Toni Braxton On Getting Along With Ex-Husband After Divorce: “We Are Very Caucasian, Very White About It”

February 19, 2014  |  


Source: Bethenny

I’m struggling to find the words to properly address the foolishness Toni Braxton said in front of a live studio audience, not to mention the world, during her latest “Bethenny” appearance so I’m just going to put it out there and let y’all have at it.

The recent divorcée appeared on the talk show to discuss her alleged retirement and her upcoming role in “Orange is the New Black,” and of course things got personal sooner rather than later. Apparently during a commercial break Toni talked to Bethenny about living in LA and co-parenting with her ex-husband Keri Lewis, and when the cameras began rolling again she said this on-air:

Bethenny: So on the break we were talking about you living in LA?

Toni: Yes, I am in LA and my ex-husband is there but we get along great. We are very caucasian, very white about it.

Bethenny: You are having a very white divorce?

Toni: We are really. We did.

Bethenny: Really. Then I have a very black divorce, no?

Toni: I got that means, I hate you Jodi, I hate you Jodi. That’s what it means to black people. (“Baby Boy” reference)

Bethenny: Got it, so a white divorce is your are bffs, you can live next door.

Toni: Black people we kind of look and say why is that? Why don’t they hate each other?

Sigh. I just…. Toni, please stop. I forgave you after that foolishness about playing in the snow and how white people’s skin feels different, but talking to a white woman on national TV about how you and your ex being cordial with each other is a white people thing is silly and irresponsible. Way to spread stereotypes — and false information. Ever heard of John and Lorena Bobbitt? Charlie Sheen and Denise Richards? Alec Baldwin and Kim Basinger? Shoot, I thought black folks weren’t getting married to begin with, suddenly we’re having ghetto divorces?

Toni, you’ve completed your damaging task for the day. Now please go somewhere, have a seat, and stop opening your mouth unless you’re singing.

Check out the interview snippet in the video below. Thoughts?

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  • El Constipado

    I think this chic has a serious complex…It’s a bit silly thinking when you act white then you are doing things right. There are white people who can’t stand each other after a divorce and by the same token there are black people who get along fine. The more I read about this woman’s shenanigans the more I can’t take her seriously.

  • Masterpieced

    Well we cannot afford those type jokes.

  • Masterpieced

    So we should let her spit on the ancestors with that comment?

  • Masterpieced

    We have got to put Black History lessons in the church since schools are no longer segregated.

  • ♡《 Nurse Bell 》♡

    Like we don’t have enough negative stereotype associated ‘our kind’ …?! In her pathetic little pea brain, after Bethenny sarcastically mentioned “so that mean I’m having a black divorce” …she still didn’t get it. Very disappointed. She’s such a sell out to the black community.

  • Gcom

    I’m still mad at her for trying to Yoko Ono my band
    Mint Condition.

  • currvalicious

    Does anyone know whether Wendy Williams has gone in on her for this ridiculousness?! that’s Wendy’s girl, but this is way out of line. Wendy come get your girl!!

  • currvalicious

    Now we all know why she stays bankrupt! B/c she’s an idiot. I hate saying that b/c I like Toni (or at least her style & music) but this is really to ignorant even for her. Hey & I thought Tamar was the ignorant one, guess I was wrong.

  • Ajuanya Washington

    I’m over all the Braxtons, got that WE tv. Toni trying to make a comeback, or filing bankruptcy every 18mos, Tamar making stupied faces when she tries to sing. (who told her she can sing!) Braxton’s go away!!!

  • Margaret

    She has obviously lost it… what?!? Why is she referring to baby boy to back up up her insanity. Ugh…

  • Addicted2RealityRubbish

    Why is race always an issue with this family? White Divorce, Snowflake (white man). sheesh.. people are just people…. How do you expect to overcome if you’re still running to sit in the back of the bus?

    • thatguy0101

      Because some blacks are SOOOOOOOOO brainwashed, that they think white is right and black is wrong. Then on top of that, you have the media, social networking that adds fuel to the fire by making articles about black issues that are issued amongst all race but they just do it to cause damage to the black people, then you have black on black crime, tv shows that air black shows that show black people acting like untamed animals, etc. Once a person starts to see all the lies, and they continue over a period of time witnessing lies spewed on blacks,…. they start to believe the lies. Its how the mind works, especially amongst the weak-minded…and they are ALOT of weak-minded people…

      • Addicted2RealityRubbish

        Tell it !!

