Tamar Is Not Going To Like This: K. Michelle Covers Tamar’s Song, “She Can Have You” For New Mixtape

February 18, 2014  |  

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Last week, K. Michelle dropped a new mixtape just in time for Valentine’s Day, and there were quite a few covers and new selections on there (26 to be exact) to keep fans satisfied. One particular track that stood out was a “cover” per se of Tamar Braxton’s “She Can Have You.” According to K’s fans, the singer allegedly said that she tackled this song first a few years ago with the help of songwriter and producer TC, but Braxton was given the song and rearranged it (lyrics included) for her Christmas album, Winter Loversland. But since most people were introduced to the track through Tamar, many are looking at K’s version as a remix. After listening to both versions, I’ll just say that both women sound good and that the song, with both lyrics, is a winner. But what do you think? Have a favorite version? And do you think K was being messy for putting this song on her mixtape knowing the bad blood these two have had in the past? Or was it harmless?

K. Michelle:



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  • Queen Dutchess

    All BS aside yall know K.Michelle murdered that song!!
    Jealously is the ugliest trait(InMyKVoice)

  • Eishamale

    I prefer K version. It has that classic Betty Wright soul to it

  • Taryn Bryant

    I am starting to wonder if the shade being thrown on both sides is actually their idea.


    Comparing Tamar Braxton to K.Michelle is like comparing Toni Braxton to Keyshia Cole. It’s either you’re deaf or you’re just plain stupid. Tamar Braxton is by miles a better singer than K.Michelle, and Tamar has the better rendition of “She Can Have You.” K.Michelle is an average songwriter and a terrible singer. She has no real musical ear, which is why her runs are always incongruous with the musical lines she puts them in. She also has no range. Tamar has a much better musical ear and a vocal range like ’90s Mariah. Even when Tamar has vocal issues, she still sounds miles better live than K.Michelle with her half-of-an-octave voice. How can people honestly listen to “Love and War” and “Rebellious Soul” and conclude the K.Michelle is the better singer? Are you people insane? There is a reason why Tamar was nominated for THREE Grammy Awards whereas the Grammy Committee responds to the mention of the name “K.Michelle” with a puzzled, “WHO?”

    If you want to talk about how you don’t like Tamar’s personality, that’s one thing. (But, then again, I don’t see how you can not like Tamar’s personality, but like Ratchet Queen K.Michelle.) K.Michelle is doing everything within her power to get Tamar’s attention and get under Tamar’s skin, but Tamar is just ignoring her. Almost all of K.Michelle’s mixtape was devoted to dissing Tamar, but Tamar has refused to respond. Hmm…if you “sincerely” tried to make peace with Tamar just a few weeks ago and she didn’t respond at all, why would your next move to release a mixtape dissing her repeatedly? K.Michelle is so fake, and her fans are too pathetic to see it. Why would K.Michelle put her version of SCHY on her mixtape, if not to try and get under Tamar’s skin and get some attention off Tamar?

    The fact of the matter is that Tamar will be remembered as an incredible R&B vocalist, and K.Michelle knows that. That’s why she’s trying to force herself into the same sentence as Tamar, but it’s not working. She thinks that will bring her Tamar’s level of success. Tamar will eventually win multiple Grammys and she will have a very successful career. K.Michelle is just the latest in a long line of replaceable, interchangeable R&B chicks who pops off a little in the underground for a few months, then fades into obscurity. Deep down, K.Michelle knows that — and that’s why she’s so mad.

  • That Girl Who Knows

    Tamar killed that song and K is just down right ratchet. K voice is horrible and it matches her attitude and personality as well.

