“That Was 100% Out Of Character”: Towanda Braxton Explains Why She Put Vince Herbert’s Finances On Blast

February 21, 2014  |  

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If you’ll recall, last week Towanda Braxton had everyone talking when she publicly dissed Tamar’s husband, Vince Herbert, on Twitter. Tamar and Towanda have had quite the bumpy relationship this season of Braxton Family Values, with many people saying that Towanda has been jealous of her little sister’s success. So some fans of Tamar’s took to Twitter last week and blasted Towanda, saying she was jealous that Tamar’s man is a multimillionaire, while hers (who she’s separated from) is a “bum.” That prompted Towanda’s response about Vince, which was:

@mslady57 check the web boo! He also owes 3.3 million to the irs…guess I’m jealous of that too huh?

Obviously that didn’t sit well with many people. But in an interview with our sister site, BOSSIP, Towanda said that while her statements were out of character, she only made them because Tamartians were making vicious comments about her kids:

I take a lot. I have tough skin and usually I laugh things off. I just have to admit that a lot of the Tamartians, most of them are extremely disrespectful and I didn’t care that they were attacking me, I didn’t care that they were attacking Andre, what I cared about was when they started attacking my kids. They said ‘I wish Towanda’s kids got raped and run over by a bus.’ See people didn’t see that stuff. They just saw what I wrote. So after that I have to say that was 100% out of character for Towanda to respond, but I wasn’t thinking about what was right and what was wrong at that moment I was just reacting and responding.

Towanda also shared that Tamar was very hurt by her statements, but did defend her on Twitter:

She was pissed! Rightfully so. We always have have a sister thread in our messages, so we got on that and I was in trouble because it was totally out of character for me, until I explained, “Hey these children are attacking your niece and your nephew.” Then they understood. Like ‘Okay, we get it. We wouldn’t have done it that way but we get it.’

Despite all that, Towanda does say that while what she said was mean-spirited, the news about Vince’s finances is not private family business–it’s all over the web:

…a lot of people are like ‘Towanda, you just blasted the family business!’ I didn’t tell family business. That was already on the web. This was public knowledge before I said anything ladies and gentlemen. I didn’t divulge any secrets of the Braxton family. I don’t do that. It’s just like with the Traci situation, I didn’t say ‘Hey y’all this what’s going on, Traci told me blah blah blah.’ I don’t do that. Allegedly Traci’s husband had a kid out of wedlock — it was on the web, it wasn’t anything I found out from her.

And Towanda did clear up rumors about her relationship with Kordell. She said they are friends…but you never know what the future will hold:

I met Kordell at an event and I thought he was a nice guy. We’re just friends. Let me just make it clear. We’re definitely friends. Once I met him there, you know when it’s like the beginning stages and you’re trying to get to know a person, it wasn’t a love connection and I think it was partially because of my situation. [Being separated and not divorced.] A lot of guys are like that and that’s where he is.

Check out Towanda’s full BOSSIP interview (and it’s long) here, and share your thoughts on all she had to say.

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  • chattypatty3

    You are so very right

  • chattypatty3

    Tamar have said some awful things to

  • Dashana Smitb

    Still Towanda it doesnt matter if it wasnt a family secret it was still inapproiate because would you like if one of your sister or brothers or anyone throughout your finances on plublic tv No so she just need to think before she say because regardless what Tamara or Vince ever said to her the blame still will go on Towanda.Because no one saw on Tv what Tamara or Vince said about her children. They only saw what Towanda said so my point is Towanda needs to just think before she say…

  • Tonya

    people grow up its not y’all drama why get mad over someone else’s drama everybody’s entitled to there own opinion but it’s not that serious to get mad over

  • lyla mae

    Towanda u need to b ashamed of yrself what does other ppl talking about yr kids have to do with it? Tamar did’nt say it. for u to put yr sister’s husband on blast is horrible u jus showing everybdy you jus old and jealous of yr own sister and mad yr husband is a bum and so what if Vince owe 3 million in taxes last i checked he was worth 10 million…BOOM

    • chattypatty3

      You need to be shame

  • mslady57

    O and 1 other thing only one stupid Azz person said something about her kids and her page has been removed! Not several people. The lies she tells!