  • Boom Boom Belinda


  • Kisha Luvnbasketball

    she probably saying that about blacks too because of what Wesley snipes did to her…

  • Kisha Luvnbasketball

    its some truth to it she simply saying black would have handle it violently or it wouldn’t have been as peaceful as white ppl break up.. it is sterotype but aye it is what it is…it really just depends on the person reguardless of skin. im black and we do be acting up face it

    • thatguy0101

      Sheesh…again black people buying into the notion that “we are some untamed animals” and “aggressive uncivilized beings”.. Na, I dont know where you from…but my family dont do that. In fact, 8 out of 10 relatives in my family are still happily married and the 2 that did divorce, it was a peaceful divorce. With your mindset you must be in favor of Michael Dunn and George Zimmerman? You think All young black boys are thugs, and they are really dangerous when they wear a hoodie??

    • Masterpieced

      Have you not heard of the Betty Broderick Story? White folks KILL in divorce.

  • CaramelDream

    She was joking people, geesh . . . .what’s more intriguing is how you can work with your husband but not be married to him. That is strange to me.

    • Masterpieced

      Bad joke

  • not a clone

    maybe she should have a white moment and rephrase her thoughts

  • Howard Sturrup

    This just reinforces we should not put famous people on pedestals , they may be talented but wont always have the right thing to say. The problem is white folks really do see themselves as the standard by which all else should be measured , it permeates so many aspects of society an has become a toxic reality. I wonder if Toni feels she needs more cross over appeal an is pandering for white $$$ which is no excuse for what she said.

  • 1234

    She was just being herself and talking like she talks around her family. I wouldn’t put too much weight on what she said. She probably shouldn’t have said it in the context of this interview, but I’m positive she was coming from a very light hearted place. If you watch their show you would believe that.

    • Yvonne Watkins

      There is nothing lighthearted about racism and/or racists statements. She was serious as a heart attack. She never got any of my money and never will. It won’t make a difference to her, but it will make me feel great!

    • Masterpieced

      Oh heck yeah put weight on it.

  • anonymouse

    Until I started watching her show, I had no idea that she had such a horrible personality. She should just sing and not talk……..

  • Amina Dawn

    Really she needs to take several.

  • Arreba Alicia Stafford

    There are plenty of messy white divorces too…Mia Farrow and Woody Allen are still bickering after all these years…divorces can get messy no matter what race you are…

  • It’s takes a little bit of smart to know what you’re good at .. unfortunately she’s not that smart. Very, very sad!

  • Chris

    Hold up, isn’t this the same Toni that went bankrupt several times in less than 10 years?? ignorance is clearly a pattern here….moving on…

  • Sedrick Roeshard Gilbert

    Excuse me? Toni Braxton has been real silly in the past, pretending to be so innocent and naive…but her appearances on Braxton Family Values, along with her double bankruptcies that she has tried to blame on any and everything besides herself, have exposed more of the pretentious wannabe she really is. Now these outrageous comments show just how truly IGNORANT she is. Perhaps she was just trying to be “cute” with Bethany Frankel. Whatever she was doing, she should be ashamed of herself…but Toni is too silly to realize it. She and her “Caucasian” attitude never has to worry about me ever supporting her music ever again. She’ll soon be singing another sad love song, and probably back in Chapter 11.

  • Guest

    Whew…phew! I thought I was the only person her comments made “uncomfortable”. She came across as stupid and racist.

  • Adora Nwofor

    interesting twist MN. Because then Bethenny then said oh so I am having a very black divorce. Please do not act like no one on this feed doesn’t know double consciousness. Stop playing we don’t do the same things in different ways. She just proved that Black folks can be civil. take it down a notch with the negativity and good on you for taking what you needed to make a black woman look bad, instead of telling the whole story ^_^ SMH #empoweringwhom

    • Masterpieced

      Bethenny meant that her black divorce is not cordial.

