Mind Ya Bi’ness, Just Mind Ya Bi’ness: Celebs Who Refuse To Confirm Their Sexual Orientation

February 24, 2014 ‐ By Iva Anthony

It may be 2014 but there are still some celebrities out there who refuse to confirm their sexual preference for one reason or another.

"Queen Latifah pf"


Queen Latifah

Queen Latifah blazed a trail by becoming successful in a male-dominated rap world. As her popularity grew, so did questions about her sexuality. Dogged by rumors for much of her career, Queen Latifah has refused to comment about her personal life. Paparazzi have caught the New Jersey native numerous times with her then-personal trainer/long-time ex-girlfriend Jeanette Jenkins but she has still been adamant about keeping her private life private. At this year’s Grammys, many thought the “Ladies First” rapper would finally come out of the closet while officiating a number of gay marriages at an event before the ceremony, but she didn’t.

MadameNoire Video

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  • Carmen Luczak

    Who cares. I admit my curiosity is peaked. On the other hand, when I do know it makes it hard to believe that person is a certain character [straight] and takes away the interest. It’s their business. No body should give a hoot. Am I right?

  • Rps Jr

    Have you ever asked Richard Simmons if he was gay?

  • Cassarah Love Ya Peony

    PRESLEY!!! If you are going to write a big name in the History of American Music at least spell it right!

  • Tamsin Mc Cormick

    If you are not a gay person and you are asked the straight question “Are you gay ?”
    If you are not gay the answer is no . If you are gay just say yes. But it is better to make the announcement at an event than to give some paparazzo the trophy of getting you to admit you are gay. making the announcement yourself gives you control . I imagine that is what this is all about really . But not answering the straight question will just reinforce any rumours !! By the way If Eddie Murphy has a transgender in his car – that does not make him gay unless the transgender is a transgender man. However the article doesn’t say if thay were doing anything or if he was just giving an acquaintance a ride home !!

  • Sandbrn

    I wont scroll through the photos because it is no ones business what you do in your own bedroom, as long as it doesn’t involve children or animals.

  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    Raven looks cute in that picture… A little like Tracey Ross

  • Ladé

    Tyler Perry is missing from this list

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    it’s nobody’s business who anybody’s sleeping with gay or straight unless they choose to make it so.

  • Jaytee2

    Why are we so obsessed with who a total stranger is sexing? Will it change their music? Will it change my life in anyway??

  • MJangel4927

    I would have to hear it from Luther himself that he was gay. Whoever did that interview wanted cash! Smh money grabbing idiots! And Luther dated Aretha Franklin!

    • Taryn Bryant

      I heard he had a thing for Dionne Warwick. And if you hear “anything” from Luther right now…you’re on your own.

      • MJangel4927

        LOL! I heard about Dionne as well but after seeing her on Celeb Apprentice I’m kind of glad nothing really happened with that cuz Dionne is a snake!

        • Taryn Bryant

          Wooo… Do tell. What happened?

  • Sunnii Dae

    The real question is, “Why do they think these celebs owe them an explanation?”

  • Hated It

    This list was ridiculous. So, if any celebrity has been ever asked if they’re gay then all of a sudden they’re hiding their sexuality? Seem like this was a list of random people just thrown together to make a story. Does one need to announce he’s heterosexual in order to appease the public? A few on this list have been attached to many women and some choose to not hold a press conference when they’re dating someone.

  • Khalessi22

    C’mon Richard Simmons like really…….that aint no secret!!! And for the record why is ones sexuality so important and what business is it for the entire world to know?

  • Trisha_B

    They don’t need to come out or confirm anything. They just need to go about their business like everyone else. They don’t need the worlds permission to show up at an event w/ their partner, just do it!

  • Ajuanya Washington

    Why is the media and gay organizations so obsessed with who people sleep with, especially in the entertainment industry, they should not have to explain who or what they are doing with their private lives. It has gotten old, ” is she gay or is he gay” so what if they are, it is none of your BUSINESS get a life!!!

  • Chelsea M

    Bruno Mars is engaged to a woman. Didn’t Vin Diesel have a baby with a Vicki Secret model?

    A lot of times people run into people that they find attractive and they get along with. Sometimes it’s a woman or a man. Example: Michelle Rodriguez

  • Losers

    While theres nothing wrong with being gay, its up to the individual if they want to while some have no problem. Just waiting to see if Kanye and Jay-Z decide to address they’re sexual preference. Since they love looking for same sex lovers instead of working

    • Sandia

      Jay and Ye are out looking for dudes? Is there proof?Jay has so much money why would he marry a woman and have a child if he prefers a man? He could just be a lifelong bachelor entertaining men.

    • Tee

      #1 It’s “their.” #2 hush

  • Fleur de sel

    This list should just be called gay celebrities who refuse to come out

    • sasha

      Nah I am pretty sure that Janelle Monae is straight(I think she has a long term bf), but you can’t very well come out as straight, it makes it seem like you are insulted to be suspected to be gay. You can rock an androgynous style and still be straight, like grace jones or prince.