    • kittykool

      Are you like famous now? Lol

  • Girl Bye

    I hate to say this but if someone says that your kids need to be raped, I would expect you to drag them like when Fantasia embarrased that lady for coming for niece. But one I saw those comments. She responded to someone calling her husband a bum and comparing him to Vince. What she did and how she reacted had nothing to do with defending her kids. She is trying to use that don’t come for my kids as a cop out on what she said. She responded out of being hateful towards her sister and Vince. The fact that she used her kids to get out of or justify being hateful shows how she cannot really apologize for hating her sister. Stop saying you all are close over and over. Does not matter. The point is, you play dirty. You outed your other sisters business and you tried to justify your jealousy of your sister and got called on it. Tamar defended you from that not because oh stop talking about my nieces and nephews. Sit down. I would respect her more if she just said TAmar pissed her off and she had a moment.

    • kittykool

      Those people were wrong for talking about her kids but I just want to say Towanda showed a bad side of herself as a person or even a sister by talking about Vince like that and no matter how immature they say Tamar is Tamar showed a awesome side of her that I feel she always shows she backed those disrespectful fans off her sister that was dragging Towanda like Mama Joyce was going to do Carmen and Kandi was going to do to Mel (Cynthias sister) lol even though she drew blood towards her own brother-in-law for something Tamar nor Vinve said.

    • chattypatty3

      It not your problem nor your business

  • Ahohako

    She was way out of line for that comment.

  • Acquagirll

    Bottom line people is they are sisters and the fact is that they will always love eachother no matter what’s said or done. I’ve had my sister do all types of things to me from my childhood on, but til this day we love each other. Blood is thicker than any post on FB and all that energy they is being put on this should be placed somewhere else. I pray for them, because they were raised together with the same values and they have memories that no one can ever take away.

    So let’s do this, since we spend time watching them on TV, let’s wish the best for them all. Especially when it comes to us supporting our black sisters and brothers. I pray for Tawanda, Tamar, and her husband. May God give them the mindset to live these days in a Godly way and not a worldly way and trust me. God can do whatever he wants to wash away all those taxes the they say he owe. God can bless Tawanda’s husband to be whatever God desires and if he wants them to be together it will happen and God will provide.

    Let’s stop being so ugly and adhering to the world ways and pray for everyone. It’s not easy for them to put their lives on national tv and I know it’s not easy sleeping at night when you know that you have to be very care to whatever you say or do while those cameras are moving.

    Bottom line…they don’t have to answer to no one but God and He is the only one to judge. SO PUT YOUR STONES DOWN AND WALK AWAY.,

    I love the Braxton Family and admire them for their family values. I see God’s hands somewhere and it comes down from their parents etc.

  • guest

    I think i’m more shocked that she is even slightly interested in Kordell Stewart! WTH?! Guess she doesn’t watch RHOA.

    • kittykool


  • just my opinion

    She is on a reality show! What does she expect? How can you agree to a reality show knowing.that millions of people are watching and not expect negative comments? It is the cost of fame. That is not a reason to put your sister’s husband on blast.

    • Ahohako

      Being on a reality show may bring negative comments from some viewers, but that doesn’t mean she has to accept that.

      • Renee

        Thats true. But it wasnt Vince that posted that message to her. She should have said something about the person that tweeted her. If I got an issue with something someone is saying to me im gonna come back at that person not someone that has nothing to do with it

        • chattypatty3

          It towanda business not yours

  • Renee

    She can talk about her own husband anyway she feels. He is the one that hangs around after all the mess he have done so she should ask him for money its the least he can do after keep steping out on their marriage.

  • BFV fan

    People didn’t say anything About Towanda’s kids until after she talked about Tamar’s husband. Look at the timeline.

  • Tamartian1

    Man Towanda a$$ make somebody want to punch the sh!t out of her like Jada did the soap opera guy in Low Down Dirty Shame. Ugh. She loves to see Tamar hurt like that fake a$$ support she showed when Tamar didn’t win any grammy’s…. bish please. I cannot stand her. She is thee ONLY Braxton I don’t like.