  • rose

    Is Toni really that simple-minded? Wow! Since reality TV started I don’t have much respect for some of these people. My parents were married 35 years, and lived together 8 before marriage. The have been divorced for 17 years and people think they are married because they are so close, are best friends and helps each other with everything. They both had other relationships that couldn’t understand it. They had children together and they were going to be together plus their parents had good marriages and relationships. Now that I think of it, maybe her own parents acted like fools when divorcing.

    • Kristen

      Not to get all in your business but what made your parents break up? From your statement it sounds like they’re perfect for each other lol

  • Lenora Rodin

    stupid is as stupid does as stupid is as stupid does. WOW. I can not believe Toni is she smoking crack because she sounds wack.

  • Sunf1ower_Jones

    All my skinfolks ain’t my kinfolks.

  • Beejcee

    This makes me feel a whole lot better about the Oprah interview

  • Clark Toni

    I am so sick of the stereotyping and the black bashing i am so tired of it!!!

    • Howard Sturrup

      Nothing worse than when were putting our own down ; things are just topsy turvy right now. Since Obama has been in office a lot of white folks feel they are under attack an becoming the new minority which is just insane , the growing resent resentment towards blacks just seems to be intensifying . An then here goes Toni with a crabs in a barrel moment on national television.

  • Vee

    Should we expect more from an apologetic Black person…. being African is a phenomenon; not a heritage. If that were the case, everyone on the planet would be African.

  • Susie

    Then people wonder why there is hate?! I am definitely as white as one gets. I divorced also. I try my best to get along with my kid’s Dad but it doesn’t always work out so well. I am so stunned that people actually think ” White Divorce” is tame. I was mentally and emotionally abused for years and I got up the guts to say enough so let me tell you it isn’t the easiest thing in the world for me to deal with my Ex when he was like that. Sometimes I want to drop kick him into the middle of next week. I’m sure this is the case with some divorces in all colours!

    • Masterpieced

      I never knew there was a term, white divorce.

  • Duni1

    She is a genuine sped-muffin. Like really… you couldn’t think of a better way to say that you and your husband had an amicable divorce?! Welp at least now the nation can confirm her ignorance. #Yike woman.

  • RareE

    Sooo, this is her way of trying to stay relevant in the limelight. Smdh. I can’t stand her or her ignorance.

  • FauxRealFaux

    Welp, it is up there with Tamar’s dumb behind black face comment: She doesn’t look African-American to me. She looks like me with a tan! So Tamar think she is no longer black because all that blonde weave has clouded her view in the mirror.

  • Phrozen06

    Toni is clearly an idiot. I expected more intelligence out of her. Sad smh

    • Kristen

      On one episode when they were in Italy Toni was ordering a cake from a baker but was trying to order it in Italian. But she knows ZERO Italian and thought Spanish was close enough. But she’s not good at Spanish either so here she is trying to talk to the Italian baker in terrible Spanish. She’s a singer and many singers sing in different languages which makes me think she probably doesn’t know as much about music as you’d think. I thought that was offensive to the baker (who could speak clear English), Italian and Spanish speakers. Sorry I went off on a tangent lol but she has many of these moments!!

      • Phrozen06

        Sad to hear. Sorry to say but at this point I’m looking at her and thinking, “Just sing your songs and be a pretty face. That’s it. Don’t speak otherwise”.

        • Lynn

          After watching Braxton Family Values, I’ve realized that Toni and ALL of her sisters are not that bright. And sadly, they sometimes come off as thinking they are “all that.” They all (except Trina, who got her college degree) need to get more education and stop believing their own hype.

      • Masterpieced

        I do not care about her Spanish flub.

        • Kristen

          You shouldn’t care about it now, I said that over a year ago lmao..

          one year later…

  • BlackNobleDrewAli

    Please go back in massa’s house Toni.

  • jsingerso1

    I am not surprised. The way she is always saying “I am the oldest” then throwing her sisters under the bus. She come across as if she is superior. Never lets an opportunity to go by without telling one of her sisters they need to lose weight. I think the nerve of this one. That is why she always ends up broke because of her own stupidity. But these statements, well there are no words. Unbelievable.

