Idris Elba Responds To “I’m Sorry I’m Not Idris Elba”

February 19, 2014  |  

Source: Twitter

Yesterday, Twitter blew up with the “I’m sorry I’m not Idris Elba” trending topic.

You probably saw it yesterday, but it all started with a poem from a man lamenting about the way his woman fiends for Idris when he’s the one putting in all the work. Basically, it was a way for the average dudes to complain about the black woman’s collective lust for Mr. Elba. We didn’t take it too seriously. We don’t know Idris to love him. We just love the way he looks. But some dudes–and even women–got into their feelings about this one, wagging their fingers about our “worship” of Idris.

I can’t speak for everyone who finds the man attractive, I’ll just say I certainly don’t worship him. But I will thank God for this beautiful creation.

Anyway after the Twittersphere died down, Idris Elba himself responded to the hoopla today.

He tweeted yet another gorgeous picture of himself with the almost illegible caption, “I’m not sorry that I’m Idris Elba.” 

Well, there you have it.

Was this just an excuse to post a gratuitous picture of Idris? Maybe?



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  • stellagothergroove

    I am glad that you are Idris Elba. Love the movie daddy little girls.

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  • rainbow

    I am sorry I am not Mrs. Idris Elba

  • Jaime

    Lawd that response! I’m sorry that I’m not your woman, Idris Elba….Man! hahahaha

  • ericamissamerica

    I’m sorry…what?

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  • sammi_lu

    Was this just an excuse to post a gratuitous picture of Idris? … Yes indeed, but carry on!!

  • BreathofFreshAir

    We need like 15 more Idris Elbas in Hollywood. Never really liked older men before him….jeez he is burning up & just keeps getting better! *fans self*

  • Rashida

    That a fine man! Oooh wee!

  • CaramelGirl

    WE ladies are all sorry more men aren’t Idris Elba!….tear*….sob* Some of us just really like Idris because he is such a gentleman, very classy! Deal!

  • CaramelGirl

    Let’s face it the guy who wrote this is clueless as to what is REALLY going on in his relationship! His Woman is no longer interested! She is bored! She probably checked out emotionally and that is why she is romantically fantasizing about Idris! Instead of writing a jealous letter about Idris, check yourself! Lots of Men fantasize about Halle Berry or Rihanna and Women deal with it!

  • Brittany

    Honestly, this says more about whoever wrote the poem or whatever..really you’re jealous of a man that women look at and think is attractive cause he is..and he’s a celebrity that let’s be honest majority of the women will never be in a relationship I pity you for even writing a poem like that..yet you have not written a poem about all the other successful black handsome actors..just Idris Elba..and what about other handsome actors..that are equally fine..wait you’re going to write a poem about black women getting with white men I bet..smh..GET OVER like Halley Berry and countless other celebrities I sure not going to be writing a poem about it…whatever..he is very sexy..he well as countless of other successful black or whatever give me a break…

  • Therealdook

    Your bias is evident.. ‘average black man’…. jus suspect

  • Debra Williams

    Well.,I’ll just say to the Chocolate Drop..Thanks for the New Picture!

  • CaramelGirl

    For all the good tv & film career moves, dropping that bomb-diggity British accent, staring through us with his mesmerizing eyes > he can hit it, morning, noon or night and in between! For REAL!

  • CaramelGirl

    It’s not just his gorgeous looks, 6’4 to boot! It’s his attitude that drives us crazy too! He’s about confidence NOT ego! He’s British/African: speaks English PROPERLY-no stupid urban slang (like calling Women side-pieces – Africans don’t do this) & does not use the “N” word. Seriously ambitious (West African Men must achieve in career or education). Overall he is charismatic with everyone regardless of race! Many African-American Men who don’t know what a Man is, or how he should behave, not embarrassing his Woman out in public with his thug attitude and speak correctly – should please LOOK at Idris – great example!