  • louise_1

    Of all the braxton sisters, tawanda is the one I like least. She thinks she is ms. Goody goody. She has huge ego bëcause of figure which I’ll give her credit for. Trina and tracy are my favorites although I get tired of trina talking bad about gabe. He should tell her to get lost. Adore mama Evelyn.

  • Cha Cha

    Sooooo, some random fans of your sister attack you, but you in turn attack your sisters husband? ummmm

  • Clark Toni

    The only thing that I will say is they are family you never truly know what goes on behind closed doors.People killed me thinking that people are jealous with if that person doesn’t want to be bothered with all the lies and drama. I know people that have more than me I have never ever been jealous. I always just try to do me. Life is just too damn short to worry about everyone else.

    • Yvette


    • chattypatty3


  • Just saying!!

    Why would anyone said that about anyone’s kids. That is just inhumane. Ughhh disgusting

  • lockstress

    Tacky, Messy, Classless & Ignorant! That is what you all are.

    • Ahohako

      Ignorant about what?

  • Renee

    Tamar and Vince are the owners of Braxton Family Values so Towanda should check that attitude because they stop her only income

    • Renee

      *can stop her only income

      • chattypatty3

        Girl bye you dont know what you are talking about

    • chattypatty3

      Tamar and vince dont own braxton when you get that from

  • CC

    Doesn’t matter if the info was out there…u were still wrong, and it even verifies your jealousy towards Tamar even more…u r an adult don’t blame it on everything else…blame it on yourself.!!!!

    • chattypatty3

      Jealous of what she not that talented

  • Renee

    I feel like she is jealous of Tamar. Because yes Tamar had a reckless mouth on previous season but they were not kids so if she had a problem with the stuff Tamar said she should of check the issue when it happen not wait years to show she is mad. That is for high school kids. You cant say one minute u cool then want to go back to being mad over some old sh!t.

    • Ahohako

      You said you feel that Towanda is jealous of Tamar but you never stated the reasons.

      • Sydvixen

        Go a few comments up

      • Renee

        And Towanda never stated the reason why she is mad at Tamar. So without an exact reason leads to jealousy

        • Ahohako

          How would you know that when you don’t know her personally?

          • Renee

            I dont need to know her personally. I have common sense. When I hear Tamar say what is it that I done on the show and interviews and she never gives an answer. So either u dont watch the show or you dont have common sense to understand the words coming out their mouth.

            • Ahohako

              This isn’t a common sense issue or an issue of not understanding ‘the words coming out their mouth’.

              Because, so what if you have seen the show and interviews? You STILL don’t have first hand knowledge about what their issues are. You are only seeing a small portion of their lives which has been edited to fit into an hour time slot and produce the most ratings.

        • chattypatty3

          Tamar is not happy stop fooling yourself

      • Ms. T

        I think this, is Towanda asking the same question trying to remain anonymous. Towanda you are jealous of Tamar just admit it.

        • Ahohako

          You all are very immature. Why do I have to be Towanda to ask the questions that I did?

      • shelly

        Towanda, is that you? If not, then BYE, Ahohako. You keep asking the same question that has been thoroughly answered numerous times already. If you don’t get it by now, then you’re just not going to get it.

        • Ahohako

          Is it that upsetting to you to be asked to provide an explanation to your own comment(s)?

  • Not buying it

    #Liesyoutell. This explanation does not make sense. The person who said that about her kids is not the one she responded to. And she’s saying that she got mad that someone wished harm on her kids so she had to say something bad about Vince? Yes it was 100% out of character. She has been 100% out of character this whole season with the shade and jealousy towards Tamar. Get your life Towanda.

    • chattypatty3

      Jealous of what tamar abusive husband I dont think so

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl

    Her excuse had nothing to do with anything, all she had to do was respond back to the person who said it or block them and ignore it.Why confirm the rumors about Vince money issues?That makes zero sense don’t use your kids as an excuse!It is not like Tamar or Vince said it themselves.Just be honest and say you were mad because Tamar was not taking up for you when her crazy stans were attacking you so thats why you said it!