  • smh

    People get worked up over the silliest things … I mean come on she is sort of telling the truth – you all are just mad she said it in mixed company lol. My sister’s divorce was a mess and her and her ex were mortal enemies for years. I hate to say it but all of my white friends who are divorced get along much better with their exes than my relatives or friends who are. Lighten up people – stop taking everything so seriously …

    • anonymouse

      Maybe I watch too much tv, but I’m always seeing stories about White folks murking each other before, during, and after divorces…, her comment is strange to me

    • thatguy0101

      YOOOOO!!! Lol Our black race is really doomed! Like really….for a BLACK person to ACTUALLY Co-sign what she said and agree is utterly disgusting and shows that theres always the 25 percenters in the black race that ok’s stupid, retarded, ignorant sh*t that black people do as being “that’s just the way we are”…so at smh, what you are saying is, black people are some uncivilized animals that cant co habitat together? We are a race of people so stupid we cant even get along with are own kind? You are saying white people are better than black people? This is what you are saying? You really believe this? Help me understand….and please don’t explain your sisters divorce, she is ONE person. remember there are 7 billion people in this world and approx. 60 million married people in the US….

    • Masterpieced

      You need to read more. White folk kill each other in divorces.

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  • coolyfett

    Who You Telling playa!!

  • Th3bask3t

    There is no such thing as a white or black divorce …..
    Either way both parties are unhappy and if together would act indifferent towards each other. You can’t fake the pain and you can’t hide it .. Toni needs to stop it .. in a couple more years she will bleach her skin..

  • Th3bask3t

    Open Mouth ….. Check
    Bend Leg . . ….. Check
    Shove foot in mouth …. Double Check ..

  • Jimbo Jones

    You are right Toni, acting civilized is a white thing NOT a black thing.

    • Yvonne Watkins

      The down votes don’t get sarcasm.

  • coolyfett

    This is disappointing….black divorce? Well at least she was being honest about her feelings. It seems like she doesnt want to be a black person anymore. Like she is disgusted with what race she is. This is unfortunate.

  • Girl talk people.. Gee whiz

    I feel like u are making a big deal outta nothing.. So wht she said the divorce is “white” so wht Bethany said it’s black.. Let it go. It’s not tht serious. It was cute and funny girl talk. Not a controversy!! People sweat the little things when there are bigger problems in the world..

    • Guest

      Bethany was being sarcastic because I am sure Toni’s remark took a bit by surprise. It was an unintelligent remark and rather cringeworthy too. urgh

    • thatguy0101

      Ummm I see what your saying, but you have to think deeper, really think. When people start saying silly ish like this constantly, over time they really start believing it…Just like a compulsive lair,..have you met one? Well I have and over time, they start lying soooo much, they really start believing there lies..

    • Femmebott

      You must be white. In fact, I refuse to believe you are anything but.

    • HistoryPhD

      @Girl talk people.. Gee whiz – You must not know about the doll test. Sociology 101, Boo, attributing negative attributes to supposed “blackness” and positive attributes to so-called “whiteness” is basic internalized racism. Read something.

    • Masterpieced

      You better know that the worse things happen under a veil of innocuous behavior.

  • Dsuberu

    Now that was utterly wince inducing!!! One shouldn’t even need to justify Toni B’s comment! This is a classic example of opening your mouth to speak when you have nothing relevant to share! Bring back the days when celebrities or public speakers are coached on what to and what not to say… Yep I agree “she should Stop opening her mouth unless she’s singing”…

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  • TopCat

    Brande…if you had half the looks of Toni, you could say hat too!

    • Masterpieced

      Looks matter zero on this. Brain power is forever.

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  • GirlSixx

    Ms. Evelyn.. Come get your daughter!!! OMG. Toni?!!!! For real girl?!!! Some things you just don’t say in front of company and this is one of them.
    Also a big reason as to why her divorce is smooth sailing is becasue they separated for a few years prior to; believe it or not speaking from personal experience when you separate before divorcing it gives you a chance to iron out things in a timely manner while also giving all parties involved a chance to think/heal and move forward which often brings them to an amicable place where they are now cordial with each other by the time divoce is final.

    • B Cooper

      Just the timeline alone, they probably separated so she could move some funds over to him without the bankrupcy court having access. In other words, some Nene and Gregg $hit! IJS

  • Jamara Auchter

    Um, I’m definitely black, and I co-parent with my ex husband, and consider him a friend. His new fiancee is also one of my best friends, and my fiancee and I socialize with them all the time. Not everyone has to behave in an uncivil and urban way simply due to a parting of ways.