    • Therealdook

      Get over yourself.. jus admit u don’t like ur dude don’t try to make him God. Somewhere is a young hardworking hard man tht deserves tht same praise tht does the same things.. the thirst is real

      • Brittany

        really are you jealous of this man looks or why do you care that many women look at this man and think he’s fine..yet you have countless of men magazine showcasing beautiful women, you have gorgeous actors, singers, etc..hell Halle Berry has been deemed 1 of the most beautiful women in the world..has countless of songs named after her..yet you think women got the thirst..really..pity…The fact that you’re soooo MAD..over some women finding this man attractive that they may never meet, yet probably will never involve themselves in a relationship with is beyond me…and thanking God cause he made a beautiful specimen of a man is not worshiping…just saying..somebody butt hurt..and I think it’s you..

    • bigdede

      He’s not 6″4.

      • Cherie

        I’ve met Idris 3 times now. He is DEFINITELY over 6’2 to 6’3 he can look taller. Has big broad shoulders too. He looks rugged! But he’s super nice and slammin HOTTER in person!

        • bigdede

          I’m 5″11 and I met him, he is NOT 6″4

    • Live_in_LDN

      You can compliment and admire someone without pitting African American men and Black British men against each other. You sound just as bad as those black dudes who cra@p on black women in order to date white women.

      • Cherie

        It’s true! No other place in the world I think, where Black Men refer to
        Black women as side pieces, drive bys, ride & die chicks, road
        dogs, baby mommas except in America. Certainly not in Britain that’s for
        damn sure! Hell ya we’re thirsty! Thirsty for Brothas to pull up their
        pants and act classy and sophisticated like Brother Idris & others out there like him! Keep doing you Idris!

        • Jaime

          you must haven’t heard him interview. He has used the N Word, he has even spoken about a woman’s a** and said he would smash! He’s a regular dude. So you can miss ALL of us with that!

    • FrijidBarjot

      Yeah okay girlfriend, but really tone it down with the AA men vs Brits and others, it’s non sense.

    • bigdawgman

      So what do you call “the other woman”? And that is just slang, I’m sure there is slang that other African countries call the other woman. Or do they revere them there??

  • BabyBlue

    When all that snow back east starts to melt I want all those commenting to drink it. Y’all thirst is way to real.

  • Anesha Johnson

    I don’t think Idris should have responded like that, the guy that wrote the poem wasn’t throwing shade, but just simply saying he’s an averaged man who wants attention, compassion, and love also. I’ll take an average man any day, just treat like the “King he is, and he’ll treat you like a Queen…..for the most part.

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    Lol i don’t get it…he aight looking

    • LiiSH

      I don’t think its so much just how he looks (Though I do fine him attractive). Its how he walks talks and carries himself. He has 90s Denzel appeal. He may not be the finest but he got a lot of sex appeal.

      • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

        Maybe that’s it because i never saw the big deal in denzel either…eehh lol

      • PuLLitYouWnt

        that`s exactly what it is

  • DoinMe

    I just wanna lick him. He’s so chocolatey.

    • Valsadie

      I did send a tweet to Ben and Jerry’s suggesting an Idris Elba ice cream flavor…

      • CC

        Girl, now that’s what I’m talking about! We Sistahs need to stick together!! lol
        Two scoops of Elba please, lol!

        • sayNoToFriedChicken

          Gimme the whole box of that ELBA girl, i can’t risk running short of THAT supply

  • chanela

    he is basically saying that he is just a regular person who doesn’t need to be “worshiped” people don’t know him personally, he is probably saying ” hey i’m not all that you think i am”

    • QT

      He has actually said that before. He stated a few things after people found out he was about to have this baby. He said women was so mad and critical. Saying stuff like they dont know me. They dont know my troubles, my struggles. They go off of what they see.

      • sunny

        Right, I read somewhere he just Divorced about 2 years ago.

  • Yep

    Dang he could get it…and do whateva he wants with it!

    • Leigh

      GURRRLL! He can smack it up, flip it and rub it down!!!!!

      • Sunshinegirl

        Oh nooooooo!!

        • Leigh

          Oh yessssssss!!

          • Liggity

            I need a body bag?

    • LMAO….

    • Wlepla Glassco

      Yup just like that

    • He should have replied “i woke up like dis!” lol