    • Girl BYE

      Thank You. The fact that she is using her kids as a reason to do that is foul and low. That had nothing to do with kids.She was speaking directly to someone about a specific comment that had nothing to do with her kids. She responded to someone stating “Tamar cannot help her husband makes millions and yours is a bum” That is what she responded to. Thus saying “he owes money in taxes guess I am jealous of that too huh? Basically saying Tamar husband is a bum as well. CRAB in a bucket mentality. PERIOD. BYE. She is so hateful its hurting her. Tamar’s life is good, new baby, career moving, she is buzzing and her hubby supports her in spite of. Towanda’s life is opposite from that. She is a hateful person

      • chattypatty3

        You dont know towanda

    • chattypatty3

      Tamar has said worse things to so I call it even

  • HappilyMarriedSwirl

    Kordell made it very clear he was not dating Towanda lol she still trying to imply they are dating.

    • wveronica7

      She just played herself

  • Just My Opinion

    Towanda, have several. Just because total strangers are saying vicious things doesn’t give you the right to attack Tamar or Vince. If you don’t like what random strangers are saying on Twitter simply get off & don’t read it. Tamar nor Vince can control what other people say or do. SMDH

    • Just My Opinion

      Further more did anyone catch that she called Tamar “fat” when she knew she couldn’t keep up that sorry excuse for her being mad @ Tamar anymore. She literally attacked her physical apperance when she couldn’t think of anything else to say, as if she were in grade school. Shame!

      • Yvette

        I did peep that! Towanda’s jealousy is getting the best of her. She needs to take a step back and chill.

        • Ahohako

          What exactly makes her jealous?

          • Sydvixen

            Look at her!!! You want an answer so much??? Look at heeeeeRah! She is the least attractive Sister! Wouldn’t you be mad? She looks like alien avatar!! The least attractive sibling always have issues.

            • Ahohako

              You didn’t reveal anything specific about Towanda. You just stated your own feelings for why YOU would be jealous of someone.

            • chattypatty3

              Towanda is just as pretty as tamar

      • HBCUGRAD

        I peeped that. And it struck a chord with me because I had a friend that pulled the same stunt on me, and soon learned that he was jealous of me for the longest. And he pointed out two physical flaws about me at a party. When someone does that, don’t take their apology and let them back in your life. I know they’re sisters, but if I were Tamar, I would feed Tawanda with a long spoon. And if I were Vince, I would forgive, for peace sake, but I would NEVER forget. I don’t play public humiliation.

    • Ahohako

      “If you don’t like what random strangers are saying on Twitter simply get off & don’t read it.”

      But she isn’t the problem. The people saying the mean things are.

  • Dinah Price

    U still aren’t right T. Maybe when u get right maybe e everything will change for you.

  • Sharon Jean

    I feel you on being upset about what was said on twitter. But why make a statement about Tamar and Vince when they have nothing to do with comments. The people who tweeted should’ve be told off not them.

  • guest

    People forget that Tamar has talked bad about each if her sisters’ husband’s on the show… now everybody wants to get on Towanda. Tamar called Towanda’s husband a damn baby-sitter on national TV. Let’s be fair.

    • ChasT

      So true!

    • ms k

      Tamar did talk about their husband on the show TO THEM. She didn’t mention them on twitter. In the other hand her sister was arguing with someone OUTSIDE the family and brought up issues that should not be discuss with strangers. On top of it she sounded like she was happy that Vince was having IRS issues, we all have people in our family we dont like or cant stand or we will a fight with but out of respect for your family these issues should never be discussed over social media. There is no excuse for her behavior, if she has an issue with her sister she should talk about itbon the show if she wants with her other siters not on twitter with complete strangers.

    • louise_1

      Yes. Tamar has some nerve. No woman with zero vision would look at that disgusting ugly rude husband she has.

    • Tamartian1

      We’ll he is or was at the time lmbo! T

      • Yvette

        Fathers do not baby sit their own kids. It’s called being with them and raising them.

        • me

          When a man is not providing for his home is a bum … and I am amazed at how many black women make excuses for Andre and men like him. Then they wonder why they get what they get. He does what he does because she tolerates it.

    • Necie

      This is not the first time Towanda has attack Vince she always tease Tamar about his weight Andre too! Season1 Tamar & Vince provided a car for Towanda!
      Towanda has issues she is ungrateful!
      Fame has gone to her head!

