9 Of Toni Braxton’s Most Side-Eye Worthy Moments

February 19, 2014 ‐ By Renay Alize
Source: WENN

Source: WENN

Am I the only one who longs for the days when the only time we really heard from artists was when they were singing or performing? These days with the constant exposure, through reality shows and interviews with every media outlet, we’re starting to hear a bit too much from people who used to be our faves. See: The R&B Divas. And apparently our favorite singers are not who we thought they were. Enter Toni Braxton. In the past few years with the emergence of her reality show “Braxton Family Values” and now her new album with Babyface, it seems that Toni is everywhere these days. And while we’re happy she’s doing well, some of her comments over the past few years have left us giving her the side eye. In case you’ve missed any of them, check out 9 of Toni’s questionable moments.

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  • summer ivy

    First honestly who cares about her references to the caucasoid race. Second nothing she said was racist, but true. Third, this article is so negative and seriously taken out of context cause I’ve seen some of those interviews. And lastly seriously no one especially white people care about that kind of stuff, only blacks who seem to try to hate and have a problem with everything because deep down you just hate yourself. Its a reason why we always seem to go after eachother over small things, no it doesnt start in slavery, actually try to learn something besides sitting on social media all day discussing crap. You people seriously need a life, like seriously, you might get 100 like for your hateful comments, but all that says is that its 100 people who are just as miserable. And honestly, Im just gone say it, alot of the comments come from unattractive people, yea some just plain unintelligent (exclude those), but the most rutheless comments come from those who I can look at and say yea they might have a few self esteem issues. Im just saying, its obvious.

  • donny j

    Lets be honest alot of the things she said, we have also said so I cant even be mad at her.

  • anonymouse

    all that cellulite and stretch marks…..retouching is something else. She was wrong for that dress!

  • B Cooper

    Looks like Tamar is NOT the weakest link (no filter) afterall!

  • Kristen

    I feel sorry for their mother! Ms. Evelyn has it together but has 5 insane adult daughters (sorry but it’s the truth). They aren’t really mature – just adult children! No wonder why you see very little of their brother!

    • Dani

      I think traci is a little more mature at times. She’s just a little ghetto than the others. Lol

      • Kristen

        lol true

    • Taryn Bryant

      I still haven’t seen him.

      • Kristen

        The last episode I remember him being on was when Traci had her launch for her radio show. He has glasses and had a bluetooth in his ear lol. And he came to the hospital after Tamar gave birth to Logan on T&V. They always show very little of him and he never says anything. Also this last episode at the Soul Train awards the younger lady who was with the sisters was his daughter.

  • Hot Tea

    Way to confirm the stereotype about blacks being violent, Tony. Hilarious how Bethany & you could keep a straight face, considering how bitter her own divorce procedures are ongoing. *sips tea*

  • Bee

    Lol, I couldn’t even be upset because if she doesn’t care, I know I don’t. I don’t know her, and I can’t be upset with the things she’s said because I have said some remarkably ignorant sh*t in my day, lol. Doesn’t excuse either one of us, but the ish is funny, lol.

  • ablain

    the point is … we should treat each other better … peace

  • BreathofFreshAir

    Toni Braxton is an ignorant racist. sorrynotsorry. If a white person had said all those things about black people we would be ALL up in arms about it, and for good reason. Her ignorance is astounding. How do you go bankrupt twice and then refuse to take a class on finance? How do you publicly get soooo messy and TMI-ish with your marriage? Ugh *shivers*


    The only time I listen to Toni is when she is doing her mumbling-singing thing…bless her lil’ heart.

  • Aaliyah Noelle

    the braxtons are fools. i dont expect anything smart to come out of their mouths.

  • Nanaya Biness

    TMI shared by celebs on reality tv these days at the risk of losing respect.

  • pickneychile

    Toni is not a very likeable person based off of what I’ve seen on their show and how she acts in interviews. And that comment about white people and divorce…wtf? My white doctor who I went to for years was actually shot to death by her husband less than a year ago because she told him she was divorcing him…then he killed himself IN THE DRS OFFICE!!! Not all white people have pleasant divorces. Ignorance.

    • Taryn Bryant

      Dag, that’s sad. In my neighborhood, a psychiatrist went nuts and killed his wife.

      • butterflyshan

        a psychiatrist going nuts tho? :=o

        • Taryn Bryant

          Ironic, isn’t it?

        • Kristen

          The craziest people I know with college degrees were psych majors!!

  • Shawndrea Rachelle

    I wanted to be upset but I just started laughing. lol she’s stupid

  • LiiSH

    Toni just isn’t PC. She can’t get away with it because she is in the public eye. The things you say, being funny to your girls or family isn’t necessarily something you should broadcast as a public figure. Some of these things (if not most) could be said by some of our friends and we wouldn’t bat an eye or pretend when didn’t understand the point she was getting at. That being said its still ignant! LOL

  • Jaytee2

    A big booty doesn’t equal a big brain…..further evidence into why she filed bankruptcy…twice!

  • Dannie Ink

    She’s a diva I’ve heard worse from others

  • coppercutie

    She has been quite embarrassing. I don’t know who’s worse, her or Tamar.

  • Neeks

    lol! Hopefully she’ll learn one day.


    Her ignorance is on a planet all of it’s own. She’s lucky that her Caucasian fans didn’t cause an uproar about her comments. The only thing different about our skin is the many shades it comes in. Someone give this woman some common sense and an encyclopedia.

  • Anesha Johnson

    Ahh Toni Toni Toni…..lol