  • Andiegurl

    That’s one thing I can’t stand is when certain black people feel that they can speak for us all. It reminds me of that time that Monique said something about black women don’t shave their legs on The View. Sometimes we wonder where certain stereotypes about us come from…well apparently sometimes we’re responsible for spreading them.

  • John Tavete

    she actually says this while she was on The Chew I thought I was hearing things lolz

  • Chelley

    Uncle Tom foolery at its finest. Entertain the white audience by disparaging your own race. Not cool.

  • sammi_lu

    Nooooo Toni, that’s stuff we say jokingly amongst ourselves!!

    • Masterpieced

      No, even then I do not because it is not true.

  • Rebecca

    That is the stupidest thing I’ve ever heard. DIVORCE IS DIVORCE. I know people from both races that have divorced, and hated each other, or have divorced and are great friends/coparents. GIVE ME A BREAK.
    If statements were ratchet, what she said was the pinnacle of ratchetness.

  • Janae

    Toni Braxton sounds like an idiot….

  • positivebeatsnegative

    I’m going to assume she based this statement on what she has been exposed to in her life, it doesn’t necessarily make her an idiot its how she see it, how can that be wrong?

    I find it more concerning that most of the comments are more offended she said this to a white talk show host like she’s representing all black women in her wording about her divorce and that its viewed as ignorant(by the white masses. We have to stop taking ownership of everything our celebs do or say because in actuality it doesn’t matter; there are some people (white, latino, asian etc) that have certain views about us regardless; therefore she is representing herself.

    • Kristen

      How old is Toni again? She should know better. That’s the whole point. It doesn’t matter what your experience may be, you should have some sense/control on what comes out of your mouth cause it makes her sound very ignorant, unaware and degrading of her own kind.

      • positivebeatsnegative

        @Kristen …It’s really not that serious for me, I’m not that invested. I was just playing Devil’s Advocate; but you continue going hard….

        • ariesdollface

          when a black woman raised by black parents, formerly married to a black man, and raising black sons goes on television & implies that it’s the norm for black people to act like “animals” “thugs” “hood” or all ways uncivilized & say in the same breather that “whiteness” is to be civilized, it’s a problem. i don’t think that Kristen is “going hard,” she’s stating the obvious. but perhaps if more black folks thought like Kristen and the other people commenting on this story (instead of deciding that they’re “not that invested”), perhaps men like Zimmerman and Dunn might be less apt to pull out their guns & SHOOT & MURDER “uncivilized” black people.

          • positivebeatsnegative

   I said to Kristen I’m not that invested. What Toni Braxton said does not represent me, my friends or my family dynamics; therefore I’m not offended and could care less. But you have a good day being offended along with Kristen

            • Kristen

              *long heavy sigh* Please know that I am not offended. Unless I told you verbatim “I am offended by your/Toni’s comment” don’t assume that I am. All I did was take a different stance on your comment. It’s called dialogue. Many of us disagree on here. Night falls, a new day arrives and with that more articles are posted that we comment on and past discussions are forgotten. I honestly didn’t think you’d have such a defensive reaction to it. I can’t be any more clear than I already am. This latest comment of Toni’s hasn’t changed my opinion of her, but actually solidified it. She says and does a lot of backwards things and this is just the latest. Your screen name is positivebeatsnegative..can we try to have positive dialogue?

            • Yvonne Watkins

              It’s only about you then? No concern for the community? “I got mine to h@# with you”? “I’m not offended and couldn’t care less”?
              Well some of us care and are offended.

              I know her statement is totally ridiculous but there are those who will co-sign; they need to be educated and so does she. However, I think she’s looking at the money. Whites make up a large part of her audience and she is just pandering to them by elevating them and downing Blacks. She is saying – pathetically – “I’m more like you than them”.

          • Kristen

            Thank you for saying that. I wasn’t at all going hard – I’m not sure why he/she thought that but I was definitely trying to show that no matter how you look at it, you can’t make Toni’s statement sound good. Whether Toni meant it in a bad way or not, this was a statement that came out oh so wrong.