      KIDS SHOULD BE OFF LIMITS! Were all adults.

      • Ahohako

        How is Towanda a bum?

        How are her sisters her claim to fame?

    • Towanda’s Salty Tears

      AS far as I remember Tamar only spoke on their husbands when her sister’s were beefing with their husbands, which is most of the time because they are deadbeats. And she made the comments in their presence in their defense in some way.
      Andre didn’t work by choice! Trina husband is a cheating weirdo and Traci husband who knows.

      Towanda is just jealous that’s it that’s all. She aired out Traci’s so called blog gossip like it was possibly true and then takes shots at Vince and says she read it on a blog. Who spreads rumors about family that they read on the internet? Messy broads do.

      • Ahohako

        1.You means as far as what they showed you on TV.
        2. I keep seeing you all say Towanda is jealous, but no one is providing any information supporting that claim.

        • Renee

          Do u even watch the show? Let me school u. Every event Toni has Towanda is all geeked about it (tours, appearances, rehearsals) But she was the only one who didn’t show up to Tamar rehearsal. When asked for them to come to some of her tour appearance she didn’t want to. When Toni said something about them singing back up for Tamar she gave a dirty look. No one even knows the reason why Towanda is mad at Tamar not even Towanda because she couldn’t even give Tamar a reason. All she can say is she is setting boundaries. Its jealousy honey.

          • Ahohako

            Honey, I watch the show. Let me school you on the fact that just because you watch the show, you still don’t have a first hand account of who these women are really and what happens in their lives.

            If Towanda, herself never gave a reason for why she is mad at Tamar, what makes you think you know any better? You’re just speculating.

      • boss chick

        Tamar is messy to she the one that start talking about her sister husband she been in bad relationship before if she wasn’t running in the circle with toni she would have never meet vince tamar fans are so disrespect most of them are children and they act like children they even throw toni under the bus that last comment about towanda kid was a little to much be careful about the hole you dig you will or your kid will fall into and it dont help that tamar gets on talk show saying her sister are jealous of her get over yourself you are not that talented

        • chattypatty3


    • Rubie Brown

      He is

  • smh

    But Tamar ain’t got nothing to do with folks talking about her kids. She is just a mess. At least Vince has an income to pay (or not pay) taxes on, unlike her stupid husband. I’ve had feuds with my own family but social media is not the place for that. A relative of mine got on FB talking crazy about young people in the family and then was in his feelings when he got blasted. Think before you post. Twitter haters fade but your family is always. ALL of them need to remember that.

    • Cheryl Robinson

      I agree with you totally smh. I don’t care what kind of spin Towanda tries to put on she was wrong.

    • Guest

      My sister got on FB talking crazy about our dad. I cussed that azz out too. Social Media isn’t the place for family drama.


      so true, well said. I wish my sister would read this.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    girl whatever…bye!

  • Kristen

    No doubt ppl over the internet can be extremely rude. There’s no reason why they should have wished harm on her kids, and I can understand why she would go off because of that. Still, what does that have to do with Tamar and Vince’s money problems? She lashed out in the most wrong way possible and what those ppl said doesn’t justify those words. Yes, it may have been public knowledge but you said it anyway and that doesn’t look good on your part, Towanda!! It just shows you how petty she really is. It seems to me that when she gets angry she directs her anger in the wrong way.

    Also note how she is NOW saying that her and Kordell are just friends and just friends only. Only because he said it first. If he said “yeah we’ve got something going on” she would have said the same thing.

    • Gaybitch

      Kordale is gay though.

  • So Blessed Jones

    Wow Towanda that was uncalled for, I knew you were jealous of them, I cannot believe that you would stoop so low, Your husband is a bum, And that is all you will ever have because you are way too busy Hating on your own sister, I have sisters like that but them hating me is just making them more miserable

    • kj519

      How do you know that her husband is a bum and she’s jealous of her sister smh you’ll live in these reality shows like you’ll know them personally lol

    • Elle

      You’re the reason she made the remarks

  • Teresa Brown

    you still was messy! you already said in a interview you love eachother but dont like one another Palm tree!