        I’m inclined to agree with you that I seriously doubt Donald Trump would care about anything associated with this show, so it’s quite possible she may have been referring to herself as “Donald Trump”. Maybe she meant she as “Donald Trump” would take care of this. She can’t be that delusional as to think he would handle her issue with Marlow. LOL!!!!

    • frenchmarie

      because Nene earns the checks now

  • dee

    Marlo started the name calling last night on Rhoa, it didn’t take her long to hit below the belt………it seems as if she had secret ill feelings anyway. When your a true friend you don’t do that. I feel NeNe its rules to friendship, we. All know this stop acting brand new!

    • Bella

      This is so true. The one thing I hate most is when people stop being friends they think it’s ok to talk bad about the other. It’s like, if you been felt that way you should’ve spoke up before. Real friends fall out from time to time , but if you value/valued that friendship there’s no need to name call because there’s a good chance you could have been friends again.

      • MsRickie

        I agree, and that I don’t like you for liking my enemy. What is this 1st grade? My daughter and her best friend of 13 years no longer speak because her best friend was upset that she started making new friends. I told my daughter her friend is super selfish and childish.

    • Tealita

      Um rewatch the Bailey Bowl. It was Nene not Marlo doing the name calling @ first. All I saw was Marlo trying to talk to her and Nene acting like a brat.

    • Maz

      Preach it. Am tired of these people with selective memory!

  • Tell-it

    Kenya Strikes again she played them both.. and Nene continues to look inmature. Nene acting caree has just went down the toilet nobody in their right mind would want somebody as imature as Nene on their set. Nene what goes around comes around all the stuff she’s done in the past to other cast members is comming back to her ten fold. Soon NeNe will only be surrounded By oportunist… because those are the only people that will care to be around her. She tries to act like she better than everyone else clearly you’er not.

    • selah

      What burns me up is that NeNe knows to act like that around white people. She puts on her superfluous “uppity and dignified act” but is just as bourgeoisie-gutter acting towards her own people.

    • TheyDontRepME

      I don’t think Kenya consciously tried to play them off each other. It seemed more like she just needed a friend and there was no one left that she hadn’t gotten into it with already. So she stuck onto Marlo for support cuz she knew Porsha, Kandi, Phaedra and Cynthia don’t mess with her too tough.

      • DeeNtheATL

        I totally agree.

  • Aqueelah S. Brown

    Nene and her attitude has changed quite a bit, and now I don’t like her.

    • DeeNtheATL

      I second that. I am no longer a fan.

  • BabyBlue

    This really isn’t entertaining. This is another shake my head moment.

  • travie andrews

    BRIDEmaid!!! LOL I was so mad at NeNe for not saying it correctly! Don’t try and check other folk unless you have it all the way together…

    • hi-liter

      Dont forget “Fisses” …….for Fists.

      • Nia

        LMAO. Please tell me you playing!

      • Fedra Thornton

        OMG CTFU!!

      • Janet Bailey Duncan

        y’all are KILLING ME! I’m over here LMAO!

      • DeeNtheATL

        “Fisses and stuff…” is what she said… AWEFUL.

      • Diana Martinez

        Didn’t she say she was college-educated? Maybe that’s why she hates Kenya, because Kenya is well-spoken and while crazy, she is intelligent.

  • Killakam48

    Both of you women need to grow the hell up. Like really. All you two are doing is making black women look bad. As for Mrs. Leekes, come on you say you want to be a role model to young girls, well I don’t see it. My Goodness you are a grandmother stop with all this drama and act like a lady that you are.

    • Leslie Juanita

      Lord, “making black women look bad”?! yes because white women NEVER argue irl or on twitter. *sigh*

      • MsRickie

        It’s not about social media. It’s about reality TV in general. Of course white women get into on social media and in real life, but most of these shows only show black women in a negative light, always angry and upset. Yelling, screaming, throwing items, cussing, fussing. Playing right into the stereotypes of us being low-class. It is embarrassing, but it’s also a guity pleasure. We all know that no matter how good you are, you ALWAYS have to be 10 times better than your white counterparts. That’s just real.

        • Dre

          Women in general are shown in a negative light. Let’s discuss the culture of women representation on reality t.v., and then when can discuss the subcultures. African-American, Caucasian, and Latin women represent negativity on t.v.

      • Diana Martinez

        They do and Latin women do as well and there are other shows which showcase those cultures (RHOBH, RHONY and RHOM, for example); this article and comment section, however is about the RHOA and some posters have expressed their disappointment that wealthy black women on this show are failing to live up to a role model standard. What’s wrong with expressing an opposing view in this free country? I hate to see Latinas fulfill this stereotype as well and I won’t justify it with “Well black/white girls do it, too”, ladies should never act that way, period, but if this was the case, there’d be no RH franchises to entertain us. I think it’s important to teach our daughters that this is an example of how NOT to behave.

    • bigdede

      These women do NOT represent me.

    • TheyDontRepME

      Stay tuned for RHNYC where the White women will be physically fighting and pulling prosthetic legs off. That kind of foolishness has no color! lol

  • kj519

    Lol get her Marlo