Ashanti On Getting Back With Nelly: I’ve Learned To Never Say Never

February 21, 2014  |  

Ashanti’s back with a new album y’all and she’s coming hard. On March 4, “Braveheart” will be released from her own independent label and Ashanti tells us she’s revealing a lot about her personal life and the “Scars” she’s healed from since ending her relationship with Nelly. Of course that just gave us an excuse to get all in the singer’s business and the main question we wanted to know was whether Ashanti was serious about allegedly saying she’d never get back with Nelly again. Here’s what she told us:

“I’m smart enough to know that never is a strong word. You have to learn to kind of never say never because you never know. But at that moment [when she said getting back together with Nelly was a negative] that’s what I felt.”

Who thinks Ashanti’s going to change her mind somewhere down the line?

Check out our full interview in the video above as Ashanti talks about the new album and coming for fans who try to shade her, and why she’s sick of people (like us) asking her about Nelly. Oops!

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    I want her to win but she making it hard for herself to

  • 2002 called they want their article back. No one cares what Ashanti or Nelly do.



  • Valerie Turner

    It would be FOOLISH if she gets back together with him.

  • Yvette

    I want Ashanti to stop talking.

  • Chaz

    She will never be able to do an interview w/o people asking her about Nelly. Lol.

    • NoGimmicks

      And to think that Nelly ain’t even relevant himself.

      • divinnalafeme

        Obviously he is or folks wouldn’t keep inquiring about his relationship and he the only reason a few folks is checking for this album to begin with no one would care if they didn’t think it would spill the juice on that relationship!

        • Uh

          Speak for yourself. I wouldn’t care if she never talks about Nelly again. I love Ashanti’s music and always have. None of her albums have disappointed me. Nelly on the hand..hmmmm I used to be a fan of his music but he’s lost me with his music.
          I can’t wait until March 4th.

          • divinnalafeme

            Honey if your a fan of Ashanti thats great but my opinion still stands bc every article I see about her usually has his name in the title and that speaks volumes and is saying to me that she uses her relationship with him to promote her album.

          • Cici

            Speak for yourself again, I love his music! Some of the songs I’m not crazy about , but for me that’s normal with anyone’s album. Only a few I have loved every song. But back to Ashanti , I love her music as well. Whether she talks about Nelly or not is fine with me either direction it goes. Shes human and allowed to speak about what she wishes.

            But I agree with the other individual as well. Nelly is obviously relevant, or his name would never even be bought up. If they thought no one at all would care, or it wouldn’t be relevant it would never even be bought up.

            And the fact we are all talking about it kinda also proves a point . lol

            • divinnalafeme

              Thank you I wish I could thank you a million times for this.

        • Therealdook

          He is not.. ur misguided n misinformed .. its Jus typical probing questions to create a dramatic interview.. nelly is not relevant..

          • divinnalafeme

            Honey I ain’t nothing he isn’t relevant to you but he is relevant enough that people can’t stop asking her about him that was my point why does that make you so mad to point where you think I am misguided and misinformed It is not not politics or the daily news and my opinion still stands she is using that relationship to sell this album and for Some reason people care enough to keep asking her about it and if she does an interview and makes no mention of him the comments will still mention him. The point I was making is that people love to run into threads about folks that they claim people aren’t interested in anymore just to say that people aren’t interested in them anymore which I find idiotic which was the point of my comment. Good day!