          • thatguy0101

            Exactly! exactly what I was thinking. You people don’t realize, when we as black go on national tv and say stupid, ignorant stuff, we are view as all ignorant and stupid. I’m not living my life to appease no white person, but you have to know when and where to say something stupid like this, and its definitely not on a white talk show..

        • Kristen

          Errrrm, I’m not talking about you, I’m talking about Toni lol. Don’t take it personally! All I did was debunk your stance…about TONI. I don’t consider that “going hard” but “matter of fact”. Calm down! My comment wasn’t an attack on you LOL!

        • Masterpieced

          And hard she should go.

  • Meemo

    I like Toni but that has to be one of the most ignorant statements she has ever made. I know there are stereotypes and many exist b/c there is some truth behind them. But when it comes to divorce I don’t think there are any differences there. You have the full spectrum from different races. She could have simply said they handled their divorce in a mature and civil manner, rather than in a “white” manner.

    Perhaps her parents divorce was ugly so she equates that with a “black” divorce. Regardless that was an inappropriate comment and ignorant thought process.

  • blackmamba

    Toni really looking stupid right now. How can she speak for all blacks or whites, she don’t know what goes on in white people divorces nor blacks. I’m sure there are many whites as there are blacks that act a fool during there divorces. Some people just don’t air their dirty laundry. What color were they when he left her broke, busted, and disgusted? Self hatred will get you nowhere Toni…SMDH!

  • Nosoboundn

    So I guess I’m now white because I get along great with my daughter’s dad. I think he’s a great dad. Oh, to harbor hostility and cuss each other out is to be black? Really? So over the ‘ghetto’ Braxtons.

  • joselynmary

    No, it’s good to be stereotypical, but white people during a divorce… are a mess. The stories my white co workers have told me… crazy stufffffff ! Im so shocked Toni said this. There are many “stereotypical” things that ring true about different races. But saying white people have peaceful divorces and co parental abilities is completely false.

  • S Boogie

    Look…. Once I saw Toni who at the time was at the top of her music game basically bare her breasts in a very sheer outfit for VIBE magazine?!?! I was done with her sound judgement. Straight up… BTW a white woman would have done playboy and gotten paid for that hahahaha

  • Claudia

    Wasn’t this trash cancelled?! Why are we still hearing about this chick? Who cares?! Who is Bethenny? GTFOH

    • Kristen

      It’s cancelled after her contract runs out. She’s allotted so many episodes and still has to keep the commitment of the guests that are booked. The season hasn’t ended yet. Gotta let them tape the remaining episodes It won’t be returning for a second season. If you don’t know who Bethenny is..GOOGLE her! So tired of people saying “WHO?” when they can simply find out for themselves smh!

      • enlightenment

        I think she was trying to make a point that Bethenny is irrelevant. Not literally asking who she is.

        • Kristen

          Then why not say “Bethenny is irrelevant”? The way people speak nowadays is stupid.

      • Claudia

        Sweetheart, when people say “who is bethenny” mean that she has no trajectory and she’s a NOBODY! Who is she again? It’s a sarcastic way of saying she’s a nonfactor…

        So tired of people saying “WHO?” when they can simply find out for themselves smh!<<< Maybe you should stop making assumptions :/

        • Kristen

          Claudia who?? Oh a nobody!! Gurl get your life and go tend to something less trivial.

  • marissa

    They all talk like this on Braxton family values….except Trina. They say all kinds of crazy stuff…like “snow flake”…help them….because they think its ok or trendy..

    • Yvonne Watkins

      Trina straight out states that she won’t ever even date Black men (how
      crazy is that?) – she’s Black her d#@$ self! When the subject even
      comes up she sneers and says things like “If he’s Black, you know I’m
      not interested”. At least the other sisters take men as they come, not
      based on NOT being Black.

      • marissa

        hmm I didn’t catch those scenes…I’ll pay more attention

  • Debbie S

    She is an idiot I divorced my black husband I am too and we are both cordial and see each other quite regularly because of our daughters. What has race got to do with divorce!! Please people Toni Braxton does not speak for black people just her stupid self!!