  • GymJunkie43

    I hope Tamar doesn’t care.Tamar can blow whereas K Michelle is the typical round the way redbone, assembly line mass produced “singer” – Ashanti, Keshia Cole, Mya, etc

  • dee


  • Alexandrea Desteny Gray-Corujo

    As far as music I prefer K. Michelle. Tamar voice isnt special to me. I find her unbelievable. I havent liked her music since day one. Now Toni has that IT I love her music and voice. Honestly Tamar voice is just blah and I dont support artist who cant sing their own songs live. For the person below me. Anyone who knows music knows how significant arrangments are. Transforming notes from sharp to flat, switching times can drasticly change any song. Amazing Grace is the perfect example of that.

  • EbonyLolita

    They can both sing, but they both can’t get my coins. I miss R&B music but this ain’t it for me. Sometimes I think folks need to steer away from “reality” tv. Let ppl wonder who you are through the music. I’ve seen too much & am not interested in either as artists. Blah…. *Shrugs*

  • kiki j

    I don’t really like the song so it’s hard to say. They are both talented females and it’s sad that two black women have to be put up against each other. Why can’t they both be winning? I think Tamar makes better music but K. Michelle is more talented vocally. K.Michelle would be way beyond mixtapes and reality tv if she’d stop writing her own music and leave it to the pros. Tamar can definitely sing but I personally think she could stand much more vocal lessons. During live performances she’s always pitchy and flat. They both are talented with a few flaws and they are totally different musically, so why do they keep getting compared?

  • Alicia Gainey

    Tamar killed it but nobody will ever even come close to the oozing appeal Mz. TONI braxton could put on it. I just love her and baby faces new song/duet.

  • aoakoakoa

    I like them both but the song fits Tamar’s voice better. Plus, Tamar completely changed the lyrics which I think are better as well.

  • Shade jade

    K Michelle is a bootleg poor Rihanna who try’s to bully people for attention. When she starts winning Grammys and such MAYBE just maybe some one will care are about her. Tamar is better point blank Period.


    Tamars sang it better but I’d rather listen to k michelles version …after listening to her mixtape I’m now a fan..that mixtape is hilarious and ratchet as as all hel l

  • Rae

    Both of the songs are nice. As far as singing. K and Tamar are in two different lanes. Tamar is by far the better singer. K is more like a Keyshia Cole of today. Not too technical. but can hold a note and give a good scream if needed. And yes theres a difference between a scream and a good ol high note… None the less.. This one goes to Tamar

  • kimmie

    I prefer Tamar’s version.

  • moneyluv

    they both gets on my nerves….k likes to fight too much…and tamar likes to much attention they both need to go away, tired of them two

  • Denniqua

    I prefer Tamar’s version.

  • Jen

    K came out with the song first, so how is she being messy … K song is 3 yrs old

  • arieschic

    With all

    • Keke

      Yea but if the song was originally her’s and she passed on it , it’s no longer her song it doesn’t matter if it was written for her three years ago I swear y’all love seeing black women at each other’s throats they’re in their late 20s and 30s who gives a fxck who started what first??? The man that beat on her is married and she has had healthy relationships since then!!! let it GOOOO! Tamar shouldn’t have spoken out towards KMichelles relationship but let it gooooo K has said way more harmful words to ppl that she has interacted with on a daily basis than what Tamar has said…Two women with TRUE talent …let it be that okay??? Because Tamar released the song FIRST it’s now considered a cover of Tamar’s song on K’s mixtape …and her comments at the end were hella shady remember that

  • Meow Mami

    I love k.michelle and I don’t think she was being messy bc she has tried to squash that beef but Tamar has refused and it isn’t like K. Started it anyway so for her to even be the bigger person to me says a lot. Oh and I see Tamar has taken to the Beyonce method of song writing “rearranging” and what not!

    • Guest

      If a producer presents a song to an artist and they pass on it then it’s up for grabs. Tamar wrote her own lyrics for her version. K.Michelle sang the same lyrics(that the producer wrote) that were on the demo version.

      • Meow Mami

        Why are you explaining this to me???

        • Joy Joy

          Because u make no sense

          • lislecvd109

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