  • Okay playing devil’s advocate here, maybe just maybe, in her community she has never seen black couples be civil after a divorce. Hence, based on her personal experiences this is her reason for making this statement…albeit a blanket statement but it’s her experience. Personally, I’ve only seen one black couple put their feelings aside and be respectful to each other for the sake of their children. My parent’s divorce was ugly and the aftermath was uglier. So were my other aunts, uncles, cousins, etc. The real problem is her generalization of a race to a person of another race. Would you feel this strongly if she was talking to Queen Latifah? Either way, just because me, Toni and most of you commenting on this blog haven’t ever seen this that doesn’t mean that ALL black men and women behave badly after the demise of a marriage.

    • Kristen

      Yeah but still, she said this on national TV, on a show with a white host with a majority white audience. Certain things you just shouldn’t say in front of a certain demographic!

      • Wouldn’t it be wrong to say in front of any demographic?

        • Kristen

          As far as this comment of hers, yes because it’s degrading, period. And not true. As far as general statements on what one can say around their peers but not outside of it, one needs to not be ignorant, which is basically what I was saying.

      • RareE

        Exactly. She is just perpetuating the sterotype “white America” already has of Black people. She should just shut up.

        • susie

          She isn’t perpetuating anything stereotype with me cause I am not stupid enough to think all ‘white’ divorce is tame and all ‘black’ divorce is not! What a dummy!

          • RareE

            I take it you’re calling her a dummy. Right???

    • Susie

      Maybe she hasn’t but who the hell makes her the authority on white divorces?!

  • Toni

    Toni my namesake, I love you girl but I can’t with that one…smh!!!

  • bmj

    Toni is too old to not know better than this nonsense. I was bothered when she kept saying that she’d like to “play in the snow” (referring to her willingness to date white men). How would she like it if someone said they wanted to play in the mud (referring to dating black)? I think she tries too hard to be “cute” and it’s not working. She just ends up looking and sounding buffoonish!

  • Val

    Thank you, Brande, you said just what needed to be said.

  • carcyn

    This is ridiculous. I’ve thought all along that she wasn’t the brightest bulb but this takes the cake. Unfortunately it speaks to how she views herself and her culture. She needs a reality check!

  • Sarahkt

    shes so ignorant…im white as hell, and I hate my daughters father..I would never consider our relationship relevant to the color of our skin..its relevant to the relationship at hand..she made a very great thing(that they can be friendly with each other) turn into utter stupidity.

  • Yansa M.Toussaint

    Toni should just stick to singing because for her to get on national television in front of a white host and white audience is just too embarrassing and ignant. Did you see the sista in the audience obviously not pleased with Toni Braxton?

  • 1Val

    Some of these celebrities should NEVER do interviews! Toni Braxton, Gabrielle Union, Charles Barkley, Dr. Ben Carson, Stacey Dash,Keisha Cole, Beyonce, etc…

    • Val

      Lol. Yeah, celebs should have to get a some kind of license before they are certified to be interviewed.

      • 1Val

        It just ruins the illusion of who we would like for them to be based on their art when they expose who they really are.

    • Liz Abwooli

      And yet they are some of the biggest African American celebrities out there, hmmm so what does that say about us?!

  • Kristen

    No doubt Toni Braxton is amazingly talented and earned her spot as an outstanding artist, but she’s an idiot. I’ve felt that way for a while with many things she has said. She’s really not that much more mature than her sisters (and that’s saying a lot). I still love the Braxton’s but there is something seriously wrong with all of the sisters!

  • Taneesha Culture Clash Thomas

    yeah black people say dumb racial sh*t too…

    • lucygoosey

      you summed it up with that statement. we talk crazy just like everyone else but feel the need to their’s racist when its wrong and foolishness.

  • Celissa Sims Jones

    This gets two side eyes from me. Could she not have simply said its unconventional, we manage to remain civil? Or anything other than very white. Please have several seats and just smile and look pretty.

  • Nomoret

    damn she’s dumb like that… I didn’t know!

  • enlightenment

    Is she an idiot? “Oh let me go on national TV and put down my own race.” What are you doing? You’re giving people the green light to further see Black people in a poor light…bc even Black people can’t see themselves in a rich light -________________-

  • Romona Rochelle Gill

    Over these past years Toni has become least favorite sister out of the Braxtons. She does a lot of fat shaming towards her sisters and is always talking negative about being black. Like she s the authority on how black families are in America.

    • Gert

      It’s funny how she is always nit-picking at her sisters about weight/appearance, etc. Well sorry Toni…everybody doesn’t feel the need to get plastic surgery to fix everything they don’t like. If she gets one more nose job…she won’t be able to breath. So superficial it’s ridiculous.

  • Guest

    I kinda see what she’s saying. Just looking at my own family, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a civil divorce play out without some type of threat or “you ain’t ish” mentality or parents being kept away from their kids because of child support issues or a new boyfriend/girlfriend is in the mix or what have you. But with that said, Idk. This whole interview rubbed me the wrong way. I see what she’s TRYING to say but some things just don’t need to be said out loud. Say you’re cordial and keep it moving. Why even bring race into it at all? Or maybe her only reference point is what she’s seen in the movies and how her own parents divorced. Who knows.

    • yogi

      It’s all in what you air. Some people are better at hiding the dirty laundry and putting up that fake front. Others are a little more real, more raw. There are images to uphold for people and to really act the way they feel would cause more harm to the children involved. Not a black or white thing. Just a common sense thing

    • Name

      I think her thoughts are a reflection of her parents divorde. They still can’t really stand each other to this day. It is actually the opposite of what I’ve seen in my life. All kinds of ex and current spouses show up at our family reunions and everybody gets along.

    • Guest

      I have seen many civil divorces among black people including my own family. So may be it depends on peoples’ it really doesn’t matter whether you are black or white.

    • Guest112

      Say you’re cordial and keep it moving. Why even bring race into it at all?

      Enough said!

  • Dominique Thompson

    Because all White ppl have amicable divorces????? I wonder what race her bankruptcy is?

    • Val

      I’m sure she’d put bankruptcies on Black people too.

      • ChrisAnne S

        She’s had a bankruptcy or two if I recall correctly!!

    • Just saying!!

      Although a part of me feels bad, I can’t help but lmaooo at this!!

    • Janae


    • SANDRA

      You nailed it !!!

  • Name

    I am a Toni fan, but this is too much!! Her obsession with white folks is scary! As the author said the proud, “I’m playing in the snow” announcement then this, just sing Gurl…..just sing!

    • Simone Rodrigues

      What “playing in the snow” comment..I missed it.Can someone reiterate??

      • Janae

        She meant that she was dating a white man.

        • currvalicious

          She can “play in the snow” all she wants, they’ll never marry her b/c her financial ignorance is legendary. No man black or white will marry a broad who has no concern for spending habits.

      • enlightenment

        I believe the made the “playing in the snow” comment on a Chelsea Lately interview.

  • C.

    Toni always been a simple bytch, gonna obviously die that way.

  • MsSincerity

    This is why people should just make music and stfu, that way we would never know how DUMB you actually are…smh

    • Kristen

      They don’t see themselves as dumb, that’s why they say the things they do and not think twice about it!

    • carcyn

      It’s takes a little bit of smart to know what you’re good at .. unfortunately she’s not that smart. Very, very sad!

    • DoinMe

      Thank you! Wow! I never knew Toni was this ignorant.

    • currvalicious

      Well she isn’t even doing a good job in the making music department anymore. That ended over a decade ago. Now here is Babyface trying to give her a lifeline, she’s still gonna sink b/c of her ignorance.

  • thatguy0101

    SMH… I dont even know where to begin. You see how some black people destroy our own image and identity? So basically Toni is agreeing with the white man mentality; black people cant sustain a civil relationship…..smh sad, so sad

    • Guest

      Exactly! My parents are black and they parted years ago but they get on very very well! My dad is an exemplary human being who has been huge in my life even though I lived with my mother. They are fantastic friends, which has been awesome for me – it’s provided me with a solid foundation of people who respect one another even though their relationship didn’t work out. Throw this in too, my mum and step mom get along very well too. SO TONI it can be done. Your white statement is irrelevant – I know white people who don’t do this. AND why are making it seem like white people are God and that they do should be revered? I thought your own parents were cordial? please, this mentality needs to be thrown in the pit latrine. lol

  • Gert

    I can’t with Toni this morning….

  • OSHH

    Is she really this stupid? I never cared for this tryin too hard brawd.